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The most heartwarming phrase for girls

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1. I think you are the only thing I can do, love you is the only way I can go!
2. When everyone is indifferent to you with disdain, don't forget, I care about you
3. I am used to pretending to be strong, and I am used to facing all alone. In fact, I cherish the people around me, but the pressure of life makes me good at forgetting and forgetting all those memories.
4. Except for loving you ... I can't think of a reason to keep me alive ...
5. When I miss you, I force myself to drink a whole bottle of wine, put myself down, stop thinking, stop thinking, but after waking up, I think your dream is still continuing.
6. I really want to hold you from now on, hold you tightly, and go all the way to God.
7. Many people will have different endings if they meet at another time.
8. I will miss you when I'm alone, and I will miss you quietly at night, but I just want to understand. Does the love you said hurt me ruthlessly? Recalling the past, I just want to tell you that I can't bear to leave you.
9. If you need me to love you for billions of years, I will accompany you back to the old days! Sorry, I love you!
10. If you are cold, I will hold you in my arms; if you hate, I will wipe away the tears for you ... if you love me, I will broadcast to the world; if you leave me, I will silently To bear ...
11. The two are together for happiness, and the breakup is to alleviate the pain. You ca n’t make me happy anymore. I have to leave. When I leave, I am also very painful. But you must be more painful than me, because I said goodbye first. It is me who first pursues happiness.
12. A woman is the most rational animal, and her temper is often due to various reasons.
13. I love you to be loyal to your ideals and to your choices.
14. The smell on your body is the best. You look the best when you smile. I never envied anyone when you were with me, and I wanted to accompany you through my life.
15. There are so many beautiful things in this world, but you are my favorite place.
16. To meet you is the luck of my life, like you is the best thing I have ever done.
17. It doesn't matter if you are by my side or in the sky. When I think of you in the corner of the world, I feel that the whole world has become gentle and stable.
18. True love is when we are old, I will still remember the way you made me heart.
19. I like spring flowers, summer trees, autumn dusk, winter sunshine, and you every day.
20. You are mine, no one can take it away, I am so domineering, I am yours, no one can take it away, I am so dead-headed.
21. I hope I can write your name with you, whether it is on the wedding invitation or on the tombstone of the funeral.
22. Those days that will pass are called the rest of life. The days that are relevant to you are the future.
23. I was shocked that the acacia was not revealed. It turned out that it was only because it was already in the bones, and the love was unknown.
24. You let all the love words in the world be pointed, and you let me reassemble the fragments scattered around the earth.
25. After meeting the right person, you will be in the corners of your eyes, you in all directions, you will be in heaven and in the earth, success is you, and failure is you.
26. This long and wonderful life, I just want to spend time with you slowly, so that every memory shines in the dust of the old days.
27. I want to plunge into your arms, smell the familiar taste on you, tell you the grievances these days, and I miss you.
28. I like you, from the left shoulder, near the heart.
29. My heart used to be an isolated island, and no grass grows. After you come, flowers and trees flourish.
30. I love three things, the sun, the moon, and you. The sun is left for the day, the moon is left for the night, and you are left to me.
31. You can give me the rest of my life for safekeeping, you can take over what I love, every sentence I like.
32. With all things in the world, the stars are you, the warm wind by the lake is you, the catkins are you, and the endless thoughts are you.
33. I dare not say that I am the person who loves you most in the world, but I dare say that you are the person I love most.
34. The alarming acacia was not revealed. It turned out that it was only because it was already in the bones, and the love was unknown.
35. This fall should be very good. I am here as expected. You happen to be here.
36. I am a stubborn person. I never want to move half of the principles, but after you come, my principles become you.
37. It's you who loves the beginning of the sinus, it's you, the water, the salt and the salt, it's you, and it's you in the rest of your life.
38. Time is quiet, with the King's language; the water flows through the years, with the King;
39. The world is full of flowers and flowers, and I have the pleasure of meeting you for three lives.
40. Endless ups and downs, happy only because of you, countless winds and rain, free and easy only because of you.
41. I want to accompany you to see the beauty of the world, and then tell you that they are less than one millionth yours.
42. I stood there, watching you smile at me, and suddenly felt like a century of life, but so;
43. I don't like you for three minutes. It's a long-planned and thoughtful thought.
44. I love you, not only because of your appearance, but also because of my appearance when I am with you. ——Roy Cliff
45. When the brave meets on the narrow road, the gentleman only wins the favor.
46. I've seen many gentle women in the south, but I still like your free and easy look in the wind and rain.
47. I give you my entire soul, along with its quirks, playing a small temper, suddenly turning on and off, one thousand and eight hundred kinds of bad things. It's really annoying, only a little bit better, love you. ——Wang Xiaobo
48. A good life is a year, a month, a day, a minute and a second, not a lifetime, because every minute and every second I want to love you.
49. If it is not because I love you, how can there be uneasy emotions, in every inexplicable day, I think you miss you and miss you.
50. Do you know the difference between you and the stars, the stars light up the night, and you light up my heart.
51. You ask how much I like you, I can't tell, but I understand in my heart that I would rather fight with you than love others.
52. The strongest wine in the world is the gentleness with which you bow your head and laugh.
53. You are the whole of my life, a bet that I have worked hard all my life. For your sake, for your hardships and sufferings, and for your beings busy, I still look back. Because you are all my sweet happiness.
54. Spring forest is flourishing, spring water is born, spring wind is ten miles, not as good as you. ——Feng Tang
55. I hope that one day, we will finally no longer say good night to each other, but sleep next to each other.
56. Cigarettes fell in love with matches, mice fell in love with cats, ants became the wives of elephants, the tortoise took the first place in the race between turtles and rabbits, and the wolf dog became the manager of the security department of the property. Your kid hasn't become the son-in-law of the president. I hope you light up the match, hold the cat, have a sweet wife, and love sweet.
57. I want to be with you, regardless of autumn and winter, regardless of cold and warm.
58. The first day I met you, I was conquered by your eyes. At that time I knew that I was a captive of your life!
59. Miss your voice, delicate and warm, miss your smile, sweet and comfortable, miss your company, romance and tenderness.
60. No matter how big the world is, there is only one you, no matter how big the storm is, as long as you are with me.
61. In fact, the happiest thing in the world is nothing but a plain life with you.
62. Meeting you is my greatest luck in this life, and falling in love with you is my regretless choice in my life.
63. There are stories in my world, and all of them are you.
64. I feel that the sun is warm because you bathe in the sun, and you think the scenery is beautiful, because you stroll in the scenery. No matter how important others are, I can only see them, it's you who keeps them in my heart.
65. Let me personally make a cup of tea for you, add a piece of rock candy, and then inject a passion, and melt my love into the tea a little bit.
66. Life is actually short. Don't be too tired, I will silently care and bless you in this life!
67. The drama of life, there is sadness and joy, and you can't miss you! Valentine's Day, don't play flower cavity, don't play acrobatics, just seriously send you a text message, I love you.
68. The world is big and it is rare to meet you. I would love you so high-profile forever.
69. The sky is falling down, remember that there is a trance, and accompany the trance to see the sky falling apart.
70. I love you, not just a sweet word, I am willing to prove it with actions. "Dear, sit still!"
71. I remember seeing your scene for the first time, and I didn't expect that you were so important to me now.
72. My soul is unsteady and confused, because my heart has been stolen by you; in this romantic festival, I just want to say that I love you!
73. I have accumulated billions of years of acacia, billions of years of strength, billions of years of breath, just to say "I love you" loudly on Valentine's Day!
74. I have a bad temper, many faults, stingy selfish and overbearing, you have been tolerating me, and used to me I know.
75. I'm born to be yours, and death is your ghost, I'll follow you in my life.
76. I am a bad-tempered person, but I can still tolerate you.
77. I am willing to drag you up gently, just as if I could carry all the burdens of life.
78. No matter where you are, no matter why you are busy, I will wait here.
79. Like the memory, you embrace my temperature. Love the thoughtful words in your memory. Like the memory, you give me a shoulder to lean on.
80. You are always the most temperamental, the most special and the most attractive in my heart.
81. I didn't know you were in this world before, but later I knew it and kept looking in the crowd. Now I finally found it, so I decided to love you forever.
82. Do you know what I'm doing? Here are five options for you: A: miss you B: miss you very much C: miss you so much D: don't want you not E: all of the above.
83. Seeing you is my happiest time, being with you is my sweetest time, leaving you is my most unwilling time, and seeing you is the time I miss you most.
84. Don't feel tired before taking a break; don't feel hungry before eating; don't feel cold before adding clothes. Sleepy, want to sleep; thirsty, want to drink; bored, don't worry.
85. My thoughts are the flowers urged by the years, and the mountains and the fields are blooming everywhere! Blossoming flowers, turning into a butterfly, every night, fly into your dream!
86. Miss you, miss you, find an artist to paint you, stick you in a cup, and drink water every day to kiss you.
87. As soon as you wake up every day, you domineeringly occupy my mind, and you can't rush away, I think I should tell you that you sneaked into my dream again last night!
88. Love you, as natural as spring breeze; love you, as sweet as autumn fruit; love you, as romantic as Caiyun chasing the moon. Honey, I love you!
89. I can be sure that from now on, you will be my only love, and I also know that in this changing world, you will be the same love.
90. The green mountains and green waters are so cute, and beautiful women love them. For the next generation of the motherland, we must fall in love.
91. Love begins with hope and ends with despair. Dead heart is that there is no longer any hope I once had for you.
92. Listening to people saying that what can be said in one sentence is the most authentic and appropriate answer, then I said, "I love you!"
93. I finally discovered that there is a generous love in this world, and I can't live up to it. So I want to say to you, I love you, please listen ...
94. Your smile is a rose that will never fade away. Don't put it on your chest. I will be happy in my life.
95. My heart beats for you, my feet accompany you to the ends of the earth, my hand is walking happy with you, my eyes see you beautiful never turn back, I love you, I am very happy and willing to accompany you You grow old this way!
96. Ordinary acquaintance, extraordinary love. Ordinary encounters, extraordinary encounters. From now on, we can't make an ordinary life, as long as we truly love each other, we can write a beautiful love story. Let us work together, dear!
97. Just for the tenderness of that moment, I was intoxicated; only for that moment of indifference, I cried like rain. How can I be willing to forget you? How can I let you down? How can I let you down? May we live in harmony every day and happiness forever!
98. If a person is able to be with someone he truly loves, even if he lives in a fighting room, it is better than tens of thousands of buildings.
99. Dear, are you okay without my days? As long as the two hearts are together, you are not afraid of loneliness. In the days without me, remember to take care of yourself!
100. The meteor moved the night sky, life and death moved people, love touched life, you moved me, and I sincerely wish you happiness and happiness on Thanksgiving.
101. Don't promise me too much, don't insist on thinking about me, even though thinking is a kind of beauty, commitment is not inadvertent. Don't make me feel thin.
102. Maintain a self-confidence, be the best of yourself, prefer the proud mold, not the low-key love.
103. There is no equal love between men and women. They are always loved by themselves and loved by others. Love is to endure pain, being loved is to cause pain.
104. There will always be someone who takes out the smoke in your hand, knocks off the wine in your hand, sees through your loneliness, doesn't dislike your worst appearance and gives you a home.
105. As the years go by, I still remember our beautiful vows in the setting sun!
106. Don't say love lightly, the promise you make is the debt you owe.
107. We cannot be friends after breaking up, because we have hurt each other, we cannot be enemies, because we have loved each other, so we have become the most familiar strangers ...
108. I and you are like the pinellia, meeting each other and dreaming.
109. Those things that we thought we never forget are in our past, which we forget.
110. If I am a dragonfly, I will look at you with a thousand pairs of eyes; if I am a tadpole, I will hold you with a thousand pairs of arms; if I am God, I will send angels to protect you. Unfortunately I am not, but I will love you with a heart!

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