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100 very classic love quotes

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1. Don't talk about love easily, the promise you make is the debt you owe!

2. I used to think that it was not easy to own; later I learned that it is more difficult to give up.

3, no one is sorry to anyone, only who does not know how to cherish who.

4, regret is a kind of emotional exhaustion. Regret is greater loss than loss, greater error than mistake. So do not regret.

5. Arguing with loved ones and talking to strangers.

6. Love makes people forget time, and time makes people forget love.

7. When you really love something, you will find how fragile and weak the language is. There is always gap between the words and feelings.

8. The previous Shanmeng sea oath, but now only leave me alone to be sad.

9. Leave, make things simple, people become kind, and like children, we start again.

10. I really love you, close my eyes, thought I can forget, but the tears shed, but did not lie to myself.

11. Because I know that you are a child that is easy to worry about, so I don't dare to fly too far when I give it to you.

12. The so-called "love" is a waste of feelings after love.

13. Love is a well-designed lie.

14. Please be confident. You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in the landscape of others.

15. I can't tell the difference. Are you friendship or missing love.

16. The promise of being too beautiful is too young.

17, the day you left, I decided not to cry, bracing my eyes against the wind and not blinking hard.

18. Happiness is an action. What you give is just a concept.

19. Draw a circle in situ to tell you that you are surrounded by me.

20. Heartbreak left, turned and waited in the original desolation.

21. Today, I am still where you are, but you have returned to your world.

22. Happiness does not have to be, waiting is also a kind of happiness.

23. Many times, we would rather hurt ourselves than hurt others.

24. When fantasy and reality confront, it is always painful. Either you are knocked down by pain, or you are stepping on your feet.

25. Why should I be careful to guard my beloved by others without any effort.

26. Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Change what can be changed, accept what can not be changed.

27. Once you laugh, I can be happy for several days; but watching you cry once, I am sad for several years.

28. Time has not taught me anything, but it has taught me not to believe in myths easily.

29. People always cherish what they don't get, and forget what they have.

30. If we are all children, we can stay in time and sit together while listening to those stories that never grow old.

31. Some things are only worth remembering; some people can only be passers-by.

32. The wound is like me, a stubborn child who refuses to heal because the heart is a warm and humid place, suitable for anything to grow.

33. Life is like a ball, but the person who taught you the first steps may not be able to accompany you to the end.

34. One day I will walk away silently from you without any sound. I missed a lot and I was always sad.

35. Commitments often resemble butterflies, and the beautiful fly hovers and disappears.

36. When I'm sad, I just want to find a corner to listen to my heartbeat, and weep alone.

37. You are busy and forget that I am waiting for your call; you are busy and forget your commitment to me.

38. The moment I turn around, my happiness has nothing to do with you.

39. Listen to an old song and miss some time, if I have experienced vicissitudes.

40. First love, last tear.

41. I went to End of the World at the time, but you said that you were at the Cape.

42. No matter how beautiful it is, it only hurts.

43. I really like you. I close my eyes and thought that I can forget, but the tears shed did not lie to myself.

44. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

45. What is happiness? It is to cover up their grief for everyone smile.

46. Don't talk about love lightly, the promise you make is the debt you owe.

47. Is it because of the numbness in my heartache that I laugh most beautifully.

48. Even if my love is cheap, it will not be able to discount you.

49. Many times, the most difficult thing to accept is not the result, but the process of waiting for the result.

50. In fact, I always believe that I don't need to think of anything at all, because I have never forgotten it.

51. I have exhausted all my life's thoughts just for you to appear.

52. Can we get closer to happiness with our toes?

53. If I never met you, if I never fell in love with you, if I didn't believe in it at first, maybe I won't be who I am now.

54. Thank you for your heartlessness, let me learn to die.

55. Losing self-esteem to the corner and pulling out all the good, you are still silent.

56. Some things are only worth remembering. Some people can only be visitors.

57. When tears flow down, I realize that separation is another understanding.

58. Unwilling to promise, only when you are lonely will you think of you who are most familiar with you!

59. You can lie to me, but it is best to think about how to explain to me.

60. One day I will silently walk away from you without any sound. I missed a lot and I always feel sad alone.

61. If I return to the past, I would rather choose not to know you, not because I regret it, but that I cannot face the end without you.

62. Say goodbye, and then we wo n’t see each other again. If we forget, all memories will be lost.

63. Only silly men quarrel with women. Smart men know that men can't quarrel with women, just hold a strong kiss.

64. You always say that you spoiled me, and now you are no longer spoiled.

65. Personal signatures that you can't take out in peace: Most mistakes and mistakes are because you don't work hard, don't persist, and don't keep.

66. The best revenge is not to destroy the other party, nor to destroy yourself, but to live happier and happier than him.

67. Falling in love with a city is probably because there is a person you love.

68. When you say you want to forget my uncle, I say nothing in silence.

69. You can't give me what you want, and you don't plan to think about how to deal with me.

70. Happiness is really simple. It's as simple as a rush of time.

71. If happiness is not on the road, it is at the end of the road.

72. When our love is tired, it will stop the journey of love.

73. There is no constant promise, only endless lies.

74. Who can understand who is loved and who can understand who is leaving.

75. You will never see what I was when I was the loneliest, because I was the loneliest when you were not around me.

76. There is so much warmth in my life, I gave it all to you, but you left me, how can you tell me to laugh at others in the future.

77. Indifference, sometimes not ruthless, just a tool to escape being hurt!

78. If you think of me inadvertently in the future, please don't forget that I loved you so deeply.

79. Like, standing in the wind, the suffocated cold will not have the pain of loving you, the cold soul will take away the empty heart.

80. Have you ever written a person's name on a misty mirror or glass and then wiped it off hastily.

81. You always take all my strength away inadvertently.

82. The most sad time is not painful tears, but the kind of humiliation that even tears cannot fall.

83. The fairy tales of others are always romantic, but my fairy tales are always desolate.

84. No one understands me, no one comforts, no one understands my tears.

85. I'm really scared. One day, another person will appear, replacing my place in your heart.

86. How could I love you without a tear? I said I would wait in place.

87. Many times, it is too unhappy to see too much, it is better to be naive and heartless.

88. Find an excuse to conceal the small loss in your heart and comfort yourself.

89. Sometimes, too much care is also a torture to myself.

90. You dial my phone number and the voice tells you that I have stopped. Will you be sad? .

91. I hope someone can say to me: Sixty years later, I will love you more than I do now.

92. The reason why people are tired is because they can't put down the shelf, can't tear their faces, and can't solve the complex.

93. A mature person is often aware that fewer and fewer people can be blamed, and everyone has his difficulties.

94, would rather make people feel that I laughed heartlessly every day, rather than let them see me cry unjustly.

95. I am currently saying that the weight is missing, I can't see the weight of this emotion.

96. I will never explain anything to myself, and I will never be wronged. Excerpt from: Love Quotes www.yuluju.com

97. We are all young, don't know love, hate, pain, but hurt.

98, a little drunk, drunk so humble, I fell in love with you a little bit broken.

99. What she did to what I said, she used it.

100. When you let go, you should not remember, regret it, and you cannot go back.

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