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Talk about 2018 domineering super drag

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1. There is no despair in life, only you can't figure it out, there is no end to life, only you can't see through.
2.—Your heart has never belonged to me, but you are all in my heart.
3. My tears are like ice in the North Pole, which hurt my eyes and hurt my heart.
4. If the joke in your mouth is always just a joke, then this joke will always exist in my heart.
5. The vast earth is broken with a sword, where the bustling and lively song falls. Leaning on the cloud Qianhu to hide loneliness, even if others laugh at me empty.
6. If you have a three-foot sword with a green front, drunken it and cut off Changhong.
7. I want to go to the sword world to be a prodigal son without a tie, and pour out my own drink in an unknown pub to exhaust everything.
8. Quiet tears await the night's loneliness! Will you show up then?
9. I want to give you the whole world, but I forget that you don't need me.
10. Born in the underworld, there is a stigma, so why not return to the land. Yangjiandifu is similar, only when drifting in a foreign land.
11. Make your mouth sweet and your heart cruel. The time to stay, the time to roll. From now on, either tolerate, or cruel, or roll. One day the power is in hand, killing the world to bear my dog.
12. "Your mouth is so sweet" "Do you want to taste it"
13. People always want more, but forget what they already have.
14. Can I take a vacation with the world? I want to leave for a while.
15. Teacher, can you wait for the bald head to chop the tree, the gray wolf has eaten the sheep, Tom has caught Jerry, the monster has eaten the Tang monk, we will start school again.
16. But for the sake of hope, why should you make yourself scalloped.
17. My love never leaves, but when two people fall in love, there will always be helplessness.
18. What you can give me is not what I want, and what I want is what you can never give me.
19. Love is not a trivial matter, but a trivial matter.
20. Less than 25 thousand or 80 thousand in front of me, put on POSE and pretend!
21. The current students talk to the teacher, just like the blind man plays the violin and bullshit. . .
22. Don't always think that you have a flock of chickens, and leave the flock when you have the ability.
23. You haven't even seen the world. Where's the worldview? --- Han Han's "No Future"
24. People who say the sun is warm have never seen your smile
25. Suddenly feel that the monster is good, Ultraman is bad, otherwise how could Ultraman prevent the monster from destroying the small city?
26. I'm sure this life ... willing to wait for her until gray hair ... no regrets
27. I just hope we are good, good laughs, good love, good life, good life.
28. No matter how beautiful a woman is, it is just a landscape of a man. No matter how handsome a man is, it is only a tool for women to show off!
29. Most people will not say that I am handsome, they usually only say that I am domineering ...
30. Solitude is nothing but disgusting.
31. One of the most common words a thick-skinned person says is that I treat you well.
32. Look at your teeth, are you and the dog the same ancestor?
33. Even my aunt, who has always given me up, disappears when I look 40 years old.
34. Don't complain that there are many inequalities in this society. If you feel that you are working hard now, then it proves that you are going uphill.
35. You should like someone who can make you laugh, not people like me who often cry you handsome.
36. The most frightening trust in the school is that one scum teaches another scum on the topic, one dares to speak, one dares to listen.
37. Listen to the news that you still have countless parties you want to go to. I just nodded and smiled. I said it didn't matter. I just wanted to say it didn't matter. Heartache I didn't matter. Miss me and you didn't matter. Change one.
38. It is said that when the girl is angry, just hold her and hold a strong kiss, but why would I be hit by her boyfriend.
39. Once my girlfriend was drinking and drinking too much, I brought her home. As soon as she entered my house, she took the hamster I just bought, threw it out the window, and said, "Go! Pikachu ~"
40. When someone pushes you down, no matter how hard or tired you are, stand up and give her a slap.
41. If you succeed, fart will make sense. If you fail, it will be fart.
42. My character is lazy, my interest is play, my specialty is eating, and my skill is sleeping.
43. Always overestimate the position in others' hearts and then smile at himself.
44. If you care, you will think about it.
45. Choosing a lover does not require too many criteria, as long as these three things: don't lie to me, don't hurt me, and stay with me.
46. Indus is also drizzle, little by little until dusk.
47. If you like weird people, I'm still beautiful.
48. In the classroom, the teacher asked the students to use "sad" sentences. Xiaoming thought and didn't want to stand up and say, "I have a small river in front of my house, I'm so sad!" Teacher: I'm even more sad!
49. I am a high-cold person, and the high-cold breath from my bones made me get rheumatoid arthritis.
50. Things you can't keep must learn to throw away.
51. My life is up to me, how can the sky be.
52. So many people hate me, how old are you?
53. Drink the strongest wine, the wildest dog, make the hardest paper, and jump to the tallest building.
54. People who are too careless are not suitable for love and are suitable for shopping.
55. Future son, tell me your father's direction.
56. People who are too careless are not suitable for love and are suitable for shopping.
57. Believe it or not, I can slap you on the wall with no slap!
58. If you dare to hurt her by the disciples, I will slaughter you. If you dare to harm her for the world, I will kill everyone.
59. Things that can't be kept have to learn to throw away.
60. My life is up to me, how can the sky be.
61. There used to be a pair of brothers called Haha and Hee Hee. One day Hah Hee died. Hee Hee came to his grave and cried and said: Haha, you are terribly dead, haha ...
62. There are so many people who hate me, how old are you?
63. Drink the strongest wine, the wildest dog, make the hardest paper, and jump to the tallest building.
64. There is a haunted house in the school, and women often cry in the middle of the night, children cry, men scream, wind whizzes by. Later, a self-proclaimed bold man went in to look at it. He smashed through the door and found that ... there was only one person, one table, one chair, and one stroke.
65. These years, no early love, no cheating, no mobile phone playing, no homework assignment, no one believes that you are a student.
66. The life and death of others have nothing to do with me, but as long as you frown, I can't sit and watch.
67. The person who dreams in the dream should wake up and go to sleep with him.
68. "Have you ever touched the boy's face" "Rulai Shenzhang" "Have you ever held the boy's hand" "Hold your wrist" "Have you ever held the boy's arm" "Shoulder slumped" "So you have been sneaky with the boy Things? "" Seven shortcomings of the exam's continuation, that's awkward. "
69. "Why are my selfies getting uglier" "Because mobile phone pixels are getting higher and higher"
70. You can ignore my feelings, or splurge on my enthusiasm, or even ignore my frustration, but one thing you must understand is that the love that everyone can give is limited, whether it is to friends or to Love, if you make me feel powerless, and sooner or later I will leave you, then I will never come back.
71. The person who loves you at the beginning is trying to get you. The one who loves you till the end is to be with you.
72. I lived eighteen years old, and I am ashamed of being an martyr to the revolution for eighteen years.
73. Although it is good to go to bed early and get up early, it is good to sleep late and get up late!
74. "Why didn't you see Xiaoming in high school?" "Hehe, you don't think this kind of figure will be counted. The circle will only be half drawn. You will use the ink to splash your homework all day, go to Xiaohong's home and go back halfway, quadratic function triangle. The function is always stupid B, do you think it is possible that he passed the high school? "
75. God spread wisdom to the earth, and the wise I held up my umbrella.
76. I made a new girlfriend and heard someone say that she is a lady from a wealthy family. I am an honest person. It does n’t matter if you are rich or not, as long as you are good to me, I later learned that wealthy family is a bath center!
77. I don't believe it, I just believe that one drop is permanent, it can be three seconds and never separate.
78. Is it because I'm too fat, so I can't get into your heart.
79. You raise your hands, smile, say a word, even if it is a look, an action, a back view, a look back, all in my heart.
80. If you don't think I'm out of tune, I will sing a unique love song for you.
81. I refuse every brave person to run to me, because I wait for you to come and laugh at me in this clean time, no matter how long and how long.
82. I like good morning more than good night, because no one will think of me when he wakes up.
83. Whatever waves are enough to take you home, you don't have to come back and just die outside.
84. In life, there is a person who loves you, who understands you, and who cares about you is happiness. It is better to be chased by ten thousand people than to understand it.
85. The whole class was bad in one exam. The teacher said angrily: If you think you have a low IQ, please stand up. No classmate moved for a long time, then Xiao Ming stood up, and the teacher asked: Do you admit that your IQ is low? Xiao Ming said: No, I'm not low, I just can't bear to see you standing alone.
86. My character is lazy, my interest is play, my specialty is eating, and my skill is sleeping.
87. Xiaoming didn't do well in the exam. When he went home, his father saw him severely and gave him a stern meal. He went to the mother and said, "What will you do if someone hits your son?" The mother immediately answered: "Whoever hits my son? Hit his son and tell me who hit you. The son said, "It's okay. I'll just ask."
88. Whatever waves are enough to take you home, you don't have to come back and just die outside.
89. Long-term unrestrained can't find the direction of stubbornness.
90. When God closes a door, he may also pinch your head.
91. "Do you think I'm black?" "Who's talking !?"
92. The reason is to tell people who understand it. For people who are skinless and faceless, they must be treated as human beings.
93. A woman crying is waste, but what is not crying is a monster.
94. The teacher said to me that it is normal to have someone who likes it at this age, but it is best to hide it in your heart. If you think of him, do a math problem. When you graduate, put a book full of math problems in front of him. Tell him how much you think he likes him, don't believe him and not be moved. This idea is really good. When I do the second question, I don't like him anymore.
95. Just a telephone interview to talk about anecdotes from the student era. Ask me what my grades were, what did you do as a monitor? I'm really not sure. I turned my head and asked my wife, were you the monitor when you went to school? My wife nodded. I turned around and said to my phone:
96. "What's the sound?" "The quilt fell down" "Then why is the sound so loud!" "I'm in the quilt ..."
97. Sooner or later I will also meet a guy who holds me in the palm of his hand, he will eventually make up for the time he was late in my life
98. "I like you, I can do anything for you" "Go ahead"
99. Boyfriend cares about your weight, husband cares if you are full.
100. I'm just used to having you, not not without you.

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