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1. Your love rival and the person who once betrayed you fell into the river at the same time, and they can't swim. Do you choose to go bundi or go to KTV?
2. I was on the side of the road and saw a penny. I was about to bend over to pick it up. It turned out to be sputum.
3. No one in this world can't live without anyone. Even a fish can be grilled and eaten without water.
4. Dig your own pit and jump, you ca n’t climb up and laugh, your life is occasionally smart and most of the time you have brain damage.
5. Look at you, you can go to horror movies without makeup.
6. Don't say that you have nothing to do, stay up all night playing with your mobile phone is a good hand.
7. Speaking of the advantages of my boyfriend, there are five words in summary: I will pick a girlfriend.
8. When I emphasized being a low-key person, you have to give me applause and scream.
9. Be sure to remember that those who accompany you to talk late at night, because of them, make you stay up all night and cause dark circles and so bad skin.
10. When in love, let your boyfriend be everywhere, let him cook, let him wash the dishes, let him do the laundry, and let him make money. The girls will work harder, responsible for eating, drinking, buying and buying.
11. How to describe your cooking skills, cooking a good kitchen, you may not believe it, it is the pot's first move.
12. Don't worry about things that cannot be solved today. Because it may not be resolved tomorrow.
13. My classmate helped me to make up for three months, and finally, his grades came down.
14. As long as you are thin, you can use everything. If you are fat, you can use everything.
15. I won't show you my sorrow, I'm afraid you can't help laughing.
16. The verbal old driver is a big urge to act. Don't look at some people driving small yellow cars every day, in fact, even girls' hands have not been pulled, such as me.
17. Chinese culture, broad and profound, find out.
18. If you have any friends who know sports cars, please recommend a sports car with 10,000 to 10,000 requirements, good performance, fast start, high horsepower, high comfort, stylish and good-looking, I use it as a mobile wallpaper.
19. Sometimes I feel that I am ugly. I take out my ID card and see that I am worried.
20. Today, a friend sent a message saying that he wanted to borrow some money from me, and I returned to him: don't talk to me below 100,000, and I don't have more than 100,000.
21. When we were young, we often made faces at the mirror; when we were old, the mirror was flattened.
22. I'm not Renminbi, how can I make everyone love me?
23. Three things happen every day. I can't sleep at night, I can't get up in the morning, and regret sleeping too late.
24. When the road saw an uneven roar, he continued to move forward after the roar.
25. To be a mature adult, put Qiuyi in Qiuku and Qiuyi into socks.
26. What's the point of you saying that I play game dishes? I will not delete the game, I will only delete you.
27. That year I left my hometown, leaving no one in the village to drink.
28. A person who looks better may be a biography, a novel, or a prose. And you can only be a paragraph.
29. It's good that you leave, otherwise you are always worried that you will stay and eat.
30. I have been observing you for a long time, after all, I still feel that the earth is not suitable for you. I have a ticket to Mars. Here you go!
31. It's boring. Buy a globe. The world is so big, you can not only look at it, but also go around.
32. In order to figure out why I had insomnia yesterday, I have insomnia again today.
33. What humble words did the Sichuan people say to retain each other?
34. Monday to Friday are the days to betray your soul, and Saturday and Sunday are the days to redeem your soul.
35. I found a problem. I like to talk to people who look good. No wonder I keep talking to myself.
36. When the pants lose their belts, they know what it means to be dependent.
37. I went to college with a sack of money and changed a sack of books; after graduation, I used these books to exchange money, but I couldn't afford a sack
38. Life is sometimes like a computer.
39. Love is like a battery.
40. In addition to love, in addition to love, there are radishes in other people's fields.
41. Some things need not be argued, submissive, and secretly resisted.
42. We all love ourselves too much. Two people who love ourselves too much can't stand together.
43. Lies, after packing, have a better name: vow.
44. People are unhappy because people can be as lazy as pigs, but they cannot be as lazy as pigs.
45. People who have no reference object in their lives are poor; those who choose the wrong reference object are sad.
46. Marriage is the grave of love-without a house, you can't even enter the grave.
47. There is no fate between you and me.
48. Everyone is original when they are born. Sadly, many people have gradually become pirated!
49. The only thing worse in this world than others are talking about is that no one is talking about you.
50. Parents really think I'm lazy and don't want to go out. If you have money, you can't even see my people.
51. Someone told me that there is nothing more complicated than love in this world, and I threw a math book on his face.
52. It is a funny waste in the daytime and a depression monster at night.
53. What is secret crush, secret crush is no radar equipped with anti-aircraft guns, and finally silently locked the enemy aircraft.
54. How can I show you my sorrow, I'm afraid you can't help but turn the field with a smile.
55. Why do people in high society like to do something despicable?
56. You may not know why a commercial is inserted in the middle of the show, because the host and guests go to the toilet.
57. Do you love me, if you love me, put me on a white wedding dress, and then use your crazy hand to wipe it out.
58. The character is just a little bit, remember to save a little bit of flowers, it is shameful to waste.
59. Did you know? That's what sex has to do, and it's individuals who mate. Super classic funny sentences can make people laugh
60. Please don't stare at me with that kind of innocent eyes, will make me especially want to eat dog meat.
61. Hate others is like catching a mouse and burning your own house, but the mouse may not catch it.
62. Think about your own mistakes, and you will slowly forget others' faults.
63. It is not necessarily a good thing that everyone is on one side, for example, they are all on the side of a ship.
64. When we were young, we often made faces at the mirror; when we were old, the mirror was flattened.
65. The world is so imperfect that if you want to get something, you have to lose something.
66. Those who don't like you just don't like it. Don't try to take a branch to go fishing.
67. Please show your dissatisfaction and grievances with compassion and gentleness, and others will easily accept them.
68. You can live like a pig, but you can't feel at ease like a pig.
69. All people are ordinary, and some people are truly ordinary because they know this.
70. Sorry for a while. Time is so precious that no one can waste it.
71. Don't keep dissatisfied with others, you should always review yourself. Ask yourself how you knew this person blindly.
72. The older you grow, the more you realize that emotional stability is a rare quality.
73. When you say sorry, that sentence is very God. For example, when you make a mistake, you say sorry, everything will be fine, but if you never say sorry, things will get bigger and bigger.
74. People who are too careless are not suitable for love and are suitable for shopping.
75. Everyone has the nature of kicking the face on the nose. God gives it all, assholes are used to it.
76. Drunk is never a sin of alcohol, but the degree of affection is too high.
77. Smart people speak because they have something to say. Stupid people speak because they have to say that.
78. You are not introverted, you just don't want to deal with those who are not important.
79. On the road of life, you must be bold and careless. If you lose your temper for a word of someone, or flutter like a fairy, your heart is actually following the words of others. It is foolish to entrust one's happiness to the casual words of others.
80. Wear one more dangerous than one, and look safer than one.
81. If you can't tolerate me, either your mind is too narrow or my personality is too great.
82. The iron pestle can be ground into a needle, but the wooden pestle can only be ground into a toothpick. The materials are wrong, and no effort is needed.
83. I heard that women are like clothes, brothers are like hands and feet. In retrospect, I streak naked for years!
84. I am not a casual person, I am casually not a person.
85. My future is not a dream, my future is a nightmare.
86. Marriage is of course a good thing, addiction is troublesome.
87. Don't say that other people's brains are sick. The premise of a sick brain is to have a brain.
88. Is it okay to not steam steamed buns?
89. Don't be optimistic like a fart, think that you can shake the world.
90. Backgammon lighters, nowhere.
91. Men can't get used to it, the more they get used to the asshole. Women have to be favored, the more favored the more species, or others.
92. I think I'm decadent. I turned it out!
93. My mind is a bit small, but not lacking. I have a good temper, but not not!
94. I once had a pair of wings, but I did n’t use it to soar in the sky, but I stewed it in a pot.
95. Summer is just not good. When I was poor, I did n’t even drink the northwest wind.
96. Now look for Prince Charming, you are out, now look for Prince BMW.
97. Even if someone scolds me for a neurosis, I will raise my head firmly and scornfully say to him, "Are you in a hospital with me?
98. Quit smoking is easy, too difficult to quit you!
99. During the exam, the man who wanted the salted fish to turn over the pot, his grandma didn't expect to stick it.
100. No one in the world can "abandon" you unless you give up on your own. Because we belong to ourselves and not to others.
101. In the past, someone ran around in my space. Within two seconds, he died suddenly.
102. Most people only do three things in their lifetime: self-deception, bullying and being deceived.
103. I don't care how old you are. I want to know, for love, for dreams, for vibrant adventures, are you willing to risk like a fool?
104. The customer is not God, the customer is just fooled.
105. The right path on earth is vicissitudes, don't live too arrogantly.
106. If you are young but not radical, then you are a mindless person, if you are old but not conservative, then you are a mindless person.
107. In today's society, women take pictures of their chests and men take pictures of their cars. Who knows whether the chest is crowded or not?
108. What is your lung capacity? It can blow cow B so big.
109. A momentary impulse, a crisis for children and grandchildren!
110. With a hot heart, you can change a result. This effect can be changed at will with banknotes.
111. If you have money, you will lose, and if you have no money, you will worship God.
112. There is an ancient legend that people who can see beautiful women on the campus of Beiyou will live forever.
113. Spring can't be closed, I lured Hongxing out of the wall.
114. Pain is everywhere, and what is more lasting and painful than pain is waiting everywhere with expectations.
115. I passed you by and you didn't know it was me, because I twisted my head.
116. Wear other people's shoes, go their own way, and let them find them.
117. Pay more attention to Three Gorges Online to share more classic inventory.
118. When the road saw the unevenness roared, he continued to move forward.
119. Why don't you go ballet if you like cheating so much.
120. When a woman expresses her generosity first, a man is afraid to be stingy.
121. The lying plum smells flowers again, and the lying branches have low hatred. Invite to hear lying stones broken, lying wet and spring green.
122. Life can't be like cooking and preparing all the ingredients before getting out of the wok.
123. This book has no intention of being different.
124. Close my eyes and I see my future.
125. Don't be afraid of an enemy like a tiger, but a teammate like a pig!
126. You cried when you were born, all laughed, and you cried when you left.
127. The sadness of life is that when you want to cut two ribs, there is only one knife.
128. Your complex features cannot hide your simple IQ.
129. After every quarrel with others, I always feel that I haven't played well, and I want to quarrel again.
130. There is no better thing in the world than eating meat. Never betray, never deceive, eat a pound, grow a pound, and always treat each other sincerely.
131. Don't you ever dream about what I'm doing, don't you know I'm busy?
132. Please don't always think that the whole world has abandoned you, because the world simply has no time to take care of you.
133. Even if I scold you, why do you have to wait for me to hit you? Is this how you can know my integrity?
134. Do you know? It is not only love that cannot be extricated, but also the radish in other people's fields.
135. Even if you are jealous, you have to pretend to be like drinking soy sauce.
136. You are a beast without clothes, and you are a beast with clothes!
137. At the age of a girl, you grow into a succulent plant.
138. I suddenly discovered that I have the same beginning for all my future plans: when I have money.
139. I am lazy and have no special skills, but staying up late is a good hand.
140. In this world, there are always many things that cannot be explained. For example, some people eat long IQs, and some people eat long fats.
141. When life knocks me down, I don't cheer up right away. I usually lie there and take a nap.
142. My name is Little Cute. When I grow up, I am called Big Cute. When I grow old, I call Old Cute, and when I die, I call Cute Dead.
143. The best tacit understanding is: You understand my pretense, I understand that your plot is wrong.
144. What I am most afraid of is that you are better than me, so I will be upset, but I am more worried about your bad life.
145. Teacher, Xiao Gang will take leave tomorrow because he may be sick tomorrow.
146. It's not a hero who is less than the Great Wall. Let's go to the Great Wall.
147. Good students finish the test: "The test is over-bad students finish the test:" Rely. It's over !.
148. Take pride in caring for your wife, take pride in neglecting your wife; take pride in serving your wife, take pride in having trouble with your wife; take pride in praising your wife, take pride in criticizing your wife; take pride in obeying your wife, take pride in hitting your wife; I am proud to return home from work, to be ashamed of not returning home at night; to be proud of honesty and unity, and to be embarrassed by flowers; to be proud of paying the salary above, and to be ashamed of hiding bonuses.
149. Although you are beautiful when you cry. Don't be angry, but according to scientific evidence, being angry and crying can make people grow old quickly and become unpretty. Although you grow old and look pretty, I will love you equally. But you like to be pretty, so you can't cry in the future.
150. Before marriage, you drink Cola, I drink milk, I eat radish, you eat cabbage, you like to go to the mall, I am happy to go shopping; after marriage, I drink Cola, I eat cabbage, and accompany you to the mall a few times a day; for you Change, you love me, you love!

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