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Love words for girls

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1. Nothing special, just want to hear your voice.
2. Without you, weird, will you stay with me all my life?
3. Do you know what is the difference between you and the stars? The stars are in the sky, you are in my heart.
4. Do you smell anything? Why the air is sweet when you come out.
5. There are roughly one hundred kinds of sweetness in the world, and you are the sweetest one.
6. I like you more than anyone in this world.
7. Between your eyebrows and eyes, my love is locked; between your lips and teeth, you keep my vows.
8. You are my first choice, my last choice, and my eternal choice in this life
9. I want to go up the mountain road side by side with you, there are blue sky, white clouds, soft wind, and me and you.
10. If love is a flower, let it open in my heart, defeat it in my heart, and bury it in my heart.
11. You see that Haoyue is empty, don't want to say anything, just miss you a little.
12. The rivers and lakes are not mixed, hide in my arms.
13. I am willing to stay by your side all my life, be your quilt in winter, and be your electric fan in summer.
14. When I am tired of the earthly scenery, I am willing to accompany you to watch the long stream of water.
15. If I can, I am willing to spend every minute and every second of my life with you.
16. I want to borrow a future from you and return all my warmth and love.
17. I have been lazy all my life, but I am very careful about thinking about you.
18. Ten miles from the spring breeze, I can't wait to meet you; I can't wait to have you in my heart.
19. I once dreamed of a trip. The most beautiful is not the rising sun, the setting sun, the roaring sea breeze, the night rain of Bashan, but you.
20. The love I want, one you, one heart, one heart, one life. That's it, nothing else.
21. The most real sense of security does not come from love, but preference. Only with you will I surrender without reservation.
22. In fact, the physical exhaustion counts as life, and the most exhausting thing is that my heart is full of you
23. I like the dim light in early spring and early morning, the rain pouring at noon in summer, the cool wind in late autumn and evening, the cold snow in the middle of winter, and the gentleness of you all year round.
24. I like it, it's the breeze, it's Chaolu, it's cheeks are red, it's because there are millions of people who can't hold anything else, they can only hold you.
25. "I slowly realized that you could easily capture my heart, but I, like a child, wanted to hook you, willingly, and willingly."
26. I have a three-minute heat for everything but for you and me, an infinite loop of three-minute heat
27. I really hope to be with you again. I don't know how far I can go together, but I know the final result is that I will always love you until the end of my life, whether we are still together or not.
28. It is you who writes and writes thousands of mountains, you are the beautiful star, and you are the yellow pages of the book, you are in the mountains and rivers, and you are the ice horse and the ice horse.
29. I thought about walking and loving, anyway. Later I was powerless to discover that I couldn't love while walking, and you blocked the crowd.
30. There are so many people who like you, there is no shortage of me. But I like very few people except you
31. Envy the wind and the rain, spring comes and autumn goes, because people are always together in the words and sentences.
32. You, like a leafy tree in my heart, stay in the best time to bloom and bear fruit, but it is not its fate but evergreen.
33. I dream of living with you, gentle and interesting need not be too intense, three meals and four seasons do not have to be too rush, after all, I have a lifetime to waste with you, you have to pet me to remember my eyebrows, and I lie Your arms are spoiled.
34. It will snow in spring, heavy rain in summer, wind in autumn, and bright sun in winter. There will be many accidents throughout the year but the most charming thing is to meet you.
35. Do you know which one of my English letters I like best? Tell you oh yes u
36. I want to spoil you as a three-year-old crying little kid, and spoil you as a person who shed tears without replying for three minutes, so there is no reason to be biased and petted.
37. I never envy anyone when you are with me.
38. Before I met you, I never thought about getting married. After I met you, I never thought about getting married.
39. Simplicity is not less, but there is no redundancy, and it is not enough, but it is just you.
40. Because of you, I can smile and shake my head to reject all temptations and ambiguities.
41. You are so thin, but it still fills my heart
42. Hello, can you speak for a lifetime.
43. Someone loves, has something to do, expects something, years are quiet, you and I are fine
44. I want to go hand in hand with you on a snowy day, I accidentally turn my head away
45. The most romantic thing is to grow old with you
46. You are the little happiness I am looking for.
47. If time can come again, I hope I can meet you sooner and be with you sooner.
48. Grasp your hand and walk through the future.
49. I was a casual person. After meeting you, the four seasons became romantic, my sleep became light, and my life had a gentle persistence.
50. I hope that one day I won't have to say good night to my phone every day and you're right next to me.
51. Not all the looks I like, but all the looks you like.
52. I am not greedy. There is only one small wish: you will always be in your life.
53. I like you, clumsy and enthusiastic, and have nothing but everything.
54. It took all my luck to meet you for you.
55. I may be born indifferent, and I don't particularly like anything except you.
56. I hope that in my lifetime, I will only complain about the warmth and keep quiet, to meet with one's heart, and to accompany you.
57. It's God's will to meet, and luck to own!
58. When the brave meets on the narrow road, the gentleman only gives favor to the person.
59. I have seen many women like the gentleness of the south, but I still like your free and easy look in the wind and rain.
60. A good life is a year, a month, a day, a minute and a second, not a lifetime, because I want to love you every minute and every second.
61. If it is not because I love you, how can there be uneasy emotions, in every inexplicable day, I think you miss you and miss you.
62. Do you know the difference between you and the stars, the stars light up the night, and you light up my heart.
63. You ask how much I like you, I can't tell, but I understand in my heart that I would rather fight with you than love others.
64. The strongest wine in the world is your gentle tenderness.
65. You are the whole of my life, a bet that I have worked hard all my life. For your sake, for your hardships and sufferings, and for your beings busy, I still look back. Because you are all my sweet happiness.
66. I hope that one day, we will finally no longer say good night to each other, but sleep next to each other.
67. I want to be with you, regardless of autumn and winter, regardless of cold and warm.
68. The first day I met you, I was conquered by your eyes. At that time I knew that I was a captive of your life!
69. I want the person I love to love me too, hold me in my palm and treat me like a treasure.
70. Coke remembers to add ice, love me to remember heart.
71. Misery has passed, and life will be better for us.
72. I will be regretful for you forever!
73. Meeting you is the beginning of all good things!
74. You are the best. If anyone is better than you, I will pretend I haven't seen it.
75. If someone chases you, I will trip him.
76. All careful thoughts are given to you, please don't leave me in the future.
77. I don't like this world, I just like you.
78. I fell in love with this world because of you.
79. I want to be brave and let my love for you come out every morning.
80. I whispered to tell you, I like you so much, I like you so long ago.
81. I have two lovely things, do you know one is that I am lovely and the other is that I am lovely you.
82. I have a little sweetness, a little cuteness, and many, many, like you.
83. I'm so cute, why are you willing to leave me.
84. I just think you are sweet and want to taste you from beginning to end.
85. I am only willing to take advantage of you, and I am willing to pay for it all my life.
86. I want to kiss the wind around me, maybe it will blow to your face someday.
87. Azure is waiting for smoke and rain, and I am waiting for you
88. I will accompany you until dawn when you are dark.
89. The most beautiful thing is to kiss you in the middle of the night before bed and hug you with you.
90. For the rest of your life, the snow is you, the dull is you, and everything you look at is you.
91. With him, I can breathe freely; without him, the world is as beautiful as it is blank.
92. Having met you in this life, it is already our best reunion.
93. I would like to share with you three meals, four seasons in one room, and three lives in one place.
94. Miss your voice, delicate and warm, miss your smile, sweet and comfortable, miss your company, romance and tenderness.
95. No matter how big the world is, there is only one you, no matter how big the storm is, as long as you are with me.
96. In fact, the happiest thing in the world is nothing but a plain life with you.
97. Meeting you is my greatest luck in this life, and falling in love with you is my regretless choice in my life.
98. There are stories in my world, and all of them are you.
99. I feel that the sun is warm because you bathe in the sun, and you feel the scenery is beautiful because you walk in the scenery. No matter how important others are, I can only see them, it's you who keeps them in my heart.
100. Respect for a glass of wine, I will accompany you in the future.

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