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Be honest with girls

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1. With you, my life is full of joy, shall we have dinner tonight?
2. I do n’t know why, I always want to be with you!
3. The person I love the most, she is listening to me at the moment, but still silly asking who I love.
4. Don't move when you stand there! Wait for me to fly over!
5. There is only one best way to fall in love and that is good to you and only good to you
6. When you reject me in reality, I wish I was dreaming, and when you accept me in my dream, I hope that it is reality.
7. I hope the last thing I see before you go to bed is you.
8. Those of us who are often surprised are all my intentions.
9. I am so happy to see you, so happy to see you again, I am sad to think that you are thinking, to chase you with good intentions, please fulfill my heart!
10. There are many stars in the night sky. I wonder how many are in my heart? Because in the vast crowd, I will always cherish you!
11. I only hold your hand in this life, because it is enough to have you in this life.
12. I like you, do you like me?
13. I fancy you, let me do it!
14. Love is a bad thing, and it's a shame not to love you! You are my poison, but I don't want antidote, I don't want you to be with me forever, as long as we truly love each other.
15. The short life has created the eternity of love. Beautiful girl, please don't let yourself be alone, open your heart, accept my rose.
16. When I miss you, I must find you.
17. Tell me when you want to marry, I will marry you!
18. It doesn't matter how the future is, what is important is that you will be with you in the future.
19. I want to grow old with you slowly!
20. In the vast crowd, meeting you is a kind of fate, I just hope to use my sincerity in exchange for your true feelings.
21. Good things come and go, sweet dreams. The dolphins want to give the angel a kiss, but the sky is too high; I want to give you a smile, but it is too far, I can only send you a text message to tell you gently: I miss you.
22. You and I know each other and have a relationship; you and I meet and have a fate; you and I are happy and affectionate; you and I share pain and righteousness; you and I give and have love; Nice to have you!
23. I want you to know that there is always someone in this world who will always be waiting for you, no matter when and where, there is always such a person. Hope you think about me when I'm lonely, I love you!
24. I like you, I love you, what matters to you.
25. Forcing myself to forget you, but only to know that I love, it turns out that I can't control everything.
26. In fact, I have never owned you, so I think I must at least tell you this sentence and say that I love you. No matter what you say or think, I just love you.
27. Love you for so long, but you don't know, today I finally dare to summon the greatest courage in my life and tell you the most pain in my heart. I love you so much.
28. You are like lice on my body, without you, I feel uncomfortable.
29. I heard that getting married is cheap now. Let's get married. I invite you!
30. If we meet again, please remember to call me by your name.
31. I made a wish in front of the Buddha, hoping that a small tree would stand by the road you pass every day. I am full of love and thoughts, I hope that one day you will fall in love with me!
32. You are so good, I love you so much. It is a pity that I am not a poet, and I cannot say anything more pleasant!
33. In the next life, if you are here, I will come ...
34. I fell in love with you at first sight, and hugged you without saying a word. I came to you with two ends in three days. No one kissed you four times. I married you in five days.
35. I heard people say that if a man is looking for his wife to climb three mountains, is it possible for you and me to have such a fate, can you let me climb two less and let me catch up with you earlier, do you agree? Ah? Yes ? Agree?
36. Love is a matter of one person, and love is a matter of two persons. So I choose to love you. There is a kind of love called letting go. I let go and let you look for your two things. I will always be silent by your side.
37. With you, my mind will not be confused; With you, my mind will be spacious; With you, my body will have strength; With you, I will not be lost; With you, I have an ocean of love .
38. Looking at you smiling, I suddenly realized that I am really the happiest person in the world.
39. Your hesitation period has passed, and no two-heartedness is allowed! From today, only gentle and considerate, and no overbearing; only love, not hate; only laugh, not cry.
40. Three points of the world, for whom to fight for hegemony, now I have pointed at the horizon, but I just want to care for you, never worry about it!
41. In that life, on the shore of Xizi Lake, the king played for Yiren, and the Yiren danced for him.
42. Waiting for the flowers to bloom and change, my love for you never changed!
43. When your heartbeat speeds up, I don't see you feeling bad, dreaming that your time is running too fast, is it a long wait to have you?
44. If you are the sun and I am willing to be Earth, I can go around you every day. If I am the moon, I want you to go around me every day.
45. If one day. I understand love. It must be because of you.
46. My heart has never left. In this life I just want to be with you. The most important thing in the world is you!
47. You are mine, no one can take it away, I am so overbearing; I am yours, no one can take it away, I am so dead-headed.
48. When I meet you on my life, my life will be colorful. You are my one and I will accompany you throughout my life. No matter how stormy this life is, we will always stay together.
49. No reason, no reason, I just love you, love you, love you forever, let us carry on love to the end!
50. I tell you: the first is that I love you, the second is that I love you, and the third is still that I love you, I love you.
51. When she came quietly, there was a faint feeling, a feeling like being gently blown to the face by the wind, I hope you and I can feel the same.
52. Without you, my sky is missing a color; without you, my world has one more thought.
53. My life is wild and unrestrained, and I have never stayed for anyone, but since I met you, I will protect you for the rest of my life.
54. Without your world, the color is pale; without you, the food is tasteless; without you, my heart is empty.
55. Even if Baihua is open to me all year round, it is not as bright as you! Even if the hundred birds sing for me all year round, it is not as good as your thoughtful words.
56. If I had an extra ticket, would you go with me.
57. If you go to the toilet, I would like to make your toilet paper; if you wake up, I would like to be the feces in your eyes; if you are dead, I would be the only three feet of cloth left on your body.
58. Love for life, only for Yi people!
59. Do you know that you are my favorite person, it is not impossible to go to the soup for you, I have never loved so deeply, I feel I am the luckiest person to meet you!
60. Among millions of people, you and I first met in the season of that golden year; on the sunny and small bridge flowing water, you and I knew each other; when the summer breeze was gentle and stargazing side by side, you I love each other.
61. I'd rather spend this life waiting for you to find that I've been by your side and never far away.
62. Love is not so esoteric. Being hug together is the greatest happiness!
63. Because of you, I believe in true love, because of you, I believe in forever.
64. I want to tell you loudly that you have been in my world.
65. We have all said that we must be good no matter what we do in the future. Don't forget the promises that were made innocently!
66. I like your smile and I like watching you quietly. My sorrow flew away like a cloud.
67. I would like to make a fish, let it be braised, boiled and steamed, and then lie in your tender stomach.
68. I like to hug and love the feeling of embracing with my beloved. I do n’t say anything and do nothing. I just hug quietly and do n’t separate for a long time. One reality. At that moment, I believe that time will stop for us. Hug is silent language, hug is the need of each other physically and mentally. My dear, you can hold me when you want to be tired.
69. Whenever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do; remember: I will always support you and I will always be with you, because you are my favorite person! I finally discovered that there is a generous love in this world, and I can't live up to it. So I want to say to you, I love you, please listen ... Meeting you is a kind of fate, falling in love with you is a kind of beauty, being with you is a kind of blessing, and I am willing to be with you forever.
70. It's so hard to love someone, to rise up for you. I think it hurts to be painful and happy for you. Waiting for someone to get tired is worth everything for you. The love road is long, I will pay for you all, and I will be drunk. Happy Valentine's Day!
71. Let's get married, OK? That way, we can stop talking about the miss on the phone, we can get up every morning to see your sleeping face, and have a less hearty but warm breakfast together. Shall we get married? Then we can show off with the red book issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau. We can hang wedding photos in the room and smile unconsciously when we look at it. Let's get married.
72. At least once in my life, forget about yourself for someone, do not seek results, do not go with colleagues, do not want to have, even do not want you to love me, just to meet you in my most beautiful years. I don't like others approaching me with a purpose. Although I have no use value, I'm not afraid that you use me to do something, but I'm afraid that I treat you with my heart, but in the end I find that you have no intention at all.
73. Before I met you, the world was a wasteland. After I met you, the world was a paradise. For many years in the past, it seemed like a smoky light to me. The future of unlimited life is boundless and happy for you.
74. I hope you can have a good dream tonight. If you show a sweet smile in your dream, that is the blessing I brought to you by the bright moon breeze.
75. There is a kind of tacit understanding called tacit understanding; there is a feeling called wonderful; there is a kind of happiness called being with you; May every shooting star in the sky shine for you.
76. The days together are very dull, it seems that the waves are not frightened, but this ordinary day is the most romantic, right?
77. Knowing each other is a kind of destiny, and the confluence of our hearts makes us have endless romantic feelings; keeping together is a promise. In the reincarnation of the world, we will always remember our beautiful love story!
78. I'm waiting for you in the spring, the promise of the mountains and rivers, if you look up and see the clouds floating on that day, that is the most beautiful encounter in our lives.
79. You are in the sky when you miss you, you are in front of you when you miss you, you are in your mind when you miss you, and you are in your heart when you miss you.
80. I really want to hold you from now on, hold you tightly, and go all the way to God ...
81. There are your favorite colors in the sky, and in reality there are the most suitable characters for you and me. Baiyun relies on the blue sky, and the blue sky contains white clouds, just like you and me now, how beautiful!
82. My eyes are watching your eyes affectionately, like the blue of the sea, pure enough to rub into a tiny fine sand.
83. With the earth, the moon never goes out of its orbit; with the sky, the stars always shine in its arms; with you, I can't say the beauty of missing.
84. Missing the sky, turning into a pool of autumn water, flooding in my heart, drifting in my mind, melting a piece of poetry, whispering in the wind, romantic words, rubbing a blue sky, lingering in the clouds, endless tenderness, and endless love Amazing just looking back at you. Movie Valentine's Day, may our love be wonderful!
85. Someone like me just like being embraced by moonlight! You quietly live in my soul castle! We have each other to count on!
86. The greatest luck in my life is to know you, but the biggest misfortune is not to have you. Maybe you will meet the person you love deeply, but you will not meet the second person who loves you like me.
87. I really want to erase you from my memory, but I always think of you involuntarily: every moment in the dream, every minute when I wake up.
88. Thinking back to the days when we were together, I couldn't help but feel the heartache for a while. Did n’t you say that you do n’t want to be separated? How can you bear to leave me alone?
89. You are the shore, I am the ship, you are the sun, I turn for you, happiness can only be counted by you, and it will not change for me.
90. I have a little secret in my heart, do you want to know? Let the wind tell you quietly, I like you, I really like it.
91. Being able to meet you is my greatest happiness. With you, my life becomes infinitely broad. With you, the world becomes so charming. You are the world and the world is you. I am willing to use my heart to accompany you and love you.
92. My eyes are watching your eyes affectionately, as blue as the sea, pure enough to rub into a tiny fine sand.
93. Although there is no fate, I hope that in the future, I can add a good memory to your memory, and through the efforts of this life, I can cultivate the love of the afterlife.
94. It's because of love that I hid quietly. What I dodged is the figure. What I ca n’t do is the silent feelings; today I finally gathered my courage to express my love to you.
95. It takes one minute to meet someone, it takes only one hour to like someone, and one day to fall in love with someone, but it takes me a lifetime to forget you.
96. If I really speak my guilt, I'm afraid that you don't think I'm futile, but if I don't say it, I think I'm futile.
97. I love you very much! Although you cannot appreciate my true heart, but in my heart, you are the only lover forever! I have learned to forget myself, but I cannot forget you.
98. In the world of love, I have nothing and know nothing. In the emotional station, I wish you were the first visitor and the everlasting host, to accompany me to pamper me;
99. Love let us meet, love let us fall in love, love let us fall in love, love let us care, let me give you all my love in my lifetime!
100. Sing sad songs and look at the beloved girl. The heart is hurt for you, the song is sung for you, I just want you to be happy, sorry!
101. A gentle heart is for a happy person! A romantic heart! It is for an eternal heart for a loved one, a heart for a waiting person, and a heart that is blessed to me, my dearest person!
102. I love you. To me, you are bread in the morning, bananas at night, garlic from Shandong, and pepper from Sichuan.
103. True love must breed misery, and great joy can only be tapped out of it. you are my only.
104. I want to be an elf, dive into the depths of your soul, listen to your heartbeat, your breath, feel your thoughts, your wishes, so that I can have a good relationship with your heart, know how to love you Already.
105. The most romantic thing I can think of is getting old with you.
106. I like you just like people like roses. While they like its fragrance, they have to accept its thorns, which means I will accept your advantages and disadvantages!
107. Be your best self, and hope that when we meet, I have all the looks you like.
108. Sting me! You do n’t say, I do n’t say either, we must have one to pick it out! Forget it, I don't go to hell who will go to hell. I said "I love you"!
109. The one in your heart is always the most beautiful; the one in your eyes is incomparable; the past you are sweet to fly up; the present you are deeply imprinted; the future you will never give up. All because I love you the most!
110. My happiness is to live a warm life with you.

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