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SMS, tickle funny jokes

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1. The butterfly complains about the bee, the belly is not small, and there are so many sweet words inside, just don't tell me, irritating! The bee complains about the butterfly, the strange flower that is worn, and the two antennas on the head are so long, it just doesn't send me a message, annoying!
2. Love reminder, Seven Commandments After Meal: One quit smoking, two precepts eat fruit immediately, three precepts relax, four precepts immediately drink tea, five precepts walk in white steps, six precepts take a bath immediately, and seven precepts immediately go to sleep! Eight precepts: you remember Lived?
3. I heard that a toad jumped out of Taihu Lake today and was killed by a car. I have been very worried after hearing it. I will text you immediately. If you are still alive, please reply to me!
4. Since these days, I have always wanted to say three words to you, but I am afraid that even ordinary friends can't do it, but I can't control it, I still want to say: Borrow some money!
5.Thank you for watching the flowers with me in the spring, watching the sunset with me in the summer, watching the fallen leaves with me in the autumn, and watching the snow with me in the winter. Without you, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, I really thank you ... glasses!
6. Your body is always so slender, your agility is always so agile, your life is always leisurely, and you spend all day playing in the mountains of Mingchuan. The food you eat is all natural and pollution-free green food. Alas, when The monkey is so nice!
7. You are the sun in my heart, but it ’s raining; you are the moon in my dreams, but the cloud is covering it; you are the most beautiful flower in my heart, but it ’s a pity that has bloomed; you are Chang'e in the sky, and it ’s a pity Face hits the ground first!
8. Thinking of you has a warm feeling; seeing you is a painful expectation; loving you is my lifelong pursuit; dreaming of you is my permanent feelings. In fact, hitting you is where my happiness lies!
9. You are really a genius-born stupid, graduated from Harvard-Harbin Institute of Buddhism, and looks good-it is really not your fault to look like this.
10. I used to think that there was a better one, and I found out over and over again that the best is around you, just like you. Appeared to you at first, not right, but as time passed, I realized that you are the best ... bully!
11. I am determined to do a big thing for the people of the country: repair the Everest to the elevator, tile the Great Wall and reverse the gear for the plane; do a little thing: wear gloves for flies and masks for mosquitoes to feed you some pig feed.
12. Give you a gift with the heaviest feces since you have feces. You will definitely eat a pound and eat more. If you feel that the feces are not enough, please help yourself.
13. I know that I need you so much that I will carefully put you in my heart every day and let you caress my body and feel my body. I do n’t think I ca n’t live without you for a moment ... I love you, plain water.
14. That day, you slashed a pig with a knife, and the pig escaped into a dead end, and only listened to the pig kneeling and begging you for mercy: "It was born from the same root, so it is too urgent to fry!"
15. The beggar took the monkey to beg along the street. He told the monkey to laugh and laugh, and told the monkey to cry and cry, and told the monkey to slap it.
16. When you meet a dog on the road, don't panic. Fight with it bravely, there will be only three results: one is that you win, you are better than the dog; the other is that you lose, you even the dog Not as good; the third is that you are tied, you are the same as the dog.
17. Don't think that you can settle if you build a city; don't think you can harvest by sowing seeds; don't think that reaching the top is conquest; don't think that I forget you. When it matters, such as today, the first thing I think of is you.
18. Welcome to the beauty call station, please press for local girls, press for eastern girls, press for western girls, press for homosexuals ... Welcome to you, comrades! ... Today is April Fool's Day!
19. You are kind like a cat, you are faithful like a dog, you are cute like a bird, you know how to look like a horse, you are excellent like a butterfly, you are hardworking like a bee, you are like everything, and no wonder everyone calls you -Beasts.
20. Please don't look down anymore, turn it off, there is nothing really good, please, really want to watch? No regrets? Well, this is what you asked for-you are a pig!
21. For so many years, do you know how hard it is for me to find you? I have traveled the world to find a face like you. This is my business card. Welcome to my plastic surgery hospital at any time! People expert.
22. Hey, most people now use the keyboard instead of the pen. There is a strange thing when typing on the practical keyboard. When you do n’t believe typing, you can see that there will be a pig hand on your keyboard! Happy April Fools' Day!
23. The new four silly people: love can't be hung up, those who are not sick or ill take medicine, find the lady who got sick, and smirk after reading the text message!
24. The other day you participated in the game and saw you take a volley shot. The goalkeeper hasn't responded yet. The ball scored! We all applaud and cheer for you. You get up, pat your hips and say: Damn, the ground is too slippery!
25. The phone beeps once, which means I miss you; twice, I miss you so much! Three times, miss you so much! Four beeps, I miss you so much; five beeps-demo, it's time to answer the phone!
26. When you travel to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, you encounter a group of wild boars on the way. The passengers all took out food, money, and the wild boars were unmoved. You took out the only identity card, and the pigs knelt and wept bitterly: Boss, we can find is you!
27. You are a person with a lot of heart, and often have fun with it. You ca n’t afford to have hundreds of millions of dollars in your family. You have to give up all year round, look for prey, you need to ask more, and if you do n’t change your nature, you are not a good person.
28. Does it feel itchy? That means I miss your caress; does your lips itch? That means I miss your hot kiss; does it tickle on your body ... that means you're dirty and dead, don't go to the shower yet!
29. You are hard-working like a bee, beautiful like a butterfly, loyal like a puppy, well-behaved like a kitten, sturdy like an old cow, mighty like a tiger, no wonder everyone calls you ... beast!
30. Last night my friends thought countlessly, and thought about it. Only you were the coolest. I dreamed of you in your dreams, and you looked back. You were thrown into the depths of the donkey shed, cruel! cruel! After reading the information, I am angry!
31. I ca n’t eat in the morning, because I miss you, I ca n’t eat in the noon, because I miss you more, I ca n’t eat in the night, because I miss you crazy, I ca n’t sleep at night, because ... I ’m hungry .
32. I heard that your mobile phone doesn't have SMS function, so send this SMS to test. If you receive, it is confirmed that there is a text message function and it is my text message, please reply to me: I have it, it is yours!
33. Who has no shit in ancient times and who does not use paper for defecation? If you do n’t use toilet paper, you have to use your fingers!
34. It ’s just a gust of wind, it ’s so eternal; it ’s a dream, it ’s so real; you bow your head, but I ca n’t calm down, and I ca n’t help but say, “Fart first!”
35. If there is no wind, the cloud will not move; if there is no water, the fish cannot swim; if there is no sun, the moon will not have light; if you do not ... stupid people will not exist.
36. I'm really sorry, I just talked to you casually. It ’s definitely good to eat donkey meat hot pot when it's cold. I didn't expect you to yell at me angrily: why my brother offended you, you must put him into the hot pot That's my brother.
37. I am a lonely tree that has stood by the road for thousands of years, waiting lonely, only one day when you walk past me, I will dump it for you, and if you can't crush it, you will be alive.
38. On the rivers and lakes, you know that you have high martial arts skills, but you ca n’t be proud. There are swords in people, there are people in swords, and swords are united. Swordman! Swordman!
39. Look at you, American head, French waist, Indian nose, Hong Kong feet, people are not people, ghosts are not ghosts, only one head, two legs, you look at you, still grinning at the text message!
40. The red sun and blue sky, the peasants want to watch a three-level film, rushed into the cinema excitedly, shouting in anger shook the sky. The village chief came to ask what was happening. The farmer said, "The person who reads the text message does not star, and we don't give money to kill him."
41. Will you be free tomorrow afternoon? I want to find you. Will you pick me up at the station? But I'm afraid that many people don't recognize me. You make your head explode, hold the stick in your right hand, and contact me with a porcelain bowl in your left hand. The connector code: OK, OK!
42. I dreamed of you. You used Baiyun to make clothes, borrowed wings from the bird, inserted a broom behind the butt, and then the sword generally had to fly to me, telling me affectionately: Do you know? The birdman looks like this.
43. When you pick up the mirror and look at your round face, high nose, charming eyes, sexy mouth, blessed ears, you will sigh loudly ---- pig!
44. The various aquariums wished the old dragon king a birthday, and during the dinner, the tortoise and turtles took one from his arms, looked at it, and then put it back. The Dragon King was busy asking: What's wrong with the turtle? Shrimp soldiers and crabs will answer quickly: Pharaoh Ba has received text messages again.
45. You are very creative, it is your courage to live, and ugliness is not your original intention. Without you, who can set off the beauty of the world!
46. After the tiger read the Three Kingdoms, he went to catch wild boars. When he saw that there was no pig in the pig's nest, he felt his beard and said, "An empty city plan!" Turn around and see a dead pig on the beast clip, startled: bitter scheme! Suddenly I saw you again, and I was overjoyed: Oh, there are beautiful people!
47. Toad is pursuing a swan, and the swan says disdainly: If you grow up like this, you will die! Toad dissatisfied: what about the pig? The pig heard it and felt wronged: whoever provokes me, I just read the text message!
48. There is a kind of thought called soul-wandering dreams, a kind of love called white-headed to old, a kind of beauty called Huarongyueyue, a kind of agreement called Tianhuangdi old, and a kind of greeting called piggy.
49. A woman is talented without talent. I must be too lacking in virtue.
50. I also do n’t want to be alone, I also want to have it. Walking on the street for a while, handsome men and women holding hands, but I hold my left hand and right hand, now I have no other choice, I just want to go out with you, and I am afraid of friends Would say: Do n’t leave the dog alone.
51. During a military exercise, a cannonball deviated far away. I was sent to inspect it and found that the cannonball exploded in the farmland. You are standing there, with dark clothes and dark eyes, tears in your eyes, and said to me: Stealing a cabbage can make you bombard. Well!
52. I miss the days when we walked together. The spring was bright and the birds were fragrant. The folks all praise you for being so pretty and lovely. The folks also praised me for being smart and capable, so I came out to put pigs at such a young age.
53. When you are personally lonely, watermelon may be your best vent. You can cut it with a knife, cut it, chop it, chop it, and at the same time you can shout loudly: I kill melon, I kill melon, me Kill melon!
54. Many nights, you gently cling to my body, touch my delicate place with my slim hand, and suck my precious body fluids, and then I will open my mouth. Ugh! This damn mosquito!
55. You are light as the wind, you are gentle as the water, you are misty, you are romantic as the moon, you are as warm as the sun, you are as forgiving as the sea, you are as healthy as a cow, you are as long as a turtle, you are as cute as a rabbit, in a word : You don't look like a human.
56. If there is no wind, the cloud will not move; if there is no water, the fish will not swim; if there is no sun, the moon will not have light; if you do not ... stupid people will not exist.
57. The furniture is made of wood, the poetry is the talent, the public thinks about money, the talents are trained, the woman wants the body, the genius sends a message, and the stupid person is watching a text message.
58. People are so tired alive, standing straight and wanting to sleep, they have to wait in line to get in the car, have no scent to eat, drink easily and get drunk. Happy April Fools' Day!
59. Are you working again? I have told you more than once that you don't have to work so hard, and you have to pay attention to your body. But you always say something meaningful: instead of rolling a few extra dung balls while the weather is warm, what do I eat in winter?
60. In the hot summer, I am happy when I think of you, I am happy when I see you, I am happy as soon as I am close to you, I take you in my hand, and I ca n’t wait to bite it. It ’s really cool. !! I love you, popsicles!
61. Dear, I'm really sorry. Since we kissed romantically last night, you licked a half of bean sprouts from my mouth, and I have remembered that I must brush my teeth after a meal!
62. Seeing you in the street, you are with a person, I can see at a glance that he is not a good person, he keeps beating your ass behind you. I said angrily to him: Stop the donkey, stop!
63. One of the most typical joking activities on April Fool's Day: Throw a thin-lined purse on the street, pull the line by yourself in the dark, and once someone picks up the wallet, suddenly pull it away!
64. People are so tired to live! Standing and thinking about sleeping, I had to wait in line to get in the car, I was really guilty of unrequited love, eating without scent, drinking easily, getting tired from work, not robbing, paying taxes on making money, and charging texting silly pigs.
65. Your happiness, I will give; Your confusion, I will make up; Your covetousness, I will satisfy; Your willfulness, I will make concessions; Who loves you most, it is me; Who makes me a pig Professional households!
66. Shanghai United: The wind is blowing and the rain is falling. I am waiting for your call back. Downlink: Live for you, die for you, and wait for you forever. Horizontal batch: The wrong person.
67. I have a poem. Few people in the world know it. Fools read this poem, they know it, but they do n’t know it. You are a fool.
68. You are standing in the crowd, blowing long hair by the soft wind, like the most beautiful melody in the world, echoing in my heart for a long time, I want to say: Your wig is about to fall ... Today is April Fool's Day.
69. There is a kind of tacit understanding called tacit understanding, a feeling called wonderful, a kind of thinking called eager to wear, and an idiot who will finish reading the text message!
70. I seem to see you happily rushing at me, putting my head in my arms ... really! I'm so happy. Not ready to send you a birthday cake! Are you so happy? Waving barking at me.
71. Pig hunting notice: I lost a purebred white pig. Features: Smart, smart, understanding, bring a mobile phone with him and check the text messages. After reading the message, I love pigs and quickly return the message to the owner! The host misses you now!
72. Cry, silly, aren't you happy days? I warned you early, don't be greedy or sleepy, but you just don't listen. You should remember now that the pigs will be out of the market when they reach a certain weight.
73. Frankly, I like you very much, your eyes, walking posture, happy expression, cuteness and even the way you sleep, I'm all fascinated! But the thing that makes me most angry is that you don't catch mice, and you're getting old.
74. In the dark night, a tiger throws you down, but why doesn't it eat you? Because this tiger is a Muslim and does not eat pork!
75. In the late autumn, I met melancholy you on the street, looking at your lonely background and helpless eyes ... I could no longer hold my inner excitement, rushed to catch your hand, and said, friend, you step on shit Already.
76. People talk and fall in love, it is not unusual; cows eat green grass, not surprising; pigs press the phone, it is magical, pigs are pigs, they still press! What a stupid pig!
77. This information is pure harassment information! WARNING Go to sleep before you sleep, just turn over and continue to sleep. After a long sleep, get up and go to the toilet and then sleep. I really do n’t want to sleep. I picked up my mobile phone to disturb me and wanted to sleep!
78. When the horse and the pig meet the tiger, they turn around and run, the pig runs slowly, and the horse shouts: stupid pig! How fast does your phone hold in your hand! Hurry! Happy April Fools' Day!
79. Because of you, I believe in destiny; because of you, I believe in fate; maybe all of this is doomed to heaven, pulling us in the midst of meditation. Really want to say ... What sin did I do in my life!
80. You practice in a psychiatric hospital. Suddenly a neurotic patient chases after you with a kitchen knife. You turn your head and run until you reach a dead end. I thought this was over. The patient said: Give you a knife. Me. Happy April Fools' Day!
81. I sent you this text message for a dime to tell you that I am not a distressed person. For example, this dime text message is my birthday gift for you. Don't forget to invite me to dinner at night. Happy April Fools' Day!
82. Forward this short message, you will get rich luck; forward it, you will go official; forward time, you will go peach blossom; forward, you will spend yuan!
83. Special news: The mobile phone endurance competition, from the instant, the switch will automatically start timing and continuously report the weather forecast. The user who has been continuously on for the longest time will get free talk time minutes.
84. Dear user, because you confirmed this message, it infected April Fool's Day bacteria. Please look at the palm of your hand carefully. If there are black spots, it means that you have been infected by bacteria. You need to rinse with gasoline to kill the bacteria. Remember, remember!
85. The wind lifts your long hair, you look more chic! The waves slap on your feet, you look more immaculate! You are facing the rising sun in the east, just like a wave of waves! It's hard for an acquaintance to see that you are a fool!
86. Dear User, Hello! Because your mobile phone is ugly in appearance and outdated, it has seriously affected the appearance of the city and hindered the development of the communication business. This station decided to send a signal to destroy the mobile phone after a few minutes!
87. If it is a mistake to look beautiful, I have made a big mistake; if smart is a sin, I have committed a heinous sin, it is really difficult to be a man! But you're all right, neither wrong nor guilty, I really envy you!
88. The appearance of Xi Shi, sinking fish and flying geese, closing the moon and shame the flowers; Yang Guifei looked back and smiled, and Liugong Pink Dai had no color; although you are not as powerful as them, but as long as you wink, you can still scare the thief away.
89. Are you lonely? If so, then you buy a rope and a stick to tie the rope to the stick, and when the wind blows, go to the top of the building and swing the stick. When someone asks you what to do, you say: I'm convulsing.
90. Head radish, body like watermelon, face like banana, sour like hawthorn. With the growth is all mud, guess who came. ——It turned out to be you big fool.
91. I don't know when to clean up those silly people who look ugly! Hurry up and tidy up and avoid it. Do n’t tell others that I sue you or thank me!
92. Yesterday someone said that you were a pig. For you, I fought with him and fucked. How can I say what other people are because of what the parents are like? Are you right?
93. I have known you for so long. You have always cared about me. I really do n’t know how to repay you. I will be a cow and a horse in my next life.
94. In my eyes, you always look carefree, you always eat with pleasure, and you always fall asleep when you sleep ... I envy you, oh! Sometimes think about it, it's good to be a pig like you!
95. You don't look good enough. Your nose looks like old fritters; your eyes look like red peppers; your eyebrows look like two knives;
96. Yesterday someone saw you. You were still so charming. You wore a plaid vest and walked slowly. It was so detached and so cute. I really do n’t know how you raced the rabbit.
97. You are happy because I am happy, I am happy because you are happy, I am sad because you are thin, I am thin because you are sick, I laugh because you are strong, I am rich because I sold you-pig !!
98. I almost forgot what day it is. I wouldn't have noticed it without thinking of you. Days pass day by day, today is your good day, you must not forget, today is your holiday, I wish you a happy April Fool's Day!
99. If you must compare with pigs, I think you have at least two differences from it: First, you can eat more than it. Second, it is smarter than you.
100. I think I have known you for so long. You are a special, extreme, very, rare, stupid person who is different from you, and cute, silly, hee, don't get angry! Happy April Fools' Day!

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