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Domineering and Cold Phrase

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1. It doesn't look good to me, you can choose to commit suicide or pretend to be blind.
2. I will not be a princess or a princess, I will be my queen.
3. I am not hypocritical.
4. Don't wait until I slap your face on your face before you know how to sew your mouth!
5. Don't think that you can cover up the fact that you are an idiot when you get tanned.
6. I have no face, no figure, no ability, but the girl is domineering, I am strong, I have this kind of fan that you don't have.
7. People I like and things I do n’t touch, do n’t forget, I do n’t control my temper.
8. My story is a script you can never imagine, so please shut up before you know me.
9. I want to see you follow me every day, just as my dog.
10. I am domineering, you ca n’t stand it!
11. For some people I just want to say that my slap fits your face very well.
12. Make what you like, and let the people who do n’t know it go cool together!
13. My sister is a civilized person. All swear words have been disinfected with saliva.
14. As long as you want, as long as I have, no matter what, I will never let it to you.
15. People who ca n’t keep do n’t stay, no matter how good the chain is, they ca n’t hold the dog you want to leave.
16. God is fair. It gives you an ugly appearance and will definitely give you a low IQ so as not to make you look uncoordinated.
17. It is also a B. Walking north is NB, walking south is SB. The most important thing in life is direction.
18. You are not Renminbi, and everyone can't like it. If you live, you will make people who hate you more and more unhappy.
19. You said your departure was my loss, but sorry, I bought insurance.
20. I can't satisfy everyone, and I'm not afraid the world will shoot me.
21. Woman, you have to live with dignity, smile to others, cry to yourself.
22. From today on, your loneliness has nothing to do with me!
23. If the sky doesn't give me the way, I will find my own way; if the ground doesn't give me the road, I will flatten myself.
24. Think of yourself as a woman and stand up.
25. I have my own style and I have my own opinion.
26. Labor and capital leave your life with 10,000 possibilities.
27. It is necessary to have the determination to take the initiative, but also the courage to never regret it.
28. Do you know what my mate selection criteria is, the answer is your name.
29. By your parents, you are at most a princess. By your husband, you are at most a princess. On your own, you are the queen
30. The sky will fall without you, and the sisters will be bigger than the sky in your life.
31. My life is short. I am willing to make mistakes with you.
32. It's not that the sister is not suitable for you, but that the sister doesn't look at you at all.
33. You like me, you are mine. You don't like me, you are mine. As long as I like you, you must be mine.
34. Say what you want to say, do what you want to do, and love the person you want to love. This is the life I want.
35. Meng sister ruined your life, Yu sister made you poor for three generations, only female man can make you a handsome rich man.
36. Men are like clothes and sisters are like hands and feet. Whoever takes off my clothes will cut her hands and feet.
37. I miss you, don't explain, because you are mine.
38. Play generously, love is secure.
39. Hip-hop, waiting for me, I will definitely stand on the top and smile.
40. I have a disease that says I can't do it without you.
41. The person I love doesn't love me, just ask you to get out of the world of my mother.
42. I don't need to be smooth-spoken, simple words can conquer you as well.
43. I have only one heart, so oh have to occupy all!
44. I like you yesterday. Even today, even if you are handsome, I will not fall in love again, because I am not a scum among women.
45. You are not qualified to play with my love, if you dare play, I will kill you!
46. Friendship is long.
47. I am the king of my world, and my woman is king of kings.
48. I have no face, no figure, no ability, but girl, I am domineering, I am strong, I have this fan that you do n’t have.
49. One day, I will point to the heart and proudly tell you that there is a substitution here.
50. Anyone who reads a joke from Lao Tzu will one day show you a smile.
51. The pot lid over my head and a sack, I am undefeated in the East
52. With a smile, face all the arguments outside, as long as I have a clear conscience!
53. Standing at the top of life, looking down at the various poses of life.
54. When the spring flowers bloom, it is the day of rebirth.
55. I will use my forced smile to live up to arrogance that no one can match.
56. Face a complicated life with a cynical attitude.
57. Come to me if you have the ability, leave me alone.
58. My pride, build it myself.
59. Today you moved my parents, tomorrow I will destroy your family.
60. It is better to lose completely than to gain or lose.
61. I will love you for a long time.
62. Russia does not need to be unique as long as you keep in mind.
63. Give me a hug, and I will pay you back tomorrow.
64. I am not noble, but not every man has a chance.
65. On my stage, you are no longer the protagonist.
66. Love is so deep that the legs open, and say goodbye when they are tired.
67. Don't be foolish in front of your sister, who is very complicated.
68. Don't go bad in debauchery, just go in silence.
69. It is better to lose completely than to gain or lose.
70. Whoever disturbs my silence, I will destroy whoever is brilliant.
71. Drunk is never the sin of alcohol, but the degree of affection is too high.
72. Living needs more oxygen, more courage, and more domineering.
73. Rather than praying for a flat life, it is better to pray for your own strength.
74. I don't like being ignored, and I don't like being replaced, even if I'm not good enough.
75. Forgive me for being unruly in my life, narrow-minded, and not tolerated.
76. Always be the first-rate version of yourself, never the second-rate version of others.
77. Don't underestimate a woman's curiosity. She may turn your space to the moment you apply for QQ.
78. Land Rover can only start after suffering hard. Shao Zhuang didn't work hard and could only drive Xiali.
79. Those who can't get thin are always in turmoil, and those who can't eat fat have no fear.
80. We will know the day after tomorrow.
81. Looking at your photos, I was so impulsive I wanted to be a black and white wall!
82. At first I looked after you because my head was flooded, and now my head is shaking.
83. Not every sentence can give you a okay, sometimes it will be a slap.
84. My future husband, don't be so good to your current object, it is useless! !! !!
85. Hit you, hit you, do you have to pick a day?
86. I originally wanted to give a kiss to life, but reality gave me two slaps. In return, can you not beat him?
87. Sweet, spicy, sour, bitter so much taste ... but you like to show off.
88. Who will be waiting for you after the time has passed?
89. You are in my special concern but not in my recent visitors.
90. Toss a coin: go to the Internet on the front, go to bed on the other side, and do your homework when you stand up.
91. If I have the next life, I must make your heart, because I don't beat, you have to die.
92. I also want to be an elegant lady. Life has forced her to become a vixen.
93. Who destroys is not destroyed, and who is destroyed is not destroyed.
94. Those who like me are good people, those who dislike me are bad people, and those who hate me are not people.
95. Backgammon lighters, no matter where to order.
96. In the past, someone ran around in my space. Within two seconds, he died suddenly.
97. The ringtone for class is more pleasing than the national anthem, and the ringtone for class is even worse than 忐忑.
98. You are doing well, I am happy for you, you are not good, I am happy for the whole world.
99. Blame me for being too young.
100. Don't be crazy with me now, I'm not sure who will be brilliant in the future.
101. Courage to admit mistakes and never change.
102. In those years, the lunatics who went crazy with me, I think, I will never forget.
103. You scold, you continue to scold, wait for your scold enough to tell me, I'll go to bed first!
104. Your long shape is inaccurate, and the proportion is not good.
105. The so-called low-key is the high-key with no traces.
106. You have the right to abandon me, and I have the capital to regret you.
107. A game, a rule. Affordable and continue; Can't afford to play and get out.
108. Never underestimate a creature that will not die if it sheds blood for one week a month.
109. The sexy of the soul is the real sexy in the bones.
110. You can't blame others standing straight down at you when you look at others on the ground.
111. Men's hands are not used to hit women, they are used to hit the world!
112. You're so embarrassed to lie, I dare not believe it.
113. Fall asleep, fall asleep and drool.
114. Low is also an art. Let's do a good job together!
115. Don't always blame God for being unfair to you, in fact God doesn't know who you are.
116. Men do n’t look good, why are heroes true?
117. An older sister said to her younger sister: Do n’t go out and ask the boys to pay. You do n’t know that the parents are poor children and rich women. How can we have more pocket money? They are swollen and fat, please eat Don't even think about eating meat for a month.
118. I truly love you, my world will not allow you to leave.
119. Thank you for always thinking of me when no one is with me, but I don't lack you.
120. You have the right to remain silent, but I think that you praise me for everything you say.

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