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Simple and domineering super funny signature

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1. Think of salary over salary, forget it, don't want to live.
2. Don't laugh at your phone at home, parents will think you are in love.
3. Regardless of what Meicheng looks like when she's thin, she's a virtue after getting fat.
4. The night gave me a pair of black eyes, but I used it to roll my eyes.
5. I am an actor, and my eyes are round as soon as I see it.
6. Give me a fulcrum. I pushed the kid's car from the neighbor into the ditch, so that he would honk when he saw me.
7. I'm still young and need advice. But you do n’t need to point me to ...
8. Please don't take my tolerance for you as your shameless capital.
9. If you stand on the ground and look up at others, you can't blame them for standing straight down at you.
10. It's raining, don't forget to hold an umbrella, the wet body is small, and gonorrhea is troublesome!
11. After living for more than 20 years, I couldn't do anything for the motherland and the people. When I think about it, I am heartbroken.
12. Don't listen to the old man, die in front of me, oh!
13. The so-called innocence, the one who has wings is an angel, the one without wings is an idiot.
14. It ’s better to be mixed than to be boiled.
15. Life is like a trance, without accurate lyrics, but thrilling.
16. Get up earlier than chickens, sleep later than cats, and earn less than bald hair.
17. Play a little mahjong and eat a spicy hot. Find a small object and live like that.
18. When the rivers and lakes have legends, they are dissatisfied with the city, and they are sorry for the audience.
19. Everything has a price, and the price of happiness is pain.
20. I am small-minded, but not lacking, I am good-tempered, but not not!
21. Let me kneel and wash the board, kneeling electric heater can't stand it!
22. Women like two flowers most in their lives: one is to spend money, and the other is to spend as much as possible!
23. Two cormorants, a pair of poor butterflies.
24. I won't bend over when I drop banknotes in the sky, because the sky won't even drop pies, let alone the banknotes.
25. People have dark sides. If you say that you are simple, then I can only say that you are not human!
26. Sometimes, except the lies are true, everything else is false!
27. Playing in the water, all fucking drowned; Bi Yishuangfei, all fucking fell!
28. A star can become more famous if he takes off a little, but the light that I took off is caught!
29. Ambiguous is that I asked you to borrow money, you did not say that you did not borrow, but did not say that you did not borrow, but only that your husband is not at home ...
30. As the saying goes: When you laugh, the whole world laughs with you; when you cry, you alone cry in the whole world.
31. When I saw the beauties, first I touched my pocket to see if I had any money!
32. Whoever said that I was white, thin and beautiful, I would be a good friend of him.
33. Please do not disturb during bathing, please buy tickets for voyeurs, 40% for individuals, 20% off for groups!
34. Teacher, you wait, Lao Lai to let the Buddha marry!
35. I am too pure, and my pure ones are a little shameless!
36. Wear the tide, too tide is non-mainstream, wear sexy, too sexy is sitting on the stage.
37. My progress has impressed him, and he has lost his eyes ever since.
38. I said that I prefer Li Bai's poems. Lu You was so angry that my family couldn't get online.
39. I was ruthless and licked my fingers and was crying.
40. The teacher's teachings, Xiao Ming was toothless and unforgettable, so the next day, he was fitted with false teeth.
41. Before he died, he called his son to the bed. Yu Gong: Moving Mountain to Mountain! Son: Liang Jingjing?
42. If QB is used as a test award, then the country will become prosperous immediately.
43. The weather is very good today, and I have been in the room for a long time, so I am going to relax in the living room.
44. Question: Why must summer vacation be longer than winter vacation? Answer: Because of thermal expansion and contraction.
45. When I'm in a bad mood, I just harass people in the middle of the night, wake them up, and I sleep.
46. When people do something good, they always want ghosts and gods to know. When they do something bad, they always think that ghosts and gods don't know. We are too embarrassed by ghosts.
47. People do n’t offend me, I do n’t offend; if they offend me, they are courteous; if they offend me again, I still give a shot; if they offend me, they cut off the roots.
48. I never vengeance, I usually report it on the spot.
49. Everyone is original when they are born. Unfortunately, many people have gradually become pirated.
50. I went shopping without glasses one day and saw a handsome and familiar person. Think about who you are. It turned out to be a mirror.
51. Commitment is like a woman saying that she wants to lose weight. It is often said but it is difficult to achieve. Everything is false.
52. Love is poison. The sugar coating is so wonderful.
53. Don't expose your wounds to others. Many people in the world are not physicians, and most are salt-salers.
54. Our boss is a little monster and we are Ultraman. But we met the boss and ran because we didn't bring a summoner.
55. You give me a smile, and I will also give you a smile, not a kind greeting, just to let you know: Lao Tzu laughs better than you.
56. In a few more decades, we will meet and be sent to the crematorium, all of which will be burnt to ashes. You and me, no one knows anyone, will be sent to the countryside for fertilizer.
57. Go straight to the subject when something happens. Don't take your ignorance and challenge my blacklist.
58. Q: What do you like about me? Answer: I like you to stay away from me!
59. I only believe in two people in this world, one is me and the other is not you.
60. Ducks are too arrogant, rabbits have too many mouths, I am a pig, and I am very good.
61. Rizhao Xianglu Shengzi smoke, Li Bai came to the roast duck shop, drooling 3,000 feet, no money in a mold pocket.
62. I never write a typo, but I write a false word.
63. Help if you have difficulties, and help if you have no difficulties. In front of the beauty, it is amended as follows: there is danger to be rescued, and there is also danger to be rescued without danger.
64. If it is a mistake to have money, then I would like to make mistakes again and again.
65. I am young, but I am not light. The balance is not much, but I want to buy a lot.
66. Be careful when you pass through the bushes, so as not to soil the soil that I will eat this month.
67. Don't argue with stupid, you are a little fairy, you can't divulge the fairy.
68. The skin was given to you, and you were beaten by the rank. Now you tell me that you are a man. Even if the grass horse is a man, I will be with you.
69. If a person is unlucky, no matter where he sits while eating hot pot, the smoke will float on your face.
70. It's time to get up again by perseverance, laundry by endurance, work by floods, and bathing by explosive power.
71. Grief has become widespread in modern times, so remember to be nice to yourself.
72. Time flies so fast that we have known each other for one year, 355 days behind.
73. I finally know why "friendship" is friendship in English, because the friendship boat turns over when it is said.
74. Good-looking people are cool all year round, and you only have autumn cool.
75. Spring sleep doesn't know, don't harass Q. Suddenly heard the sound of QQ, how much is the truth.
76. I am going to download software. Because Thunder can't cover it.
77. When I love you, what you say is what. When I don't love you, you say what you are.
78. The weather is as hot as a joke, and life is like a crap.
79. Someone even put on my blue eyeshadow, it was an insult to my dark circles!
80. No doubt, I am the poor in your dreams.
81. When eating completely, ordinary young people will vacantly complain about "supporting me", while eating, they will easily "I'll take a break" ~
82. The first painting was wrong, so we had to scribble all the way down.
83. You see, there are always so many things that make you sad: yin and qing are missing, sorrow and joy are separated, impotence and premature ejaculation ...
84. Don't be too confident in yourself, you can pack more people than you can think of.
85. For girls, it's not so terrible to grow a few pounds of meat. The terrible thing is that the slut who is close to her girlfriend has lost weight.
86. Sometimes I feel that I have become ugly. I took out my ID card and found that I was worried.
87. Life is like angry birds. When you fail, there are always a few pigs laughing.
88. Don't say the world has abandoned you, the world has no time to take care of you.
89. Forgiving him is a matter of God, and my task is to send him to God.
90. Kong Huanxi is just waking up in the morning and thinking that he has grown taller. If you look closely, it turns out that the quilt is covered ...
91. Your father and I are free-range in the grassland. I was hungry and ate grasshoppers. Not all chickens are called time chickens.
92. You said that you are willing to grow old with me, no, I think black hair flutters.
93. It's not that my mind is dark. I think this air pollution is made by the mask manufacturers.
94. Uplink: Student ID admission card without ID card, downlink: Listening questions, reading questions, composition questions, questions not done. Horizontal approval: focus on participation.
95. I went shopping without glasses one day and saw a handsome and familiar person. Think about who you are. It turned out to be a mirror.
96. Hee hee and ha ha are good friends, very good friends. One day, haha died. Hehe is very sad, he went to Haha's grave and said: Haha, you are dead.
97. The so-called pig-like roommate should be that I caught a cold. Let him come back and bring me a box of white and black. He brought me a pack of Oreo.
98. If I'm the magic pen Ma Liang, I will draw a well, put you in, and draw a lid.
99. The teacher asked me why I slept in class that day. I went back and said that the doctor had to go to bed after taking the medicine.
100. In the chemistry experiment class, the teacher asked me: "Add barium? No barium?" I immediately shouted, "Grab the landlord!" I think the teacher will never love me again, and the teacher shouted, "I rob!"

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