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Safety Slogan

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1. Life is paramount and the responsibility for safety is heaven.
2. Strict is love, loose is harm, negligence careless accident. Strict is love, loose is harm, and safety is guaranteed for three generations.
3. Safety is at your feet, safety is in your hands. Safety is accompanied by happiness, and safety creates wealth.
4. Take a closer look at safety insurance; take an extra step to prevent accidents.
5. Be safe and have a blue sky.
6. If there is defense, there is danger if there is no prevention.
7. Secure the defense line and solve the worries.
8. Remember in your heart that you are your family and your loved ones.
9. Safety production must rely on safety science and technology, and safety science and technology is also the primary productive force.
10. Advocate and promote safety culture, improve the safety quality and safety culture knowledge of all people, and improve people's safety and health.
11. One person checks one place, and everyone keeps the gate as steady as a mountain.
12. There are thousands of people here, dedicated to production.
13. Customers are God, quality is life, the earth is the market, and safety is the guarantee.
14. Safety knowledge must be known, labor protection supplies must be worn; pay attention to work, peace and happiness.
15. Grasp safety and have tomorrow.
16. Rather go a hundred meters away without risking one step.
17. Human life is off, safety comes first. Safety first, disaster prevention and loss prevention. Strive to ensure safety and promote safety.
18. Do a good job in production safety and establish a corporate safety image. Improve workers' working conditions and promote safe and civilized production.
19. Yan is love and loose is harm. Three generations of accidents occurred.
20. To love a home is to love life, and love should be more important to safety.
21. Production safety is over regardless of corporate benefits!
22. Prevent micro du Jian, the alarm bell is long.
23. Busy accidents happened in vain, and the hardest-hitting victims suffered the most.
24. Improving the safety culture quality of young people is a strategic measure. Prospering our safety culture and art is one of the important tasks of safety culture construction.
25. Keep yourself safe and happy for the whole family.
26. You value, I participate, and work together on safety production; work together and plan together, and everyone depends on production safety.
27. Safety culture is the foundation of corporate culture construction, and safety culture is an integral part of corporate culture.
28. Safety first is truth, and the whole family cannot live without you.
29. Security is a major issue related to social stability and economic development. Strengthen production safety management to protect the safety and health of employees.
30. Safety creates happiness, and negligence brings pain. Safety is benefit, and safety technology is happiness.
31. It ’s no use earning a golden mountain without talking about safety.
32. It's better to be safe-minded than to prevent accidents from harming workers.
33. Loving his wife, son and family, ignoring safety equals zero.
34. Raise the awareness of national security and develop virtues of compliance with regulations. Publicize safety culture knowledge and promote safe and civilized production.
35. Smart people put safety first, and confused people put safety behind them.
36. Improving the safety of the whole nation must start with the baby and actively carry out safety day activities in primary and secondary schools.
37. Safety creates happiness and negligence brings suffering.
38. Safety helmets are protective treasures. Wear them before work.
39. Safety production is often unremitting, and not being tight is tantamount to not being grasped.
40. It is better to worry about safety than to make loved ones sad.
41. Parents, wives and children care about you, and remember to work safely.
42. Working outside is not easy. Safety comes first.
43. Personnel and personnel safety in production safety shall be implemented.
44. What I look forward to most is your peace, and what I fear most is your accident.
45. Safety alarms are sounding every day, and Ping'an Avenue travels every day.
46. Ten thousand days of safety, instant accident.
47. Happiness is a tree, and security is fertile ground.
48. Fire prevention and fire prevention are focused on prevention. Strengthen fire prevention management to prevent illegal fires.
49. Implement labor safety regulations and do a good job in production safety. Strengthen labor protection for employees and everyone learns to protect themselves.
50. Be safe, and rest assured. Safety negligence, suffering.
51. Safety is vigilance, and accidents are paralyzed.
52. Pay attention to safety today and reunite at the festival.
53. Life is precious and cherished, and the slightest paralysis is harm.
54. People take safety as a pleasure factory and safety for happiness.
55. Prevent fire and eliminate hidden dangers. Prevent fires in public places.
56. Strengthening labor protection is protecting productivity. Protecting the safety and health of employees is a top priority for companies.
57. Safety production keeps in mind that life cannot be a joke.
58. Pay more attention to work and be careful of accidents.
59. Security is hard to buy, and fate is in charge.
60. It is strictly forbidden to direct illegal operations and violate labor discipline.
61. Everything is safe and paralyzed.
62. Safe production is everyone's responsibility. Abide by rules and regulations, and ensure safety.
63. Safety consciousness is "to pass and to pass"; the hidden dangers are "to have an inch".
64. Improve safety awareness and build civilized construction sites.
65. Leadership inspection is caring and takes rectification seriously.
66. Safety and compliance coexist, and accidents and violations go hand in hand.
67. Everyone has a sense of security and a happy life.
68. Strict rules and regulations to ensure construction safety. Hidden accidents and supervise dangerous operations.
69. Construction safety depends on you and me, happiness is connected with the big guy.
70. Deep feelings, suffocation, faintness after work after work; do not drink before work, remind each other enough friends.
71. Safety is the guarantee of family happiness, and accidents are the root of tragedies in life.
72. Everyone talks about safety, and safety is for everyone.
73. Actively take part in the activities of “Safe Production Week”. In-depth implementation of the "safety first, prevention first" policy.
74. Safety is carefulness, and accidents come from carelessness.
75. Study carefully and resolutely implement the Work Safety Law.
76. Safety is the source of happiness, and safety is the guarantee of benefits.
77. There is only one life.
78. Safety helmets must be worn to prevent falling objects. Seat belts are a treasure, and high-altitude insurance must be indispensable.
79. Yan is the call of life, and Song is the beginning of suicide.
80. People's interests take precedence over all security responsibilities.
81. Production safety and life escort.
82. For your family's happiness, please pay attention to safe production. For the happiness of you and others, always pay attention to safety.
83. Hidden danger lies in open fire, and prevention is better than disaster relief.
84. Always be safe in your heart, eat and sleep sweetly.
85. Safety first, prevention first. Life is precious and safety comes first.
86. The climax of studying and implementing the Work Safety Law was set off.
87. Safety regulations are life, and conscious compliance is the guarantee.
88. Anti-violation, eliminating hidden dangers, ensuring safety, and promoting production. Create a good safety production environment.
89. Safety construction is careless, and loved ones are told to keep in mind.
90. Production after safety, not production without safety. Safety is at your feet, safety is in your hands.
91. Cherish life every minute, and always pay attention to safety.
92. Self-inspection is often performed before the shift, and accidents can be avoided.
93. Quality is the life of the building, and safety is the life of employees.
94. The most vulnerable part of the chain determines its strength, and the most dangerous side of your chain determines your life.
95. Security alarms often sound to prevent gongs from being struck often.
96. Pay attention to safety everywhere and reunite the family every year.
97. Brute force is the first step towards the abyss of an accident.
98. Illegal production safety must be investigated. Safety comes from long-term vigilance, and accidents result from momentary paralysis.
99. Safety is a flower of happiness.
100. The company's effectiveness can only be ensured if the safety in production is done well. Persistence in safety results is the key.
101. Build a Great Wall of Safety and Prosper Drilling Economy.
102. Life is the most precious and safety comes first.
103. Responsibility is the soul of security, and standardization is the foundation of security.
104. I am responsible for my safety, and I am responsible for the safety of others.
105. Work hard first, and everything is safe first.
106. Safety first and prevention first.
107. "Five Simultaneities" in production safety must be implemented by leaders at all levels. People across the country are well off, and safety and civilization are the first.
108. We share the responsibility of safety, and our common desire to be safe.
109. Implement safety regulations and strengthen safety precautions.
110. Pay attention to mechanical injuries, beware of driving injuries. Establish the concept of legislation and adhere to safe production.
111. Passing off safety is life-threatening.
112. Wear a hard hat during work, sweating is better than bleeding.
113. Only when the string of security consciousness is tight can a peaceful and happy tone pop up.
114. Popularize fire prevention knowledge and strengthen fire prevention concepts. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity to prevent electric shock accidents.
115. Our city has your blood and sweat, and your peace is our wish.
116. Always keep the safety light on, and live in peace with life.
117. Get rich for thousands of days, the day when the accident happened.
118. Consciously abiding by various safety production rules and regulations is the duty and responsibility of workers.
119. The life of a security companion is only once.
120. The construction site is the battlefield.
121. Safety awareness is in my heart, and safety in production is in my hands.
122. Safe construction and embrace peace.
123. Safety is loose and the whole line ends; perseverance and success in everything.
124. Be safe, happy family.
125. Establish a sense of urban anxiety, and learn the emergency escape ability of disaster prevention. Strengthen employee safety technology training, and insist on workers holding certificates for employment.
126. Safety production creates benefits and illegal operations cause problems.
127. Safety measures are adequate and the family is happy and happy.
128. When peace is at stake, and the alarm bell is long and bright.
129. Security and disaster reduction are related to the well-being and tranquillity of all people. Improving the quality of national security must start with the baby.
130. Safety, comfort and longevity are the pursuit of contemporary people. Value safety, care about safety, and contribute to safety.
131. Dangerous fire, dangerous electricity, dangerous operation, there is no danger; careful, careful, responsible, and wait together.
132. Safety management is linked and production efficiency is rising.
133. Caring for life and paying attention to safety.
134. Take the road of life safety and start with civilized construction.
135. Accidents are fierce, and security is as expensive as gold.
136. It is sad without the spirit of ownership; it is hateful without security awareness.
137. Building safety is of paramount importance, and long life is a blessing.
138. The consequences of the accident are closely linked, and the quality of safety continues to rise.
139. Safety is the guarantee of happiness. Governing hidden dangers guarantees safety.
140. Safe production is everyone's responsibility.
141. Safety comes from alerting that accidents come from paralysis.
142. Yan is love and harm, Yan Zhong has his true feelings.
143. Following the great responsibility of the world, disaster prevention has never happened.
144. It is not easy to make money out of the house, and you must pay attention to safety.

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