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100 sentences with high emotional quotient

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1. I wo n’t bend over when I drop banknotes in the sky, because the sky does n’t even drop pies, let alone the banknotes.
2. I wanted the paper plane to take me into your heart, but unexpectedly crashed halfway.
3. Wanjia's lights are bright and bright. When I go out and think about my hometown, I haven't seen my lover for a long time. I think of my lover is sadder.
4. Look at your ranking and you will know how many people are in your class.
5. Nothing, just suddenly miss you. It's just that I think of you for a while. In this emotional year, I just say that I like you. I miss you now.
6. Xishi Yuexi woman, from Luoluo Mountain. The beautiful color covers ancient times, and the lotus is ashamed.
7. A wise woman is gold, a temperamental woman is a diamond, a smart woman is a treasure, and a cute woman is a famous painting. According to my research, you are the world's largest treasure, which is filled with gold and diamond famous paintings!
8. In this harmonious society, primary school students celebrate Valentine's Day, middle school students celebrate Singles' Day, and university students celebrate Children's Day.
9. If it weren't for that rainy day, not for that uneasy look, how could you see my rainy heart.
10. A lot of things can be seen clearly in time. Either go farther or farther, or get closer.
11. Don't lie to others, because the people you can lie to trust you.
12. If she is young, how can she be born in such a figure, and have a charming face.
13. After meeting you, look at other women as if insulting your eyes!
14. You are so beautiful, as beautiful as a lyric poem.
15. You chased me two kilometers naked, and once I looked back, I was considered a hooligan.
16. It means that if you cut the onion root, the mouth contains Zhu Dan, and the fine steps are fine, unparalleled in the world.
17. He is more lonely than fireworks. Fireworks bloom in the invisible, disappear into nothing, there is a brief release, accompanied by boundless loneliness.
18. A true friend is a two-person world. We are quiet but not deserted. One more person will inevitably have topics that cannot be discussed. This is a distraction, from an unguarded to a social. The world of three people is too crowded.
19. Low is also an art. Let's do a good job together.
20. After knowing you, a sense of intellectual superiority emerges spontaneously.
21. Eat wild vegetables at home when you have no money; eat wild vegetables at your hotel when you have money.
22. Your graceful and graceful manners, charming and pretty appearance, charming and decent manners, and elegant and generous talk made me look amazing from the beginning.
23. It is a mistake to meet you, it is wrong to fall in love with you, and it is wrong to leave you.
24. Loneliness is an impenetrable cage. Because lonely people are at a loss and restless. Their thoughts grew from barren to barren, creating a sense of self-aversion.
25. How many children are harmed by the test and how many honest children learn to cheat.
26. Winter is here, no one is knitting a scarf for me and buying one myself.
27. The mirror lake water is like a moon, and the Yexi woman is like snow. The new makeup is a new wave, and the scenery is amazing.
28. The hand is soft, the skin is like gel, the collar is like a tadpole, the tooth is like a rhinoceros, the head is moth-brow, smiles clever, and looks beautiful.
29. You may not have looming dimples, but your smile must be that the moon is closed and the fishes are sinking.
30. We walked side by side, some stories we are the protagonist, we sang the song for a long time, and what will never change is the deep attachment to love in our hearts.
31. Pedestrians see Luo Shi and bear mustache. Seeing Luo Shi, the teenager took off his hat and scratched his head. The cultivator forgets its plough; Coming back to resentment, but sit and watch Luo Shi.
32. The so-called beauties take flowers as their appearance, birds as their voice, their moon as their god, their willow as their state, their jade as their bone, their ice and snow as their skin, their autumn water as their posture, and their poetry as their heart. .
33. There is no desert in the world. Every time I miss you, God drops a grain of sand, and there is Sahara!
34. When Ming Fei first came out of the Han Palace, her tears drenched in spring breeze. Low shadow Gu Ying has no color, and the king does not hold it.
35. Yun wants clothes, flowers, and spring breeze.
36. After today, don't meet again, I'm afraid to wake up every day and beat you several times.
37. My family has a delicate girl, and Jiao Jiao is quite fair. The fine print is vegan, with self-clear calendar. The hair spreads wide, and the ears look like flail. Combing the table in the Ming Dynasty, sweeping eyebrows.
38. The student is talented, smart, and quick-witted. He will have a limit in the future.
39. You are a bit like the moon in the sky and the twinkling stars. Unfortunately, I am not a poet. Otherwise, write 10,000 poems to describe your beauty.
40. Only a lotus can match your holiness, and only the moon can match your ice.
41. Although you are a delicate and petite figure and speak softly, you are very powerful, which is a true spiritual beauty!
42. Wear other people's shoes and go the other person's way, so that others can neither find the shoes nor the way.
43. Don't say sorry to me, because we are okay.
44. This speech has both good lessons and interesting expressions, which impressed our officers and men very deeply.
45. You are always decent and generous. Don't skimp on praise! Because your praise is an encouragement and trust to others.
46. A cloud vortex, a jade shuttle. The shirt is thin and light, and the double Dailuo is lightly tapped.
47. The minute and minute of separation made me understand that the heart of a man is also made of glass; I want you to understand me every moment, and my heart also needs the comfort of love.
48. Its shape also, Piao Ruohong, Wan Ruoyou, Rong Qiuju, Huamao Chunsong. It seems as if the clouds are covered by the light clouds, and the drifting wind is like the returning snow.
49. On the first Valentine's Day of this century, I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.
50. There is a beauty, never forget it. Seeing no one day, thinking like crazy.
51. The clear and bright pupils, the curved willow eyebrows, the long eyelashes trembled slightly, the fair and flawless skin exuded a pale pink, and the thin lips were as delicate as rose petals.
52. I am a flower on a cliff, no one lives and sees and praises me.
53. The sky did not fall to me, and it still suffers my mind and troubles me.
54. Daxian lived in a big state, and he was well-informed, and he was ranked among the best friends in the world. Naturally, he was the second one and learned how to get rich.
55. It's more comfortable, light and not self-sustaining. Often timeless color, complex posture.
56. Pick up Meiying step by step and decorate the palace makeup surface. Beautiful eyes have long eyebrows. Ecstasy is looking back.
57. Meng Xiaokaijiao laughs, sleep sleeps down. Wen Wensheng jade wrist, fragrant sweat soaked in red yarn.
58. One point is too long, while one point is too short; the powder is too white, and Shi Zhu is too red; the eyebrows are like green feathers and the muscles are like white snow; Yangcheng, fascinated by Cai.
59. Hibiscus is not as good as the makeup of a beautiful woman.
60. Shu Shu is far and near, and he has to answer by hand.
61. Don't beware of the sinking fish and the wild goose birds, but you are afraid of the shame of flowers and trembling.
62. You are like the top grade West Lake Longjing. The faint bitterness is your maturity. The more you taste, the more you taste.
63. Your whole body is full of girl's innocence and youthful style. What impressed me most were your lake-clear eyes and long, twinkling eyelashes. Like inquiry, like concern, like greeting.
64. What is loneliness? Loneliness is a disease, a mental hunger. Since you are sick, you need treatment. How can a lonely person find a cure? The method is the crowd. Lonely people always need the company of others.
65. Dad says that long handsome men can lie, and mom says that handsome men can also lie. Your father is a good example.
66. Guihua Liu tile. Xianyun San, Geng Geng Su'e wanted to go. Elegant clothes. Look at the Chu girl, slim waist.
67. The hills overlap with Jin Mingming, and the clouds want to use fragrant snow. Lazily draw moth eyebrows, and make up late.
68. Qingluo Small Fan White Orchid, Slim Waistband, Gauze Dance. Suspected that the fairy came to Xuanhua and looked back at Xinghua with a smile.
69. You may not have watery eyes, but your eyes should also look forward to affectionate and ecstatic.
70. If cutting my hair is cutting my memories, is it possible to lose memory by cutting my bald head.
71. Why do I always have tears in my eyes, because I love you so much.
72. The lotus leaf skirt was cut in all colors, and Hibiscus opened to both sides of her face. Indiscriminately in the pool, I can't see it, I heard that someone came.
73. In the flow of people, I found you at a glance. I dare not say that you are the most beautiful of them, but I dare say that you are the best of them.
74. Breguet is relaxed, and the plump makeup is lightly made. The green smoke and mist cover is light, and the flying hairspring is uncertain.
75. You are floating in front of my eyes like a soft cloud, and your clear and beautiful face is rippling with a spring-like beautiful smile.
76. Carnival is the loneliness of a group of people, loneliness is a person's carnival.
77. If I die, my first sentence is: I finally don't have to be afraid of ghosts.
78. I would rather be a vixen than live under a foot by a man
79. Quit smoking, go to bed early, and die well.
80. It's really hard to be a woman these years. You open up and say that you show up, and you traditionally say that you dress.
81. I picked up a mouse pad yesterday and wanted to match a computer. What do you think is missing?
82. Love yourself when you are alone and love each other when you are two.
83. There are always a few steps in the long journey of life.
84. I tore my memories into pieces, but forgot to throw them away.
85. Don't say I'm cold, you don't cherish it when it's warm.
86. If you comfort others, you can't comfort yourself after all.
87. I'm not a bone, I can't let every dog chase.
88. The shape of your melon seeds, so white, curved eyebrows, so slender; a pair of watery eyes, so bright!
89. How long the night is, how long the tears are, tears are long and love is longer, and wind and rain have followed you for a century! We sail forward in the ocean of fate!
90. By asking Han Palace who looks like it, poor Feiyan leans on new makeup.
91. You look most touching when you smile. Two thin lips are laughing, long eyes are laughing, and two dimples on the cheek are also laughing.
92. Its beginning, Yaohuo Ruo appeared in the beam at the beginning of the day; when he entered less, Jiao Ruoming eased his light.
93. More than thirteen, cardamom tips in early February. Spring wind ten miles Yangzhou Road, it is better to roll up the curtain.
94. Waterfall-like long hair, elegant dress, standard melon seed face, clever almond eyes, that steady and dignified temperament, you will be careful when you are naughty.
95. The beautiful lady stuns the jade flowers, and is as frightened as the flying dragon.
96. In your big and bright eyes, I can always capture your tranquility, your warmth, your intelligence, your sensitivity.
97. The eyes were elegant and demure, eyes were looking forward to Liubo, like a pretty Jiangnan woman; but there was a trace of ripples, and the charm of the daughter of Northland.
98. Because I do not know if I will meet you in the next life, I will love you more in this life.
99. Cang Cang Cang, Bai Lu as frost. The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side.
100. I hope that one day, I can open my heart and read the Sprite version of the declaration of love to the world. I firmly believe that it will also be a moving story that has touched the ages!

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