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80 sentences expressing love

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1. I just realized that after you like someone, you are all around your eyes and eyebrows, you are in all directions, you are in heaven and in the earth, and you are success and failure.
2. I smiled inexplicably just because of the thought of you.
3. Leave the miracle to others, I have you.
4. Why do you always talk to me, do you like me? If not, I will think of a solution.
5. It does n’t matter if you are by my side or in the sky. When I think of you in the corner of the world, I feel that the whole world has become gentle and stable.
6. You are not a small person, you are with me, all the weather and emotions.
7. I don't want to be a gentle person at all, I just want to be a domineering devil, miss you, want you.
8. "You're a little weird today", "How weird", "Weird look"?
9. Like you, like an old love letter, your name is the stroke I am most familiar with.
10. Life is not long, you should cherish it and don't continue to be close. I just want to hold you tighter.
11. I love three things in this world, the sun, the moon and you. The sun is day, the moon is night, and you are mine forever.
12. I want to be yours, a book by the pillow, a cat in your arms, and a person in your arms.
13. I hate all weather except sunny, but if you come, I will accompany you
14. If you are a cactus, I am willing to endure all the pain to hold you.
15. I want to see you, after the storm of swallowing the clouds and the moon, in the ordinary day after day.
16. I think of you for only one second in a minute, and fifty seconds is forgotten.
17. You hold your head to see the fireworks and smiles, I look sideways to see if your eyes are deep, or the fireworks in your eyes are more beautiful.
18. You come to me when the spring breeze rises, and we spend every season of life together.
19. Spring breeze is not as good as you, dreams and foreign love you.
20. May you be lost all your life or come to me.
21. You asked me to apologize or let me confess.
22. All the delicious things belong to you, I don't hesitate. Beautiful new clothes belong to you, I like to watch them. The afternoon sun is yours, so warm. It ’s your weekend to return home, you ’re too lazy. You want everything in this world, you belong to me.
23. Don't want to be too mature or too sensible, just want to be a naive ghost beside you, can accompany you through difficult times, and can be protected by you.
24. As long as you are always with me, other things are not important anymore.
25. The green plums are withered, the bamboo horses are old, and everyone I love ever since is like you.
26. Not everyone is likely to stay in your world for a lifetime, after all, there is only one true love, and the same is true of others.
27. Unless the loess is white and boneless, I will keep you a hundred years old without worry.
28. If you bother me, if you bother me again, marry me.
29. Only when I am with you will I not envy others.
30. What I want to say, I often do n’t know how to express it, love is always hidden in the eyes, do you know it is also hidden in this sentence.
31. I like you without any strings attached. I like you. It's that simple.
32. I want to see spring, summer, autumn and winter with you, stop at the stone steps covered with moss, and the road that has just rained, and see if there is anything in the world, and I will have a cat. The cat is yours, and I am you too. of.
33. Because of you, the world becomes beautiful; because of you, life is good; because of you, everything is sweet.
34. Your efforts may not be seen by others, but as long as you fail, others will see at a glance, this is reality.
35. You know, no one touches my heart like you.
36. To say one-sided is staying up late, to say it is insomnia, to really miss you?
37. In the days without you, I am like a goldfish in the water. No one can see my tears except water and you.
38. You only need to be lucky twice in life, once to meet you once and go to the end.
39. Wait for me, I'll wash my hair before I love you.
40. Do you know what I cherish most, it is the first word of this sentence.
41. See what the world is like, just see you
42. I am lonely because of thinking about you, lonely because of thinking about you every night, and sorrow because of you. I'm so sad because of you. Causes me to fascinate you all day, because I love you with all my heart.
43. The world is like a book, I prefer you.
44. Stay with me and let me take care of you, it doesn't matter who you love.
45. You have a barren desert in your heart. I'm a silent planter. I can grow as long as I live.
46. The whole world is just fine for you, the rest of your life is only good for years.
47. Return the cause and effect to the monks and nuns who return to life, return the beautiful eyes to the landscape, return the drizzle to the first encounter, and return the love at first sight to you.
48. Have you ever seen heartbeat? So you know how I feel about you? Suddenly heartbeat.
49. You are not short-sighted, why can't you see that I like you?
50. No matter what other people chase you or you chase others, I will not stop, I will only reach out and trip you, let you plant in my arms.
51. I'm not Zhou Yu, I don't have Xiao Qiao. I'm not Li Bai, I don't have any self. I'm not Gao Jianli, I don't have Jing Jing. Even if I lose myself, I still have you.
52. I have seen ten miles of spring breeze, I have seen the end of the summer solstice, I have tried the ripples of autumn light, and I have loved the warm sun in winter.
53. Your eyes are so beautiful. There are sun, moon, winter, summer, rain, mountains, flowers, birds, beasts, like the rising sun, and melting snow, but my eyes look better because you are inside.
54. You ask me, what are the important wishes in life? I will tell you with a smile: "I have three wishes, one is to have breakfast with you, the other is to say good night face to face with you, and the last one is to call your name and you will come and hug me. All I have Desires cannot be separated from you.
55. After falling in love with you, I feel that I am not good enough everywhere and lack self-confidence everywhere. But for you, I am willing to become a better person. I want to prove that I am not your burden, but someone who is good enough for you.
56. Hungry or not, do you want to eat noodles, poached eggs and ham, and also prepared yogurt.
57. "I have been rich at home since I was young, and I haven't lacked anything." "Do you still lack a boyfriend? One that can eat two bowls at a time?"
58. "You really look like a peach" "Why do you say that?" "Hee hee, because I like peaches"
59. "Save the world or save me, choose one", "choose both", "choose only one", "me or choose both", "no, only one", "but you are my world"
60. Since you don't like me, let's start with I like you.
61. I want to tell you something. What's up? When are you going to get me off?
62. I am a non-talking person, but when I meet you, it becomes a word.
63. If I ignore you, will you not come to me actively. Or we will remain silent until you go to someone else. The distance is: you do n’t ask, I do n’t say.
64. I like you, like a flower blooming ten miles of peach forest, I like you, like a poppy stained addiction, I like you, three lives and three infatuation with you.
65. To the world, you are one person; but to me, you are my entire world.
66. It is false to want to drink with you, it is true to want to get drunk in your arms.
67. Not all the looks I like, but all the looks you like.
68. I want to give you the best in the world, but I find that the best in the world is you.
69. Stop chasing the bus, chase me.
70. The meeting was ten miles away, it turned out to be you. Falling in love is mountains and rivers, and finally it is you.
71. You are my impulse and I like it for a long time.
72. I am more afraid of your heart frowning than darkness and ghosts.
73. You are mine, no one can take it away, I am so overbearing. I'm yours, no one can take it away, that's why I'm so disheartened.
74. For people like you, I have nothing to talk to you except for love!
75. If you dare to gamble with your life's happiness, I won't let you lose.
76. You have a boyfriend and I have only one love rival. You have no boyfriend. The whole world is my love rival.
77. The strongest wine in the world is the gentleness with which you bow your head and laugh.
78. Stop chasing the bus, chase me. I walk slowly and cute.
79. Do you know who I like, if you don't know, please refer to the first word I said.
80. Yes, I just like you, I ca n’t help it. Why not? You also like me if you don't agree!

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