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100 classic sentences for life

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1. When a person chooses to grow, they often choose not to be understood, because you have to go the way you choose, not the way they think you should choose.
2. Face change, accept impermanence, and let yourself go.
3. Maybe all the unhappiness now will be the source of my happiness in the future.
4. Be a quiet and subtle person, open in the corner, silent and pleasant, but never cause too much lively attention, and maintain an independent and casual character, which is good.
5. If you ca n’t let yourself be in your heart, you have no wisdom; if you do n’t have others in your heart, you have no compassion.
6. We cannot control what others think; we cannot force others to do anything. The only thing you can do is do your best to do your own thing, take your own path, live your life according to your own principles. Even if someone treats you wrong, time will not treat you, and life will never treat you! To be kind to others is to be kind to yourself.
7. The fundamental purpose of reading is to make yourself understand the world, see yourself clearly, and let yourself have a serious power to move you forward when you have nothing to do or do nothing.
8. Frustration and even failure in a person's life are, to a large extent, psychological, not real, technical, not fatal. Reality at best provides an excuse for the loser to understand, and faith in destiny ultimately ruthlessly extinguishes any hope of success.
9. We are all capable of solving other people's problems, but not confident to face our own difficulties.
10. There will be work, bread, love and home, but it takes time, but patience. Do n’t struggle with things you ca n’t meet, you just need to move forward. go.
11. Born to be alive, to live with grace, style, and style. These are all appearances, while demeanor is connotation, texture, and fundamental.
12.Dream is a happy thought, and it feels happy when you think about it. It stands there persistently. It is a landmark of life and represents vitality and improvement.
13. Believe in yourself, the scenery and the song, the beauty of life is here.
14. If complaining becomes a habit, the soul is like a yoke and there is no relief for a moment. Only by letting go of complaining can we realize the freedom and happiness of life.
15. Cultivation of mind should be based on pure mind, and cultivation of the mind should be based on selflessness. Past things, past minds, cannot be remembered; present things, present minds, just fate; future things, future minds, why bother.
16. Four seasons of life, alternate between cold and summer, meditate and appreciate the sadness and joy of life, smile and watch the ups and downs.
17. If the heart is simple, life is simple; if the heart is complicated, life is full of pain.
18. A wise man looks forward blindly; a wise man looks backwards; a wise man is a person who overcomes others; a wise man is a person who overcomes himself.
19. Alive, must have demeanor, this is not only a conservation, but also a sign. In dealing with people, the first element that people see is vigor. Cultivate life, show your aliveness, and make life more meaningful.
20. Anxiety and joy are all heart-warming, glory and dying are all eyes, meditation to see through the cold and cool things, eternal people do not dream.
21. The vigor of being alive is to stand tall, stand alone in the cold and winter, and face the heavy snow, but the heroic pride of the immovable heroes is the scorching heat and thunderstorms, sitting in the study, without changing the color, and the leisurely quietness of the inscription. .
22. Complaining is like lifting a stone to smash your own feet, it is not good for others, it is not good for yourself, and it does not help.
23. Put the label of dreams on life, those ordinary days will be sublimated, and the dull time will be dyed with gorgeous colors.
24. Learn to lower and level your mindset, look at your own shortcomings, and look at the strengths of others, so that your arrogant heart becomes humble and respectful, so that your environment is naturally harmonious.
25. As long as you have a smile, you can live with openness and optimism; as long as you keep smiling at all times, you can have a permanent pass on the long road to life.
26. Many contradictions between people come from arrogance; they feel that they are more savvy than others, more insightful than others, and more correct than others, so they despise each other, and contradictions gradually arise.
27. Happiness is not about gaining more, but about complaining less. It is not demanding to others, and does not complain when things go wrong. Only those who are good at controlling their emotions and mentality can obtain peace and feel the taste of happiness.
28. The spirit of being alive is to be firm and flexible, with heaven and earth in your chest. Be tenacious and tenacious. Be proud and brave.
29. Open your heart and treat others with tolerance and you will have the whole world. Remember, do n’t do it for the benefit, go for the benefit, smile at life, you are the happiest person.
30. Life sharpens life, and along the way, I learned to accept it.
31. Become a person like this from tomorrow: follow what is right, and then follow it, and be safe as you go. Living with the most natural gesture and will, you will find happiness deep inside, and will flourish forever.
32. In life, I have my splendor and my beauty. I don't have to look up to envy others and add unnecessary trouble to myself. "You stand on the bridge and look at the scenery, and the people who watch the scenery look at you upstairs." You are the most beautiful scenery in the eyes of others! I have no wealth. As long as I still have happiness and pursuit, I may not necessarily succeed, but I have worked hard and I have no regrets. Failure is also wealth in life.
33. No matter how open-minded a person is, there will be a broken heart; if the heart is indifferent, sometimes his eyes will become red. If you walk smartly, there will be confusion on the way; if you live beautifully, there will also be desolate behind. If you are not tired, you will have a warm nest; if you are not thirsty, you will have a mountain spring. Everyone's heart has several hidden injuries.
34. There are many things in life that cannot be said. Some happiness, others may not understand; some sadness, others may not feel. Some are tired, tired on the body, and tired on the heart; some tears are hanging on the face and hurt the heart; some are painful, without injuries and traces, and hurt in the heart. Love has a divine will, whether it will take care of itself; why is it so silent?
35. In life, we do n’t really need much. Someone is there when we are lonely, some people are helpless when we are helpless, some are distressed when we are in tears, some are cold and warm, some are telling you to change clothes, some are toiled, and some people ask you to rest. A kind of warmth is a touch in life. As long as someone knows coldness and warmth, it is enough. The true definition of feeling is that even in the cold winter, the heart will be warm.
36. Life cannot be smooth, there will always be twists and turns, life will always be dangerous, life is a kid who loves to joke, maybe give you everything today, and tomorrow will leave you with nothing, no need to worry, the coming will always come, no matter how dark The night will also have the moment of dawn. No matter how twists and turns of life, as long as you have a happy attitude, you can survive the long night and usher in a beautiful tomorrow.
37. It is difficult to know a person, it is even harder to understand a person. Sometimes it ’s not that you do n’t want to talk, but there are a lot of things that you ca n’t say. You will be safe in your heart. Attitude, living a life that is easy to meet, a person's life knows how to love others a lot, and knows how few people love oneself.
38. How much tolerance is not humble and cheap, but people who can't let go, and those who love deeply don't stick to pride anymore. In fact, people who say that nothing is wrong have something in mind. In fact, a person with a stubborn smile on their face has pain in their heart.
39. Sometimes we live very tired, not because our lives are too mean, but because we are too easily infected by the atmosphere of the outside world and influenced by the emotions of others. In fact, you live for yourself, not many people can keep you in your heart. ——Bai Yansong
40. Love at first sight is romantic but not necessarily long-lasting. It's difficult but harder to separate things like Rijiu. Love at first sight is always related to appearance, and love is always related to habits. The slower you fall in love with a person, the longer you fall in love. Love can be a moment, but true love takes time to pour out.
41. There are too many temptations in the world, so you must always keep a clear head, recognize your own path, and stick to it. You will see a different tomorrow.
42. Don't be afraid to say "I'm sorry". Apologizing to others for their sincerity often wins the respect of others, and a clear mind is the source of a happy life.
43. Love only gives itself, and what it takes is only from itself. Love does not possess, nor can it be possessed. Love is satisfied in love. -Gibran
44. Pursuing hard work is spiritual practice, and completely letting go is also spiritual practice; with the unwilling heart, making the greatest effort, being able to accept nothingness to pursue more bravely and enthusiastically, and being grateful and content at the moment of gain, even if you lose it again, you are satisfied. ——Wang Bing
45. Sometimes life needs to be brave, to be brave to love, to be brave to hate, and then to be brave to forget and be brave to move forward. ——Ibei
46. Some people can see clearly when encountering something. After seeing it clearly, it is not necessary to renounce this relationship, but it will no longer give yourself as unconditionally as before. The older you get, the more you love yourself. Don't hurt yourself, who will hurt you! We all went from "fearless" to "reserved", and someone always taught us to love ourselves.
47. Some people will hate you because of your shortcomings, but others will like you because of your true nature.
48. If you decide to give up, please give up cleanly. Those who decide not to meet again, really don't meet. Please don't let me do anything more. If you want to love others, please love yourself first.
49. The three most difficult things in life: keep a secret, forget the trauma, and make the most of your spare time.
50. Don't be afraid to love someone because your environment is not good. One day you will find that sacrificing everything to love someone is extremely happy!
51. Seeing true feelings sincerely, seeing real people.
52. Whoever misses or loses will never make up for it, and the more it gets, the more disappointed. Instead of accepting the reality and letting go of them completely inside, you can get new ones. ——Han Sanqi
53. The biggest difficulty that people face is always themselves, sometimes it is not enough for a feather to fall down, and sometimes it is no problem to press down Taishan. ——Liao Yimei
54. We can not do those great things, but we must do the little things that are full of great love. -Mother Teresa
55. Life is a song, with a soothing melody, groaning sadness and warmth, life is a poem, using wonderful words to compose happiness and sadness, life is sporadic trivial life, just a little bit of warmth, life, Even if there is some small sadness, there will be many small happiness in life.
56. Life is wind and rain, right and wrong, don't care too much. There is no dress rehearsal in life. The written script can be changed, and life cannot be restarted from the beginning. Wrong and right ca n’t be graffiti, it ’s better to face it calmly, right, just smile and never show off; if you are wrong, learn from it and grow up. Walk in the world, deserve to be in your heart, live a frank soup, and live calmly.
57. Many life experiences show that understanding, understanding, and tolerance will not only make the people around you feel your warmth, make people around you happy because they know you, but also make your day feel warmer Let your life be peaceful.
58. He thought I was innocent. No no no no no. Every woman is the most charming and fragile in front of her beloved man. I don't love him, so calm and calm, nothing happens.
59. In my heart, companionship and understanding are more important than love.
60. What we cling to is often deceived by others; who we cling to is often hurt by others. Therefore, we must learn to let go and be cautious in everything, not to worry about or to care about, whether it is right or wrong.
61. A confidant who is far from the horizon but tightly connected is the deepest but most distant love in Deep Lock.
62. No matter what everyone in the world says, I think my feelings are correct. No matter what other people think, I will never disturb my rhythm. You can naturally stick to things you like, and things you don't like can last a long time.
63. If you seek help from Heaven, it means that you believe in God's ability. And if God does not help you, it means he also believes in your ability.
64. Life is full of tide, there are always pride and frustration, flowers bloom, change up and down, life is short, why blame the sky, think about the help of people around you, remember the people around you are good, Use gratitude to face those who have helped you, use appreciation to discover the strengths of everyone around you, and less to evaluate the shortcomings of others. Life is a victory and a difference in mood.
65. Everyone comes to this world, no one owes you, you don't owe anyone, everyone is fine, know how to repay the parenting grace, know how to repay everyone around you, brothers Disabled, couples are divorced, they meet each other with swords and guns, all these are incompatible with our ultimate goal of coming to this world, and they will eventually pay for their unclean behavior.
66. The true meaning of life lies in innovation, the ideal of life lies in greatness, the art of life lies in choice, the steps of life depend on steadiness, the joy of life lies in pursuit, the comfort of life lies in mediocrity, and sometimes life is a drama, there are climaxes and troughs Everyone ’s role in this play is different. Some people are the protagonists and some are the supporting actors. Not the protagonists always have a good show. When the supporting actors are also brilliant, get along with others and pursue harmony, just like water. In the same way, the invisible can evolve into colorful, and the tasteless can perform all kinds of tastes.
67. There are many things in life that need to be let go. Only by letting off those unnecessary burdens can we move forward chicly. Your daily gains and losses are lost. If your heart is happy, then you are happy everywhere. If you Your heart is happy, so what you do is happy, and sometimes it ’s not others, but ourselves, that determine our mood.
68. Passing wind and rain, I know that it is deep love that does not give up, experience glory and decline, and understand that the same thing is true love. After walking a certain path, experiencing some things, we can really see some people. When in trouble, read In the cold and warm feelings, in the dull, you can experience the fickleness of fate, time, will precipitate sincere emotions, wind and rain, and will experience the love that is cherished.
69. There are no two people who ca n’t be together, only two hearts that ca n’t stay together, no two loves that ca n’t keep each other, and only two people who do n’t know how to cherish. Sincerely, you have no reason to take it. Those who stay with you should never leave, those who leave you should never stay with you.
70. Life is a journey, everyone is on the way, all passing by are Jing, those who rub shoulders are customers, all encounters are fate, all memories are thoughts, time is like light smoke, we ca n’t catch it For a good moment, you can't have it for a long time. Learn to turn from the past, and happiness will entertain you.
71. Don't judge someone by your own judgment, don't let your emotions spread to others. Each is an independent individual and should respect the choices of others. One cannot be overbearing, and overbearing without friends; the heart cannot be selfish, and selfish is sleepy. There is love and friendship in the heart, and the world can be seen in the eyes. The way is not in the actions of others, but in self-cultivation.
72. Every decision in life is like a gamble, winning or losing is your own. The difference is the size of the bet, there is no chance of remorse if you choose it.
73. Life is actually a choice. If you give up, you can live a full, full, and prosperous life in a limited life. Without bold resignation, there will be no brilliant choice. Giving up is a spiritual awakening, a manifestation of Wisdom, just like putting birds back into the forest and putting fish into the water. Learn to give up to gain something. When all the dust is settled and when everything is calm, we will really understand that giving up is actually another beautiful harvest.
74. For a hundred years of life, I do n’t have much time to spend, and I say that happiness is like drinking water, knowing cold and warm, and some people are chasing happiness every day, but they never feel the existence of happiness; some people know how to collect The warmth and moving of you will go with happiness.
75. To do things, enter and retreat and have skills; to be a person, the heart is boundless. Disregard the distractions, disregard the gains and losses, come and go, and follow the fate. Fame and fortune are all glorious, not your own. The real gentleman is that he knows that there are opportunities to invest but is unmoved. Being a man does not ask for a clear conscience, but for a clear conscience.
76. The greatest courage in life is not to be afraid of death, but to live strong and bravely face the pressure and test brought by life!
77. Some people are born to hurry ... to complete their academic career, get married and have children, everything is methodical and step by step, and hurriedly completed most tasks in the first 30 years of life, and then use the remaining time to repair and endure, and learn With pleasure. While some people may only have half of their life's tasks completed, but they have seen scenery that others can only see in their lifetimes. You cannot say that either choice is wrong. Really, just be happy.
78. Only you can truly heal yourself. If you want to live happily, you must learn to do things soberly and to be confused.
79. Life, how can everything go well, life, how can everything go smoothly, many people are not recognized by us; many things are not our decision. Disagree with the villain because it's not worth it; disagree with the society because you ca n’t afford it; disagree with yourself because you are unhappy; disagree with your loved ones because of hurt; and disagree with your past because it is worthless.
80. You will always meet someone who sings and sings to you with an incomplete voice, accompanies you on a rainy night, and paints with a paint palette in your black and white life, and understands your nonsense. Nonsense, see your expression without a smile, walk through the crowds towards you, hug you.
81. Life is inevitably subject to some grievances and injuries. Rather than being sullen and unhappy, it is better to be frank and calm. Only by withstanding the baptism of the storm, can we be calm and calm.
82. When you can understand one thing, it means that you have grown up; when you can see one thing, it means that you are wise; when you can see one thing, it means that you are rational; When you can see through one thing, you are mature; when you can look down on one thing, you are down.
83. How far can I go in my life and how many years will it take to reach the end. How long does it take for the dream to come to fruition. As long as you are willing to hope, you will not be disillusioned.
84. True love is to give each other something special. Not everyone has the ability to give you the best of everything, but at least you can use something special to prove the value in each other's hearts. So I understood the sentence deeply: "If you give it to me as much as others, then I don't need it."
85. Ordinary work should be done with an extraordinary attitude, simple problems should be decided with comprehensive thinking, today's things should be examined with the eyes of the future, and distant ideals must be achieved through realistic efforts.
86. At the beginning of a person, do n’t take people as a child; in the evening of people, do n’t take people as a disgrace; before people, do n’t take yourself to the public; after people, do n’t take people as monkeys; Above all, don't take people as wrong people; under people, don't take yourself as wrong people.
87. Life = Belief + Struggle, Health = (Good) Habits + Exercise, Fun = Pursuit + Romance, Satisfaction = Indifferent + Experience, Entrepreneurship = Perseverance + Development.
88. Ideas are more important than ability, planning is more important than implementation, action is more important than commitment, choice is more important than effort, perception is more important than notification, creation is more important than proof, and respect for life is more important than others' opinions!
89. Success does not come to us, we must go to victory; wisdom does not come to us, we must think hard; happiness does not come to us, we must experience with heart.
90. How long two people stay together is not important, what is important is whether you have been in this person's heart. Some people stay in their hearts for a whole day, even if they are together for a whole day; some people don't spend a day in their hearts even if they are together for a whole life.
91. You can be poor in money, but you must not be poor in spirit.
92. Don't wait for tomorrow, because no one knows if they have tomorrow.
93. The more proud a person is, the more he likes to hide, and the more painful he is, the more he loves trivia.
94. Life doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Some people are already alive and already dead. For example, those rich men who have nothing but money have spent their lives in the bar and ballroom. Some people are still alive even though they are dead. People like Lei Feng and Ren Changxia have dedicated their precious lives to the public. Although still alive, I live in the hearts of more than one billion Yan and Huang descendants. So when you live meaningfully, life is there; when you despair of life, life is not ...
95. Love does not need to be deliberately grasped, the more you want to grasp your love, the more likely you are to lose yourself.
96. Desire is something like this: the more you get it, the less you feel, and the more you lose it, the more you feel content.
97. The word "sheng" in life consists of "cow" and "one", which means that cattle have worked hard for a lifetime. Therefore, we must, as always, be as diligent as a cow for life.
98. Caring people at work, caring bosses, caring colleagues.
99. Use actions to control emotions, don't let emotions control actions; let the mind inspire wisdom, and don't let the ears dominate the mind. The difference between people is mainly the place between the ears!
100. Love, when you have it, you don't feel anything. Once you lose it, it seems that you have lost everything.

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