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Romantic love words beautiful sentence Daquan

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1. The world is so big, and the place where I really want to settle is beside you.
2. Open your eyes every day, you and the sun are there, that is the best future.
3. The best love is probably like this, you accompany me through nothing, I accompany you to the end of the years.
4. You are my angel, I am willing to be your legend in this life; you are my note, I am willing to be your musical score in this life; please accept my sincere heart, let me be with your heart.
5. Flowers drifting and flowing. A kind of acacia, two worries. There was nothing to do with this situation, and then he lowered his brows, but got on his mind.
6. My hand is willing to be in your hand, shaking hands is as sweet as honey; my wish is to rest in your heart, and my heart will never fail. My eyes want to see in your eyes, and a look at the tenderness of time and space also stops. Valentine's Day is here, I wish you happiness.
7. I wanted to steal your heart and I gave it back to you. I didn't expect the thief to meet a robber, but my heart was taken away by you-I have fallen in love with you!
8. I love your heart, your liver, and three-quarters of your body! I love your meat piece by piece, and the money to love you is ten pieces and ten pieces!
9. Ambiguous is that every time he mentions his other half, you will pierce your heart.
10. The long road, where you meet me, cherish the rare fate, silent blessings, greetings, and take care of each other in this life.
11. If you are cold, I will hold you in my arms; if you hurt, I will wipe the tears for you; if you love me, I will broadcast to the world; if you leave me, I will bear it silently.
12. If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right. If right is equal to without you, I am willing to be wrong for life. Helpless, love is a dyke, can you understand how I feel that feeling?
13. The best things in the world should belong to me, including you!
14. Baby: I have a toothache recently, because I often miss you at night, it feels too sweet, and I can get teeth.
15. Lover, may not be reasonable and reasonable, but must be aware of it; not necessarily inseparable, but must be in love with each other; not necessarily the icing on the cake, but it must be in the snow; not always contact, but always in mind!
16. The sky is full of happiness, sleeping in dreams, gentle hands, caring, walking through the four seasons, every scenery, across the earth, every revolution, the most beautiful love words, the most sincere words, are you to spend with me Every day, love you.
17. Miss you, the night is melancholy; Miss you, loneliness is beautiful; Miss you, the four seasons are quiet; Miss you, miss you, my heart is sweet. Thinking of you is a warm memory and a hope for happiness!
18. It was you who made me understand that in this world there is still a kind of mind called "missing" and a feeling called "love"!
19. Don't ask where I am and don't worry that I will forget you. When you miss me, I am thinking of you ...
20. Never give up, the tide rises and falls, the flowers bloom and fall, everything in the world rises and falls, but my love for you will never fall.
21. I have fallen ill: my eyes can only see your figure; my ears can only hear your voice; what I remember is about you; my heart is full of your name.
22. Gently open the window in winter, watch the snowflakes float quietly, and wish the branches to shoot buds, so I remember, my dear how are you? I really miss you!
23. My dear, the first thing I do after I get up every day is: miss you! The second thing is: look at your photos! The third thing is: pray for you! My dear, please forgive me for leaving, because I love you so much.
24. Don't move when you stand there! Wait for me to fly over!
25. You need to know that love is selfish! So there is no distraction in my heart so far. In fact, as long as you look back, you know that I only have you!
26. The same person cannot give you the same pain. When he repeatedly hurts you, the wound is used to it and feels numb, no matter how many times he is hurt, it is far less painful than the first injury.
27. Traces of time and vicissitudes of life, life is not old, just because there is love and hope in life, love and friends, crying and laughing, care and thoughts, even if there are no more unsatisfactory, our life is still glorious.
28. If you do not speak, I will bear it, and fill my heart with your silence, I will wait quietly, like a night without sleep in the starlight, bowed patiently.
29. If I become loess, the loess loves you; if the loess is covered with grass, the grass loves you; if the grass is covered with dew, the dew also loves you.
30. In the quiet night, a person secretly thinking of you has become my most secret happiness. I have you several times in my dreams, and I am craving for not wanting to get up, indulging myself to possess you like water tenderness.
31. The water in the trickle stream is not blocked by stones, and the deep friendship is not sparse because of distance. In my friendship rankings, you always top the list, and the market is still bullish. How are you these days? In the distance, I bless you.
32. Seeing your name excited; hearing your voice beating; asking you to go out three or five times; afraid of acting lightly; oh ... moving when I see you.
33. You are the sun in my heart, but it ’s a pity to go down the mountain; you are in my dream, but it is unfortunately covered by the cloud; you are the most beautiful flower in my heart, but it ’s a pity that you have bloomed; you are the Chang'e in the sky. Landed first.
34. A cup of coffee, I think you become sweet, a dance song, I think you become melody, a poem, I think you become sensation, one me, added Miss you become motivated, dear, miss you.
35. Whose hometown is said to have a timid puppy, whose moon is said to have Chang'e running when losing weight, whose color is said to be unique and unseen by others, dear, thank you for giving me the most true you.
36. Romance is not blossoming, romance is with you; happiness is not a diamond ring with flowers, happiness is with you; life is not flowers and flowers, life is love you day and night. With your years, it ’s true!
37. Love me, you do n’t want me to hurt myself secretly; love me, you do n’t want me to be tired and tired; love me, you do n’t want me to be sick; love me, you do n’t want me to be sad and depressed; love me, you will give me happy!
38. You don't need to say a lot of sweet words, you can do it honestly; you don't need to be too tired to be reliable, you can rely on it; you don't need to be too romantic before the flowers, just hold your hand; vow my wife, a happy partner Just fine!
39. If one day, I quietly pick up my bag and tell me I'm going to stray. Please don't be surprised, I just want to go away until the end of the world. Stand there, roar your name in the valley, let the echo pass, I love you.
40. I'm a small boat full of love for you. I passed the storm, swam across the shoal, and rowed for you desperately. You will always be the shore where I park, and you will always be my sheltered harbor.
41. I thought the bird could not fly over the sea, because the bird did not have the courage to fly over the sea. Ten years later, I realized that it was not the bird that could not fly, but the end of the sea. There was no longer waiting.
42. When you open the window in the morning, the wind that blows gently is that I miss you in the distance. You look at the clouds in the sky, and I hide there quietly. You turned and left happily, and I have been silently guarding you.
43. It turned out that we had to wait until the wind and dust of the fragrant flowers were exhausted before we could see the last wind and clear moon, and the flowers would be full. No matter where you are, after the vicissitudes of life, we will finally meet. How could it be so easy to break the life of a floating flower?
44. My hand is willing to put in your hand, shaking hands with affection as sweet as honey; my heart is to rest in your heart, the words in my heart will never change; my eyes will look in your eyes, and a tenderness will stop in time and space.
45. Who is missing you? Who cares about you? Who can't bear you? Who can't live without you? Who loves you most? Who misses you the most? Who blesses you most? No need to think about it, who else besides me?
46. Love is a kind of sincerity, and it takes a price. If you do n’t love or ca n’t bear it, then do n’t open your heart easily, temptation and loneliness are not the reasons for love!
47. You are the white cloud, I am the blue sky that tolerates you; you are the green trees, I am the nourishment of your land; you are the flying birds, I am the shelter of your forest; you are the clear spring, I am the mountain that embraces you . Love your life and protect you forever!
48. Everything can be conquered, as long as you nod; everything can be abandoned, as long as you wave your hand. Think what you think, worry what you worry about; love what you love, feel what you feel. Just ask to be with you often.
49. Bees make sweetness, drizzle weaves poetic, green grass is scattered, red flowers show gorgeous, romance comes from interdependence, love moisturizes the heart, and happiness is because of you, and the love of you will never change in this life!
50. Love is a sincere manifestation, and I will expose it to you; love is a persistent emotion, and I will keep it by your side; love is an eternal vow, and I am willing to accompany you throughout my life; See your smiley.
51. I once said that I would give my life, but I couldn't bear a glimpse of this bustling world. Reluctant to embrace each sweet moment before, but now I don't want to see myself again, at this moment tears are boiling in my eyes.
52. When I gaze into your eyes, when I hear your voice, when I smell the faint fragrance of your hair, when I feel my violent heartbeat, I understand: you are the most beautiful in my heart, you are My only life!
53. Love is a wonderful poison. It is so sweet and important every day with him. There is no question mark in my heart. There is a strong heartbeat in my arms. Every second that accompanies it is the beauty of future memories.
54. I heard people say that if a man is looking for his wife to climb three mountains, is it possible for you and me to have such a fate, can you let me climb two less and let me catch up with you earlier, do you agree? what? Are you agreeing? Still agree?
55. Make a wish in the sky: I am willing to hold your hand to grow old! Your photo, I will put it in the hottest place on my body, to make you feel that I think your heart has never stopped! Fall in love with you for life.
56. Sweet and sticky, sweet and sweet, like nostalgia; round and round, caressing like water and clear spring; cool and refreshing, and happiness is like a tiger's wing; the thick fragrance of fragrance surrounds the beam, and happiness is better than Xia Yan. I love you like a popsicle.
57. Tears can't stop flowing, remorse should not force you into anger; long breath can't stop sighing, remorse should not make you angry like this; heart can't stop jumping, I can't help it You are laughing fast. Baby, forgive me!
58. Think about your feelings: no salt for cooking; apples are not too sweet; drinking less smoke; forgetting to bring money when shopping. I'll miss you when I'm free, I'll miss you when I'm free. If I can't find time, I'll do nothing.
59. The palmist looked at tears, but he was speechless.
60. The sun is broken like the petals of my palm, and the petals are silent.
61. Know what I mean, feel pity for the king, this situation must ask God!
62. Wish to be single-minded and keep their heads together.
63. Once the sea was difficult for the water, except that Wushan is not a cloud. Take a time to review the lazy flowers, half edge monk and half edge monk.
64. I love you that way but can't be with you. I miss you that way but I still pretend not to care.
65. In heaven I would like to be a wing bird, and in the earth I would like to be a branch. As time goes by, there is no end to this hate!
66. Hold the hand of the child and co-exist with the child. Hold the hand, sleep with the child. Hold your hand and grow old with your son. Hold the hand, what does Fu Fu ask for?
67. When my wife I will love, romantic and sweet to download, help my wife buy and buy food, happiness wins Liu Hecai, wash your feet and wash the quilt, warm and sweet into your pocket, accept me!
68. If I don't know you, I won't know what love is; If I don't love you, I won't know what happiness is. My dear, I want to be happy forever like this, will you stay with me?
69. I really want to see you, stare at you quietly, hug you gently with my trembling arms; I really want to see you, stare at you stupidly, use my gentle tongue to lick you excited Teardrop.
70. Last night, I saw myself in your eyes, I hope you can look at my eyes often, you will surely find you all inside! In my tearful eyes, there is still only your figure.
71. I am a star and you are a shooting star. You are destined to leave, I am destined to guard. Can't change, you never change in my heart. I can only look forward to, next time, wipe my shoulders happily.
72. You are a seabird flying freely, I am a humble island. When you are tired, you can rest here with me; when you are hungry, you can find what you need here. I do n’t want anything except you!
73. Yesterday's loss represents today's ownership, today's ownership represents future wealth, and future wealth is the eternal pursuit! Material longing and spiritual waiting must be pursued today!
74. No matter how good things are, they will be lost one day. A memory that is etched in our mind will be forgotten one day. Those who love again have a day to go. No matter how beautiful the dream is, there is a day to wake up. You should never give up, you should never let go of cherishment.
75. Tea, drink strong, until the talk is tasteless; wine, drink drunk, never wake up; people, love deeply. The one who will continue to love in the next life; the lover, forever, is the person who now looks at the mobile phone.
76. You said you must love me forever, I was at the platform you said, and I waited for you for many years; but you took on someone else's sports car and changed the appointment. The neon on the street blinked his eyes, saying "forever" had been sold to money!
77. How sweet you and I used to be to make you angry, I hope you can forget it quickly, and hope that the anger will disappear, because we are friendly and intimate, no matter how we cut each other ’s hearts, there is a rhino!
78. Hold your hand, what do you want in your life? Tolerance only lasts forever. Dreams chase together, and sorrow seek each other. Both husband and wife are friends and have argued and cried. How can the enemy have this love, it is difficult to urge love forever!
79. Beside me, I don't feel so wonderful; not being around, I feel irritable for no reason. I know, because I made troubles unreasonably, it makes you a little annoyed. I'm sorry I'm not good. May you see me smile!
80. It's been too long to be crazy, and I never believe in love at first sight! I miss you, but I can't help it! What you see is the most real me! An endless touch! Touched the world to have you, this most beautiful existence!
81. The beginning of romance, affectionate greetings, heart surge, hot heart nest, immortal faith, both affirmations, true love confession, soul's confession, perfect online dating, happy support!
82. Good things come and go, sweet dreams. The dolphins want to give the angel a kiss, but the sky is too high; I want to give you a smile, but it is too far, I can only send you a text message to tell you gently: I miss you.
83. True love is the summer breeze and it is cool; true love is the charcoal in the snow and it gives people warmth; true love is the heart and soul that give people tacit understanding; true love is destined to give people fate;
84. Late at night, I began to miss, miss your bun, miss your breath, miss your carefulness when walking, miss the silentness when you love me. Because of love, we become a whole.
85. The dolphins wanted to give the angel a kiss, but the sky was too high. The angel wanted to give a kiss to the dolphins, but unfortunately the sea was too deep. I want to give you a hug, but it's too far apart. Only a text message tells you that I miss you.
86. The rest of my life is too long, I want to hold your hand and walk around with you; life is too long, I want to take your arm and watch the sunset with you.
87. If you don't leave, I will live and die. Deep affection is you, and deep affection is you.
88. The years are quiet, and I really want to grow up with you just like that.
89. The life and death of others have nothing to do with me, but with a slight frown on your brow, I can't sit back and watch.
90. Ten miles in spring breeze, I can't wait to meet you; I can't wait to have you in my heart.
91. I want to be with you, regardless of autumn and winter, regardless of cold and warm, want to give you the best love, not to go to bed early, not to drink more water.
92. What I want is simple: I have sugar in my pocket, ink in my belly, life in my hand, money in my card, and you in the future.
93. You can give me the rest of my life for safekeeping, you can occupy every sentence in my love words.
94. There is no happier thing in the world than she is making trouble, you are laughing, so warm life, ordinary but not mediocre.
95. Some things cannot be rejected at all, such as loneliness, such as memories, such as falling in love with you.
96. True love is not a temporary favor, but I know that it is not easy to meet you, it will be a pity to miss it.
97. Affection is as easy as it is at first sight, but it is difficult to come with the Japanese leader. The world is so big that I can meet you, so lucky.
98. From dawn to dusk, from poverty to prosperity, from youth to old age, from encountering the rest of my life, I am always tied to your fingers.
99. The smell on your body is the best. You look the best when you laugh. When you were with me, I never envy anyone and wanted to accompany you through my life.
100. You are my warm gloves, cold beer, shirt with sunshine taste, day after day dream.

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