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Chat topic 100 sentences humor

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1. I said that I prefer Li Bai's poems. Lu You was so angry that my family couldn't get online.
2. The stomped girl finally found her feet.
Some of them have a background, and some of them have only a back view.
4. The teacher's teachings, Xiao Ming was toothless and unforgettable, so the next day, he inlaid a set of false teeth.
5. I wanted to eat my sorrow bite by bite, but unexpectedly I became fat.
6. Dare to curse me to eat instant noodles without seasonings, I curse you to eat instant noodles only seasonings.
7. Hey, demo! Say you're fat, you're still breathing.
8. The sky is actually colorless. It doesn't deceive you, you just deceive yourself.
9. So shameless, so heartless and heartless, your weight should be very light.
10. There must be a very important moment every day, which is used for daze.
11. Facing the hooligan, I am a literati. In the face of literati, I am a hooligan.
12. Time flies so fast that it gets dark as soon as I get up.
13. The chemistry teacher asked, what should I do if the gas leaks? Don't panic, light a cigarette and calm down.
14. Say okay, don't make me cry, but you TM smoked me with onions.
15. Who hasn't died since ancient times, it's your turn next time.
16. Be strong. Failure is also part of success. Where you fall, you sting.
17. Sleeping on this kind of thing, it really lay on the school desk and slept soundly.
18. A class has a harem, so there are always a few people fighting for favor.
19. I think my math score is worthy of the face value of my math teacher!
20. Xiongtai, don't force me to use the forces in Beijing. I didn't want to set off a bloody storm.
21. Just look at me coldly, just don't hit me just because I can't get it.
22. Anyone who used to be gray can recognize it, but now they can't recognize it with makeup.
23. Don't help me. I'm not drunk. The road ahead will move. Help me hold that road.
24. What is the veil of women chasing men? It's just the Sahara desert.
25. I like you just like I like the sea, but I can't go to the sea, I can go to Shanghai.
26. You always, intermittently full of ambition, continuous mixed eating waiting to die, planning for a day, lying dead for a year.
27. My dear, you must believe me, I am dizzy even on a boat, let alone two boats.
28. Ma Ma said: How can I straighten her during the rebellious period, how can she straighten me during menopause.
29. Describe your class, from vertebrates to invertebrates and finally to molluscs.
30. Heart disease is most likely to occur at the moment the results are announced.
31. People hold hands, I hold my dog to see who is unhappy with a bite.
32. If I were a princess, I would save a frog, but all I encountered was a toad.
33. There are two reasons for the failure to invite girls to play. One is that she is too lazy to wash her hair, and the other is that your invitation is not worth her hair.
34. Poor Nike, Rich Adi, rogue Armani.
35. I will study hard next semester and abuse those who are in front of me.
36. The question does not have to be done, but the scrolling sound must be loud.
37. What kind of simple, frugal, and life-savvy person I am, I am just poor.
38. Don't say anything about blue and thin shiitake mushrooms in the future. That's what the southern talents say. The northerners must have their own personality. Hey, miss oysters.
39. The most sad thing in the world waited for more than 70 seconds for the advertisement and found that I had watched it.
40. It's shameful to have such a character, save a little money, and spend extravagantly.
41. A person with few eyebrows cannot be a friend. Take a picture to prevent whitening, because her eyebrows disappear when she whitens.
42. The most romantic thing I can think of is to watch you grow older and I'm still handsome.
43. There are tens of millions of Chinese children. If this doesn't work, we'll change it.
44. The happiness of an ostrich is just a pile of sand.
45. People who have always been dissatisfied with their hairstyles have one thing in common: they refuse to admit that it is a problem of the face.
46. Never argue with the same fool, because at the end of the argument, it is impossible to tell who the fool is.
47. I only believe in two people in this world, one is me and the other is not you.
48. I have been looking for someone named Li, and I want to take revenge on my brother, because my brother is terrible!
49. I don't know how to describe this feeling now, anyway, I don't want to live anymore. Unless you kiss me.
50. When you say go, you never worry about my feelings. You will know at first sight that you are a difficult dog.
51. Bad guys need strength, and scums need taste.
52. Time is used to wander, the body is used to love each other, life is used to forget, and the soul is used to sing.
53. Planting grass does not make people lie, it is better to replant cacti!
54. Mixed society is an individual effort, focusing on four lessons: flashing around.
55. When the assault sounded, I quickly hid in the trench, because: I was undercover!
56. Just like you, this age has fallen below the issue price.
57. You walk your crossover bridge, I cross my underground passage.
58. Why are you sleepy when you read a book? Because books are where dreams begin.
59. Question: Why must summer vacation be longer than winter vacation? Answer: Because of thermal expansion and contraction.
60. When I'm in a bad mood, I just harass people in the middle of the night, wake them up, and I go to sleep.
61. I never vengeance, I usually report it on the spot.
62. My hobbies can be divided into static and dynamic, static is sleeping, dynamic is turning over ...
63. Everyone is original when they are born. Unfortunately, many people have gradually become pirated.
64. What is maturity, your mother did not force you, you put on autumn pants. What is youth, your mother is pushing you, you still do n’t wear autumn pants.
65. What kind of simple, frugal, and life-savvy person I am, I'm just poor.
66. When you have long hair and waist, I will open double knives, cross cut and violently go, long hair will be taken away!
67. Mosquitoes are not abominable, what abominable is that Tang Bohu forgot to give us some mosquito coils.
68. The thick-legged girl is jealous of all kinds of small legs, regardless of whether he is male or female.
69. When I can't find the long and short sides of the quilt, I feel like the whole person is making Indian dumplings.
70. I heard that the more evils a girl has made in her lifetime, the bigger her breasts will be.
71. The reason why I am not tall is probably because I have been mini.
72. My soul is singing and dancing, but my body is lying on the bed.
73. I have more than 80 kinds of small hot sticks, and now I have time to consider making friends with me.
74. Every time after arguing with others, when I lay in bed, I knew how to scold.
75. I seem to be allergic to paper and I feel uncomfortable every time I do homework.
76. He ignores you, don't worry, and me, I don't bother to care about you.
77. I mean, why are we two so unfamiliar? It turns out that you especially like to go outside.
78. From elementary school to university, the only constant is a heart that does not want to study.
79. Examination: The difference between open and closed books is that one copy is on the top and one is on the bottom.
80. How to give MM a memorable birthday? First burst her out, and then send in the most expensive real estate permit in Guangzhou to guarantee both memorable and pleasant surprises!
81. After seeing a few photos of my girlfriend I met in college, my wife kept boasting that I was nasty.
82. The most unbearable business-the brand reads: Demolition, sell for money! I dumped a piece of down jacket on her and she just didn't sell it, it was too deceptive to consumers!
83. Handsome has a fart! In the end it is not eaten by the pawn!
84. Don't ask me for anything, let alone me for something.
85. Angels fly because they think of themselves very lightly ...
86. Embracing is a weird thing, obviously so close, but we can't see each other's faces.
87. I will look for you in my next life, because besides me, you are the dumbest.
88. When arguing, the difference between a man and a woman is like the difference between a rifle and a machine gun.
89. Grandpa came from his grandson ...
90. Women have countless QQ numbers only to tease a man. Men often use a QQ number to fill various women ...
91. Don't be afraid of an enemy like a tiger, but a teammate like a pig!
92. Believe it or not, believe it or not, your WeChat.
93. What is a bad person, a man who takes off his pants during the day, and a woman who does not remove his makeup at night.
94. Don't be afraid to drink dichlorvos, I'm afraid there will be surprises when opening the lid, and enjoy an extra bottle with whom to share.
95. As a beast, only the beasts in this world can beat me.
96. Why is God always dozing off when I am unlucky?
97. Sometimes, I dream about "satisfying with fullness".
98. Take a newspaper to the toilet.
99. House prices are getting higher and higher, so there are fewer good men.
100. Mother-in-law, when you give me soup, don't forget to put sugar, I'll thank you for my life.

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