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100 beautiful love quotes

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1. I want steady happiness. I can touch with both hands. Every time I reach into my arms, I have your temperature.
2. I am always behind you, waiting for you to turn back every time. Maybe you don't know how important you are to me.
3. Love someone who gives you positive energy.
4. In the world of love, no one is sorry, but no one knows who to cherish.
5. The greatest luck in my life is to know you, but the biggest misfortune is not to have you. Maybe you will meet the person you love deeply, but you will not meet the second person who loves you like me.
6. Really like a person, that is, he completely does not meet the standards in your mind, you still like him so much.
7. You're not me, you won't know how much I care about you, let alone how scared I am that I will lose you someday.
8. Hope that when love fades from the appearance of passion and returns to the dull real body, we can still hold each other's hands and keep going, white head to old age.
9. A lot of dreams are waiting to go on, and I can't tell whether you are friendship or missing love. .
10. Love you is not worth it, in fact you should know that love is not worth it if it is not worth it.
11. I want to be old with you like this, forget all the restlessness.
12. The most painful distance is that you are not with me, but you live in my heart.
13. True love is not a temporary favor, but the urge to perseverely know that it has no result. A little quotes network
14. Only if you are willing to believe, can you get what you want to believe. After all, the right people will meet, and the good people will eventually meet, as long as they are good enough. Strive to be strong and independent, so that you can have the confidence to tell the person I love, I love him.
15. There will be such a person in everyone's life, he makes himself look forward to a new day.
16. Walking together is fate, walking together is happiness.
17. Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but the feeling will never change when thinking of him.
18. Real love must be cherished. No one is born to be with anyone. It is not a lifetime, how lucky it is to meet a loved one, why not hold her hand tightly.
19. I don't seek you, not because you are not important, but because I don't know if I am important in your heart.
20. Alienation, sometimes not annoying, but too much.
21. I am glad to have met you that year, and I am sad to have met you in that year.
22. Maybe time will take away your jealous face, but I ca n’t take away my firm belief that I love you, because I have an infinite and gentle power, it is my heart and soul!
23. I can't cover the direction you go, at least I am generous when separated.
24. On what grounds do you accuse a girl who loves you so much?
25. I remember I was quite arrogant before I liked you.
26. Your presence has broken all my principles, and it is clear that you can choose to go all out for your sake.
27. My same table asked me today, if your ex-boyfriend confessed to you on the street, what would you do and would you accept? I said, I won't make the same mistakes.
28. I don't stay up late, beautiful is more important than you.
29. One person and one party know what they think. On July 4th, I was very ordinary and tired. I was lonely, but I did n’t know how to die. I missed it, but I did n’t look back. Come on.
30. Chihiro and Chihiro suffer together, one lifetime, one pair.
31. Breeze ancient bamboo, Yue Gu blinks and jumps and prepares frequently; never lose sight, forget love, suffer with each other, forget the rivers and lakes.
32. A few glasses of muddy wine, waiting for an old man, a few Xuanqin, playing affectionately.
33. Happiness is when two people in love are together every day.
34. Love is the never-ending thoughts of each other. It is a care that can never be put down. It is a willingness. No matter how far apart, it is still the miss of each other that cannot be suppressed. It turned out that the miss was sugar, sweet and sad. I'm afraid that love is too early to die with you.
35. I will be your heart in my next life. I feel bad, and it hurts you.
36. I miss you, but I ca n’t say to you, I ’m afraid I ’m afraid, to say, it ’s a kind of torture to you!
37. If you like someone, you are happy together; if you love someone, you want to be together even if you are not happy. .
38. The best love story is to fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.
39. If God gave me another chance, I hope that at the same time, in the same place, I will meet the same you.
40. The first sign of true love is timidity in boys and boldness in girls.
41. We have to go to the end, we must meet each other, we must live together for life. I am with you in this mood, just to reach the age of Hua Jia, there is still a sentence, I love you.
42. Life is the encounter and departure from time to time. It is the forgetting and the beginning again and again, but there are always some things. Once it happens, there is a mark. There is always a person.
43. I will be in a daze, then forget you, then close my eyes tightly. Thinking about that day, someone will replace me, so that I no longer miss you.
44. I have designed 10,000 ways to meet you, but I have always been afraid of a real encounter.
45. The best thing in life is to find someone who knows all your mistakes and shortcomings but still thinks you are great.
46. Feelings are like this, you hurt others, whether intentionally or not, there will always be someone to hurt you.
47. Love is not the first sweetness, but the prosperity and relentlessness.
48. To be able to hold a man warmer than me forever, he loves me and happens to love him, so life is enough.
49. If you truly fall in love with someone, you will find that in the end, what you want is just that Ta can be happy. Even if it's not with you.
50. We used to think that we could die for love. In fact, love can't die. It only puts a shot in the most painful place, and then we cry without tears. You are not the wind, nor am I sand.
51. In human life, there are some secrets that cannot be said, regrets that cannot be undone, dreams that cannot be touched, and love that cannot be forgotten.
52. The setting sun was the time I missed the most, and I said to the city you were in: I miss you, I don't know if you can hear it.
53. The sun is warm and the years are quiet. You still have a future, how dare I grow old!
54. The old-fashioned old man has nothing to do with love, just patience ... but patience is a kind of love. Therefore, the one who truly loves you is the one who is willing to endure you.
55. The so-called love is that there is such a person who can easily control your emotions. The first moment makes you cry and the next moment makes you laugh again. True love is like this: When we are all old, I will still remember the way you made me feel good.
56. There are three things in peace of mind: someone believes you, someone accompanies you, and someone waits for you.
57. Love, the beginning is beautiful, the process is tiring, the ending is sad, sobering is difficult.
58. I believe there is a star among the stars that leads my life through the unknowable darkness.
59. Happiness is when two people in love are together every day.
60. What I envy is not the lovers who are in full bloom, but the old couple who support them.
61. Watch a movie that is painless and itchy and talk about a purposeless love.
62. Love is crazy, but love is strong.
63. To love someone is to suddenly not know what to say when you are on the phone. I realized that I just wanted to hear the familiar voice.
64. I only hate seeing beauty as jade for the first time, and even more blame for being too hasty on earth.
65. When you think of it, you are close to the horizon, and when you think of it, you are close to the horizon.
66. Sometimes even if I like you to the point of dying, I just want to be your best friend.
67. I want to get drunk, and tell all the stories of loving you in your arms. I didn't do that just because you said you don't like girls drinking.
68. When I grow up, I regret a lot of things but never regret to like you.
69. The real drop is the message that he will not wipe his hands when he takes a shower.
70. I have to admit that I once thought that I would be with you for a lifetime. I let go of all my pride and gave everything to you, but I still could n’t blame you because I was the most Unexpected courage is also an entanglement that has to be given up.
71. There is as much sadness as you like.
72. The age is not suitable to say love is more suitable to say like, if you like it, you can hit it once, or if you don't like it, you can take two shots.
73. It is the most extravagant thing I have ever done to beat you with my youth.
74. The earth is round, no matter how long the people in love are separated, as long as they keep going, they will still meet, so I keep walking, keep walking, can I meet you again.
75. The girl who really treats you is lost to the girl who looks good.
76. In every person's life, there will probably be a person who can never be deeply embraced. The reason why he remembers it so deeply may be because he has some qualities you like, he has illuminated your life, or It ’s just that you do n’t forget it! What kind of helplessness no matter how hard you try!
77. I used to be a cool killer. He said that he liked women who were not bloody, so I wiped off the blood from my body and followed him. Later, he fell in love with a female demon who did not blink.
78. How willing someone who is willing to make you sad can like you.
79. In fact, you are not the type I like at all but just happened to hit my heart.
80. I like you, earnestly and perseveringly, from the beginning to the end.
81. Don't be upset with yourself, learn to pull back and get tangled for those who aren't worth it, let alone worth it.
82. My enthusiasm is limited, please take your time.
83. Maintain a self-confidence and a dignity, prefer to be proud to be moldy, rather than entangled with madness.
84. Perseverance is called perseverance, and stalemate is inappropriate.
85. The person who loves you the most is not rushing towards your light, but seeing that you are walking hard in the mud, regardless of your embarrassment, and gently extends your hand.
86. Your name is vertical, horizontal, horizontal, and angular. It just touches my heartbeat.
87. Desolate with my life, rejoice in your life.
88. A dream fell, who broke his bowel, finally began to linger, Mo Lu left the field.
89. It's not cool to fall in love with someone, and still cry.
90. Some scenery can only be liked but not collectible, and some people are only suitable for meeting but not suitable for long time companionship.
91. Three thousand prosperous, at the moment of a finger, after a hundred years, but a handful of yellow sand.
92. Bo Miaomiao, Liu Yiyi. Who is it? Ting Zhou, who is full of apple blossoms, is looking through the autumn water, and the song is still away from him.
93. Ink dyeing the world, the flashy red dust is the nib flower brewed in your hand.
94. Deleting everything from the predecessor is a respect for the next one.
95. Want to be a cool person and turn away, crueler than you.
96. Don't wait for the girl who loves you to leave before looking back. Don't wait until the waves are enough to find that the home is gone.
97. Several cold dew condenses in the middle of the night, and listening to the copper pot dripping is lonely. Zhuxie Corridor is an inch away from the crowd.
98. The night is cold and the dream is long, but the sea is too long.
99. A person whose name is only three feet of dust, He Ruoxiang, who is in power, keeps the earth.
100. Sometimes I really like you wanting to be with you, sometimes I ’m really tired and want to give up, but your occasional tenderness always makes me feel that if you really like me a little bit and I It's a pity that I let go of myself, so I just waited for you for a long time because I didn't know that there was such a love.

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