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200 sentences that make the other person see the distressed sentence

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1. It turned out that two people who were intimate and close in the past would not be as good as passersby; it turned out that two people who care so much about love would also lose contact completely.
2. I live low-key and release my vitality.
3. The heart is always to see the guest, but who is the person in the play.
4. I'm sorry that I still didn't live as you expected.
5. In the end, I am young, I do n’t know if this person is cold in the summer and the sun is coming to sunrise and sunset.
6. The tragedy of one person is not the loss of another person, but that person suddenly finds that he has nothing after leaving.
7. Stand in your own corner and pretend to be a passenger!
8. In order to wait for you, I missed those who waited for me.
9. I thought I could impress a person as long as I really like it, but after that, it only impressed me.
10. I'm getting colder and colder, just to forget that you fell in love with me when I was young.
11. I find that I am not so noble and cannot bless you with happiness, I just want to give you happiness with my own hands.
12. In this chaotic world, being able to learn to treat everything around you with a normal heart is also a state.
13. We are all so scattered in the wind of the years, looking back, but we can't see the trace of being together before, although we have been together so hard.
14. Some people, when they see it clearly, take it lightly.
15. If someone has hurt you, please be as kind and beautiful as ever, enjoy life and enjoy love as if you have not been hurt. Someday that person will regret missing you.
16. I thought I could make you laugh, and you would like me, but I lost to the one who made you cry.
17. If you send a message, I will continue to return to you. I send a message and I will never reply. This is the difference between love and being loved.
18. "Why do you like the night?" "Because the night is very dark, there is no light, and no one can see your loneliness even if you don't laugh"
19. There are only two kinds of feelings in the world, one is that Xiangmo Yimo is tired of being old, and the other is that forgetting rivers and lakes misses crying.
20. Those who really love you, even if they are angry, still can't help but care about you; those who truly love you, even if they suffer, can't help paying for you.
21. Probably not. I can't make you laugh, and you just make me cry. After that, I said I'm leaving, you didn't stay, I didn't look back.
22. I'm a child who is so susceptible. If you give some sunshine, it will be brilliant. When the scars are forgotten, the pain will be forgotten.
23. The biggest loneliness is walking in such a dense crowd, but no one can talk.
24. When you know a lot of real and false things, there is not so much sour feelings. You are more and more silent, and you do not want to say more and more.
25. You must not forget the road that accompanied you, because it was the happiest time for me; if you still come and leave, then I would rather miss it.
26. The most heartbreaking feeling in the world is not a broken heart. But when I give my heart to you, you are deceiving me.
27. The memory is the water that is poured into the palm of your hand. Whether you spread it out or hold it tightly, after all, it will still flow cleanly from the fingers.
28. There is always such a person who has been living in the bottom of his heart, but has forever disappeared into life.
29. The ferry ticket repays you for the future suffering and suffering.
30. You need to live a few more years before you know that you and some people will never be able to draw the next full stop. This emotion is too far-reaching.
31. If I could go back, I would choose not to know you. Not that I regret it, but that I can't face the end without you.
32. I am not much sad but just missing you are really unhappy
33. What are tears: Tears are when you find your love, no matter how hard you work, how piety, how hard you work hard, but there is no place to go, no way back, only water drops and fall into the dust.
34. Don't talk about love lightly, the promise you make is the debt you owe.
35. Origin and origin, Jiu Xing finally dreamed of a dream, but no regrets, take your look back with a switch, this life is willing to sink in the mud of love, you are on the horizon, I will cape ...
36. The heart has passed away, tears are dry, and it is hard to remember the soul. The dream awakened, and could not bear it, the old things couldn't go away. It is also true and false, and love and hate, Ye Luo silently spends self-harm. The only way is to look for it, cold and secluded, desolate and miserable, but helpless, the mountains and waters are long and sometimes exhausted, and this hate is endless.
37. Why am I so worried about you, even if you are no longer mine.
38. Please don't pretend to be good to me. I am stupid and will take it seriously.
39. Once you were a star in the sky; now you are just a broken oil lamp; that oil is your love for you, my dear wife, I do n’t want to touch the dark, then I will work hard!
40. How many words of the lungs are regarded as oral jokes that no one appreciates.
41. There are so many people lost, only you are saddened to leave.
42. Many memories evoke me, but in the end they are all about you.
43. When you are online, you do n’t know what to say to you. When you are offline, you regret not saying anything to you.
44. The city under the neon lights, my heart fell in that corner?
45. You are overwhelmed by what I can't guess, I'm irritated by something you can't imagine.
46. Time has lost its balance, and my world is only yesterday.
47. I go online and you go online, then you go invisible and then I go invisible, and then you go online, I understand.
48. I would rather let others feel that I am happy and heartless, rather than make myself look miserable.
49. One of the most tacit things we do is that I don't contact you, you don't contact me, and we are really strange in the end.
50. Who is the passenger in whose life, who is the runner of life, the dust of previous lives, the wind of this life, the endless sad soul. In the end, no one is who.
51. Carrying too much tiredness, has lost the original pride.
52. So far, I have no intention to give up. My heart decides how long to persist, and how long can I persist, I really don't know.
53. There is no legend of a grassy warbler flying in this city, it will always live in reality, fast drumming, hurried figures, numb eyes, false smiles, and I am being assimilated.
54. I was stubborn and unwilling to yield, but I only got scarred in return.
55. When I cried, you cried. I don't think you are alone with me. When I smile, you are still crying. It turns out you are lonelier than me.
56. Too long-term things are not never thought, just afraid that if you think too much, it will burst like a bubble.
57. All that is said is just an excuse.
58. If you hate me, I don't mind at all, I am not alive to please you.
59. The things that we used to think about never forget are in the process of our never forgetting, and we are forgotten.
60. Sometimes, evading is not about being afraid of what to do, but about what is waiting.
61. I used to think that the world was not beautiful.
62. We always shed tears to ourselves and bring happiness to others.
63. No matter how deep love, become strangers.
64. Things are wrong, even memories seem to be leftover.
65. Pearl is the distress of a shell for a lifetime, you are the concern of my life ...
66. I know I will forget you, no sorrow, no expectation, just knowing it.
67. At the moment when it was time to separate, he left before me, but I felt a little relieved. Sooner or later, one of us will experience it alone, and let me take care of it.
68. I tried to count the injuries you gave with a smile, but in the end, tears flowed out of my eyes with a smile.
69. The most painful cry can never drop half a tear, the deepest loneliness is standing in the crowd and silent.
70. Our dedication must perform a beautiful romance.
71. I have decided not to disturb you, your perfection is really perfect.
72. Those who yearn for the sky are lonely.
73. I have two hearts, one for pain and one for forgiveness.
74. Stealth, not to avoid anyone, but just to hope that someone finds me gone.
75. Why do I take the initiative every time, I do n’t contact you, you really have n’t found me again, is it because I ’m not important, or do I take you too seriously
76. Valentine's Day, but the day that the lover lives.
77. Being lonely isn't born, it's from the moment you fall in love with someone.
78. Watching you leave and cry, but it blurs the last smile you gave me.
79. Although we cannot be together, I will always put this love in my heart.
80. Unfortunately, we still couldn't love to the end.
81. There is always a song that will make me think of someone unconsciously and shed inexplicable tears.
82. Who, like me, keeps changing signatures, in fact, just wants to make someone feel ...
83. Sometimes, for the same thing, we can comfort others, but we cannot convince ourselves.
84. You said that time will dilute everything, and distance will make us feel better.
85. The hourglass remembers the time we forgot.
86. Then I laughed out loud, no big deal.
87. In this world, there are always more people who look at your jokes than they care about you.
88. I am too self-righteous, thinking that you care about me too, but in the end it is self-confidence.
89. If you can still meet in the rain, can you invite the fairy in the painting to appreciate the full moon.
90. Who should answer who's robbed and who becomes who's obsession.
91. Don't take a person too seriously, because you may be nothing in that person's heart.
92. I think the saddest thing in life is not that you never meet, but that you met, got, and were taken away.
93. Life without love is incomplete, and love without pain is not profound. Love makes life rich and painful to love sublimation.
94. There are no dry tears and no regrets. The people who left did not know that it was going to be a farewell. Staying away with a smile is the happiest parting. All perseverance is left to the person waiting.
95. There are four seasons a year, and I only have you. But after that, the four seasons are still reincarnation, but you are gone.
96. Who laughed and burst into tears, and who cried and burst into smiles.
97. Love is a feeling. When this feeling is gone, I am still reluctant to myself. This is called duty! Breaking up is a kind of courage! When this courage is gone, I am still encouraging myself. This is called tragic!
98. Tired heart is really tired.
99. There is a kind of fate called love at first sight, a feeling of having it before, a ending called destiny, and a kind of heartache called endless.
100. If you can choose, don't end hate with love.
101. If the ending is not what I want, then I would rather not participate in the process.
102. When you don't feel a person, you will find many reasons not to love him.
103. I love you not because of who you are, but because I like to be with you.
104. When you know many real and false things, there is not so much sour feeling, you are more and more silent, and you do not want to say more.
105. One is a gorgeous short dream, and the other is a cruel and long reality.
106. After you left, I got a serious illness, and I was so pained that I didn't want to live. Then I survived, but I forgot myself.
107. Fate is a book, you will miss it if you read it inadvertently, and you shed tears when you read it too carefully.
108. Mom said that I picked it up in Thailand, so half the people are half demon!
109. Feeling disappointed, collapsed, desperate, numb, feel hopeless about life.
110. My heart started to shatter and deal with the rights and wrongs of that population.
111. Let it be, let me know how much despair and unwillingness I have if you understand.
112. The soulless wound doesn't even know who to shed tears ...
113. People can live happily, but we have chosen complexity, sighed and hated, can provoke disputes, love, and cover all our faults.
114. Love is so short, forgetting is so long.
115. Autumn is a nostalgic season. Many stories and people are inadvertently connected, and they quietly miss them. It always seems that in such a cool autumn, they look back and find that the road they have gone through is That desolate. Feng Huaxueyue's past, can not bear to look back, the years of hard work, vivid memories.
116. Rainy air, tired sadness, the fairy tale in my memory has slowly melted.
117. Forever, not at all. The sea dry stone is rotten, which is pure nonsense.
118. A man must always thank the woman who was with him before he was a teenager. Because the old man is at the lowest point in his life and has no money or career; the old woman is her brightest time
119. Residual flowers linger in chaos and sorrow and heartache. After trying to listen to your uncle with a smile, you find that the pain is all over the world, and the story that was crushed by you, you still owe me an ending. Looking back, everything looks like a dream, seemingly invisible, but can't escape.
120. I can't walk into your fairy tale, and you don't want to walk into my story.
121. I want to give you happiness, but I can't enter your world. I want to exchange my world for a ticket to your world, but that's just my wishful thinking.
122. In the winter, you gave me a summer dream but awakened me in the spring. Because I didn't adapt to it all of a sudden, I felt colder than winter, but this is not to blame.
123. In fact, do what you like to do quietly, you really don't need to emphasize over and over again, how difficult it is to achieve these.
124. Many times, I don't think so, but I can't control myself and say the opposite.
125. Whenever I look at the sky, I don't like to talk anymore. Whenever I speak, I don't dare to look at the sky.
126. On the day you left, I decided not to cry, bracing my eyes against the wind and not blinking hard.
127. A happiness shared by no one is not true happiness; the pain shared by no one is the most terrible pain.
128. Those heartbreakers will eventually pass.
129. You are an arrogant island with your own castle. I cannot reach the tide and can only surround you.
130. If I could be with you, I would rather let all the stars in the sky be lost, because your eyes are the brightest light in my life.
131. I tried desperately to stay, in exchange for leaving chic.
132. I approached my dream step by step. Even if he was broken, I would try my best to recover and exchange everything with myself.
133. I am not a strong person, but I know to be strong when it is time to be strong.
134. Everyone will grow, just to see when those storms of growth will come.
135. Let go of your play that has not ended ...
136. Why can you be so heartless and alive like this moment because you don't want to be hurt anymore.
137. I know that forgetting is a simple matter. As long as you do n’t watch, do n’t want to, do n’t remember, you forget, just like the sky after the fireworks.
138. Between love and injury, we always choose to love and hurt.
139. Trivial life is also part of love.
140. How can I escape, fate's whim.
141. I ca n’t afford to lose so I pretend to never fear losing.
142. The agreement is no longer an agreement. The previous agreement became a lie at the moment.
143. Some friends have nothing to say before, but nothing to say at this moment.
144. I would rather be parallel to him and never intersect, because-once it intersects, it will be farther and farther after that point.
145. I don't want you to know, don't want to be discovered by others, just disappear quietly and quietly.
146. The most tiring thing in the world is to watch your heart break, and you have to stick it by yourself.
147. Do you understand the loss after rejoicing?
148. Keep writing diary, I don't know if it is pen or memory that can't stop.
149. In order to wait for you, I missed those who waited for me.
150. I've searched every season. They all lost the color of this season because of a group of people.
151. I want to cry, but I don't know how to cry.
152. It's snowing outside the window, making a cup of coffee, and holding it cold, then I realize that I think of you again. I look forward to how you can understand!
153. What can shallow and deep represent? Just forget earlier and later.
154. You will never see what I look like when I am the loneliest, because I am the loneliest when you are not with me.
155. Have you ever felt my distress for a moment?
156. My love for you, even others know why you still can't find it.
157. I cried on my way home, and my tears broke down again. Helpless to walk like this, never dare to be proud and extravagant. What else can I say? What else can I do? I hope you will hear, because I love you, I let you go ...
158. Please cherish those who love you silently. Perhaps, one day when he really left. You will find that it is you, not him, that is inseparable from each other.
159. It turns out that love has never left, but, I remember, you forgot.
160. From being so good to you to being OK without you, the sadness and hardship in the middle, how do you know.
161. If you are unhappy, if you are unhappy, then let go; if you are unwilling to let go, then you are suffering.
162. You can never wake up a person who pretends to be asleep, nor can you touch someone who does not love you.
163. When people are in the most sorrow and panic, they have no tears. Tears always flow at the end of the story, at the end of everything!
164. The man cried because he really loved; the woman cried because she really wanted to give up.
165. I let go of my dignity, my personality, and my stubbornness, all because I couldn't let go of you.
166. I like to think of you, it is your daily task, for you and I are willing.
167. After every relationship breaks down, do you think something is realistic.
168. Low-key is not weakness but postponement.
169. A beast was injured. It was able to run into a cave to hide by itself, and then licked the wound and insisted on it, but once it was warmed by Boo Han, it couldn't stand it.
170. You are attentive, he has no heart, and love someone who does not love himself, it is nothing in return.
171. You will cry, it does not mean true compassion; I smile, it does not mean that everything is okay.
172. Huanhua quietly flows with the passing of the water, a dream of spring is far from dawn, and once wrote a book for the residual butterfly. It touched the light rain for a while, the stylus became a cricket, the tears fell with the words, and the crescent moon fell. The young plum bamboo horse, two little guesses.
173. The original appearance cannot be found, and the final outcome cannot be seen.
174. To leave, I still have to leave. What is left is a body, to stay or to stay. My heart is taking root.
175. But once I met, I knew each other.
176. Not every youth has an earth-shattering end, and not every story ends with a happy smile or a heartbreaking tear.
177. In the past, I loved a person. Love someone at this moment and keep it in your heart.
178. Time will fade a person's memory, but it will never make people forget those memories.
179. Walking alone, sleeping alone, thinking alone, drunk alone, busy, tired, irritable, and sensible.
180. Promise me, you still haven't done it.
181. When I say goodbye to you in tears, you just say goodbye to me indifferently, do not feel your indifferent eyes, and my heart has broken into thousands.
182. If a person is not available, it is because he does not want to be free. If a person cannot walk away, it is because he does not want to leave. Alone, he has too many excuses for you, because he does not want to care.
183. Cry yourself, laugh yourself, and watch yourself make trouble. How painful and uncomfortable it won't be for others to see, I'll take it alone.
184. Departure and reunion is a play that is constantly being performed in life. If you get used to it, you will no longer be sad.
185. One day I will walk away silently from you without any sound.
186. If you want to leave, don't give me a reason to miss.
187. You splashed ink on the incomplete corner of the corner, so you rendered a summer without ups and downs.
188. If you love someone too deeply, your heart will get drunk; if you hate someone too long, your heart will break.
189. Misunderstood by my favorite person, I am so sad that I don't want to argue, but only choose to be silent. The whole world can not understand me, if you do not understand, I have nothing to say.
190. Why should I do this? Give you a smiley face and you give me a white face.
191. Willing to be willing to be willing to be willing to be willing to be willing to become accustomed to habits that are not used to be used to.
192. Don't take someone who doesn't take you to heart.
193. Turning just to meet you, but forget that you will also turn.
194. Love words please you, don't go in your heart.
195. I can't go back in the past, I thought about this moment.
196. I'm back to outside your world. There was only silence. Never before fear. It turned out that my courage was so vulnerable.
197. I told you all lies, you all believed. Simple I love you, but you don't believe it.
198. Our love is like a meteor without a wish, no matter how beautiful it can only be before.
199. I cried on the way home, and my tears broke down again. I couldn't walk like this, and never dared to be proud and extravagant. What else could I say? What else can I do? I hope you will hear, because I love you, I let you go.
200. It is said that everyone from birth was born by God, and the other half had to find it by themselves.

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