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100 super funny quotes

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1. Raw and easy. Live and easy. Life is not easy.

2, the world is big, the house just does not reduce prices.

3. For good skin, cook and fry every day.

4. Listen to Jun and bake sweet potatoes at home.

5. Great life, cheap death.

6. The higher the stationmaster, the farther you urinate.

7, don't talk to me about feelings, about feelings hurt money.

8. People who eat mixed food tend to live longer.

9, a man must have a woman's fate, make three or four more to make money.

10. Be grateful to those who hurt us, and let them feel guilty.

11. Good horses don't eat reed grass, so good horses are always hungry.

12. Rogues are not terrible, but they are afraid that they have culture.

13. The customer is a fart.

14, family affairs, national affairs, world affairs, no money to eat is a big thing!

15. Forgiving a third party is easier than forgiving homosexuality.

16. You look really good, much better than you.

17.I face the cruelty of the world with the happiness of pulling eggs

18, men most taboo empty guns. Leave more bullets to the enemy.

19. Life is like a dry stool. You make a little effort and you will be comfortable afterwards.

20. Some people are polite to him, and he will treat you as trash.

21. The only difference between me and Superman is that I put on my underwear.

22, love is that I don't think you pretend, don't you think I'm dirty.

23. As long as you choose the evil way, the pocket money will be taken out.

24. The sheep dancing with the wolf, don't forget your identity.

25. Some people have no taste in themselves.

26. Don't introduce me again, I've already given up.

27. Give me some meat and don't be fat.

28. Take Xiali as Ferrari to drive you to death.

29. The vixen always appears in public places and plays two hundred and fifty.

30. Sample, ambiguous, but a bit decadent.

31. Water can carry a boat and cook porridge!

32, you cry, you cry hard, it's okay, our family's water meter has long gone.

33. Do you know who I look like? Ge You's hair, Liang Tian's eyes, Jackie Chan's nose, Shu Qi's mouth.

34. Cao Cao couldn't make the world, because he liked to curse too much.

35. When will you invite me to dinner, I will go out and buy you a bag of crispy noodles in a moment.

36. There is no fish when water is clear, and invincible when people are low.

37. I struggled with fat and almost didn't sacrifice.

38. Please don't take my tolerance for you as your shameless capital.

39. Explanation is concealment, and concealment is storytelling.

40. When I stumbled into a big sister-in-law, I looked back and flashed again.

41. I don't like to clean up the room. They all call me messy heroes.

42.People are talking and having faith-I said that I would not pay back the money!

43. Bajie, don't think that you are standing under a street light is a night-light pig.

44. Summer is not good. When it ’s poor, you ca n’t even drink the northwest wind. Fortunately, it ’s autumn now.

45. There are no impermeable walls and no beams that cannot be hung.

46. No matter how ugly it is to fall in love and talk about the world being full of love.

47. I know that there is a banquet in the world, but at least, I want to eat refreshingly at the banquet!

48. Please do n’t ask him to use his brain, okay-the left brain is full of water, and the right brain is full of flour.

49. The fool sits and waits, the wise sits and waits for coins.

50. Whenever I miss a girl, I put a brick on the mountain, so the world has the Great Wall.

51. The furthest distance in the world is not life and death or falling in love. It is the distance between the quilt and the quilt in winter.

52. Kettle, why are you crying because your butt is too hot?

53. Women are plump, plump, thin, slim, tall, slender, and short. Men are fat, pigs, thin ribs, tall bamboo poles, short melon!

54. My heart isn't a bus, and it's not like you can sit down when you have a free seat.

55. Other people hold hands, I hold my dog, walk around, swim around, see who is unhappy to bite two.

56. I have always had a doubt in my heart. For 5 years, for 5 years, what are the wolf wolf eating?

57. We must know how to cherish and protect everyone around us, because in the previous life we twisted our necks and looked back, so we exchanged for this life.

58. I don't know how valuable Friday afternoon is without experiencing the collapse on Monday morning.

59, the real warrior should dare to face up to a beautiful crush, and dare to face the lonely single.

60. I think there must be a lot of people secretly love me, because no one has confessed to me for so many years!

61. Three elements of success: 1. Persist; 2. Shamelessness; 3. Shamelessness. Did you do it?

62. When you are in a bad mood, go to the toilet. After you finish, you face the toilet and say, "You give me shit, you!"

63. Differences in class: elementary school class fee, junior high school class fee pen, high school class fee brain, college class fee flow ...

64. The longest love history of a person is probably narcissism ...

65. The difference between an affair and an affair is that the former is together without the latter.

66. The sky is falling down and you stand up, I'm padding!

67. Nonsense is the first sentence of interpersonal relationship.

68. In the eyes of a fool, a clever person is worthless.

69, money is not a problem, the problem is no money!

70. As long as the hoe dance is good, can there be corners to dig?

71. A rich man is hardly a man without money.

72. When you meet someone you like, you have to take the initiative to make a mean.

73. Fatty's voice: I really enjoyed my mouth and wanted to lose weight.

74. Men who are not good for women will be reborn as sanitary napkins in their next life!

75. I am in rivers and lakes, but there is no legend in mines.

76. Since I became a pile of shit, no one dares to step on my head anymore.

77. Your ugliness has nothing to do with your face.

78. Be creative and live courageously!

79. Early birds get worms and early birds get eaten by birds!

80. I will look for you in my next life, because besides me, you are the dumbest.

81. I regard money as dung, and my parents see me as a septic tank!

82. I have a cool mini skirt. Unfortunately, my legs are not mini-sized.

83. A fierce look at you is not good, a closer look is not as good as a fierce look.

84. Don't chat with me about life, talk with me about being born!

85. Life is a chapter full of regrets, because she has no chance to let you modify the sick sentences.

86, my wife is too tired and tired, so one wife is not enough!

87. Suddenly want a child, who do you give me a child? Thank you!

88. My tie was not found again, did you not find the rag yesterday?

89. Not every sentence is sorry, it can be exchanged.

90. The tongue lives longer than the teeth, and the software lasts longer than the hardware.

91. There is no difficulty in driving, I am afraid there are new people.

92. Grandpa came from his grandson.

93. When I feel dizzy, I finally understand what love is.

94. When a woman cries, a man must lose.

95, the world is big, the house just does not reduce prices.

96, would rather believe that there is a ghost in the world than the broken mouth of a man!

97. A man's lies can lie to a woman overnight, and a woman's lies can lie to a man's life!

98. It may seem to be, but it may not necessarily be the case.

99, a mountain can not accommodate two tigers, unless one male and one female.

100. I want to fall in love early, but it's too late.

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