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The shorter the funny sentence, the better you can laugh.

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1. I'm in a bad mood today. I only have four sentences to say, including this sentence and the previous two sentences. I'm finished.
2. Confucius said: The Journey to the West is Sun Wukong's mantra, and the Tang monk went crazy.
3. Others laugh at me too sensually, I laugh at others not open
4. Sing to the computer, after the song is finished, it freezes.
5. The happiness of an ostrich is just a pile of sand.
6. As soon as I woke up, it was dark.
7. Why are you sleepy when you read a book? Because books are where dreams begin.
8. Good horses don't eat turn grass, so I haven't turned around and walked around, but I came across that grass again.
9. When the sky falls, you stand on top, and I pad on it!
10. The word "especially hardworking", I thought about it, I only achieved the first four.
11. First love is infinitely good, just hung up early.
12. At first I saw you because my head was flooded and now my head is dry.
13. I am not a casual person, I am casually not a person.
14. My future is not a dream, my future is a nightmare.
15. I think I'm decadent. I turned out to be!
16. My eyes are a little small, but not lacking. I have a good temper, but not not!
17. I once had a pair of wings, but I didn't use it to soar in the sky, but I stewed it in a pot.
18. Summer is just not good. When I was poor, I did n’t even drink the northwest wind.
19. Now look for Prince Charming, you are out, now look for Prince BMW.
20. The impulse, the crisis of children and grandchildren!
21. With a hot heart, you can change a result. This effect can be changed at will with banknotes.
22. If you have money, you will lose. If you have no money, you will worship God.
23. There is an old legend that people who can see beautiful women on the campus of Beiyou will live forever.
24. As long as they are separated, no matter how familiar they are, they will gradually become alienated.
25. Early birds get worms, early birds get eaten by birds!
26. Planting grass does not make people lie, it is better to plant cacti!
27. The crowd looked for her hundreds of thousands of Baidu and looked back, but the man was at the marriage registry.
28. As a typical failure, you are too successful.
29. The more time we save, the more time we waste.
30. Smart people speak through experience, and smarter people don't speak based on experience.
31. Dreams are too easy to realize, it is not a dream, but without a dream, reality is dark.
32. It is called mental calculation for a long time, and mental exercise for a lot of time.
33. Can you stop adding oil and vinegar when you speak bad words about me, thinking that you are cooking.
34. Rivers and mountains are like painted skin, and life is like a dream.
35. Don't say that someone's brain is sick. The premise of a sick brain is that you must have a brain.
36. Now the raw rice has been cooked into porridge.
37. Spit is used to count banknotes, not for reason.
38. Bet with me, not to see what you want, but to see what I have ...
39. You talk to them every night until midnight. How can they have time to create humans?
40. I will definitely be chopped into potato chips.
41. Life is like a drama. One loves one, and the other loves one another. It's normal.
42. A sturdy life requires no explanation.
43. A good man is me and I am Zeng Xiaoxian.
44. You must go online tonight, otherwise I will write your name on the tablet.
45. Saying I love you is not necessarily true love; Saying I don't love you is true love.
46. Amitabha, monks do not slang. Female donor, you are indeed the most impoverished monk ever encountered since traveling in the East. The most beautiful and sexy woman, look at your hair, this jade hand, this skin, this feel ...
47. My mother gave birth to me. You can count on how old I am.
48. Boring singing to the computer, after the singing, the computer suddenly crashed.
49. If you are a fat paper, remember not to surround the red scarf. Otherwise you will look a lot like QQ.
50. The female donor, the poor monk is still too shallow, and you ca n’t dress for your wounds and offend you.
51. Wait, I will one day make you the mother of my future son.
52. Why do people live? Just for the great grandpa Mao.
53. I want to say that I will be forced hard, and the end of the world will be my birthday.
54. During the evening self-study exam, I took out my mobile phone and searched for the answer. Suddenly, the teacher turned off the lights and I ... was on.
55. It's not that I don't want to be a lady, but that this world has forced her into a vixen!
56. I have passed by a person countless times, and my clothes were torn and no sparks came out.
57. I always feel that others are full after eating a few mouthfuls, and I can eat a few more mouthfuls when I am full ...
58. Handsome and car-like, that's chess. the one with money and house, that's the bank.
59. Watching time is not about getting up, but about how long you can sleep.
60. As soon as I get angry, winter comes; as soon as I get angry in winter, I become a man in autumn pants.
61. Oh my god, my clothes are thin again!
62. You are such an authentic beauty. In other words, you can only be considered a beauty in the tunnel, because there are no lights in the tunnel.
63. Life is her person, death is her mascot.
64. When you grow up, you should marry Tang Seng as your husband.
65. My heart is full of love. Seeing the beauty in the world is a lover.
66. Crowding in Beijing has troubled the capital ...
67. I am like a fly lying on a glass with a bright future, but I cannot find a way out.
68. Everyone says that I am an actor, because I see my beautiful MM eyes round ...
69. I don't know who my wife is on my bed, and my wife doesn't know whose bed!
70. Find the cause from yourself first if you have a problem, don't blame the earth for not having constipation.
71. I also fell in love several times because of loneliness. Who knows many battles, many defeats, and is easily captured!
72. JB is busy during the day and JB is busy at night.
73. Be a person hovering between Bull A and Bull C.
74. Ask: "Is avatar cow B?" Answer: "Like!
75. Boss, help me manage a sad hairstyle! Thank you!
76. Why is the skin so thick and what makes the pigskin love.
77. Is it okay to not steam steamed buns?
78. Don't be optimistic like a fart, think that you can shake the world.
79. Actually, I look handsome at one angle, but you didn't find it.
80. Friendship doesn't come out of wine, but you can taste it with wine! If you don't install B, we can still be friends.
81. Sanlu and Mengniu tell us a truth: the beast is unreliable.
82. My hobbies can be divided into static and dynamic, static is sleeping, dynamic is turning over ...
83. After spending a long time in the nervous crowd, I found that I was normal.
84. Our boss is a little monster and we are Ultraman. But we met the boss and ran because we didn't bring a summoner.
85. Beauty is in front of her eyes.
86. Looking back, you haven't left yet.
87. The wicked are never funny, the wicked must seize the time to do evil.
88. The wicked says: Besides saying that He is a wicked, He will kill you!
89. Human members, no matter how old they are, are always young in the face of money.
90. Ducks are too arrogant, rabbits have too many mouths, I am a pig, and I am very good.
91. The beast still has a bit of compassion, and I have no, so I am not a beast.
92. My family's goldfish drowned this morning.
93. The so-called net worm, even if you see an underline in a magazine, you want to use your mouse to point it.
94. Marrying a wife should be marrying Xiao Shao, making friends should be Linghu Chong, it's better to be a boy as Qiao Feng, and Wei Xiaobao to get out.
95. If it is a mistake to have money, then I would be wrong again and again.
96. The strength of a man is the RMB in your pocket.
97. In your words, I don't even believe in punctuation.
98. Life is like calling, either you hang up first or I hang up first.
99. Distance is not beautiful, it is primary three.
100. The world is so chaotic.

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