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Love Story Routine Boy

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1. Female: Do you know who you are like? Man: Who? Female: My man.
2. Female: Can I like me? Man: No. Woman: Then I think about other ways.
3. Female: Do you know what I like the most? Man: What? Woman: I like to look at you foolishly.
4. Female: Take care of your mouth. Man: Why? Woman: Because I kiss it anytime.
5. Female: Can you laugh one? Man: Why? Woman: I forgot to add sugar to my coffee.
6. Female: What blood type are you? M: Type A. Female: No, you are my ideal type.
7. Woman: Do you know where the coldest place in the world is? Man: The North Pole? Female: There is no place for you.
8. Woman: Do you like drinking water? Man: I like it. Woman: Then you already like% me.
9. Female: Are you short-sighted? Man: No (yes). Female: Then why can't you see that I like you (no wonder you can't see that I like you).
10. Woman: Are you blind? Man: No. Woman: Then why don't you see that I like you.
11. Female: Don't let me see you. Man: What's wrong? Woman: Otherwise I see you once and I like you once.
12. Female: I think you are a game? Man: What game? Woman: Minecraft.
13. Female: I'm looking for a horse. Male: What horse? Female: Your WeChat code.
14. Female: Your head is mad. M: What anger. Female: Handsome.
15. Female: I find that I am lost. Man: Where did you get lost? Female: The aunt washes the railway.
16. Female: I found an earthquake. Man: No. Woman: Oh, yes, it's my heart.
17. Female: I think you look like a relative of mine. Man: Who? Daughter: My mother-in-law.
18. Woman: What clothes do you think are suitable for you? M: Suit. Female: No, it was conquered by me.
19. Female: My hand was scratched, and you can also scratch it. Man: Why? Woman: So we are two.
20. Female: I have one thing, never. Man: Which thing? Female: I won't leave you.
21. Female: It's so cold. Is there a way to heat it best? Man: What is it? . Female: Marry me.
22. Female: You must come when I get married. Man: Why? Woman: It's embarrassing without a groom.
23. Female: We are no longer friends. Man: Why? Female: Because you are my man.
24. Female: Do you know how to eat this dish is the best? Male: Do you eat hot? Female: I feed you.
25. Female: You are particularly annoying today. Man: Why? Female: It's flattering and awesome.
26. Female: There is something on your face. Man: Something. Female: A little handsome.
27. Female: Let's play with wooden people. Man: Okay. Woman: I lost. Man: Why? Female: My heart is moving.
28. Female: If I lose it, don't call the police. Man: Why. Woman: Hold me tight.
29. Female: What do you belong to? Male: She is a sheep. Female: No, it belongs to me.
30. "How many fingers do you have in your left hand?" "" How many eyes do you have? "
31. "I wanted to give you a super cute gift." "But the courier didn't let me get into the box."
32. Stop chasing the bus, chase me. I walk slowly and cute.
33. "What the hell do you think in your head every day?" "I miss you."
34. "If you are not afraid of trouble." "Then please trouble me with you."
35. "Do you know the difference between me and Tang Seng?"
36. "Do you know why there is no wife in his wife's cake?" "Why?" "Because your wife is here"
37. "Do you know why there is a gap between my fingers?" "Why?" "Because you will fill it up"
38. "I had a nightmare last night" "What nightmare?" "A dream without you is a nightmare"
39. "Do you know what you look like now?" "What do you like?" "Like the earth." "Why?" "Because you are attractive to me."
40. "If you are Ding Ding Dong, what do you think I am?" "I don't know, what is it?" "It's Linger, because Jinger Rings (thinks) Ding Dong!"
41. "I found someone secretly in love with you." "Who?" "Oh."
42. "Walking with me." "Why?" "Did you not teach you to carry valuables with you when you were young?"
43. Will you like me? Answer: No, yes. If the other person answers: no, you can go on to say: it doesn't matter, if not, I can teach you.
44. "I have nothing to talk to you about." "Except for dating."
45. When you are busy, when do you have time to marry me?
46. You must have been a carbonated beverage in your life? Otherwise, why do I want to bubble up when I see you?
47. I have been looking for a shop recently. What shop? Your call.
48. I have been a bit busy lately. What are you doing Busy like you.
49. Do you know what your greatest strength is? To sum it up is five words! Will pick a girlfriend.
50. "Shall we exchange gifts?" "Okay!" "Okay, now I'm yours, you're mine."
51. "I seem to have seen you somewhere." "Where?" "On our future marriage certificate."
52. "I have lost weight since the day I met you" "Why" "Because I gave my heart to you"
53. "Do you know why I am heavier than you" "Because you are fat" "Because you are in my heart"
54. "I didn't sleep well at all last night" "What's wrong" "The quilt is too light to hold your heart"
55. "Last night I had a dream" "What a dream" "Have your dream"
56. "Where is the North?" "Why is that silly over there?" "I can't find North after I see you"
57. "Do you know what the imperial edict is?" "What is it?" "It is every word you say to me"
58. "You will be lonely in the future" "Why?" "Because you live in my heart without a neighbor."
59. "Remember that you ca n’t eat for meals." "Well, you can't." "But if you like it, you can eat well."
60. "I want to be your shoe" "Why?" "Because I want to accompany you for the rest of my life."
61. "I want to set something but I find it difficult to get it" "Do you set a doll?" "No, set your heart"
62. "Do you know what you are in my heart" "What" "My future child mother"
63. "I used to have a lot of hobbies" "What then" "Now there is only one left, only love you"
64. "If you are the sun, guess what I am" "I don't know" "I am an ice cream" "Why" "Because ... you melt my heart"
65. "You must be cheating" "I cheated? Where did I cheat?" "If you don't cheat, how do you get full marks in my heart"
66. "Do you have magic" "No" "Why am I happy to see you"
67. "Do you want to go to heaven" "Think, haha" "Then I will spoil you to heaven"
68. "I want to tan myself" "why" "so I can protect you secretly"
69. "Actually I only miss you once a day" "So little" "Because I think of it all day long"
70. "I have a super power" "Huh?" "I like you super"
71. "I want to tell you something, oh, I'm moving" "Where to move?" "Moving ... in your heart"
72. "Have you gotten fatter recently" "No" "Then why is your weight in my heart getting heavier?"
73. "Where are you from?" "Jiangxi people" "Aren't you my sweetheart?"
74. "I've been really busy recently" "What's busy?" "Busy like you"
75. "Let me tell you a story. The story is a bit long" "What story?" "I miss you"
76. "I think my last life was a carbonated drink" "Why?" "Because I'm so happy that I can't stop bubbling when I see you"
77. "I've got water in my head, but I don't want to pump it out" "Why" "Will you just pump you out?"
78. "Does your phone have navigation? Help me find a place." "Where to go?" "In your heart."
79. "Have your mother taught you etiquette exchanges" "Teached it" "Actually I like you, you go and go"
80. "Are you tired" "Not tired" "You have been running in my mind for a day, how can you not be tired"
81. "You are my temperate marine climate" "What do you mean?" "Every day is warm"
82. "Have you heard of raising pigs to get rich" "Have heard" "So how do I raise you"
83. "Do you know where you are?" "Which is good" "It's just good to be my girlfriend"
84. "Since I've known you, I often have toothaches." "Why?" "Maybe it's because you are too sweet."
85. "Your three-second voice" "How?" "I can listen to it again and again for a month"
86. "Can I lie to you?" "???" "I don't like you"
87. "I plan to go to a very warm place" "Where is it" "In your heart"
88. "I'm dizzy for a day today" "What's wrong" "It's okay to miss you too much"
89. "I look like a cat" "Ah?" "This way I can like you for nine lives"
90. "I have had an accident recently" "What accident" "Unexpectedly in love with you"
91. "I no longer complain about life after meeting you" "Why" "Because I want to hold you"
92. I have never had sugar when I met you? why? You are too sweet.
93. "Tell you bad news" "What bad news?" "I don't think purely about you."
94. "How long have you been single?" "From birth to now." "Sorry to keep you waiting so long."
95. "Can you borrow me your cup?" "Why?" "Because I want to borrow you forever."
96. "Do you like cats or dogs" "Dogs" "Wang Wangwang"
97. "You look like a relative of mine" "Who looks like?" "My mother-in-law"
98. "Do you know what fruit I like the most?" "What fruit?" "It's your pistachio."
99. "I will always hold you after going out" "Why, why?" "You must carry valuables with you"
100. "I have endured you for a long time" "Well? What do you want?"

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