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1. Time is quiet, and the monarch's words; the water is flowing, and the monarch is the same;
2. Even if acacia is in the bones, even if it is gone. I only wish you the same glory and glory.
3. May I be like the stars and the moon, and the night streamers will be bright and clean.
4. The body has no colorful wings and flying wings.
5. There is a beauty, never forget it. Seeing no one day, thinking like crazy.
6. White tea Qinghuan has nothing else, I am waiting for the wind and waiting for you. Sake alone was boring, I dreamed of you in Menghua too.
7. Ukiyo I love Sun, Moon and Qing. Sun is the dynasty, the moon is the twilight, and Qing is the dynasty.
8. What is missing? Sun and moon, stars, and rain in the wilderness. Can it be specific? Mountains, rivers, and lakes. Can you be more specific? Everything is you, there is no hiding.
9. You see the mountains and rivers more beautiful, the stars more gentle, just like your eyes.
10. I would like to write and abandon the flower room. From now on, I will leave the scriptures for you.
11. Pour me all my life to promise you an undefeated city; I will give you a dream that will never wake up forever.
12. May the rest of your life have fresh clothes and angry horses to accompany you to watch the flames and flowers, and may the rest of your life have a white veil to accompany you through the quiet years.
13. Throughout my life, I met you all the year round, and I was willing to shake hands with Junyi.
14. Play a song in the mountains and rivers, find a friend, and bring it to the old. And a swan feather coat, would like to have one person, depicting Dai Wu Mo.
15. There are so many beautiful things in this world, but you are my favorite place.
16. I leave the bustling, abandon the world, lose the people, and oppose the country, just to accompany you to the horizon and watch the flowers fall.
17. The universe is flooded, and tears are endless. At the end of the passing years, this life is obsessed with one person.
18. Looking back, your face has only one glance, thousands of mountains and rivers, only one glance, blue sky Huangquan, only one glance, and never change in this life.
19. Even if life is like dust, I still want years to be like a song.
20. Wanzhang Hongchen, the only one who pleases oneself is three: sun, month, and Qing. Sunrise in the East, Moon in the West Chamber, holding hands, and Qing Baishou.
21. Even if the acacia is in the bones, even if the disaster is gone, I only wish you the same glory and glory.
22. Who is the one who chases my deep love on Huangquan Road; who is the one who keeps my life's promise on the Naihe Bridge.
23. Yijiang Mingyue, who is missing when looking back; who is drunk with a glass of muddy wine; who is peach blossom red in the spring of a year;
24. You are unintentional, but you are attracting torrents. I'm crossing my eyes, but I prefer Lennon.
25. At first sight, when they meet, Jinfengyulu. Long and tired, warm and floating, unparalleled in the world.
26. In the bustling place, find an uninhabited valley, build a wooden hut, pave a bluestone path, and your morning bell and twilight drum, peacefully.
27. Baicha Qinghuan has nothing else, I am waiting for the wind and waiting for you.
28. Prosperous times in troubled times, only for you to exhaust the world;
29. One person, one person in one lifetime, half drunk, half awake and half alive.
30. Use my third life fireworks for your life's blur.
31. Exquisite dice Ann Hongdou, do you know if you are in love?
32. What is like? "Blush, heartbeat, no words." Can you be specific? "Insomnia, anxiety, and often nightmares." Can you be more specific? "The rest of your life is you."
33. There are thousands of ukiyo, I love three. Day, month and Qing. Sun is the dynasty, the moon is the twilight, and Qing is the dynasty.
34. I just hope that my heart resembles my heart, and that I will never lose heart.
35. Wish to be single-minded, Baishou Mo apart.
36. I would like to write and abandon the flower room. From now on, I will leave the Scriptures for you.
37. Waiting is full of lights, and suddenly you are looking back. The encounter is ten miles from the spring breeze, and it is you who smiles lightly.
38. One flower, one world, one leaf, one pursuit, one sigh, one life.
39. For my long hair and waist, it is good for the boy to marry me. Wait for you to be green and spread your red makeup for ten miles. But he was afraid of long hair and waist, and the young man was fond of others. Wait for you to be young, smile and see Jun Huai smile.
40. It has always been shallow, but no matter how deep it is.
41. Endless lovesickness, tears of blood, throwing red beans, can not finish spring willow spring flowers full of paintings.
42. I set foot in the mountains and waters, and pursues the glory of your life.
43. Dancing in a ensemble, all the world, prosperous times, just for one person.
44. I am a broker in the world, and I know how to cry with tears.
45. There are beauties in the north, peerless and independent. Take a look at Renren City, then visit Renmin. Wouldn't you like to be a city or a country? Beautiful ladies are rare.
46. Never look back, why not forget. Since you missed, why not vow. In the old days, there were no traces of water. Tomorrow tomorrow, Jun has lost his way.
47. Being married, there is no doubt about loving.
48. Mo Shangren is like a jade.
49. I am holding you high for you, you take me to the world.
50. Dan Huixi Yan, son like a jade, you hold a green umbrella and promise me Changan for the next life.
51. Send a song without asking the end.
52. Moshang flowers bloom, you can slowly return to chanting.
53. There is a boat to cross the sea, a path to the mountains is feasible, and the mountain and the sea are not flat.
54. Fear of no return date, fear of empty joy, fear of coming is not you.
55. Years are pens, acacia is in the ink, you are all in the lines.
56. May the rest of my life be freshly clothed and angry, someone will accompany you to see the flames and flowers.
57. The wind and rain are so dark, the chickens are endless, seeing the son, Yun Hu is not happy.
58. For a lifetime, at this time of the year, I met, and I was willing to shake hands with Junyi, the sleeves of three years incense.
59. I am a wandering soul on the street, and you are the one who smells me.
60. Unless the loess is white and boneless, I will keep you a hundred years old without worry.
61. Seeing the day, the sun, the moon and the moon, there is no silence; the mountains and rivers run for generations; just like in my heart, you never leave.
62. One stroke at a time v. Spring and Autumn, one stroke of one embroidery gentleness, one movement and one infinite intimacy, holding your hand for a lifetime.
63. Standing against the water, the waves are shining. At this moment, I just want to hold you in my arms, and listen to the cheers of the flowing water with you.
64. I only hope that my heart resembles my heart, and that I will not lose heart.
65. Three thousand weak water, I only take a scoop to drink. Hongyan is dying, and Yibu Lijun will not give up.
66. Knowing with Jun Yuan, I don't know the depth of the sea.
67. Love is like flowing water, love is like peach.
68. Send a song to the king, regardless of the end of the song.
69. Burning peach blossoms, three thousand prosperous, but it seems that there is only one in the world.
70. Love is the genius of two people for a long time, but lovesickness is a solitary world.
71. If there is a future life, I only wish to meet you in the most beautiful season. When I have long hair and waist, how about you marry me?
72. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful encounter. In any case, you are the most beautiful encounter in my life.
73. You won't remember, I cry behind you. I try to forget, that's not your memory. I can't do it, hang it in my diary and appreciate it slowly.
74. In March of that year, spring flowers bloomed and the age of bicycles, love began to wake up like wild grass in spring. I like you in this season.
75. Qing Qingliu years, only love and each other, only you and each other. Fading away, I still watch you in the depths of Hongchen.
76. I fell in love with you, so I can appreciate the taste of miss, the sorrow of separation and the torment of jealousy, and the endless possessiveness.
77. You gave me your world, and you would rather be beautiful in the world. Of course I don't want the prosperity of this world, you are my world. With you in this life, there is no other in the world.
78. If you and I are just a play, I'd like to perform only the episode that I met with you this time.
79. Looking back for thousands of years, in exchange for a little sorrow in this life, you fell between my eyebrows, making me smile hard.
80. With you, even if you are in the horizon, I am in the cape, I am no longer lonely, and my heart is no longer lonely.
81. The acacia was shocked, but it turned out to be because it was already boned.
82. The white hair with the flower jun will not smile, years will never be defeated
83. Wait till the flowers are gone, and you will have a long stream of water.
84. The world is safe and secure.
85. Reminisce your lines in the overflowing words, the hundred-hundred-scented five-roll incense rolls. Just wait, with your red candle, you will have a strong drink for five thousand years.
86. Since the moment I fell in love with you, I am no longer myself. Because of your love, I am no longer alone, because I love you, but I am lonely for the whole time.
87. A flower blooms, a dream in this life. A flower is thankful, a thought goes with the wind. The cloud is in the sky, and you are in my heart.
88. If you can promise me a future. I will definitely do it for you. With long sleeves, you can dance to the fullest.

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