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1. I can confidently say that you are a girl who deserves to love you with your whole life.
2. I don't know when you will occupy an important place in my heart and become the most important person in my life, a person worthy of trust and trust.
3. The most touching love words: give me a million reluctant daylight hours, and I feel too few warm and romantic nights in my life. With you, I always feel that the world cannot be seen through and there will never be an end.
4. Your smile, really earnestly, break into, my life; reflected in your face; reflected in, my heart; since then I remember your name, you brought me The surging life.
5. Meeting you is a fate; falling in love with you is a happiness; missing you is a habit; cherishing you is an eternity.
6. I love you, because I cherish anything too much for you, even if it is such an unrelated word.
7. This heart is eclipsed and filled with your shadow, but the part that is not etched is filled with acacia for you. do you know?
8. It's fate to meet you, it's destined to like you, it's my love to fall in love with you, and I am compelled to miss you. So I decided to love you with my heart.
9. Talk to you with care, talk to you with understanding, walk with you with protection, romance with you with true love, accompany you with your life, and linger with you with your life.
10. The world is so beautiful because of you, life is so full because of you, life is so meaningful because of you!
11. The tenderness under your eyes is worth a thousand words and a thousand words. The smile on your lips is the source of my joy!
12. I have a little secret in my heart, do you want to know? Let the wind tell you quietly, I like you, I really like it.
13. I don't know why humans have to get married? !! Why don't we study together and let's combine them legally!
14. If it ’s true love, do n’t let go. You can make love without money, and you wo n’t be able to chase it all your life! Please cherish the people around you, don't forget otherwise you regret yourself!
15. I love the moon, love it pure, love it bright, love it round. I love you, love you really, love you good, love you beauty.
16. I love you, let us each be captives of each other, and devote ourselves to our love.
17. In the vast crowd, meeting you is a kind of fate, I just hope to use my sincerity in exchange for your true feelings.
18. Have a day with you, even the ordinary is romantic!
19. I hope you can give me a chance to take care of you, take care of you, and grow old with you slowly!
20. The farthest distance is not life and death, but I stand in front of you, but you don't know that I love you.
21. I will definitely make you the second happiest person in the world, because with you, I am the happiest person in the world!
22. Marriage is visible, love is invisible; greetings are visible, and care is invisible. But I love you, but it is obvious.
23. Snow flakes are falling in the blue sky, and beautiful leather shoes are missing your feet. Your acquaintance is a myth. Please call me gently!
24. No one saw me standing on the cliff of love, only I wanted to jump into the abyss of your love, comfort ... I found comfort, even if I shattered me.
25. The first day I met you, I was conquered by your eyes. At that time I knew that I was a captive of your life!
26. I made a wish in front of the Buddha, hoping that a small tree would stand by the road you pass by every day. I am full of love and thoughts, I hope that one day you will fall in love with me!
27. Whenever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do; remember: I will always support you and I will always be with you, because you are my favorite person!
28. There is no reason to love you, there is no reason to love you, in the daytime you are the sun, in the night you are the moon, when it rains you are my umbrella, when it is cold you are my clothes.
29. Hold your hand, day and night, hold your hand, wait for tomorrow, hold your hand, walk through this life, hold your hand, and live forever.
30. Like, is a touch of love. Love is deeply like. I hope that in the future, instead of sending you home, we will return to our home together.
31. Meeting always nods, trying to say that it is always difficult to speak, and the moment the eyes meet, I feel your tenderness.
32. If it was not because I love you, how could I have not fallen asleep late at night; if it was not because I loved you, how could I sigh inadvertently, only you in the world do not understand I love you!
33. I accidentally sent you "I love you" by mistake. If you accept it, save it. If you do not accept it, send me these three words.
34. With you, my life is full of joy. Shall we have dinner tonight?
35. Love is the happiness of pain and hurt. Let me love you well and be loved by you, let me gaze at your eyes and gaze you into eternity, let us be lovers for life!
36. Your smile has been integrated into my heart, warm me, touched me, filled my life with happiness, filled my life with romantic joy, dear, I love you!
37. It's been too long since the bug left you, thinking that it will soon forget you. But until today, you are still haunting in your heart, we are still holding hands in the dream, walking on the street silly, circle by circle, only to know that I am so concerned about you.
38. It has been a week since I saw you, and it is like seven years. In these seven days, your beautiful shadows are constantly appearing in my heart!
39. Although mountains and rivers can separate people from one another, they cannot separate the heart from the heart. No matter you go to the ends of the earth, my heart will always be with you forever.
40. When I gaze into your eyes, when I hear your voice, when I smell the faint fragrance of your hair, when I feel my violent heartbeat, I understand: you are the most beautiful in my heart, you are My only life
41. The answer is long. I am going to answer it in a lifetime. Are you ready to listen?
42. Different times, different places, different people, only you and me are the same; time is changing, space is changing, and the only thing that is unchanged is the infinite thought of you!
43. I have no reason to think of you and no reason to love you. In the daytime you are the sun, in the night you are the moon, when it rains you are my umbrella, when it is cold you are my clothes.
44. I love you, it's not just a simple sentence, it is my summary of your day and night thoughts, my statement to you, my commitment to your future life, my vow to you and me.
45. There is a kind of tacit understanding that keeps the heart from being announced; a feeling that is wonderful; a happiness that is accompanied by you;
46. Without you, the color is single, without you, the food is tasteless, without you, I am hollow.
47. I pray for your happiness, and I will never regret it even if my happiness is the result of my life.
48. I am on your way every time, watching you quietly, looking forward to your passing every day.
49. It's hard to love someone, and we're going to meet you. I think it hurts to be painful and happy for you. Waiting for someone to get tired is worth everything for you. Love is long, I will pay for you all, indulge in nowhere! Happy Valentine's Day!
50. Treat each day as a Valentine's Day to fall in love, dreaming of your beautiful love every minute and second, and ignore the pursuit and generosity of others, as long as you bravely come with me, love does not need to confess, as long as the heart can Get closer, you will always be my favorite girl. Happy Valentine's Day!
51. If I can have this honor, I am willing to accompany you for life and accompany you throughout the year. In the spring, I walk with you gently among the blooming flowers; in the summer, I run with you on the bank of a happy river; in the autumn, I walk with you under the red maple forest; in the winter, I sit with you around Beside the hot stove.
52. Singles ’s wish: I hope to be with you tomorrow! Singles does n’t matter. I do n’t remember my past life, I do n’t give gifts on singles ’festivals, I only send messages on my mobile phone, I do n’t forget each other ’s blessings. Happy and sweet!
53. The adventure made me meet you. Fate makes me fall in love with you. I have something to tell you. But I'm afraid of hurting you. Think about it or tell you. Thinking of you now. I hope to see you right away. I truly love you.
54. So we are together, not only by fate, but by the upper edge of the Sansheng Stone.
55. I don't want to be gentle for a short time, as long as you are with me.
56. Being able to meet you is my greatest happiness. With you, my life becomes infinitely broad. With you, the world becomes so charming.
57. The craziest thing in this life is to fall in love with you. The biggest hope is to have you accompany me for a lifetime.
58. You are the shore, I am the ship, you are the sun, I turn for you, happiness can only be counted by you, and it will not change for me.
59. To love someone is to hear her voice; to love someone is to see her face; to love you does not need to be decorated with gorgeous words; to love you and hide in my heart and keep it in your heart!
60. Without you, my sky is missing a color; without you, my world has one more thought.
61. Some words are doomed to heart. Some injuries are doomed to heal. Some things are doomed to be erased. Some people are doomed.
62. My thoughts on you are constantly gathered into a long river of love, and the river is flowing and flowing, all of which are my long thoughts and deep love.
63. One day, that person appeared, with a smile and breath that surprised me a little. I have never met, but I feel very familiar. Since then, some people have learned how to be happy and some have shared their experiences.
64. Some words, you accidentally say, but I have been very sad for a long time. It's all because I care.
65. I can feel happiness by your side, so I will always nest in your arms to find a heaven of love.
66. If you can, can you stay for an extra second, even if you are just a passer who stays a little longer.
67. It's because of love that I hid quietly. What I dodged is the figure, but what I ca n’t do is silent feelings. Today I finally gathered my courage to express my love to you.
68. Because of you, I become full of energy; because of you, I change my lifestyle; because of you, my life is more exciting! Can't imagine what the world would look like without you?
69. If the road of thousands of miles can only accompany you through the storm, I wo n’t ask if you hold your hand in front of the dust. How desolate is the desolation and separation of the desolate people?
70. I used to have countless dreams, and each dream had you; I had countless fantasies, and you were in every fantasy; I had several Baidu prayers, and you were in every prayer.
71. I would like to turn it into a rose, hold it tightly in your hand, and reveal fragrance for you; I want to become a piece of chocolate, which you gently hold in your mouth, to make you feel sweet.
72. It ’s not enough to give me a million reluctant days, too few warm and romantic nights in my life. With you, I always feel that the world cannot be seen through and there will never be an end.
73. For so many years, I have been searching for the ideal love, but no one can impress me at the initial moment like you, and more and more deeply.
74. As long as you are willing, when you are frustrated, when you most need a shoulder, tell me that I will appear immediately.
75. Hold your hand, day and night, hold your hand, wait for tomorrow, hold your hand, walk through this life, hold your hand, and live forever.
76. The craziest thing in this life is to fall in love with you. The biggest hope is to have you accompany me for a lifetime.
77. There are many people who like you. There is no shortage of me. I like very few people, except you.
78. Thirty years later, if the word persists in the world, I hope it belongs to me; thirty years later, if the word still touches the world, I hope it belongs to you ...
79. No matter when you are, no matter where you are, no matter what you do; remember: I will always support you, I will always be with you, because you are my favorite person! I finally found that there is a richness in this world Love, I can't live up to it. So I want to say to you, I love you, please listen ... Meeting you is a kind of fate, falling in love with you is a kind of beauty, being with you is a kind of blessing, and I am willing to be with you forever.
80. Hold your hand, day and night, hold your hand, wait for tomorrow, hold your hand, walk through this life, hold your hand, and live forever. My dear, I love you like a mouse loves rice can't live without you for a day. People say, "Love someone without asking for anything." But I want you to give me something back-let me give you all my love in my lifetime!
81. When we were not so young, we found out that our hearts are connected. What we lacked was only an opportunity to confess. Could it be that just for the sake of prudence, it is impossible to return to fate and cannot be re-enacted Arranging previous mistakes into confession now I like you.
82. Let's get married, okay? Then we can stop talking about the miss on the phone, we can get up every morning to see your sleeping face, and then have a less hearty but warm breakfast together. Let's get married, okay? Then we can show off with the red book issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau, we can hang wedding photos in the room, and look at it and smile unconsciously. Let's get married.
83. It is accidental to meet you, it is natural to like you, it is resolute to fall in love with you, to be glad to get you, and to accompany you throughout your life is inevitable.
84. The most memorable thing is your smile. When it spreads on your face, I feel like I feel a spring breeze, warm and melting, and it melts my heart.
85. Carve your name in the smoke, suck it into your lungs, and keep it closest to my heart.
86. Every night I miss you is the saddest time for me; every moment I miss you is the happiest time for me.
87. To meet you is the luck of my life; to love you is the happiness of a lifetime; to fall in love with you is the happiness of my life; to own you is the pursuit of my life.
88. At least once in my life, forget about yourself for someone, do not seek results, do not go with colleagues, do not want to have, or even love you, just meet you in my most beautiful years.
89. Like a person, there will be no pain. Love someone, there may be long pain, but the happiness you give me is also the greatest happiness in the world.
90. Do you dare to love? If you dare to love, please follow me! Do you dare to leave? If you drive away, please give me your hand! Do you dare to give heart? If you dare, please give me your heart, I will protect it with my life! Do you dare to hope that we will be happy? If you dare, please hope that even if we only have one dollar left at the end, I will give you the horns. I only need two horns.
91. Our distance is only the distance of a heart. There is me in you and there is you in me. Holding your hand and giving me the magic of love, telling you I love you, wholeheartedly, and cherish each other. No more escaping, give me the courage to love you, in my heart, some are the sweetness of loving you, full of you, for you, I have tried my best, gentle you, let me live for you Fascinated, I can't lie to myself, I really love you.
92. True love is invincible, this is a love truth. As long as there is love in one's heart, it is impossible to overcome without it. I'm afraid I'm afraid to love. Once you bravely love, there is nothing you can't do. Love must be courageously confessed. This is the truth of love.
93. Yesterday is too close, tomorrow is too far. Choose today and confess to you. Dependence on you is like a fish without the ocean, and a plant without the sun. Give me a chance to write about our happy life. Open my eyes, there is only you in my eyes. Close my eyes, I have only you in my eyes. Bringing on my glasses is only you in my four eyes.
94. I want to be an elf, dive into the depths of your soul, listen to your heartbeat, your breath, feel your thoughts, your wishes, so that I can have a good relationship with your heart, know how to love you well Already. I want you to come closer to me, embrace me, embrace me, hold me, kiss me; want you to love me well, and I will snuggle with you with your heart, you will find you at this time I am the most beautiful landscape in my life.
95. I really want to say to you that in my heart you are all to me. I don't ask you to treat me with the same love, I just want your comfort and understanding.
96. dear! I am lonely, I miss you so much, I still love you when I call back, I do n’t call back-I have to wait for you ...
97. I miss you so much, I broke the phone line, burned out my phone card, drew up my wallet, ran out of sleeping pills, oh! But I still want to see you.
98. I read the day, the night, and I do n’t miss it all the time; I walk, I stop, I miss it everywhere; I wake up, I dream, I read it all day and night; Tonight with you in my dreams!
99. I hope I can kiss you softly before bedtime, I hope I can hug you when I sleep, I hope I can see you when I wake up! I have always hoped that way forever.
100. Lovely you stole my love and stole my heart, I decided to sue you to court, what crime should you be sentenced to? The judge rummaged through all criminal records and cases, and the jury unanimously agreed that you should be my lifelong.

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