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100 domineering funny quotes

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1. Perfect boyfriend: don't smoke, don't drink, don't cheat. does not exist!
2. Not everyone can live with a low profile. The basis for being low profile is that they can be high profile at any time.
3. Not afraid of long distances, afraid of short ambitions, not afraid of slowness, always standing; not afraid of poverty, afraid of laziness, not afraid of fierce opponents, afraid of shaking.
4. The direction of the headwind is more suitable for flying. I am not afraid of 10,000 people blocking, I am afraid of surrendering myself.
5. Do you want to die or do you not want to live?
6. Without passion, love will not burn, without friendship, friends will not fill up, without pride, will be difficult to achieve, without mood, things will be difficult to accomplish.
7. Adhere to principles in major events and learn to adapt to minor events.
8. When going out, my wife has to explain, sit in the first row in the car, don't stand up when you're in the car, don't drink your stomach when drinking, don't pick wild flowers on the roadside, don't bring your lover in the house.
9. To say that someone's brain is sick, the premise of the brain's illness is to have a brain.
10. Making girls into women is the most basic responsibility and obligation as a man.
11. Women do not matter decent, decent because they are not seduced enough, men do not care about loyalty, loyalty is because the bargaining chip is too low.
12. You, you, this little fairy, made me poison your love but hesitated to give me a cure! Little bad guy! Oh, I'm going to die! Help me! The solution is simple: give me your love!
13. Love without feeling pain is not true love. A marriage without feeling happy is a sad marriage.
14. Wearing Hengyuanxiang's sweater, carrying a melatonin gift box, holding calcium tris-grassate, and carrying Taiji Anxiety Syrup, it ’s considered performance art where people go.
15. When I grow up, marry Tang Seng as my husband. If you can play, you can play it. If you can't, you can eat him.
16. You shouldn't see or don't see, you shouldn't say or say, you shouldn't listen, you shouldn't want to think, don't want to, don't want to, what to do.
17. Don't talk to me about feelings, about feelings hurt money.
18. Love is sometimes like a drunken feeling. The mind is clearly sober, but the behavior is uncontrolled.
19. Don't say a lifetime, don't say forever, who can promise to the future? What we can grasp is nothing but local feelings at that time. But in a lifetime, it is also composed of countless now, and work hard for every moment, that is, forever.
20. Study hard for China! A lot of Chinese money!
21. On the Harmonious Campus, the biker may be a mentor, while the Mercedes-Benz may be a logistics.
22. In fact, when a person is alive, it is a shell, and when they die, it becomes a pile of ashes.
23. My heart is harder than diamonds to you. . . . . . Will it not be heart stones?
24. When you are nervous, it is as surprising as a pig getting on a tree.
25. It is said that there is a monkey in the zoo. I went to see it the next day and I vomited! The third day you went, the monkey vomited!
26. Life is like a piece of broken copper and iron. Throwing it into the fire and knocking it can also make a fine product!
27. If the sky is old and the sky is old, the object that robs me will die early.
28. Just like me, just like bright. Like you, I look down!
29. Advertising on the subway: crowded? Buy a car now! Advertising on taxis: Are you gambling? Take the subway! Fuck, what about me?
30. Do you know why Gao Xiaosong is drunk? That's because Yao Jiaxin wanted him to sing "You in Prison."
31. Today ’s MM ’s birthday, in order to send my first blessing, I picked up my mobile phone on time and sent a message: sofa.
32. Rely on the mountain to eat the mountain, rely on the water to drink water, robbery today, not allowed, whoever wants to resist, let him see the hell.
33. Yesterday is history, today is the beginning, no one can make it tomorrow!
34. Recently, Shenma began to become donkey legs, and the clouds became rain!
35. I only looked back, but didn't care how long the road ahead was.
36. Without a strong owner, don't think you can bite people if you are a dog!
37. Sleeping next to the printer, you can print out all night dreams, right?
38. Fasten your seat belt. There may be a love ahead waiting for you.
39. Xiaoming: "Dad, am I a stupid child?" Daddy: "Stupid child, how can you be a stupid child?"
40. Life is like a journey, and you don't care about your destination. It's the "NB" along the way, and the mood when dealing with "NB"!
41. Standing on the shores of the years, and letting your past drift ...
42. Sometimes it rains because the world needs to be washed, and sometimes it rains because the heart needs to be washed!
43. I am poor, please don't steal the grave!
44. Don't think that you are younger than me, you can jump for a few more days. The coffin contains the dead and not the old!
45. Celebrity quotes, you have to be a celebrity first, that's the famous quote, others' farts are all famous farts! Can you compare
46. Brother is a civilized man. All swear words have been disinfected with saliva.
47. If I die, my first sentence is: I don't have to be afraid of ghosts at last.
48. I have done two wrong things in my life. One is to give birth and the other is to live.
49. Don't put a POSE in front of me, I'm really afraid I can't help but want to throw the camera.
50. Break up with you, because you are not even worth holding hands!
51. One day Primary Three cried because Primary Four appeared!
52. Whoever dares to mess with me, I will bury him before Qingming.
53. Whose old love is not the new love of others, whose new love is not the old love of others.
54. It's boring to break up, we have the ability to play divorce!
55. Guinness Book of Records: The world's largest coffee table covers an area of 10,000 square kilometers and can hold 100 million cups.
56. Self-love must first be selfish. Only selfishness can be great love.
57. Some people always sell what he has in exchange for what he does not have.
58. At school, it's money, but now it's money!
59. Exams are done well, all at the same table.
60. I despise those who often use emoticons to chat.
61. You will be tired if you have heart.
62. The highest realm of being a man is not that you go to pick up girls, but that you let girls pick up you.
63. How big is the body that can support your shy soul!
64. You ca n’t eat for meals, but without you, I ca n’t eat.
65. If life deceives me, then I also deceive life.
66. You can't get me off the stage, I haven't even got the chance to get on the stage.
67. You live in my heart, did you pay the rent?
68. The physical education teacher said: Whoever dares to wear a skirt to my class will punish her for a handstand!
69. The most embarrassing thing is to register with the Civil Affairs Bureau with his girlfriend, and the staff member is actually an ex-girlfriend.
70. If you don't like me, I'll save you as my sister.
71. I stood in your city and shouted: Ouch! It ’s deep!
72. The third person is not the later one, but the one that is not loved deeply.
73. Nothing in the world is more depressing than stepping on a puppet pulled by myself.
74. Wear other people's shoes and go the other person's way, so that others can neither find the shoes nor the way.
75. My sister is not Mona Lisa, and she will not smile at everyone.
76. Men say they like you, they just like your body.
77. There are thousands of men in the world, they ca n’t change every day.
78. Fighter in Cow B, VIP in Slut.
79. Chopin, if you can show the sadness of labor and management, labor and management will give you a dollar.
80. Most of us who live do only three things in our lives: self-deception, deception, and being deceived.
81. I'm not afraid to drink dichlorvos, I'm afraid to open the lid and drink, and get another bottle.
82. If you are a flower, then the cow will not pull dung.
83. As soon as you go out, thousands of birds fly away, and all kinds of people die.
84. Women are like clothes, but sister is the temperament you can't wear.
85. For the next generation of the motherland, no matter how ugly, you have to fall in love and talk about the world being full of love.
86. I am going to have my hair cut, and my head is fluttering.
87. My hobbies can be divided into static and dynamic. Static is sleeping and dynamic is turning over.
88. Brushing your teeth is a matter of sadness and joy, holding cups in one hand and washing utensils in the other.
89. On the afternoon of He Wo Day, I was really lucky to go to school and had already entered the school.
90. I have a flat chest, I am proud, and I am cloth for the province of the country.
91. Hold the hand of the child, drag the child away, if the child does not leave, faint and continue to drag away!
92. Since getting mental illness, the whole person has become much more mentally.
93. I have no time to hate those who hate me, because I am busy loving those who love me.
94. Go to bed for such a pure thing, don't be tainted by love.
95. If you want to say something, you will naturally say it. You don't want to say it. What you hear is just false.
96. Because I'm not afraid of anything, I can't lose anything.
97. Some people are so humble, some are so proud, but no one is seeking truth from facts.
98. We are like two parallel lines and there will never be an intersection.
99. The nature of parent-teacher associations and primary three is the same, and they both encourage family relations.
100. The man who loves me the most in the world has married my mother.

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