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100 very sweet and stingy sentences

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1. It ’s not that without you, no one wants me. But without you, I don't want anyone.
2. In this life, you are not old, I am not old, you are not leaving, I do not give up.
3. When I can't see you, it's my loneliest time.
4. Your smile seems to be magical, because every time I see you laugh, I forget my troubles.
5. "You control your mouth!" "Why?" "Because I want to kiss as soon as I see it!"
6. I'm really attentive, like every day of you and every one of you.
7. Meet you, meet warm love, lingering warmth around you; feel you, feel warmth, there is no trace of loneliness in my heart; baby, I will always indulge in this warm love !
8. You are the joy of young people, and I want to tell you this in turn.
9. I want to be a cat in your arms.
10. If she breaks your heart, if she says goodbye, if I don't want to leave, I will run to you.
11. It's cold for the night you cooked, and all the sheep you ran away.
12. I will be super powers! What super powers? I super like you!
13. You are my North Star, tell me the way forward.
14. You are my impulse and I like it for a long time.
15. The higher you hold a woman, the more she feels precious and easy to sell. Instead, let it go, and she would turn back and nervous you, in fact, her heart.
16. Snowflake is here, my heart is still empty, are you here?
17. You don't cherish me now, I tell you, I tell you, after this village, I will wait for you in the next village.
18. Why do you always talk to me and do you like me? If not, let me think of a way
19. I have never loved anyone before. You are the first. I'm afraid I don't do well and make you feel that love is just that.
20. I like you for more than two minutes and cannot be withdrawn.
21. If your ex-boyfriend and your current boyfriend fell into the water at the same time, would you please let me be your boyfriend?
22. Don't make fun of me, or I will be rude to you.
23. I have a long, long story that takes me a lifetime, and I will tell you slowly.
24. The person I love is you. I love your heart, may you know. I love your feelings, higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea. I love your aging and it works for a lifetime. I just want to let you know that I love you to old age!
25. In my eyes, you are a robber, because the moment you meet you, you take my heart away, and you don't plan to return.
26. Stick to the position of love and stick to the original agreement; although the past lives are countless, but only with your heart; no matter what the sun and storms are, I just want to work with you to create a miracle in life!
27. In order to give you the best in the world, I tried my best, but in the end I found out that the best in the world is actually you.
28. Tell you a story, this story is very long, so I'll make a long story short, I miss you.
29. Be my boyfriend, just promise, OK, I'll think of a way again?
30. The world is full of flavors, thank you for your sweetness.
31. When you want to look back, I must be behind you.
32. From knowing you, I have never thought about substitutions.
33. A beautiful woman is eating a sweet gourd, how can I ask her to believe that I did n’t come here for a chat, but want to know where I bought the sweet gourd
34. If she breaks your heart, if she says goodbye, if I don't want to leave, I will run to you.
35. For another ten thousand years, affection will not change.
36. When the boy hasn't seen you, you can always stare at him, and when he looks at you, immediately panic. It is said that "gazing for more than three seconds, then showing an embarrassed expression, and then looking down and smiling", this behavior can make men over the age of insomnia overnight.
37. "Beauty, hello, you are so beautiful, I saw you all the way and wanted to come and say hello to you
38. If you feel hard, then turn around and hide in my arms, even if I am younger than you, the arms are not big enough or warm, but I will hold you tight with my whole body strength and will not let go Yes, it will be gentle to you.
39. I love you very much. Even in this world, there are boys who are higher than you, handsomer than you, and more sensible than you.
40. I listen to your love words, I will stay with you for the rest of your life.
41. Hugging, touching your head, supporting your cheeks, and all your pampering.
42. I heard that magpies will become crows if they drink too much. Welcome to say that they will become crows. Thank you for your patronage. If your cat loves you too, you will become a rabbit. The words are hidden at the beginning of the sentence.
43. If you miss the sound, I'm afraid it's already deafening.
44. I dreamed of you last night. I wonder if you missed me or I missed you.
45. Meeting you is the luck of my life; like you is the best thing I have ever done.
46. I want to see you, I want to see you every day and night when you are not around.
47. I like you and you like me too. I have traditional Chinese habits in my bones, such as those who love each other.
48. Just because you say that the heights are too cold, I'm going to please you.
49. With you in my heart, no matter how good I don't want it.
50. Not all the looks I like, but all the looks you like.
51. Knowing you will come, so I wait.
52. I like you without permission, sorry?
53. I have only two wishes: you are by my side; by my side.
54. I'm proud and proud, proud of me, proud of you because of you.
55. Meeting you have spent all my luck, I have no chance to get the multiple choice question.
56. I have nothing to talk about except you in love?
57. I can recognize you at a glance among thousands of people, because others walk on the road, you walk on my heart.
58. You are not a person, you are the world, a love letter written to me.
59. You ask me how much I love you, probably that if I meet you a hundred times, I will fall into a hundred times.
60. Can I hold my hand, from wife to grandma.
61. Don't be sad, kites have wind, dolphins have sea, you and me.
62. I said that when I couldn't see you, it was when I was the loneliest.
63. Be my boyfriend, just promise, okay, let me think of a way?
64. I will be super potential! What super potential? I like you so much!
65. You are a tireless book. I am willing to read it carefully, every word is precious, every sentence is in my heart.
66. Pay close attention to your hand, and live a long life with you in your heart.
67. A mouth is your name and a closed eye is your appearance.
68. Swinging all my life, falling in love with one person, breeze ten miles, I just want you.
69. Looking at you smiling, I suddenly realized that I am really the happiest person in the world.
70. The meeting is too short, can't wait for the tea to cool, if you stop, I will walk with you.
71. I give it to you, my heartbeat to you, the starlight of long talks all night, the kiss before bedtime, the first bite of ice cream for you, the last piece of meat on the plate for you, the hand for you, the hug for you, Trek to you, wait for you, a lonely courage and a bay of tranquility, all for you.
72. "You are the gift I have waited for half my life."
73. My relationship with you is hazy, in the clouds and fog. I don't like being so ambiguous, but I like you.
74. I don't care about anything. I'm a terrible person, but my bottom line is you.
75. I want to give you the best in the world, but I find that the best in the world is you.
76. When you are, you are everything; when you are not, everything is you!
77. It is deceiving to love you as always. Of course, I like you more than yesterday.
78. It ’s not that you do n’t want anyone else. It's just that I don't want anyone except you.
79. The earth turns without you, but I am not the earth.
80. You can try to say "Actually ..." to a person of the opposite sex, and then pause for a while, then say "Forget it, nothing, rest early". . Then hung up. This person will be tangled all night, you can try it if you don't believe it. . . Hahaha
81. Let's get married. I don't want anyone except you.
82. Thank you for petting me as a child.
83. The sweetest word is good, two words are over, three words are kiss, four words are my princess, and five words are your favorite.
84. Don't don't, except me and you don't.
85. I want to bite you and taste what you do. It's so cute.
86. I really want to go into bed and roll into your arms when I go to bed. I think it's sweet.
87. I like simple things, pure and transparent; I like complex things, twists and turns. I like you.
88. It is false to want to drink with you, it is true to want to get drunk in your arms.
89. Don't cry on the other side of the phone, I can't hold you.
90. You are a responsible person, add me to your duties.
91. Have you heard a story? Before the arrow was shot, the bow whispered to the arrow: Your freedom is mine.
92. I lingered for a hundred years, and burned for a hundred years with a smile, just waiting for my reunion with you, because your happiness is all the belief in my life.
93. What you eat looks so cute, have you ever practiced?
94. I hope that one day, I won't have to say good night to your mobile phone, you will be by my side.
95. You are still young, I can't bear to fall in love with you.
96. Only those people who have been with themselves for too long will long for love and are eligible for love.
97. The "self" is invisible. I bumped into something else and bounced back to understand "self".
98. I regret to know you. You made me feel the pain when you are not with me.
99. With you by my side, every day, I feel like being dew and watered in my heart.
100. You white-haired Cang Cang said to take me homeless, I still did not hesitate to go to heaven with you.

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