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Quotes about Security

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1. One more duty at work, one less worry at work; more serious homework, less safety.
2. Keep security firmly in mind, and peace will accompany us through a wonderful life.
3. Keep your safety in mind and walk the world safely.
4. Safety is not an empty slogan, you should actually pay attention to it.
5. Busy and safe, never forgetting.
6. The word safety is important, and you cannot forget it or lose it. In case you forget it, disaster strikes you.
7. Go to work happily and go home safely.
8. The campus is my home, and everyone lives safely.
9. Danger is always around, you don't just need to pay attention to prevent it. It will kill you right away.
10. Lishui is my home and everyone depends on safety.
11. Cross the road, don't rush. Red light stops, green light goes. Be a safe little citizen.
12. Prevent campus violations and create a safe campus.
13. I love our motherland, because it is the motherland that cultivates me, educates me, and makes us feel safe.
14. The gas in the home is often shut down.
15. Safety is the foundation of life, and safety is always with me. Don't stay outside after school and go straight home.
16. Security is heaven and security is earth. Without security, there is no heaven and earth.
17. The road leads you, us, and others, and safety is linked to millions of homes.
18. Safety is more important than anything.
19. Peace, peace, peace and peace, everyone is safe and happy.
20. A lovely day on campus, a combination of the two is happiness.
21. Be safe, be very happy, make money and keep safe, and want to get rid of accidents.
22. Danger is everywhere. Only by keeping in mind safety can we live peacefully every day.
23. I love it on a safe campus, and everyone depends on everyone to be safe. To live a safe day, take precautions against the dangers.
24. Be safe in your heart and protect yourself at all times.
25. What is most precious in life is peace.
26. Everything can only be done alive, so peace is the most important.
27. I love it at Safe Campus, and everyone's safety depends on everyone.
28. Each of us has a life only once, so we must cherish life, we cannot joke about life, and we must be aware of safety anytime, anywhere.
29. Cross the road like Sun Wukong-look around. Meet a red light like a tiger-be patient. Riding like a turtle-slow down.
30. Harm, harm yourself sooner or later.
31. The alarm bells are constantly struck, and the string of safety is tight.
32. Safety Remember that safety is always with you.
33. Bless the campus today with peace, and build the future of campus with peace.
34. There are hidden dangers everywhere, keep in mind at all times.
35. Campus Campus I love you because you gave us a sense of security.
36. I love you on the safe campus.
37. There is peace in my heart at all times, and peace is always by my side.
38. I can't help violating regulations, it is dangerous and difficult, and there are more than violations.
39. Traffic safety should remember that life is not used for gambling.
40. When crossing the road, others are not as careful as we are, so we must listen to all directions and look at the six roads when crossing the road.
41. Security is treasure, security is life, security is money.
42. Hidden fire, drowning, safety first, the basis of life.
43. Pay attention to safe moments.
44. Safety, security, safety is the basis of people's survival.
45. The alarm bells are constantly struck, and the string of safety is tight.
46. The embankment of thousands of miles collapses in the ant hole, the boat of life is covered with negligence.
47. Lift the shield of safety to prevent accidents.
48. Two votes and three systems must be implemented, strict observance must be kept in mind, and there must be trouble in watching the operation, and urge each other to protect the peace.
49. Peace depends on everyone, not on one person.
50. Life is like a candle. If you don't cherish it, it will perish.
51. Safety is first, and life will end if you don't pay attention to safety.
52. No matter who you are, no matter how good you are, as long as you don't pay attention to safety, you will lose the power to live.
53. Everyone consciously improves safety precautions and enjoys the happiness brought by society.
54. When crossing the road, you must look at the six roads and listen in all directions.
55. Work is safe, rest is safe, food, clothing and shelter are safe.
56. Comply with road safety laws and travel with you safely.
57. Take good care of your own door, take care of yourself, everyone is safe, and everyone is happy.
58. The red light stops, the green light goes, and the safety goes with me everywhere.
59. Crossing the road is to look left and right, to use appliances is to look at plugs, to be careful with fire, to live a peaceful life.
60. Ah don't leave me, the rules don't leave me. Don't forget the danger and the disorder.
61. There are hidden dangers on campus. Be careful at all times. As long as you keep it in your mind, you will be safe with you.
62. It is not difficult to want to be safe, just keep the word "safe" in mind.
63. Between benefits and money. Remember, safety comes first.
64. Follow the traffic rules and keep you safe.
65. Time, money, everything. Without security, there is no time. Without money, there is nothing.
66. There are no rules, and the road is bumpy.
67. Human life is very precious, but to have life, we must put safety first and always think about safety in order to have life.
68. The campus is the home of us and our teachers. Safety must always be remembered in our hearts. Students, we work together to make safety always on campus.
69. Human life is only once, when it is lost, it is too late to regret it. The word "peace" can't be forgotten anywhere, and it will accompany you around and give you happiness.
70. Look left and right when crossing the road, look at the plug when using household appliances, be careful when using thermal power, be careful when doing work, and live a peaceful life.
71. The word "safe" must be remembered forever.
72. Safeguarding is easy, but often people make it difficult.
73. Go to school happily and go home safely. When home is safe, the family is assured.
74. The safe campus is in my heart and safe action, always pay attention to the danger, and let safety protect us.
75. Ping An Campus is my home. Whether happiness depends on everyone.
76. The word "peace" is what every family wants to have. Then you always pay attention to safety and make you always safe.
77. A glass of wine before class, the accident was beckoning.
78. A flash of thought in violation of regulations, the accident was instantaneous.
79. The job is well protected and it follows safely.
80. As soon as you go to work, the accident knocks on your door.
81. One minute on duty, sixty seconds safe.
82. Rather go around a hundred steps away, don't grab a step.
83. Hold a shield of safety to prevent accidents.
84. Blessings come from safety, and misfortunes arise from violations.
85. Skills are trained every day, and accidents are prevented day by day.
86. The long road to life, the first step to safety.
87. The rope was broken in a thin place, and the accident was in a loose place.
88. Carelessness, painful regret for life.
89. Don't be afraid of being harmless for a long time.
90. There are old and small young people, and there is an accident.
91. Beware of your personal safety.
92. Personal safety is tens of millions of days, and the accident is instantaneous.
93. Don't be flustered in safety in production.
94. There is no turning back in life, no regrets for the accident.
95. The hidden danger of the accident is like a tiger, and the safety of production is as big as sky.
96. Strictly implement the standard to ensure safety, and loved ones hope you will return home safely.
97. Family happiness is pretended not to violate the rules without stepping on the red line.
98. The railway connects you, me, and others. Peace and happiness depend on everyone.
99. Simplify operations and save time.
100. One more safety prediction and one less accident threat.
101. The stumbling blocks are not high, and the violations are not in school
102. Frost specializes in rootless grasses, and he loves to find lazy people in accidents.
103. You talk about humanity in violation of regulations, and accidents show no mercy to you.
104. The fast knife does not wear to embroider, and does not catch leaks safely.
105. Don't think about anything else at work.
106. The safety red line cannot be touched, and the rules and disciplines are ruthless.
107. Labor protection supplies are well-dressed and life can be protected in case of danger.
108. The fire passage is like a blood vessel, blocking the passage and completely paralyzed.
109. Little cigarette butts have great dangers and negligence leads to disaster.
110. The amulets of the two disciplines and oneness, peace is the blessing.

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