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100 philosophical love quotes

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1. I was stubborn and unwilling to yield, but I only got scarred in return.

2. Anyone who doesn't want to disappoint may end up disappointing themselves.

3. What matters is not how good he is, but how good he is to you.

4. Love is like two rubber bands who are always reluctant to let go when injured.

5. True love should go beyond the length of life, the width of the soul, and the depth of the soul.

6, love is countless meals, marriage is a meal.

7. There are always some things that cannot be changed before we can decide.

8. Falling in love is like peeling an onion, there is always a layer that makes you cry.

9, to maintain a relationship, not to be frank, but to take into account the feelings of the other party, have reservations.

10. Appropriate sorrow can indicate the depth of feelings, but excessive sadness can prove the lack of wisdom.

11. Falling in love is like shooting. Although the accuracy is high, most of it needs to be done by feeling.

12. Even if I say I love you a thousand times, you can end it with just one sentence. This is love.

13. Only the smartest woman knows that understanding and understanding will always make men more enthusiastic than the most moving looks.

14, the other side of the flower, flowers bloom without leaves, leaves grow without flowers, Xiangxi Xiangxi but not meet.

15. The so-called happiness is that a fool meets a fool, attracting envy and jealousy from countless people.

16. Those who truly love me will never leave me. Even though he gave up for hundreds of reasons, he always found a reason to persist.

17. As long as you understand, cherish love and be loved, I am willing to wait, you give me the future.

18. Fall in love but not fall in love, fall in love but not fall in love. We who love and fall in love cannot live together forever.

19. The love is broken, I ca n’t hold it, try to let go, go or not, stay or not, I do n’t want to understand.

20. True love is someone who is blind to all your shortcomings and can magnify your advantages infinitely.

21. Love her, don't give her the chance to wonder. Because you will never know how much the person thinking about you loves you.

22. Love and marriage are like picking shells. Don't pick the biggest and most beautiful one. Pick your favorite and most suitable one. And when you find it, don't go to the beach.

23. When a relationship does not belong to you, it has no value to you at all, so you don't have to consider it as a loss.

24. Those who truly love you will not be cold and hot to you; those who truly chase you will not play ambiguous with you; those who really want to marry you will not make random promises.

25. If I never met you, if I never fell in love with you, if I didn't believe in it at first, maybe I won't be who I am now.

26. I only hope that you and me are good, don't distrust each other, nor disrespect each other. As usual, you talk to me like you talk to yourself, and I talk to you like you talk to yourself.

27. Real happiness is strived for little by little, accumulated day by day. Don't hurt people who like you, and don't hurt people you like.

28. Love must go through three stages: heartbeat, mind, and heartache. Just heart, that is like; only heart, mind, that is love; love has pain.

29. Love is like a watch, and it will stop when it is not wound. Marriage is like a clock. In addition to having to wind, you have to endure "Dang, Dang" bells every hour!

30. Is this the life you have always wanted, just smell the flowers, do n’t talk about sadness and joy, drink tea and read books, do n’t fight for the night. The sun is warmer and warmer, the days are slower and slower.

31. Love has no relationship with chance. Love is reunited with an apple cut in half. I believe that energy is conserved, and everyone's love is limited.

32. For so many years, so many people have gone through my life, but why it is you who seems to be the most important passenger, occupying such a heavy position in my heart.

33. If love is managed as a family relationship, although it is inseparable, it will become less and less felt. Family feelings give people a warm feeling, love gives people a feeling of romance and warmth. There can be no romance in family feelings, but there can be warmth in love. Therefore, love is not relatives, and love is not relatives.

34. Marriage is the grave of love, because marriage is maintained by law, and love depends on romance. Romance happens mostly in love. It is an important means to confirm the close relationship between two people. In addition to their responsibilities after marriage, if the two can continue to be romantic, the tree of love will be evergreen.

35. Love makes one lose one's self, love makes one unable to escape. Falling in love with someone will eventually fall in love with loneliness. Slowly you will understand that only love is not enough. Rolling red dust, you need far more than love, warmer than love is hug, longer than love is holding hands, and brighter than love is smile.

36. There may not be any reason to fall in love with a person, but when you don't love a person, you must figure out the reason. Otherwise, the same sad story will repeat itself.

37. When and where, you must understand that you live for yourself. Don't take others' evaluation too seriously. As long as you have a clear conscience, you don't have to care too much.

38. Excessive emphasis on one's desires is for noise; excessively asserting one's dislikes is for irritability; unable to calm down one's perplexity is for impetuousness.

39. Feelings do not need promises, agreements, and conditions. It only requires two people: one who can trust, and one who is willing to understand.

40, Buddha said: fate is destined, fate fate. This is the cause, the harvest is the fruit, everything is created by the heart. Face it with a smile, don't complain. Leisurely, casual, casual, random.

41. In which direction the wind is blowing, the grass is going to fall. We always think that reality is wind and dreams are grass. But if you want, dreams can be wind.

42. Treat all people with sincerity, live in harmony with the majority, frequent with the minority, and only be close to one.

43. Feelings are like white rice, and romance is like dishes on the table. When people are hungry, they think about eating, but after eating, more people like to comment on the taste of the dish, and ignore the taste of white rice.

44. Smile at someone once, in fact, once love with action, give a gift of love, a wonderful thing.

45. It is said that time flies. In fact, time has always been there, except that his heart is changing and his feelings are changing. People say that they can't resist time, but in fact time can't resist our fickleness.

46. I will run all the time, run until the end of the world. Bring all my possessions: brave, persevering, forbearing, and a lonely heart.

47. I think many things are like this. A good beginning may not be a good ending. I wanted to hold the hand of my son and grow old with my son, but I didn't want to.

48. I like those who make me laugh, even when I don't want to laugh.

49. I hope that there is such a person who does not hate my bad temper, does not hate my bad habits, does not hate my family situation, always stands by me, and accidentally turns white and old.

50. We only have lasting enthusiasm for the people and things we like. At that moment, we must be fiercely happy, because there will be no trace someday.

51. People who have moved their true feelings will be moody. Because they pay too much, they will inevitably suffer.

52. Mountain climbing is not about how high you climb, how far you go, the more meaning is that you don't feel bored at home, go out, blow, and I won't go if the mountains don't come.

53. One day when I stand under the red street light and no one claims it, will you walk through the crowd and tempt me with a favorite ice cream in my hand.

54. We learn to bear pain, learn to store tears like pearls, and store them on the day of success, that day, even if it is a sea.

55. We are reluctant to be alone, just because there are news and traces of each other in life. Well, the only way is to leave these messages and traces.

56. When we give our heart to others, we can't take it back; others give it to others, and love flows to the world.

57. I am eager to meet you, but please remember that I will not ask to see you. This is not because of pride, you know that I have no pride in front of you, but because only when you want to see me, it makes sense for us to meet.

58. We should wash our fate like we treat our bodies; we should change our lives like changing our clothes.

59. We must grow up in love, for this we must continue to love and give until we are wounded.

60. Real happiness is strived for little by little, accumulated day by day. Don't hurt people who like you, and don't hurt people you like.

61. True purity is not pureness, nor does it know nothing about the sinister surroundings. But after looking at all kinds of misery and ugliness, he still retains the original kindness and innocence, and adheres to his principles.

62. Those who truly love you will not be cold and hot to you; those who truly chase you will not play ambiguous with you; those who really want to marry you will not make random promises.

63. Is this the life you have always wanted, just smell the flowers, do n’t talk about sadness and joy, drink tea and read books, do n’t fight for the night. The sun is warmer and warmer, the days are slower and slower.

64. This seems to be a law: every time you decide to give up and try again, it is often a surprise.

65. Before you say a word, you are its master. After you say it, it is your master. The nails can be pulled out of the wooden board, but they can't be retrieved. Think, think, listen, watch, be honest, and act with care. The benefit of doing this is to make yourself less regretful.

66. A person cannot walk away, but because he does not want to go away; a person loses his appointment because he does not want to go to the appointment. All excuses are nonsense, and they are used to conceal unwillingness to sacrifice.

67. A person must be neither too smart nor stupid to get real happiness. People call this state between smart and silly the wisdom of life.

68. Sometimes, there are many things that cannot be explained at all. All you have to do is follow your heart and pray that your choice is correct.

69. Some people have lived a lifetime, but have not really lived a full day. Because they either remember the past or hope for the future, they never live in the present.

70. Some roads are destined to go no further, and some people are destined to love again.

71. Hold on to the promises made by you throughout your life. This is love.

72. Because I don't know if I can still meet you in my next life, it will be in this life, so I will work hard to give you the best. Either love or friendship.

73. Because I don't know if I can meet you in my next life, I will try my best to give you the best in this life-I just love you so much.

74. The so-called encounter and looking back are all fate. When you fall in love with a certain back and covet a certain look, it means that you have a relationship in mind. It's just that the fate is shallow and no one can be sure of it. There is no reason to get together and we must treat each other with ordinary heart.

75. I have no time to hate those who hate me, because I am busy loving those who love me.

76. I reject so many ambiguities, just for your uncertain future.

77. The so-called growing up is to take the things that are most important to you first and the things that are most important to you. Many people break into your life just to give you a lesson and then turn away. When everything calmed down, I suddenly found out that habits are a terrible thing that people can't quit and can't forget.

78. Whoever walks into your life is determined by destiny; who stays in your life is determined by yourself.

79. Things in the world are not as black or white as you think, so clear that you can just blame them. Between black and white, there is a vast space called gray.

80. If I love you, and you happen to love me. When your hair is messed up, I will make a wave for you with a smile, and then I will stay in your hair for a few seconds. But if I love you, and you happen to not love me. Your hair is messed up, I will only tell you gently that your hair is messed up. This is probably the purest view of love. If you love each other, keep your hands old; if you miss it, protect him.

81. If you are a lion and others call you a dog, you wo n’t really become a dog, so you do n’t have to be stingy. If you are a dog, others praise you as a lion, and you wo n’t really become a lion , So there is no need to be happy about it. Therefore, the praise of others will not make you better; the accusations of others will not make you worse. There is nothing to be persistent about.

82. I have never been in love, I just confessed to the wrong person occasionally while waiting for my lover at the intersection.

83. I don't want to be gentle for a short time, as long as you are with me.

84. I'm not good, but there is only one. Cherish it or not. If you lose me someday, I won't let you find me again. No matter friendship or love, if I leave, there will be no future.

85. I love you just to see you when you are happy, to see you when you are angry, you ca n’t miss my mood swings, you ca n’t miss my death, even if I want to be a thief, you have to go with me Robber.

86. For the life you want to live, dare to give up something. There is no justice in this world. To be free, you have to sacrifice security. If you want to be idle, you can't get the achievements of others' evaluation. If you want to be happy, you don't need to care about the attitude of those around you. To move forward, you have to leave where you are now.

87. For one of you, how many people have I lost touch with. As a result, you are gone, and they are gone.

88. Every princess in the fairy tale wants to find her own prince, but she goes around, but she never finds the right person. In fact, the fairy tale is right, but the prince is not always wearing a gorgeous coat, nor is he riding a handsome white horse. He always smiles and stands not far away, waiting for you to discover. Happiness is not expensive! A lover is set to become a family member.

89. The sky was a kind of scenery, but after meeting you, it became a mood.

90. The object of falling in love is better than you-don't be too stupid, as long as you are stupid, you will truly believe in your promise, and love will be established. Hmm ... But ah, the person who falls in love is better than you-don't be too smart, as long as you are smart and don't pursue your commitment, love can continue.

91. He is attentive, that is, he just fell in love with you. He is clumsy, and that is how deeply he loves you. He calmly, that is he is tired of you. ——Li Bihua

92. All sadness will always leave a hint of happiness, and all regrets will leave a perfect corner.

93. Love is a stupid ability. Stupidity is also a kind of ability. A person who does not have the ability to commit stupidity at most once, and then learns to be wise, and then sees through the truth of all men or women in the world. Even if people with this ability are frustrated, they always believe that there must be him Seeking true love.

94. Love is not the first sweetness, but the prosperity and retreat.

95. Don't say that you don't believe in love anymore because you have loved one or two scums. There is still a long way. There will always be someone who will give you a place to live in your heart.

96. Because of love, we are still young; because of love, I can still be crazy for you at any time; because of love, everything is like the original happiness.

97. Some people are not really good-tempered, but have love, and are willing to be good-tempered; some people, wayward, not really wayward, she only does this when someone loves-coquettish.

98. Love and dreams are wonderful things. You don't need to listen, say, or be translated to feel them.

99. It may take many reasons to love someone. What I am missing is exactly what you are a lot of, what I need is exactly what you give generously. Do n’t love but do n’t need any reason. Whoever piles up love is in peril.

100. There is no reason for love. The argument is clear until the end, but the feelings are gone. The rational rule is used to control the emotion. As a result, I am afraid that there is only coldness. You don't need to understand too much about the two people's affairs, and you have your own control.

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