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100 incisive classic philosophical quotes

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1. Don't let others become your habit and manipulate your life.
2. Can't abandon either of them, it's not gentleness, it's just weakness.
3. Don't hold someone else's map and find your way.
4. The world is always wrong. What is wrong is the fragility of the soul. We cannot avoid the harm of the world, so we will have a long-term illness of the soul.
5. As good as the heart is, how bad it is.
6. I want to believe someone, I really want to. But everyone is busy living and dying in this world, and everyone is so embarrassed.
7. Only one person can hear his own voice while traveling, it will tell you that the world is wider than expected.
8. Don't pretend to be a practitioner when everything is smooth; don't change back to ordinary people when you encounter setbacks.
9. All the time is used for nagging, only one moment is used for growth.
10. Fengya is the beauty that is found and the beauty that has been discovered.
11. I think true beauty is something that can pass the test of time.
12. The more people seem to experience, the more a sense of fate that is difficult to extricate themselves from, and all the inquiry comes to nothing.
13. Almost all games in the world have more the more you can win, the only exception is love.
14. Don't say that because you can't see it, it doesn't exist: so is anyone and everything.
15. We don't need to please anyone, all we have to do is to make ourselves strong, and then to attract people we like to come over automatically.
16. No one can wait for you all the time. Those who are disappointed will let go. Love is accumulated, and so is love.
17. Now, I think that whenever I want to cry, I can find someone who is on the phone, it is happiness.
18. The years are always young, and we slowly grow old, and you will find that being childlike is a matter of pride.
19. An amazing person is not in charge of others, but in control of himself.
20. I don't know how desolate it is to leave, I don't know to say goodbye to be so strong.
21. People, suddenly facing great happiness, suddenly become very timid.
22. Sometimes, regret is an irreparable price.
23. Happiness is a kind of hard work, and those who do not want to live hard cannot be happy.
24. Someone once said, "Cold water splashed on you, you should boil it and pour it back." But I am more willing to be a person like lime. The more people splash me cold water, the more my life boils!
25. If your life is centered on money, you will live very hard; if your life is centered on children, you will live very tired. If your life is centered on emotions, you will live very hurt; if your life is centered on gratitude, you will live happily.
26. Why should there be too much in life, love is happiness; love too much in life is contentment.
27. The more you try to do a lot of things, the worse the effect, such as love, falling asleep and natural behavior.
28. A person will be tired after taking the initiative for a long time. It may be fruitless, but I am willing to insist for you.
29. I love you every day, good night, I can do it for you in the last silent.
30. The tricky part of life is that the moment you are most tempted is when you are not ready.
31. There is a kind of love called gangster streets-vigorous, and a kind of love called into the soil for peace-bland.
32. The other side of the flower, flowers bloom and fall, flowers and leaves will never meet, the corner of the road, the pain in my heart, missed is destined forever.
33. I do n’t know why I wish I had liked you for so long, and I did n’t even say goodbye after leaving.
34. Sometimes we blame time too quickly because we can't go back in time. Sometimes we blame it for being too slow, because we can't come for a long time.
35. I said in a relaxed tone with a smile, you're fine.
36. Waiting for someone who doesn't love themselves, how sad they are, they don't know.
37. I have forgiven my former self as if I had forgiven an ambitious silly, sympathized with a clumsy warrior, and released a secret that is hard to tell.
38. God did not give you what you want, not because you are not worthy, but because you deserve better.
39. Some people have never said anything, but in the end, they have nothing to say.
40. Always live in some extreme emotions. At a certain time, you will be full of confidence in life, but suddenly at a certain moment, you will overthrow it completely. When you are confident, you can do everything, and when you overthrow it, you are also 100% discouraged.
41. You don't care but that's the best I can give you.
42. Later I finally knew that it was not my flower, I just happened to have it in full bloom.
43. Being a man must be like a mirror, always watching yourself; being a man must be like a box, and freely at any time; being a man must be like this, and constantly recording achievements; being a man can be like a candle, always illuminating others; being a man, like a clock, cherishing life every second .
44. Water is like a cup in a cup, and water is like a vase in a vase. Water is the softest and hardest thing in the world. So, if you are good, you should learn the quality of water!
45. Righteousness and non-defense are used for relief, troubles are forgiveness and wisdom, best effort is for merit, and sincerity is the character for others. To be a person is: to control your own mouth, to understand the things in your heart, to do the work at hand, and to go your own way.
46. Urgent matters, slowly speaking; big things, speaking clearly; small things, speaking humorously; unsure things, speaking cautiously; things that haven't happened, don't talk nonsense;
47. I don't want to work like a robot all the time, the software needs to be updated, and so is my life, to make myself more angry and energetic.
48. Even if someone usually encourages or helps you behind the scenes, when no one can help you on the stage, you can only rely on yourself, you must be confident, it is best to be a little narcissistic, or it will be over if you are led by public opinion.
49. The most important thing for a woman is to have her own career and a job that allows her to develop. Any work should be done as well as possible, not to achieve any goal, but to work hard to complete it.
50. No matter how many mistakes you make, or how slowly you progress, you are walking in front of those who have never tried.
51. There are always a few of these people in the world. They have high demands on life and are unwilling to be stupid and rough.
52. I like those who will have a silly smile on their face as long as they eat delicious food. Because they know how to be grateful, they are extremely kind people.
53. When we were young, we gave up thinking that it was just a relationship, and later we learned that it was actually a lifetime.
54. People cannot choose whether they will be tempted, but we must at least understand whether we should give up. This is the price of growth. I still love you, but I don't like you anymore.
55. When you hate someone, you can't figure out how anyone in the world likes that person. And when you like someone, you worry that the whole world likes that person.
56. Never blame others for not helping you, and never blame others for not caring about you. In the world, we are all independent individuals, and we all have to bear the pain. No one can really understand you, just as no one can personally understand you, and the stone is not hit on his feet, he will never realize how much pain. On the road of life, we are all lonely walkers. Only you can truly help you.
57. There is such a person who makes your palms sweat, your heart beats faster, and feels that your life is complete. You and him add up to the whole world. But he doesn't belong to you.
58. In the days of waiting, study hard, be humble and be a person with deep roots.
59. In life, sometimes it is myself. Ben is nothing but tangled in his heart and has been lingering; Ben is worry-free but always greedy. So you will gradually forget the most beautiful things; this is an experience, but you ca n’t let it go.
60. If you cry because you missed the sun, you will also miss the stars.
61. I hope your smile is from the heart, I hope you are so busy, all you do is what you love.
62. Let us be confused, the three main reasons that have not been achieved so far-less reading, not traveling, less communication.
63. Good love allows you to continue to be yourself, but makes you long for a better person.
64. For you who lack motivation: I fight, for one reason, I want to get what I want.
65. In life, you need to have some moments. Slow down, calm down, listen to the sound of flowers blooming, and look at the beauty of leaves.
66. Good times are always short. I want to be in them and stay away.
67. No one can control your life, but many times we need more courage to strengthen our choices.
68. There is always such a person in this world, it is your thoughts, it is your warmth.
69. A person's true strength is not determined by what he can do, but by what he can afford.
70. Don't think that the person you can't put up will not put up with you too. Fish without water will die, and water without fish will be clearer. Whatever comes should come, and all should go. Don't resist, don't stay.
71. Be sensible, let me know a lot of things that should not be understood. People, occasionally drunk once, seem to be understandable. Waking up is just regenerating. Sometimes I care too much, and it is a kind of torture to myself.
72. Life is a rhythm, there must be light and shadow, left and right, sunny and rain, and the taste is contained in the twists and turns that are not fierce.
73. The thing that makes you sad, one day, you will definitely say it with a smile.
74. The person who knows you is often more effective, he loves freely, and you are happy. People who don't understand you often get more with less. He loves hard and you suffer. In a two-person world, understanding is more difficult than love.
75. No one grows up by age alone, and when we give up thinking we start getting older. Age can wrinkle our skin, but giving up passion can wrinkle our souls.
76. Learn to change with your heart, change your heart, and feel good, but happy; bad mood, but dim; do n’t lose, do n’t lose your mood, when the road is not accessible, try to turn; when unhappy, try to let go; When people are far away, try not to stay; when feelings fade, choose to let go.
77. Life is wind and rain, not everything is as good as you want; disturbing the world, you will not be happy everywhere; There are always some paths that make us inaccessible; there are always some reasons that make us incomprehensible; there are always times that make us unhappy.
78. After walking a long way, I always want to see a scenery because I have painstakingly thought of it; When I think of a person, I always shed tears because I have been integrated into my life; When I sing a song, I always silence because it is difficult to let go. Life in the wind and rain, calmly in mind!
79. Life is always speechless. When you laugh, you don't have to be happy, maybe it's a kind of helplessness; when you cry, you don't have to cry, maybe a release; when you feel pain, you don't necessarily get hurt, maybe it's a heartbeat.
80. Life is meant to be constantly injured and constantly recovered. The world is still an orchard waiting gently for me to mature. The sky is so blue, the tree is so green, life can be so peaceful and beautiful.
81. What you can do for the other party is to be his friend, his family, and his lover no matter what happens to the other party, that's all. At some moments and occasions, this is the ultimate expression of love.
82. Young does not mean rose-like cheeks, rosy lips, soft knees. It is a wish, a super strong imagination and ample emotions. It is a deep spring of vitality.
83. If you become more and more indifferent, you think you have grown up, but you haven't. Growing up should be gentle and gentle to the world. Being mature means being able to let go of many things, being compassionate, and willing to see the world with good eyes.
84. Reading has nothing to do with school. That is another matter: reading outside campus, books outside textbooks, reading comes from some mysterious motivation in life, and has nothing to do with real interests. The reading experience is like a light all the way to light up the darkness of life. The end of darkness is a candlelight, the starting point of reading.
85. The best gift for myself and for the future is to take care of my present self, to become better and more cherished.
86. Adding clothes in cold weather, afraid of turning on the lights, listening to songs alone, running with heart jamming, eating when it is confusing. We have to learn to take care of ourselves and regulate our emotions. This is not only responsible for ourselves, but also to make you feel inferior when you meet anyone in the future.
87. In this world, there is always someone who can do nothing for you, even if he is useless, even if he is inferior, you are still obliged to do so. This is the pi of emotion, which is infinite.
88. Life can't be as good as you think, but it won't be as bad as you think. I think people's fragility and strength are beyond their imagination. Sometimes I could burst into tears when I was too fragile; sometimes, I found that I walked a long way with my teeth.
89. Time takes away our youthful appearance, and life takes away our youthful enthusiasm. We used to have ideals, but the trivialities of life and the agitation of interests wiped out our will. Youth often can't beat the inertia of life, often can't defeat the temptation of interest.
90. It is better to make yourself better when you are alone, not only responsible to yourself, but also to give a good account to that person in the future. If you bloom, butterflies come.
91. I hear love, I believe in love. Love is a struggling cyanobacteria, like the same mighty wind, through the veins of my blood loss, staying in the faith of years.
92. The simpler your life, the brighter your heart will be. Sometimes, no one knows more deeply and calmly.
93. Many times, a person chooses to walk, not because of desire or temptation. He just hears his inner voice.
94. Time may not prove a lot of things, but it will definitely make you see through a lot of things.
95. If you are sad, try to look up at the sky! It is so big that it can tolerate all your grievances.
96. When we like someone, she is shown to the public: confident, elegant, stylish, humorous and considerate.
97. Although life is so ugly, we smile really well.
98. Good luck is only a by-product. It only comes when you do things without any selfish thoughts.
99. When the role of the wound is left to remember, it is really gone.
100. When you ca n’t hold on, stick on!

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