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Love words for boys

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1. I want to talk about love seriously, starting with you and not ending.
2. You are the most beautiful scenery in my life!
3. My cat is very skinny, can you help me manage it?
4. I hope the last thing I see before going to bed is you.
5. I want to grow old with you slowly.
6. Is it funny? Without you around, weird, will you stay with me all my life?
7. Being with you is just that I don't want to give anyone a chance! !!
8. From now on my world won't allow you to disappear.
9. Dear, are you asleep? Do you know what I miss you?
10. It's not easy for me to grow up and mature, so be patient.
11. You can smoke, but try to quit smoking for your own health.
12. Since my choice is you, I decided to go with you all my life.
13. You remember when you were sad, I was sadder than you, and sad.
14. Promise me not to like me easily, do not leave me easily.
15. I entreat you deeply; don't drive me out of your door of love, and I can't miss your love for every second. Only by winning your love can my life be glorious.
16. Without you, the color is single, without you, the food is tasteless, without you, I am hollow!
17. My dear, I have already bought the ticket! The starting point is this life, and the ending point is the afterlife. Please follow the rules of heaven and earth for getting on the bus! People can't stick out of the car at will! Don't jump on the way! Hope we can fall in love forever! never separate.
18. At any time, in any situation, whenever you need me, I will come immediately and do my best to do things for you.
19. If you live, it is God who gives me the greatest life, then living you will be the greatest gift of God's mission to me ...
20. You are the deepest feeling I can experience in my life!
21. If I can, I would rather be a child, standing in front of you with both hands empty, looking forward to your mercy; if I could, I would rather be a beggar, walking by your door, I long for my empty bowl to serve you Love.
22. I miss you so much, I broke the phone line, burned out my phone card, drew up my wallet, ran out of sleeping pills, oh! But I still want to see you.
23. Loneliness is not born, but starts from the moment you fall in love with someone.
24. Don't ask me how much I love you, I really ca n’t tell you, just know that you have become a habit in my life, an indispensable habit, every day, every day, you can not eat or sleep but you ca n’t want you……
25. No dress is more fitting than love; no decoration is more charming than love.
26. I have given everything, and I am willing, except to let you know that my heart is cut like a knife.
27. When years burn everything, I can't forget the style of your glance; when I close my eyes, I still desire the style of your glance!
28. What you see is the most real me! An endless touch! Touched the world to have the most beautiful existence of you and me!
29. Like, is a touch of love. Love is deeply like. I hope that in the future, instead of sending you home, we will return to our home together.
30. Sing an endless song, rippling the notes that love you.
31. I want to be your little princess.
32. I copied the love letter, but I love you for real.
33. I know I can't live without you, so I will cherish it even more.
34. I don't want to be gentle for a short time, as long as you are with me.
35. I don't want to be gentle for a short time, as long as you live with me.
36. If you need me to love you for billions of years, I will accompany you to the barren land! Sorry, I love you!
37. Under the same sky, just thinking about it makes you feel very happy.
38. Everything I have done since the day I met you is for you.
39. Trying to be the person you cannot live without is also my dream.
40. I hope that when I lose my white hair and wrinkled teeth, you will still say you love me as always.
41. Without words, let me tell you by action what love is.
42. I said I missed you and you came to see me, OK?
43. I don't think your mood can be replaced with a sentence ...
44. Because it's really hard to forget you, I can't bear it. I love you with a heart.
45. I learned to turn off my phone late at night. Then tucked under the pillow and fell asleep.
46. Love you with a thousand years and forget with another ten thousand years.
47. Miss you, miss you, find an artist to paint you, stick you in a cup, drink water every day and kiss you!
48. The greatest luck in this life is to know you, and I will hold you tight and love you.
49. The sweetest thing I can think of is to be liked by you every day I like you.
50. If it is a mistake to fall in love with you, I am convinced that this will be the most beautiful mistake in life. I would rather be wrong for a lifetime ...
51. On the first day I met you, I was conquered by your eyes. At that time, I knew that I was a captive of your life!
52. If you are a mountain, I would like a small river, I will go around you; if you are a tea, I would like boiling water, I will soak you; if you are a cloud, I would like the wind, I chase you.
53. If you are cold, I will hold you in my arms; if you hate, I will wipe away the tears for you; if you love me, I will broadcast to the world; if you leave me, I will bear it silently.
54. Your hesitation period has passed, so don't be half-hearted! From today on, only gentle and considerate, not allowed to be overbearing; only love, not hate; only laugh, not cry.
55. Have a day with you, even the ordinary is romantic!
56. At any moment in my heart I only want to miss you! Love you!
57. Love words don't lie in how pleasant they sound, but what you say is what I like.
58. You have the ability to take care of yourself, or let me take care of it honestly.
59. With so many prisons in the world, you just walked into my heart.
60. He knows that you are reluctant to leave, and then hurts recklessly.
61. Give me your hand, hold you forever, and die forever.
62. There are as many stars in the sky as there are boys in the world, but there is only one moon in the sky and there is only one you in the world.
63. The sweetest thing I can think of is to be liked by you every day I like you.
64. The most memorable thing is your smile. When it spreads on your face, I feel as if I feel a spring breeze, warm and melting, and it melts my heart.
65. Maybe I don't have the fanatic love like the sun, nor the long love like the water, I just know that I love you constantly. Do your best for you.
66. Because I get your love, I want to embrace everyone, because your love makes me feel the beauty of this world.
67. If it is the most extravagant thing, I would like to wait for you with my whole youth.
68. I don't believe in eternity, because I don't know how long it is? I do n’t believe forever, because I do n’t know how long it is? I love you, then I will never give up. Such love is a lifetime.
69. A flower has been withered for a long time and can not bear it; an umbrella has been held for a long time and the rain has stopped and you do not want to collect it; after thinking about it for a long time, you leave without saying: I love you.
70. Acquaintance with you is a fate, love with you is a kind of beauty, and being with you is a kind of blessing. I am willing to be with you forever.
71. If I can, I am willing to spend every minute and every second of my life with you.
72. I expect that the old man who accompanies me next year will be you. You still want to take me in your arms, just like this moment, don't dislike it.
73. In addition to confession, there are many ways to like a person. I want to express the love in my heart with the most beautiful words in the world; but when I shyly face you and silent, do you understand my love.
74. Do not have a sense of superiority, not how good you are, but that I love you too deeply and do not want to change.
75. If only one drop of tears is left, I hope only to shed for you; if there is only one day left in life, I hope you are with me; if there is only one word left, I still want to tell you: I love you!
76. I really want to say to you that in my heart you are all to me. I don't ask you to treat me with the same love, I just want your comfort and understanding.
77. Suddenly, regardless of what is right and what is wrong, as long as I have you, everything becomes unimportant!
78. Love does not lie in how pleasant it is, what you say is what I like.
79. Because of your presence, ripples in my dull life have started to make me feel that life is so perfect, and I start looking forward to the sun tomorrow. This is the power of love, I am willing to hold your hand and go on together!
80. I finally discovered that there is a generous love in this world, and I can't live up to it. So I want to say to you, I love you, please listen.
81. There is always such a person who does what you don't like to do for you, just to please you who is not perfect.
82. I want to give you the best in the world, but I find that the best in the world is you.
83. You don't need to change yourself deliberately, I'll adapt to you.
84. I want to hold your hand, from heartbeat to rarity!
85. The story of fish is the sea, you are my story!
86. I want to send you an electrocardiogram, because that is the trace of how I miss you.
87. If you give me a promise, I will be here stupidly, and I will never leave again!
88. Even with you, the air is sweet!
89. The best thing I can do for you is to let you know that although the world is bad, you are loved.
90. I have no regrets that I did not meet you at the best time, because the best time does not start until I meet you.
91. I think after fifty years I will still love you as I do now.
92. If you win, I will accompany you to the world; if you lose, I will accompany you to rise again
93. The wind from where you stand is warm.
94. The place you want to go to is the most beautiful.
95. There are no stars in my eyes, no sea, only you.
96. I have a big dream just to be with you.
97. I have a hundred looks, and I have a hundred likes.
98. You are my strong reason and my excuse for not giving up.
99. You don't need to distinguish between southeast and northwest, you just need to go in the direction of having me.
100. There is nothing weak except you.

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