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1. I want to tell you one thing. Don't tell anyone. I heard that people in the city have been hitting dogs recently. I wonder if your master has hit you recently? The old master misses you!
2. Attention, I will give you the summer air-conditioning power-saving strategy. My friends have told me: the first step is to find the power supply of the air conditioner; the second step is to unplug the power supply; the third step is to check the effect and see, The meter is slowing down.
3. Your sexy little back really makes me want to be intrigued ... round and smooth, I really want to come forward ... treat you as your own, but not! The fragrant roast duck, before the guests arrive, I can't use chopsticks!
4. The fireflies are called a shining in the night, the standing chickens are prominent, the horses are outstanding in a donkey, the pig eight rings are handsome in a pigpen, and you and the orangutan are called ... handsome!
5. There is a kind of tacit understanding called tacit understanding, there is a feeling called incredible, there is a kind of thinking called eager to wear, and an idiot will finish reading the text message!
6. The flowers in spring are gorgeous, that is your bright smile; the sun is hot in summer, that is your passion; the fruits of autumn are your harvest; the wind in winter is blowing, little green baby, you should Hibernate!
7. Bathed in the breeze, you are chic and relaxed; bathed in the sun, your Yushu is near the wind; you have a strong taste, chicken, duck and fish all need your control, you are a hero in the kitchen! I can't live without you, shallots!
8. Learn Chinese to send text messages; learn mathematics to count banknotes; learn English to pretend western style; learn physics to create atomic bombs; learn fine art to draw like you without looking at the pictures of the second brother!
9. It was late at night and I was walking alone in the alley. Suddenly I felt so lonely, so lonely, and scared. I was thinking of you eagerly, thinking of you, looking forward to you, how good it would be if you were by my side. I I really need you-a flashlight!
10. I remember that I really lost my heart that time, turning my head to leave, and behind you came the cry of helplessness and heartbreaking shouts. Suddenly I felt how much I needed you. I turned around and hugged you tightly: "I really don't sell this pig!"
11. I really want to go to the sea with you, but never go; I really want to go hiking with you, but I didn't go because of the lack; I really want to wander with you, but I met the police, saying: shopping is not allowed!
12. The night is beautiful tonight, I really want to share it with you, and I want to take you to appreciate it ... But I'm afraid that others will look at us with a different eye. After all, it ’s hard to get someone's attention out of the house at night. !!
13. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing gently, the willows are shaking the branches affectionately, the peach blossom is spitting the charming fragrance, the stream is singing a cheerful song, a picture of spring, I want to say ... work hard, Here comes the boss!
14. In the summer night, you lightly penetrated into my mosquito net, stroked my arm, kissed my face, and I was tickled by your whole body. Pull the light on, hold your two long legs, damn mosquito! I'll let you meet King Yan!
15. I know you like me, but I really do n’t like you. Although you already have my flesh in your stomach, please do n’t bother me any more, otherwise I ’ll be polite to you, you a dead mosquito !!
16. It's hard to forget the feeling of holding you in the palm of your hand, it's hard to forget the slightest heartbeat when kissing you, it's hard to forget your unique taste, let me suck you hard again-cigarette.
17. Bajie Huazhai has not returned. On this day, a person who resembled Bajie came from a distance. Goku said that it might be a fairy. Tang Seng said: Send a text message and try. The answer is Bajie. If not, it is a fairy!
18. On the summer weekend, the hot summer is hot and the sun is burning. I miss you very much. When I think of you, I feel hot, and when I feel hot, I want to meet you, and I can't wait to throw it into your arms ... my dear swimming pool!
19. Please touch your little red face first, then touch your little belly! it is good! This concludes the pig knowledge lecture. See you tomorrow!
20. I heard that day you put on a broken sack and took strange steps; was caught as a thief and brought you a dog tag?
21. What a weird thing? Just dialed your mobile phone, and the prompt tone replied: The other party is streaking. Afraid to hear wrong! Dialed in the past again, at this time the prompt tone replied: Sorry, the dialed user has run out of the earth.
22. For you, I made a lot of preparations, ran a special trip to the supermarket, and bought many things you need. This is all right, everything is available, your duck can finally go to the pot.
23. Do you really want to know what I like about you? But I really dare not say it, but I have to say it. I just like you staying away from me.
24. I would like to be by your side, can you sleep well? Are you full? Will it be cold at night? I know you never take care of yourself. Every time I walk away, you will jump out of the pig pen!
25. I've always wanted to say three words to you, but you know its weight, and I'm afraid that once we say it, we won't even have to do it with friends. But I can't control my feelings and I have the courage to say to you: You are a pig.
26. The five internal organs are five elements, the liver is wood, the heart is fire, the lungs are gold, the kidneys are water, and the spleen is soil. Let me count it for you. It turns out that your five elements lack fire and gold. No wonder you haven't invited me to eat for so long. It turns out you have no heart or lungs!
27. Ever since I saw you for the first time, I have been deeply attracted to you. Your behavior and behavior have made me want to look at you more. Now I ca n’t help but think Say to you: You are just a puppy who can walk on two legs.
28. After cleaning the toilet well, in order to thank me, the toilet asks me if there are any wishes that can help me realize, I said: I hope you help me take care of this pig who is watching SMS! I hope he is happy every time he poops!
29. You are the eighth stranger in Jiangnan. If you do n’t go home, you will always be outside. If you do n’t drink, you will always eat. If you do n’t love, you will always have sex. Take the fetters.
30. The day before yesterday I sent you home, walked to a luxurious building, and you watched me affectionately, and you went back. I looked at your back for a long time and saw four words written on it: mental hospital.
31. I just heard that you have been trafficked and really scared me. Although you were demented since childhood, it is not harmful to society. Who is so bold and dares to sell you? I am really worried for him. .
32. I really miss you a lot, I really want to meet with you, just look at you like this, but I really don't want to ... I'm in a mess-every time I see you, my heart beats, The results of the psychiatric hospital examination came out, you are really mentally disabled!
33. The boar was killed immediately, just listening to the owner ’s pleading cry: It does n’t matter to kill me, just ask you not to let my wife see, do n’t make her sad, do n’t disturb her, just let it play her cell phone there.
34. Four little pigs sat on the ground and suddenly one less. The little pig was there and turned out to be reading a short message.
35. You did a great job and the organization decided to reward you. You sit at the table with a medal around your neck, and you are unmoved in the face of the rich banquet. I wonder, but I see you flying up and rushing at a thing, and take a closer look: a bone.
36. I've always wanted to see you, but I can't meet you because of busy schedules. I finally have time today. So I made a special visit to the kennel to see you.
37. Did you know that Toad confessed to the swan today, the swan said: Whoever grows up like you might as well die! Toad is not convinced: the pig next door is still alive! The dude said depressively: I was just reading a text message, and I was shot again?
38. The domestic pigs are domestic pigs, and the wild boars are born in the mountains. The stupid pigs read this information. If the stupid pig is laughing, the fat pig is angry, and the dead pigs who ignore me are not responding Not even a pig.
39. Popular mice love rice recently, which reminds me of you. Your tender, skinless skin, and your fragile little body really make me worry and emboldened: Damn rice bug! Don't come to the rice that harms my family!
40. The moonlight tonight is really beautiful and I really want to walk on the street with you. I really like the feeling of walking side by side with you ... but I am afraid that others will look at me with a different eye, after all Take the lead to take the pig to the street at night, it is easy to be noticed!
41. Rats love rice all the time, which reminds me of you involuntarily. Your skinless skin, your fragile body, really make me worry: Damn bug! Don't come again to harm the rice in my house!
42. I miss you so much, when will I see you? You want me to be unable to sleep at night, tossing and turning around, hard to fall asleep, can't sleep at night. Should I repay my money?
43. In my eyes, you have been carefree, eating so sweet and sweet, and soothing when sleeping. Sometimes I feel: I really envy your puppy life!
44. You are very creative. It is your courage to live. Ugliness is not your original intention. It is God who loses his temper and lives. Without you, who will set off the beauty of the world!
45. You and I walk quietly on the path in your hometown, and you bow your head shyly. When the folks met, I said: Good boy, dressed up clean and beautiful, but unfortunately he came out to put pigs at such a young age!
46. Self-feeling down, self-feeling humorous, self-feeling charming looking down, self-feeling smart down, well, it's shameless.
47. Everyone noticed that the intelligence competition: the players are elephants, pigs and you. The results of the game have come out: the first is that elephants are better than pigs, and you are better than elephants. The final ranking is: You are like a pig. Okay, come on applause!
48. With you, I believe in the arrangement of destiny; with you, I believe in the fate of fate; maybe all this is pulling you and me in the midst of meditation. I really want to say angrily: how much I owed you in my last life!
49. Say you are a phoenix, I say you are a crow; you say you are a rose, I say you are? ] Toad; you say you are a lively deer, and I say you are a naughty pig!
50. You are so cute-poor no one loves; you look really good-it really isn't your fault to look like this; you are a genius-a born stupid person;
51. Early in the morning, you approached my bed gently and kissed my face affectionately. Your deep eyes always stared at me. I ca n’t refuse you— "dog, take you for a walk" .
52. You always say that I am not prosperous, I ca n’t make two farts with one stick, I ca n’t pull the shit and complain about the earth ’s gravity, which makes you dissatisfied, but I also have fun. Iron! !! !!
53. Warm reminder: the weather changes, dress carefully! Light rain is I miss you, showers are unmoving, windy is giving away my heart, cloudy days are very memorable, sunny days are not separated, cloudy is a surprise! If it snows, you are not awake!
54. Since the day I lost contact with you, I have been concerned about you every day, looking for your whereabouts. Maybe you do n’t know how worried I am, but I still wo n’t give up, because-pork prices have risen, and you have appreciated La!
55. Yesterday I saw on the Internet that the model of mobile phone you used was particularly radiant and it scared me. I just wanted to notify you and saw that it doesn't work for people with less than IQ. I'm just assured. Don't worry, Keep using it.
56. Let's go back to childhood today. Let's play lost handkerchiefs and sandbags together. I don't believe it. I can't turn your head into a yurt with all my strength.
57. I really apologize for disturbing you so late, I just want to ask: have you slept?
58. I did n’t bring any paper with me in the toilet. I was going to call someone to send it. I took out my mobile phone and saw. Er, no signal. Who built the toilet! Impressed.
59. Do you want to stand out? Do you want to get rich? Do you want Guangzong Yaozu? Do you want to be rich and rich? Do you want to get promoted and make a fortune? Don't think about it, just wash and sleep, you have to work tomorrow!
60. I heard that you have changed recently. Quit smoking, drinking, gambling, or sex, or greed, or annoyance, or work or love, so people call you Bajie.
61. Looking at the cloudless sky, listening to the sound of the flowing water of the stream, the grass around is gently swaying with the wind, how beautiful nature is, unfortunately the air is polluted by a fart you just put It's up!
62. Remember that night, you dreamed that you have a pair of wings that you can fly to fly, I fluttered the wings gently and came to you gently — and then kicked you and said: Do n’t dream It's fool!
63. Thank you for watching the flowers with me in the spring, watching the sunset with me in the summer, watching the leaves with me in the autumn, and watching the snow with me in the winter. Without you, even the most beautiful scenery is blurred, really thank you ... glasses!
64. A kind of love and a fascination form my fiery love for you; every bit of life is trivial, and I have to rely on you tightly; no matter whether it is wind or rain or ups and downs, I have no fear in life. I really need you, money!
65. What's so good about you? You really are different! Give some sunshine, you will be brilliant; give some happiness, you will be romantic; give some praise, you will be fart; give some praise, you will be beautiful; give some praise, you will be crazy.
66. Did you know? We have known each other a long time ago. You followed me tightly, pressed me against your face, sniffed me with your nose, and bite me tenderly with your mouth ... At that time, my name was Lu Dongbin.
67. You have high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and low positions. The conference did not speak, the small meeting did not speak, and the prostate was inflamed. The achievements are not outstanding, the performance is not outstanding, and the waist is outstanding.
68. Is your Mandarin standard? Please read with me: Wangwang Wangwang, Wangwang Wangwang, Wanwang forget, Wangwang Wangwang. Well, don't bark your dog, eat bones!
69. A monotonous busy life day after day can sometimes make people forget their existence. At this time, you can easily find yourself by just holding a hammer on your thumb and smashing your thumb.
70. I really like your big ears, wide face, thick lips and black eyes. Your singing is wonderful, and the lyrics are always in a tune--humming-humming. You are my pet pig!
71. You are born with a twisted head, your face is black and five fingers are missing, two leaves of vegetables cover your face, rivers and lakes are flying over the eaves, and the chickens and dogs are called, and the beautiful woman sees dumbfounded eyes. Believed that the beggar helped the boss and lived in a mental hospital.
72. One day a mantis flaunted to an ant and said: Look how handsome I have two knives. The ant was about to talk. At this time, a chicken came over and ate the praying mantis. When the ant saw it, he shook his head and said, "I don't know if it is being severely hit now?" Dare to run around the street with a knife.
73. If the miss is a plume of smoke, let the wind blow to you, let you know how much I miss you; if the concern is a drop of rain, let the heavy rain rise above your head, let you know how much I miss you; cold Right?
74. The latest fitness method: stand on one leg, head sideways, stand one leg bent, and then quickly straighten to make the body off the ground and do free fall. At the same time hit the head with one hand, the stagnant water in the brain will flow out of the ears, do see!
75. The master catches a cold, just read a sutra; the big brother catches a cold, just do some somersault; I have a cold, just dance back to the shovel; you have a cold, do n’t go out. Second brother, when you catch a cold, you are worried about the world.
76. Do you know? I'm in a hurry to look for you everywhere, and there's amazing good news to tell you: your mother asked me to let me save you a few hundred million, and I will save it for you in person! I went to see you with money that day and saw that you were sleeping very sweetly. I couldn't bear to wake you up! A litter of piglets is your most beautiful! what! Pig you happy holidays!
77. Confucius said, "I want to be stupid, but stupid." So I asked Confucius, does this mean that I want to fool people? Confucius said: "NO". Do you want to know what it means? Stupid! I flicker you, how could Confucius know me! Confucius can't speak English anymore! Haha, I wish you a Happy April Fool's Day!
78. Ask yourself tens of times, why I have always missed you recently, remembering you, and always dreaming of you, the image is always for you, and the message is for you, I'm sorry to remind you, and take the courage to ask you: when do you invite me to dinner Yeah?
79. New Year is here, there are four words to tell you, although a little embarrassed, but this is not a time to be shy. I wo n’t regret it if I do n’t say it.
80. Looking at your body that is getting thinner and thinner every day, I ca n’t bear to eat and sleep, I beg you, do n’t lose weight anymore, if you continue to lose weight like this, others will think I ... I ’ll feed you Clenbuterol!
81. Buddy, I went to the show yesterday and found that an actor looks exactly like you, so I asked the staff: Who is the actor who looks like my buddy? The staff member said: That is ... an orangutan bought from Africa.
82. In my mind, you are like "a lot of fish". You know, I like a lot of fish the most. Not only does it taste good, but it's also because of you—it's really "excessive"! Ha, kidding, miss you, call back!
83. You have a kind heart, and you will selflessly help everyone in the world who needs help. Everyone says that you are an angel who came to heaven to help others, but unfortunately, your face touched the ground first!
84. Do you think you can hide and I can't find you? Useless, no matter where you are, there is always an aura that attracts the attention of others, and you are not unaware that if you do n’t take a bath for so long, it will be great!
85. You have always wanted to cross back to ancient times as the emperor, and finally there is a master casting spells to help you go back, you are happy, you take a picture, mother, master spells are too powerful, go back to the ape The time is up!
86. After watching the story of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl, I did n’t know what it was--love; after seeing the story of Taoyuan Sanjie, I knew what it was--brother; after seeing your photo with the orangutan, I knew what it was -Perfect match!
87. Seeing so many people like you, I also secretly encouraged myself, I must try to pursue you, the moment I approached you, smelling the breath from my body, I finally couldn't help vomiting … Stinky tofu!
88. If time can be still, I hope to stay at your happiest moment. If time can go backwards, I hope to return to the time of you and my children, and live a worry-free day. I can see your full face, snot every day!
89. I really do n’t understand why you always try to stand in a place where there is light every night. Later I was reminded to understand that it turned out that you wanted to be a night pig!
90. The rain in the sky seems to be laughing at my fool, why are you so selfish and ruthless to make me empty love, and exhausted your mind to write poems full of sadness, who knows, I saw pig heads and idiots staring at mobile phones to read this poem.
91. If there is no company of flowers, spring will be lonely; if there is no change of seasons, life will be dull; if you are not blocked by me, you will have flesh and blood; if you are not beautiful, I will accompany the vegetarian dishes! Pig you happy holidays!
92. You drag, you drag, most of the time when others don't exist, they just go everywhere to bask all day long, and don't be afraid to scare others, don't think you look handsome, in fact, you are just Marshal Tianpeng!
93. That summer afternoon, I took you into the blue screen. The sun was shining high, the breeze lifted my shirt, and we had a wonderful afternoon together: you look down and eat grass, I read villain books!
94. It is said that the cat sleeps for ten hours a day, plays for four hours by himself, stays alone for four hours, is teased for four hours, eats and drinks for one hour, and reads text messages in the last hour. Don't believe it? You see the cat is watching the text message again.
95. It is said that men and women do not like to see each other for less than a second; they have a good opinion for seeing a second; they see each other in secret; they look at each other for a deep affection; and I, I see you as a second, I ... I want to vomit!
96. After I read the quotations, and visited Chinese and foreign psychologists, naturalists, physicists, etc. Combined with my experiments, I finally found a way to avoid the summer heat, which is: stay cool Go!
97. Someone said to me, you can't do anything except to eat. I kicked him fiercely, and actually vilified you so much. I don't know others, don't you or me? Besides eating, you will at least sleep, run and pull!
98. You are not sneer, but you are coquettish; your mouth is not sweet, but flattering; you love to be diligent, but you have no wrongdoing; you are born with the ability to watch, you see your eyes widened, this one Bones reward you.
99. The night is deep. I wake up from my dream. On the grass in the suburbs, when you slowly approach me, my heart is beating unceasingly. It all came so suddenly that I was overwhelmed. …mouse!
100. Huaguoshan was developed into a tourist area. Master Tang Seng also married Baigujing. I sold the golden hoop sticks without food and everything happened. I really miss the days when we learned the scriptures together. Brother Er, how are you doing?

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