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1. Life is a sea, sometimes surging, sometimes calm; life is a lamp, sometimes sparkling, sometimes obscure; life is a tree, sometimes lush, and sometimes sparse leaves; life is a road, sometimes rugged and winding , Sometimes broad and unobstructed.
2. Choosing fraternity means choosing to cherish emotions. To choose fraternity is to choose a love for all things. Choosing fraternity is choosing a lofty aspiration for life.
3. Success is a sweet glass of wine, success is a wonderful poem, success is a ray of warm sunshine, success records my best feeling, and makes me have endless aftertastes. It feels great to be successful!
4. Although the grass is so weak, it has the fragrance of plum, the temperament of bamboo, and the temperament of pine.
5. Tomorrow is boundless hope; Tomorrow is a new beginning; Tomorrow is a chase of dreams.
6. You are like a shuttle that can take us through the long river of history; you are like a key that can help us unlock the lost heart lock; you are like a star who leads us to a sun-filled paradise.
7. Life is a cup of tea, and the tea is full of taste; life is a lamp that flashes endless light; life is a stream of water that transmits a pure heart.
8. I long for spring because it is our booty that breaks through winter; I long for spring because it is a season full of good things; I long for spring because there we will find higher dreams.
9. The grass in spring is a green angel that fills the earth with life; the grass is the spirit of nature and adds fun to oneself; the grass is a green messenger and gives people hope.
10. Money can buy food, but not appetite; money can buy books, can't buy knowledge; money can buy medicine, can not buy health; money can buy fashion, can not buy beauty; money can buy Friends, can't buy friendship.
11. Maternal love is the sun that warms the soul; Maternal love is the rain that nourishes the soul; Maternal love is the fertile land that irrigates the soul; Maternal love is a rainbow that beautifies the soul.
12. Life is like an ocean, and the small story in life is a wave of magnificent waves; life is like a lonely boat, and you will not be alone when you are accompanied by friends on the road; life is like a five-flavored bottle. Full of sour, sweet, bitter and salty; life is like a kite, flying freely in the blue sky!
13. Flowers pass from spring, leaving strands of floral fragrance; leaves pass from summer, leaving a shady patch; wind passes from autumn, leaving waves of golden waves; snow passes from winter, leaving all hope.
14. With youth, you have a chic and romantic; with youth, you have a splendid and brilliant.
15. Sunlight is a bouquet of flowers that moves you; Sunlight is a glimmer of hope that allows you to get out of trouble; Sunlight is a rainbow bridge that communicates the constant friendship between you and me. Let us gather the sun in our hearts, and then we will have love in our hearts.
16. Appreciation is not a one-way charity, but the active collision of wisdom and wisdom; Appreciation is not a cheap compliment with ulterior motives, but a fair recognition of a relative value; Appreciation is not a flattery flattery, but an inherent charm of things sincere.
17. Autumn is like a cute child, waving with a brush, and putting on new clothes on the leaves; Autumn is like a girl in the flower season, and the clear sky is like her pure and beautiful heart; Autumn is like a strong young man, holding up the blue sky with his arms, for us Open up new paths.
18. Sunlight is the hope in my heart. When we opened our eyes, the first thing we saw was 'sunlight'. How much is missed by the sun, but as long as there is sun in your heart, you can see the sun at any time.
19. Autumn is thick water that cannot be boiled, and seems to be able to be picked up and flowed through the fingertips. Autumn is a messy knot that can't be undone. It seems to be undone but tangled again. Autumn is the sweet honey that can't bear it. It seems to be able to quit but can't bear it.
20. Time is running water and it is never gone; time is lightning and it is fleeting; time is light and shadow and it flashes by.
21. Life is the rising sun, red and white, making people look forward to and hope; Life is a spring sprout, with greenery, making people excited and excited; Life is overcast, dark, disturbing and disturbing ; Life, plum blossoms in the snow, beautiful white, promote stubbornness and hard work.
22. Winter is a fashion designer who puts on snow-white clothes for the earth; winter is a magician who gives everyone a large cotton candy; winter is a musician who writes movements with various styles.
23. Chrysanthemums are not as magnificent as peony; they are not white and elegant as narcissus; they are not as elegant and luxurious as rose; they are not as delicate as roses.
24. Love is weird. I care about everything and forgive everything in the end; like Tagore said: her eyes are raining for her, but her heart is holding an umbrella for her. This is love.
25. Success is a joy, success is a kind of ease and happiness, and success is a taste that people cannot describe with words.
26. The grass in the park is really green, so green that it feels like a green carpet; the grass in the park is so dense that you can't see the soil; the grass in the park is so soft, when the breeze blows, they just look cute Dance.
27. The sea in Qingdao is so vast that you can't see the margins at a glance; the sea in Qingdao is so blue that it looks like a blue gem; the sea in Qingdao is so turbulent that the waves are like thousands of horses. Come on.
28. Success is a joy, success is a kind of ease and joy, and success is a taste that people can't describe in words.
29. The autumn girl came quietly, the golden rice in the field like the long hair of autumn girl, dancing in the autumn wind. There was also the green grass, which gradually turned yellow under the blowing of Autumn Girl, and the earth put on a golden-yellow dress.
30. Dreams are navigation lights that guide the direction of the ship; dreams are the dawn, and the road that illuminates the night walker. The dream is a glance in the desert, so that the dry walker can see the hope of life.
31. The water of the Lijiang River is really quiet, so quiet that you can't feel it flowing; the water of the Lijiang River is so clear that you can see the sand and stones on the bottom of the river; the water of the Lijiang River is really green, as if it were flawless Emerald.
32. That mother's touch, the same as the clear spring stone, delicate and distant; like the bright sun in winter, warm and tender;
33. I saw that Huangguoshu Waterfall, like a silver dragon with a gigantic Yu Xuanang, whistled down from the sky, shaking the mountain and deafening.
34. With knowledge, you have unlimited light and hope; with knowledge, you have unlimited power and wealth.
35. Autumn is sweet and the joy of a good harvest; autumn is sour and the sweat of farmers.
36. Listening to the elders ’teachings is just like reading a good book, and it benefits a lot. Listening to a friend ’s report, sharing happiness with friends, sharing pain, making friends feel that they are not alone; listening to the complaints of others, letting Others feel comfortable, content and relaxed.
37. Dream is a sharp sword that can help you clear obstacles; dream is a beacon that illuminates your future; dream is a monument to help you witness glory.
38. Family affection is like an umbrella, protecting me from rain; family affection is like a raincoat, covering me from the wind; family affection is like a harbor, a place where I rest.
39. Maternal love is the joyful laughter that accompanies her throughout her life. Maternal love is the anxiety of the children in front of their beds. Maternal love is the wandering thoughts of wandering the horizon. Maternal love is the longing for the growth of children.
40. Look! That pink chrysanthemum held its head high, and sprout-like petals were tightly clustered together, looking far away, looking like a small pompom and sitting together as a big family to discuss something.
41. Dreams are ropes and full sails; dreams are sails and boats that promote hope; dreams are boats that float the ideal sea; dreams are the sea and hold up the bright sun; dreams are the sun and light the way forward .
42. Time is the rush of "time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttles"; time is the helplessness of "young and hard-working, the boss is sad";
43. White clouds; the water of Rouge Lake is so soft, like a ribbon of fairies, which flutters in the wind; the water of Rouge Lake is so hard, like a flawless emerald, shining with beautiful luster.
44. Maternal love, like a breeze, is still cool and warm even if it breaks through the heavy walls. Maternal love, like a shower and rain, is still kind, even after moisturizing all things that have been dry for a long time.
45. Family affection is intangible, just like the thin line of a kite in the sky, it will stretch as the kite flies up. Family feelings are usually not felt, but it is omnipresent.
46. Happiness is the laugh line on the brow of the old man, happiness is the full score on the children's report card, happiness is the military medal of the golden cancan, happiness is the red flower.
47. Jasmine is so white, white is like white clouds in the sky; white is like a spray of water in the water; white is like white snow on the ground.
48. Youth, an era full of personality and publicity; youth, an era full of friendship and love; youth, an era full of wisdom and strength.
49. Drinking coffee, bitter taste. Happiness and sorrow, the true and moving, thoughts and loneliness that can still be felt. Tears dripped quietly on the keyboard.
50. Dreams are trees that stand for you; dreams are light and the snow that melts in winter; dreams are snow and the water that nourishes the land; dreams are water and form an endless sea.
51. Xia is a dance with enthusiasm; Xia is a layer of veil, elegant and free; Xia is an elf, always enthusiastic.
52. Love is a drop of water that can nourish people's hearts; love is a sun that can illuminate people's roads; love is a clear spring that can wash people's morals. Is this ok?
53. What is time? Time is a ruler, it can measure the progress of the struggler; time is a balance, it can weigh the results of the struggler; time is a shuttle, it can take us to travel history Long river.
54. The chrysanthemum has the grace and luxury of a peony; the chrysanthemum has no plum blossoms; the chrysanthemum does not have the purity of a pear flower. Because it has been a hermit since ancient times.
55. Thanksgiving ordeal, he has forged a big husband who stands up to the ground; Thanksgiving ordeal, he has eliminated each of the proud and extravagant babes; Thanksgiving ordeal, it makes our life more exciting, more splendid and more brilliant.
56. Happiness is a smile from the heart. Happiness is a call that can't help but happiness. Happiness is a dance that forgets everything. Happiness is a self-originated ballad.
57. Tao Lifenfang is the happiness of teachers, children and grandchildren are the happiness of the elders, food and clothing is the happiness of the poor, and the dry stone is the happiness of lovers.
58. Caring is a look that gives silent blessings to students; Caring is a blue breeze that gives students the physical and mental well-being; Caring is a spring rain that nourishes the heart of students; Caring is a sentence that asks students to give them warmth in spring.
59. Fallen leaves, the wind is chaotic, how many things are on rainy days, stagnation on the roadside, the rain outside the window is still a curtain.
60. Love is the stars in the sky, sparkling, love is the rainbow, always the most beautiful, love is happiness, can help others, love is the sun, and illuminate the whole world.
61. There is no promise of time, only a heart fragrance, a bone clear muscle. The tunes of the wind, the memories are rising in the path of time, and a red leaf cherishes the mercy of the Buddha.
62. Plum blossoms are so white! They look like snowflakes in winter; plum blossoms are so beautiful! They look like dancing swans; plum blossoms are so strong! They look like heroic warriors. Plum's strong and unyielding spirit has always inspired me to move forward.
63. The waterfall rushed down like a silver satin, like a veil, and the wind blew, like smoke like mist, water drops like white plum blossoms, and light rain falling.
64. Autumn is like mother's hand, touching our faces; autumn is like a story, telling the scene of harvest; autumn is like a doll just woke up, full of spirit!
65. Sunlight is a ray of warm sun in the cracks of dark clouds; Sunlight is a cup of hot milk tea held in the hand in the cold; Sunlight is the warm quilt at night; Sunlight is where you go and hold hands together!
66. Dreams are water and sprouts of life; dreams are seedlings and trees of life; dreams are trees and flowers of life; dreams are flowers and bear fruit of life!
67. We met at the wrong time but separated at the right time. The most urgent thing to go is the most beautiful scenery, and the deepest hurt is the most true feelings.
68. Sunshine looks like a shy girl, and does not easily expose her smile. Once it appears, it is full of hot flavor, sealed the atmosphere of several seasons, evaporated in the air, brewed, and stained the hope of this season.
69. Dreams are like a gust of wind blowing toward the future; dreams are like a boat floating to the distance; dreams are like a lamp that lights up tomorrow.
70. Qiu is a poem with high solitude and arrogance; it is a ray of spring, cold and unruly, and a white crane flying forever.
71. The sun is like the fire of the sky, burning the heavens and earth in May, and the air is filled with the fragrance of red dates, bean paste, egg yolks and bamboo leaves. Oh! The annual Dragon Boat Festival is here again.
72. In life, my family is surrounded by my family. No matter what happens, my family is protecting me. I really have to melt and melt in this strong family.
73. With friendship, you have an understanding and support; with friendship, you have a joy and warmth.
74. Difficulty is a test ruler to test people's quality; suffering is an accelerator that promotes people's growth, and suffering is a source of wisdom and enhances people's spiritual wealth.
75. Affection is like a breeze on a spring day, soft and not flamboyant; Affection is like a light rain in summer, adding a touch of coolness; Affection is like a maple leaf in autumn;
76. Mother's love is like a spring breeze, bathing everyone in the world; mother's love is like a drizzle, sprinkled to every corner of the soul; mother's love is like a rainbow, soothing every wound of tears.
77. Happiness is a clear and sweet spring in the desert, happiness is a beacon that guides the direction in the dark, and happiness is a refreshing breeze in the summer.
78. The pond is really small, so small that it feels like a fish tank; the pond and the water are so clear that you can see the waterweed and the small fish; the scenery of the pond is so beautiful, it looks as if it is beautiful painting.
79. Maternal love is the sun that warms the soul. Maternal love is the rain that nourishes the soul. Maternal love is the fertile land that irrigates the soul. Maternal love is the rainbow that beautifies the soul.
80. The warm spring wind blows the residual snow, blows the green branches, blows the blue sky, and the river water also smiles!
81. Dreams are green in spring, delicate and fragile full of new ideas; dreams are the water of life, which gives people hope for silence; dreams are the wind of the sky, coming and going in a hurry; dreams are the withered leaves, nourishing the trees to usher newborn.
82. Mother's love is a beam of sunlight, and everything I feel is hot! Mother's love is an idyllic poem, long and clean; mother's love is a landscape painting, naturally fresh; mother's love is a song, tenderly affectionate.
83. When the grass is green, when the flowers are blooming, and when the birds are singing, I know that spring is here.
84. Maternal love is a lamp that illuminates the distant distance in the dark; Maternal love is a poem that warms the longing heart in the cold; Maternal love is the wind of summer, the sun of winter, and the fruit of autumn.
85. Time is a breeze, it can help us to clear away the sadness of our hearts; time is a drizzle, it can help us wash away impurities in our hearts; time is the sun, it can bring us incomparable warmth and light.
86. Sunlight is the brightest and most beautiful thing in the world. Sunlight represents a positive attitude towards life. In a row of thought-provoking words, the soul of the sun is explained.

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