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Love is the warmest phrase

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1. I didn't meet you at the best time, but with you, I had the best time. With you is the best happiness.
2. I'm tired of being a cute girl, and suddenly I want to be your wife.
3. You are everything when you are; everything is you when you are not.
4. Seeing you appear, feel that your whole body is overpowered, catch light when you wake up, dream when you sleep, and have the pleasure of meeting you for three lives.
5. It does n’t matter if you are by my side or in the sky. When I think of you in the corner of the world, I feel that the whole world has become gentle and stable.
6. To the world, you are one person, but to me, you are the whole world. When you are, you are everything, and when you are not, everything is you.
7. Do you know why I want to be with you? Because life is too bitter, you need to add this piece of sugar.
8. If I suddenly laughed when I was silent, I must have thought of you.
9. It's not that I don't want anyone except you. It's just that I don't want anyone except you.
10. I don't know the reason why I love you, but I know the reason why I don't love others is to love you.
11. No matter what you look like in the eyes of others, you will always be a silly girl in my eyes, and I can only protect you.
12. As long as I can see you back, thousands of people are passing by.
13. Skewers and cold beer, movies and popcorn, dumplings and vinegar me and you.
14. You are lucky because you can choose to love me or not, and I can only choose to love you or love you more.
15. I always forgot to tell you how lucky I am to meet you. I want to hold your hand one day to pay respect to the guests' wine.
16. I like you, clumsy and enthusiastic, but I have nothing but everything.
17. No matter what the world becomes, as long as you have it, you will be paradise.
18. Would you like to be my girlfriend? If you don't want to, change me to be your boyfriend!
19. I met you in the night of spring breeze, and it ’s the same as the wind from southeast to northwest. It ’s night in the morning. I miss you too.
20. I used to think it was scary to be with a woman in my life, but if that woman is you, I think my life is too short.
21. As soon as you appeared, you defeated all my negative emotions!
22. I'm incompatible with the world; I only love you, I love you--
23. You are the old dream of fog, a poem written on a cigarette case, and a tavern in my heart.
24. It's not just your name that is familiar with your heart, but also your cute look.
25. Sorry, I ca n’t do anything for you, and I ca n’t let you live forever, but I can give you a little home with a cup of warm tea in it.
26. I like sugar, but I'm too lazy to peel it and let you feed me every time, but you know what, I actually want you to eat more and kiss me so that I feel sweeter!
27. Even if you go to the south, you can't escape the wind and rain, because without you there are nomads.
28. I like you, but it is only a moment, the rest is to accompany you in the sea.
29. You are silent, and I am silent with you. You laugh, I accompany you to the mountain tsunami. As you age, I accompany you with scars.
30. I want to accompany you to see the beauty of the world, and then tell you that they are less than one thousandth of yours.
31. I have always been active for three minutes, but I have loved you for so long. I usually lose me, but I remember you so clearly.
32. You have to walk with me. Didn't the teacher tell you when you were a kid that you should carry valuables with you?
33. I ca n’t go to the moon in nine days, I ca n’t catch the moon in Wuyang, but I wo n’t catch you in my entire life, but I will catch you and warm you for the rest of my life.
34. Please be sure to do it again and again, three times without end, thousands of times, always good to me.
35. Draw a circle in situ to tell you that you are surrounded by my heart.
36. If there are only ten minutes left in the world, I will remember the wind and rain with you, if there are only three minutes left, I will kiss you, if there is only one minute left, I will say I love you!
37. I hope that decades later, you will stay with me, in my arms, like a child.
38. To be honest, you are so envious of my place in my heart.
39. You are the breeze in summer and you are the warm sun in winter. My world is only spring and autumn and you.
40. The best thing in life is to find someone who knows all your mistakes and differences, but still thinks you are amazing.
41. I accidentally met you. I originally thought you were a gust of wind, and later realized that you were my companion for the rest of my life.
42. Your place in my heart is like the story that I can't bear to watch.
43. I am a very slow-heating person, but I have good thermal insulation properties. Once I warm up, I will not cool down, such as like you.
44. It doesn't matter if you are by my side or by the sky. When I think of you in the corner of the world, I feel that the whole world has become gentle and stable.
45. The meeting is too short to wait for the tea to cool. If you stop, I will walk with you.
46. Waking up every morning and seeing you and the sun are there, that is the future I want.
47. In fact, the happiest fairy tale in the world is nothing but spending the years with you.
48. I always want to give you the best in the world, but I find that the best in the world is you.
49. To the world, you are one person; but to me, you are my entire world.
50. Baby without you: I don't know if I will get better or worse now!
51. Even if it is terrible in the world, always leaving you still makes me worth caring.
52. Those who think of you will naturally come to see you, and those who love you will do everything possible to come to you.
53. If time can be chosen, I want to go back in time. There are my memories, and you who love me.
54. Love you with a thousand years and forget with another ten thousand years.
55. How dare you grow old before you come.
56. Happiness is in everyday bits and thanks for destiny for meeting me!
57. Listen to you every night before bed and say that good night belongs to me, the simplest and lasting happiness.
58. You are the person I first and last love.
59. Love is just a love, and suddenly found that there are even more lovely people in the world.
60. Some roads are far away and it will be tiring to go on. However, if you don't leave, you will regret it.
61. You bother me, you bother me, and if you bother me again, you marry me.
62. Can you let me learn to take care of you and then you love me again.
63. Before you, please, at least like me ...
64. Don't ask where I am, and don't worry that I will forget you. When you miss me, I am thinking of you ...
65. I never listen to love words, but to me, every sentence you say is love words.
66. Since then, we haven't been born and gone, only death.
67. With you, I have never envy anyone.
68. I hope that in the future you can reject everyone with my name.
69. Like you, no skill, sincere and brutal.
70. Other girls are beautiful, gentle, and sensible, but what matters to me is my favorite thing is you.
71. If I could be with you, I would rather let all the stars in the sky be lost, because your eyes are the brightest light of my life.
72. You said that people love each other while walking by the sea, afraid of loneliness. I said that the crowds are not you.
73. I have never discounted my love for you. In every day I love you, it is worth my solemnity.
74. To love you is that when I can't see you, I have a lot of things in my heart to say to you; when you are by my side, I feel quietly close to you, even if I don't speak, it's good.
75. I like the wind in March, the rain in April, the sun that never sets, and the best of you.
76. No matter what other people chase you or you chase after others, I will not stop, I will only reach out and trip you and let you plant in my arms.
77. I like you, like your mother hit you, without reason.
78. I want to be with you, even if there are thorns in front of the ground, even if it is blocked by thousands of people, even if I have gray hair.
79. My drink volume is probably a dozen beers, or half a catty of white wine, or maybe your four or two smile.
80. I can't eat or sleep, but I can't miss you.
81. Baicha Qinghuan has nothing else, I am waiting for the wind, and I am waiting for you.
82. May the time be slow, may the old people remain, may the person you miss be good night with you, and may you not feel alone in the days when you are alone.
83. Don't give me anything, you are enough.
84. Don't think that passion, madness, and happiness together are love. In fact, it is at most the initial form of love. True love is indifferent and trivial repetition.
85. The single loop is actually listening to your own mood.
86. Today I saw you again. You are so charming, wearing a plaid vest and walking leisurely. It looks so detached and so cute. I really do n’t know how you beat the rabbit then? Happy Valentine's Day.
87. The leaves are not the call of the wind, but the rejection of the tree.
88. My life is wild and unrestrained, and I have never stayed for anyone, but since I met you, I will protect you for the rest of my life.
89. The short hair you cut is very beautiful and suits you well. Your new clothes are very comfortable and fit you well. The fragrance on your body is soothing and suitable for you. I also hope that I am suitable for you.
90. At least once in your life, forget yourself for someone, do not seek results, do not seek peers, do not want to have, or even love you. Just ask for meeting you in my most beautiful years. ——Xu Zhimo
91. Meeting someone you like is like the rest of a catastrophe, drifting across the sea, and finally land.
92. Tell you, the thought of you makes me smile on this ugly face. And when I was quiet, you emerged from deep inside me, as if Aphrodite emerged from the waves.
93. For you, I am willing to abandon poetry and the distance, and from now on, I will accompany you to make your life a poetry.
94. The best thing I can do for you is to let you know that although the world is bad, you are loved.
95. I want to hug you over my mobile phone, not hold you, think about having you every morning and evening, not you in the photo.
96. The strongest wine in the world is the gentleness with which you bow your head and laugh.
97. The rest of your life is full of you.
98. To the world, you are one person; but to me, you are my entire world.
99. All I have is you, all I have is you.
100. You must always remember your identity, you are my person.
101. You are mine. You can't find anything, you can't stay, you can't have it.
102. You may not be the best person in the world, but when I fall in love with you, you are the only one in my world.
103. It is my own business to like you, and I will only take it to heart.
104. Because it is you, I love you, because I love you, so it can only be you.
105. In my flowing time, there is only one you.
106. Take you to indulge in all over the world, eat all the streets and alleys, play all the water and mountains, and then come home with me.
107. I like you not only because of how you look, but also because of how I look when I am with you.
108. Since we can't be born together, then we will harm the common people together.
109. You are the most correct coincidence I have encountered in this life. You are the world in a glimpse of my life. You are the most beautiful sun I have ever seen.
110. If you get to a place where there are no doors and no windows. Don't worry, you are in my heart.
111. I still believe that the stars can talk, the stones will bloom, and you will finally arrive after passing through the wooden fence in summer and the snowstorm in winter. -Rao Xueman
112. It is said that marriage is the grave of love, but since I saw you, I am willing to cultivate this graveyard into a garden.
113. As long as you remember me, I don't mind that the whole world has forgotten me.
114. Don't ask me why I like you, and don't ask how long I will love you, because when I met you, I never thought I would like you, when I fell in love with you, I never thought about loving others.
115. I never thought about getting married before I met you. After meeting you, I never thought about marrying someone else.
116. No amount of power can stop the mutual help of two loved ones. I feel that I love you, and since then, I can't remain indifferent to you at any time.
117. I do n’t have any special wishes or ideals, I just want to eat what you make for breakfast and good night, and listen to what you say.
118. Life goes to life, ideal goes to ideal, reality goes to reality, you go to me.
119. Can you look into my eyes as my luxury.
120. When I can't see you, it's my loneliest time!
121. It ’s not that I do n’t want anyone except you! But I do n’t want anyone except you!
122. I want to exhaust my style and make you feel restless every day in the days without me.
123. The thought of spending the rest of my life with you makes me look forward to the rest of my life.
124. We are still together in the next life. If you don't come, I won't grow old.
125. There is only one you in the world, how can I not cherish it.
126. If you are a cactus, I am willing to endure all the pain to hug you.
127. If you have been, I will always love.
128. I hope you will never have to grow up wise, hope you will be coaxed when you pout, hope that someone will remember to pick you up in the rain, hope that your tears will always be wiped, hope that you can be favored unconditionally.
129. I will hold you tightly in my arms, kiss you billions of times, and kiss fiercely as above the equator.
130. Let me accompany you, send a generous gift from heaven, there is no gorgeous words, expressing sincere friendship, only one heart, eternal jumping for you, that is my true feelings, regardless of day and night worry about you.
131. I like you probably just to be ready at all times and be ready to retreat.
132. Love is precious only when it is loved. Many people do not understand how to cherish possession. I only saw it when I lost it. In fact, the most familiar is the most precious.
133. You and I are single-winged angels. Only when we hug each other can we spread our wings. It is said that people come to the world for the other half. I finally found you after all my hard work. But we found that our wings are smooth.
134. I will not say to the person I love, I wish you and her happiness. I will not go to your wedding with a smile.
135. I like you not because of who you are, but because I like to be with you.
136. The sky is very blue, the wind is very cool, the scenery is very charming, and there are many people who look good, but all of them are not as good as you.
137. I wanted to fight against the sword, but now I just want to brush my teeth with you.
138. Baby: Don't feel tired before taking a break; don't feel hungry before dining; don't feel cold before adding clothes; don't feel sleepy before thinking about me. Take care of yourself and take good care of your body!
139. I don't want to be a good person or a bad person, I just want to be your sweetheart.
140. I miss you very much. The first sentence is false and the second sentence is false.
141. To the world, you are one person; but to one person, you are his entire world.
142. Love is so wonderful. I would rather fight with you than I would love others.
143. Dear, I would like to be a star in the sky, and bless you, I would like to be a sweet dew to nourish your angry heart, I would like to be a cow and a horse, I just ask you for forgiveness.
144. I just hope that my heart resembles my heart, and that I will not miss it.
145. I miss planting a sycamore tree for time, and it grows luxuriant during the parting season. Every time I look up at the sky, there is always a touch of green to remind myself that loving you is painless and missing you is painless.
146. The hardest stage in life is not that no one understands you, but that you do not understand yourself.
147. Even if I know that my smile will be more beautiful without you, I still ca n’t bear to leave with love, just because all of you, even melancholy, has become the deepest mark on my heart, and I can never be separated from you in this life.
148. People who try hard to make you laugh are inferior to those who are happy when you meet.
149. If you can't find the right person, it is most likely that you can't change yourself.
150. With you there, I feel nothing is missing.

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