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100 love quotes to read

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1. Heartbeat for you every day, moved by you every moment, worried about you every second. It feels good to have you.
2. After reading you, you will be beautiful; after you understand, you will know how to love. I know the beauty, so I'm intoxicated for you; I know love, so it's hard to get a chance again!
3. The Buddha said: Five hundred times of previous life's glances, in exchange for the passing of this life. I used 10,000 exchanges to meet you, hoping to tell you personally: "I will always love you forever."
4. Love is fate, love is moved, love is habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is considerate, and love is a lifetime commitment.
5. Once a woman falls in love with a man, such as a glass of poisoned wine given to a woman, she is willing to drink it in a most beautiful posture, all the hearts are handed over, life and death!
6. The person you love loves yourself at the same time. This is a miracle. The god gave a name to this miracle, which is called love.
7. The farthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, not each side of the sky, but I stand in front of you, but you do not know that I love you.
8. If you ask me, how I feel about you: I care about you! If you have to add an adjective to this feeling, it is: I only care about you! !!
9. Hiding at a certain time, missing the palm prints of a certain period of time; hiding at a certain place, missing a person who is standing in and out of the way, let me worry.
10. The furthest distance in the world is not that I stand in front of you, but I do n’t know that I love you;
11. Why should I ask more about love? Ask too much, I'm afraid I won't love. Mature people don't ask the past; smart people don't ask the present; open-minded people don't ask the future.
12, I miss your beautiful smile, I miss your tender embrace, I miss every second with you, the kind of happiness has unforgettable beauty! Looking forward to coming over the weekend, I can see you again and have fun together!
13. It is not what purpose is achieved that love becomes love. No matter what kind of love is a good, a result. And the love engraved in the heart, because selflessness and desire, because indifferent sorrow, will be true
14. There is no pain in liking a person. There may be long pain in loving a person, but the happiness he gives you is also the greatest happiness in the world. Eternity.
15, mature love, respect and loyalty are not easily manifested, its voice is low, it is the latency of humble concessions, waiting and waiting.
16. Once met, once loved, and once in the light of each other's lives, remember the share of sweetness, the share of sweetness. Although missed, there is no regret.
17. Love is a kind of sweet pain. Sincere love never goes on a flat road.
18. I just want to find a shoulder that can bear my tears when I am frustrated; when I am happy, let me take a bite.
19. Love does not need to be explained, but it can explain everything. Although love is only one of many emotions, it is far more profound and helpless than others.
20. Love is the balance between greed and fear. The more you want to possess, the easier it is to lose. Love is the balance between occupying as much as possible and avoiding losing.
21. There are no incurable wounds, no sinking that cannot be ended, and everything that is lost will return in another way.
22. An unacceptable love requires not sadness but time, and a time that can be forgotten. A heart that is deeply hurt requires not sympathy, but understanding.
23. Some people say: There is no secret behind true love. He who said this did not understand neither love nor secrets.
24. Regardless of love or friendship, the ultimate purpose is not home, but understanding and tacit understanding-to find someone who can talk while walking, no matter what the mood is.
25. To the person who likes it, it can be trivial to talk about the trivial matter; for the person who doesn't like it, it can also be carried away in important things.
26. There is a scar in everyone's heart, and that is the one that your favorite person leaves for you.
27. Love is a weird thing. The deepness of flashes and flashes grows in each other's hearts. The most beautiful story has no ending, the most romantic feelings have no end, the happiest love has no words, and the most profound love has no space!
28. On that day, do you remember the pale-haired man, Yi Meier I sent to you today is not typed on the keyboard, but poured out from the bottom of my heart.
29. When we lose, we know that we once owned.
30. If you can't let go of the wrong person, then you will never find the right person.
31. There are three things in life that are irreversible: time, opportunity, and what to say.
32. Every time you hate it, there is a time when you didn't work hard enough.
33. I hope that one day we will become unfamiliar and re-acquaint with you again.
34. Don't take a person too seriously, because you may be nothing in that person's heart.
35. All I need is a person who can stay with me no matter how difficult it is.
36. Adversity can also be an opportunity as long as the mind turns, and turning is also a way to move forward.
37. You need to find out everything, but you can't stand the truth. This is a common problem for women.
38. To my dear girlfriend: Either you will be my bridesmaid, or you will walk to church with me.
39. Lonely is not because there are no friends, but because the heart is empty!
40. After you leave, there is no color in my world, not even black.
41. Everyone has a wound in their hearts, which is where the sky once fell.
42. One day I suddenly discovered that you were no longer on my list, but I did not delete you.
43. When you think that the person you like also likes you, you usually think too much.
44. I said, "I fell in love with you at first sight, but I forgot that feeling."
45. Learn to be yourself and let go of everything that does not belong to you gracefully.
46. I don't know if you are afraid of losing me, anyway, I am afraid of losing you.
47. I used to think that I didn't forget about others, and I forgot about them in one thought.
48. Love is like sand in your hands. The tighter you hold it, the faster you lose it.
49. I haven't discovered until now that there are some things that I desperately want to forget.
50. Our story is not long at all, but it is enough for me to release my life.
61. No matter how beautiful it was, at the moment of breaking up, it will become the funeral of love.
62. When you are truly desperate, you cannot speak, so silence is the biggest cry of a person.
63. Everyone who knows love will meet someone who doesn't understand love.
64. In fact, after you left, I learned to forgive.
65. I hope that one day we will become unfamiliar and meet you again.
66. I have always been very, very envious of my tablemates having the best tablemates in the world.
67. People and things you missed don't have to look back frequently; crusted scars don't need to be touched repeatedly.
68. How many people love someone in the name of friendship.
69. Have the courage to say those words, but have no courage to endure the pain afterwards.
70. One person has one person's freedom, two people have two people's sweetness.
71. As long as you love someone, there will always be moments of disappointment.
72. To live, to live better than yesterday, and to be better, to be happier and happier than yesterday.
73. If someone asks, they say forget. No explanation, no sadness.
74. Some people have something, and when we understand it, they are no longer young.
75. If you must lose, hopefully sorrow. If it must be forgotten, I wish it was trouble.
76. You smile silently and don't say a word to me, but I feel that I have been looking forward to this for a long time.
77. Nothing is more uncomfortable than waiting, when you don't even know what you are waiting for.
78. I want to embrace everyone, but I have to warm myself first, please bear with me.
79. You never know how strong you are until you become strong and become your only choice.
80. No sorrow cannot be alleviated by time.
81. Time, you can understand love, you can prove love, you can also overthrow love.
82. Give up, you say so easily. I have to try my best to execute it.
83. Not all the payoffs are rewarded, but I don't want to be that few accidents.
84. I have been following you, using everything you know or don't know.
85. Rose, yours; chocolate, yours; diamond ring, yours; you, mine.
86. The so-called love is just that there is no script without a good plan.
87. Think about it a thousand times. A gorgeous fall is better than a senseless hovering.
88. Anyone who loves you in the future will just slap on it. If he doesn't fight back, he will really love you.
89. There are countless reasons for not loving you. There is only one reason to love you. I just love you.
90, we just like this, downplay a relationship; you choose new love, I choose time.
91. The smile that has soaked in tears is the most beautiful, and the success that has experienced frustration is the most precious.
92. In order not to leave regret and regret in life, we should seize every opportunity to change our life as much as possible.
93. The interesting realization is that the people who hurt you most are often those who claim they will never hurt you.
94. Don't want to be sad, don't want to cry, don't be curious about things that shouldn't be seen.
95. Sometimes, when you ask a question, the other party has been dodging, and that is to euphemism tell you that the real answer is cruel.
96. If one day I can't see you, I will send you crazy like a world.
97. We are two sides of a coin and will never be separated, but never together.
98. If you hate me, I don't mind at all, I am not alive to please you.
99. Some words can't always be said, just like some words, they can't hold fast.
100. No one can be pure in the end, but remember, don't forget your original self.

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