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100 funny nonsense quotes

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1. My biggest disadvantage is the disadvantage of money ...
2. The iron pestle can be ground into a needle, but the wooden pestle can only be ground into a toothpick. The materials are wrong, and no effort is needed.
3. Youth is dedicated to the house, middle age is dedicated to children.
4, women chase men, interlayer yarn. The man chases the girl, the mother next door.
5. What time will it be tomorrow? Looking up myself.
6. It was found at the top of the mountain that the wrong road and the right road were only a few steps away.
7. Optimists see opportunities in disasters, and pessimists see disasters in opportunities.
8. Anger is punishing yourself for the mistakes of others.
9. No money, no rights, or be nice to you, can you talk to me?
10, Ning He understands a fight, do not talk to SB!
11. Big women cannot be powerless for a day, and little women cannot be cashless for a day!
12. It's not that I don't laugh, and the powder will fall off as soon as I smile ---!
13. No matter how hard it is, you should be two hundred and five, and no matter how difficult you are, you should be your skin.
14. My phone number is, welcome everyone to call.
15. A key fell into the dung pit and was stained yellow.
16. Don't tell jokes at the beach, it will cause "sea laugh".
17. Good men are going to be monks, and good women are going to be nuns. So, say, Mrs. Master, you have to be an old concubine.
18. The so-called public places in your door are just toilets in my eyes.
19. In fact, I am not insignificant, it is simply not obvious.
20, the world is ours and the children's, but in the end are the grandchildren!
21. Don't try to teach pigs to sing. Not only is it ineffective, it also makes the pigs unhappy!
22. I want to sleep a lot, play a lot, eat a lot, laugh a lot, and cry a lot.
23. Looking back suddenly, the man next to him stood with the soy milk standing at the entrance of the stairs.
24. You have to believe, believe that we will be like the fairy tale, frog and dinosaur are the end.
25. The real XX masters are all weapons in the whole body.
26. The so-called online dating is a kind of legendary behavior that can take a person's virginity thousands of miles away.
27. There is nothing impossible in this world, just like Li Yuchun can be a woman, and Liu Zhu can be a man.
28. Hongyan Wooshui is a side-by-side word. Hongyan refers to a woman, and woes means a man. Hongyan is actually a woman and a man.
29. Women are actually extremely dangerous animals. Her beauty is not so much a protective color as a vigilant color.
30. The reason why flowers are inserted in cow dung is because cow dung is very nutritious.
31. The worst thing in the world is that there is no radiation and more salt is bought!
32. One day you die, the old lady burns you at the Yihong Courtyard.
33. On the day of He Wo, nothing is reliable. There is nothing to do in your free time.
34. Looking back, the man is already the child's father.
35. It is not a matter of dyeing your hair and getting rid of a few teeth.
36. If you don't read the exam, it's a pig. Don't panic when you cheat.
37. In this world, the streets are filled with Liu Yiyang's mother and Tong Jiaqian's mother.
38. Others are pretending to be serious, so I have to pretend to be serious.
39. Pumping is an art of life; finding pumping is an attitude to life.
40. The highest realm of work is to watch others go to work and take their salaries.
41. There is only one Liu Yiyang in the world. Unfortunately, he is on TV.
42. When did Xiang Xiang hug him?
43. Believe it or not, I slapped you on the wall with a slap!
44. Brother saw that the person who installed B always lowered his head, not that he was low-key, but that he was looking for a brick.
45. Look into my eyes. In addition to shit, you will also see fortitude and sincerity.
46. I'm not Bu Man, I don't have the bravery energy he has.
47. Staying up late is because there is no courage to end the day; Laying in bed is because there is no courage to start the day.
48. Poor Nike, Rich Adi, and rogue Armani.
49. Brother smokes because it hurts the lungs and does not hurt.
50. I usually just scold you. I have to wait for me to hit you before I know I ’m both civil and military
51. You think of others too complicated because you are not simple.
52. I don't scold people, because I have strong hands-on ability.
53. Silly and not stupid, depending on whether you pretend to be stupid.
54. For the girl: come out to mingle, sooner or later it will be pregnant.
55, everyone looked for her thousands of Baidu, suddenly looked back, that person still dismissed me ...
56. The people I like are all on the hard disk.
57, youth, you are too acne!
58. For many years, Little Loli still boiled down to Xianglin ...
59, cough! It should be said, whispered that it should not be said.
60. I suggest everyone to understand my appearance, supplemented by appreciation.
61. From heaven to hell, I just passed by.
62. Actually, I am very homey, it is just a matter of who lives there.
63. Grandpa is not your little raccoon.
64. Life is short and must be sexy.
65. Shanghai United: Maybe it seems to be; Xialian: However, it may not necessarily be.
66, some things do not need to raise the bar, surface obedience to secretly resist.
67. Have the courage to admit mistakes and never change.
68, a man is a dog, who has the ability to take away.
69. I woke up early in the morning and thought I had grown up. It turned out to be a quilt.
70. One minute of anger loses seconds of happiness.
71. Some men are as smart as the weather and changeable. Some women are stupid like the weather forecast, she can't see it.
72. For many years, my toilet ring has never been lifted!
73. As soon as I think that the girls can legally marry after this year, my sister's Yali is even bigger!
74. If it weren't for the teacher's suggestion that littering could not be thrown out, otherwise you would be thrown out early.
75. Grandpa came from his grandson.
76. Your complex facial features cannot hide your simple IQ.
77. Behind every successful man, there will be a woman who is full and has nothing to do.
78. Even if you already have a flower owner, I will still move the flowers ...
79. People need faces, trees need bark, and electric poles need cement.
80. If you can't bear it, you can endure it again.
81. Hang a mosquito net in it to sleep naked, tease the mosquito, and die it suddenly.
82. Behind every successful Ultraman, there is a little monster who is silently beaten.
83. If the relationship is long, it's not time to get married.
84. The so-called threshold is a threshold when it passes, and a threshold if it is difficult to pass.
85. You are not VIP, not even V, you are just a P.
86. Everyone else thought that when I bowed my head, I should look at the hair on the ground.
87. On the whim, using your photos as your desktop, TMD actually got a computer virus.
88. If my life is a movie, you are the ad that pops up.
89. If you are a flower, the cow will not dare to shit in the future.
90. The departure of the stool is the pursuit of the toilet, or the unwillingness of the buttocks.
91. It is said that the sister is beautiful, in fact, it is all made up.
92. Although the bird is small, it does play the whole sky.
93. No matter how powerful Tang Seng is, he is just a monkey.
94. I wanted to turn gracefully, but unfortunately hit the wall gorgeously.
95. The sleeping position determines the hairstyle. Starting today, I will study the relationship between sleeping position and hairstyle at home.
96. Take someone else's car and go your own way.
97, fall asleep, fall asleep and drool.
98. I have a cool mini skirt. Unfortunately, my legs are not mini-sized.
99. My youth owes me ten million, so I will not let it go until I have paid off the money.
100. I wanted to eat my sorrow bite by bite, but unexpectedly I became a fat person.

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