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Describe hot humorous sentences

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1. My little friend and I were both stunned.
2. Someone died again today, his name is hot.
3. Rather cry in the air-conditioned room than laugh under the electric fan!
4. It's so hot. Seeing you is more comfortable than digging and eating with a watermelon wrapped in a ticket!
5. The weather is like a joke, and life is like a crap!
6. The hot weather is irritating, and the sudden heavy rain is also irritating. It is irritating to see yourself in the mirror.
7. You said, don't dress so conservatively in such a hot day!
8. I met a stranger on the road, looked at each other, and became acquaintance!
9. In this weather, there is only a pinch of cumin between me and the barbecue, and only one piece of garlic between me and scallops!
10. It's so hot, I can't stop it!
11. Stay decisively in the air-conditioned room and never come out, and then get plenty of water.
12. They all say they have to wait until the fruit is ripe, I really want to be able to unload it sooner! I really can't stand this hot summer! It's too hot!
13. You have to eat a cold dish quickly, or it will become spicy after a while!
14. This weather invites you to go out to eat, it must be a life-and-death relationship, and it must be a lifetime event!
15. In this weather, all anti-Japanese heroes came out to play.
16. The worst summer in the history of knotless vomiting! Are you oily, buddy?
17. Let's stay at home, all the eggs can be fried on the sidewalk.
18. God, you want everyone to know that this summer was contracted by the Mountain of Flames!
19. I can't bear the heat, I feel hot and abnormal, and my heart is upset.
20. I stopped going to water when it was so hot. I wanted to take a bath at the principal's house.
21. My body is about to die in Chongqing, and my soul will be with you.
22. If I die of heat in Chongqing, my brothers remember to come to collect the corpse, it is hard for you, there must be air conditioning in the coffin.
23. To the summer we will die of heat!
24. The most affected by the high temperature is the porcelain industry, which has entered a complete shutdown!
25. The sun in midsummer really looks like it is dipped in pepper water, and there is no shady place on the open street.
26. The weather is as hot as a steamer, and people are turning into buns.
27. Special reminder: Houyi can't come out to shoot the sun on time because he comes home to hug the child. Please be prepared for the summer heat.
28. It is braised in bed, teppanyaki with a mat, steamed after getting out of bed, grilled when going out, going to the swimming pool to be boiled, being fried on the way back, and going back to home!
29. The hot sun ripped the skin of the earth.
30. The sun in midsummer is really like dipped in pepper water, there is no shady place on the open street.
31. The weather in summer is as hot as a steamer.
32. Although I did nothing, I still sweated.
33. The weather can't stand the heat, and there are Fahrenheit in the shadow of the cactus.
34. The sun is like the boss's fireball, the light is burning, the highway is burnt by the scorching sun, and you step on a string of white smoke.
35. In July, the sun is poisonous, and the sun's beads of sweat roll straight down.
36. The weather is too hot, buy a basket of eggs, and become a chick at home! Buy a mat and turn into an electric blanket when you sleep! I met a stranger on the road, looked at each other, and became acquaintance! Okay.
37. In this weather, all anti-Japanese heroes came out to play.
38. The emperor, the courtiers have a request, you must promise, the courtiers into the cold palace.
39. This mat, you are the spy sent by the electric blanket.
40. I just think that this symbol is very much like a wind blowing over, can make me cooler, so ...
41. I ate a piece of corn and it turned into popcorn in my stomach.
42. The moment when I saw the mosquito flying out of the air-conditioned room, his body smoked and fell to the ground, like a gray machine that was shot by a plane.
43. I just bought some eggs from the supermarket and went home. After a few steps, the chickens came out of the bag. I looked at the eggs in the bag.
44. In July, the sun is poisonous, and the sun's beads of sweat roll straight down.
45. In July, through the blue sky, a sun like a fireball hung, and the clouds seemed to be burned by the sun, and disappeared without a trace.
46. As soon as Mahjong comes to power ...
47. "Where is cool, where to stay" is not a curse, it is definitely the most sincere care and the deepest hidden love.
48. I accidentally dropped a banknote, but before I picked it up, I fell asleep and looked distressed.
49. There is no porcelain on the road. It is said that there is a guy who wants to touch the porcelain. He just lay down and jumped up faster than the rabbit.
50. Those beggars who are kneeling and writing chalk are lying down pretending to be sick.
51. Girls, marry a guy who has an air conditioner at home.
52. Lu Yu met a coin and thought about it for a long time without picking it up because I was afraid of burns.
53. Everyone is an "acquaintance".
54. I often walk on the street, but I ca n’t get wet.
55. I just saw a person walking in the sun and slowly disappeared. A guy from the physics department next to me said that it was sublimated.
56. One foreign student said, "Why not take a vacation? Xi'an is too hot, I want to go back to Africa."
57. Teppanyaki feeling.
58. The age of science and technology in which tap water can cook instant noodles is finally here.
59. Someone in our school fell on the playground and was classified as a burn by the hospital.
60. If I haven't contacted you for a long time, you don't need to worry about my disappearance, I just died of heat in the summer.

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