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1. Fortunate to be with you from the beginning to the end is my greatest luck in this life.
2. I want to see you every morning when I see the sun.
3. The most romantic and selfish words in the world are: You are me.
4. We love each other is happiness, so simple and so difficult.
5. If someone asks why I love you, I think I can only answer this: because it is you, because it is me.
6. Actually, I have been behind you all the time and sent you back.
7. Maybe it's a fate, but it's more a grudge. It doesn't matter that the fate is a grudge. Meeting in this life has made me cherish it.
8. You are the person I want to chat with most at night before going to bed. I love this feeling.
9. I am stupid, I am stupid, I have you who love me.
10. I dare not imagine what life would be like without you.
11. I hope you can understand me, even if I say nothing.
12. Time will slowly settle, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness requires your own accomplishment.
13. If you like, I like you, if you do n’t, I am unrequited. Are you willing?
14. I don't want to be the episode of your life, I just want to be the perfect ending of your life.
15. I want to touch your heart, just as you touched my heart.
16. Many times, I just want to have you and hug me tightly, until my mood really gets better.
17. No matter how tired, bitter, or painful, it's just for you to like me.
18. You are like a bowl of soup, so that my heart will never be cold.
19. Life is so short and the world is so chaotic. I don't want to quarrel, don't want the Cold War, and I don't want to have a second of regret with you.
20. The so-called love is that when feelings, enthusiasm, and romance are taken away, you still cherish each other.
21. The reason why I feel lonely is not that no one cares about me, but that the one I care about does not care about you.
22. Meeting you is an arrangement of destiny. Becoming a friend is my choice, and you are beyond my control.
23. I love you, not just talking.
24. As everyone thinks, you are my entire world.
25. I want to use all I have in exchange for a way to your heart.
26. I am increasingly convinced that this is the whole point of all love, friendship and affection: Thank you for the time that I spent with me.
27. Happiness is really simple and simple. You have something to do and expect something.
28. The greatest happiness in life is to find that the person you love happens to love yourself.
29. You see, with so many people and such a big world, I met you, and you met me too.
30. If it snows, we do n’t hold the umbrella and go all the way down.
31. All we have to do is hold each other's hands to the end, and leave the others to destiny.
32. Every time I say I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
33. The fire of love ignites in our hearts, and we will be fused together.
34. Just to touch the rays of love with you, the mingling of that in you and me!
35. I smiled inexplicably just because of the thought of you.
36. If you can explain why you like someone, then this is not love, there is no reason for true love.
37. This is my love, take it, this is my heart, don't break it, this is my hand, hold it.
38. When I think of talking to you, I will laugh like an idiot.
39. I don't want to be the episode of your life, I just want to be the perfect ending of your life.
40. I understand you will come, so I wait.
41. Even if the world chooses me, my choice is still you.
42. The best feeling is that when I look at you, you are already staring at me.
43. We believe that we will always be together.
44. If one day I can't continue to breathe, it just means that my world lacks air, or lacks you.
45. Do not want to face him to leave, escape is not a good way, but it is the only way.
46. Not you love me, I will love you, love is not exchange, and I do not want to exchange.
47. The greatest happiness is these things: someone believes in you, someone accompanies you, someone loves you, someone waits for you.
48. Can you look into my eyes as my luxury.
49. People are still, dreams are still, husbands and wives are still in love; time changes, youth changes, the hearts of you and my husband remain unchanged.
50. Even if there is no ending, I will love you very much.
51. Love is like a thief. No day can sleep peacefully, with your heart hanging, excited, excited, and excited. The biggest insecurity factor is often yourself.
52. Could you let me learn to take care of you and then you love me again.
53. We believe that we will always be together.
54. As long as you take me with you, don't tell me to let go of you, I can't do it, I only want you, believe it or not.
55. Some things can only be accepted when they happen. Some people just let go if they lose. For some roads, you don't have to look back when you choose.
56. When everything goes with the wind, those special moments become eternal.
57. I don't believe in everlasting love, because I will only love you more every day.
58. When I turned around, you were no longer at the junction. Did I respond too slowly or did you walk too fast.
59. The most memorable thing is your smile. When it spreads on your face, I feel as if I feel a spring breeze, warm and melting, and it melts my heart.
60. I have given everything, I am willing, except to let you know that my heart is like a knife cut.
61. In the rapids of life, my ship will follow you forever, accompany you again and again, sail safely to the destination, and when I reach the goal, I will tell you: I don't want to leave you for life.
62. The biggest shortcoming of a person is not selfish, passionate, brutal, willful, but paranoid love of someone who does not love himself.
63. I really miss you: regardless of day and night, the more night I think more; regardless of the seasons, warm even in the cold winter; regardless of distance, even standing by your side.
64. Yiyimaimai is as soft as waves. The moon is not often round and easy to fall.
65. Some roads are far away and it will be tiring to go on. However, if you don't leave, you will regret it.
66. Dear baby, how are you? Have you missed me? Take good care of yourself and take good care of yourself.
67. The day when I meet you is the beginning of our life happiness, but loving you is my life's happiness!
68. Miss you, miss you, find an artist to paint you, stick you in a cup, and drink water every day to kiss you.
69. When you are depressed, I am your pistachio. When you are sad, I will be your tree of forgetfulness!
70. Have everything as long as there is love, there is a faint taste. Pour into the world of the two of you little by little, taste it with your heart, imagine it carefully, and share it slowly with you.
71. Weaving a sweater with the horizon for you, no matter where you go, I will not see you; weaving a sweater with sight for you, no matter where you go, I will see you.
72. I miss you all the time, although we cannot share every minute.
73. The most beautiful thing is not the sunset, but the time spent with you in the sunset.
74. Don't be afraid of the distance, just look forward to flying to you at this moment.
75. You give up your happiness, and pursue something that will not make you happy at all.
76. It is a mistake to meet you, it is wrong to fall in love with you, and it is wrong to leave you.
77. There must be something wrong with my eyes, because my gaze is always helpless to move away from you.
78. Xingyue is correct because you have left; the breeze does not speak because I am crying; I do not speak because I still miss you.
79. The greatest luck in this life is to know you, and I will hold you tight and love you.
80. Once the sea was difficult for the water, except that Wushan was not a cloud. Take a time to review the lazy flowers, half edge monk and half edge monk.
81. The horizon is for you to choose from. I'm only responsible for accompany you.
82. This is my love, take it, this is my heart, don't break it, this is my hand, hold it.
83. Every day my motivation is to see you and talk to you.
84. Love is a trap. Once it appears, we only see its light, but we cannot see its shadow.
85. Your smile is always in my mind and makes me unforgettable.
86. The love of three people, the one with deep love first withdraws.
87. It's snowing outside the window, making a cup of coffee, and holding it cold, then I realize that I think of you again. I look forward to how you can understand!
88. The drama of life, there are sadness and joy, and you must be missing! On Valentine's Day, don't play flower cavity or acrobatics, just send you a text message seriously, I love you.
89. Let us sit by the long river of time, whisper from the distance, and sing the song of life.
90. The old wine and new tea will be shared with you, and the little things in Dacheng will be told to you.
91. I learned to turn off my phone late at night. Then tucked under the pillow and fell asleep.
92. You are a dream I am after. I am obsessed for you, crazy for you, and I will melt you with all my love.
93. Once there was a sincere love in front of me, I did not cherish it.
94. Open my eyes, I only have you in my eyes. Close my eyes, I have only you in my eyes. Bringing on my glasses is only you in my four eyes.
95. I want to touch your heart, just as you touched my heart.
96. At any moment in my heart I only want to miss you and love you.
97. Looking for you in the crowd, it is as if all the sand grains are picked up by the seashore, eager to find your trace, if you do not wish, I hope there is an afterlife.
98. If not, will time stay for us? The sunset I've seen and the ebb and flow I've heard have been buried by time and turned into bubbles.
99. I hope the last thing I see before going to bed is you.
100. Some people can't tell where is good, but no one can replace it!
101. It is my duty to be hello.
102. I do n’t know, love you, is it a good reason?
103. I want to grow old with you.
104. Is it funny? , Without you, strange, will you stay with me forever?
105. Being with you is just that I don't want to give anyone a chance.
106. I think I will accompany you to the market every day in the future.
107. Ever since you appeared, I have known that it is so beautiful to have someone love.
108. In the mind that once lost, it was you who led me out of loneliness.
109. I love you until the end of the world.
110. Your name is written in my heart. Let me love you forever!
111. Without your love, the goal of living will be hard to come by!
112. Willing to be free for you.
113. I am ready to halve my rights and double my obligations.
114. I only hold your hand in this life, because it is enough to have you in this life.
115. Waiting can be so beautiful because I love you.
116. I don't believe in everlasting love, because I will only love you more every day.
117. Except for loving you, I can't think of any reason to keep me alive.
118. As long as you are by my side, everything else is no longer important.
119. Love, either does not start, or for a lifetime.
120. Nothing special, just want to hear your voice.
121. The warmest two words in the world are good night from your mouth.
122. My happiness is to live a warm life with you.
123. After knowing you, I realized that I could give up this willingly.
124. If you are a cactus, I am willing to endure all the pain to hold you.
125. Falling in love with you, not because you gave me what I needed, but because you gave me a feeling I had never felt before.
126. Day and night will not stop you and my deep thoughts!
127. Think of the joy of watching the sun rise with me.
128. I am willing to spend ten million years waiting for you to smile like a warm sun in the early spring.
129. Only you understand my world.
130. Just hide you deeply in my heart.
131. I know that love must be free to be happy, but I would rather stay with you, stay with you, walk with you.
132. I don't know when it started, I have learned to rely on it.
133. Only you know my emotions, and only you can bring me emotions.
134. If we don't love enough in this life, the afterlife will surely last.
135. I know I can't live without you, so I will cherish it even more.
136. The earth is still turning, the world is still fickle, and I love you forever.
137. On every night accompanied by your voice, no longer too lonely and deserted.
138. I want to turn my feelings for you into warm sunlight, and I hope that the falling light can warm your atrium.
139. I want to send my thoughts to you to the scattered stars, I hope that a little bit of starlight can shine into your window and sleep with you.
140. I just need a harbor where I can rest.
141. People will always be old, and hope that you will still be by my side.
142. Regardless of the end of the world, whenever you need me, I will "fly" back to your side.
143. You make my life affectionate, loving, and tearful.
144. Either this life or the next life, all I want is you.
145. Although it cannot satisfy your greatest material life, I can satisfy my heart with my heart.
146. I love you with the passion in my old sorrow and loyalty in childhood?
147. Your words have been locked in my memory, and the key will be kept for me for a lifetime.
148. No dress is more fitting than your love. No decoration is more charming than your love.
149. The extremely short poems that I want to love you are elevated to long life prose.
150. After drinking the wine of love you made, if you don't refill it, you would be thirsty for a lifetime.

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