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Slogan for caring for flowers and trees

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1. One less footprint and one more fragrance.
2. Green is our home.
3. If flowers and plants lose their protection, we lose our health.
4. All grass and trees are life, and one branch and one leaf are always in love.
5. Yin Yin green grass, please be merciful at the foot.
6. Make flowers smile, let Cao tease, and let your heart bloom.
7. Green campus, green life.
8. Without trees, the world will be bleak.
9. Please make our campus green forever.
10. Trees are green, so the earth has a pulse.
11. I am very shy, please don't touch me!
12. Save a drop of water today and leave a drop of blood for future generations.
13. Appreciating flowers and flowers is more beautiful, and the scenery is more secluded.
14. Persuading Jun to take a few more steps, not to use the lawn as a road.
15. Open with flowers and grow with small trees.
16. Flowers reward us with floral fragrance, we only need to be merciful at our feet.
17. Save the planet and start working together.
18. Please keep our waist stick straight forever!
19. Xiao Cao is sleeping, please do not disturb.
20. When you don't want me, please send me home.
21. Pick up a piece of paper and convey affectionately.
22. Only when human beings take good care of nature can nature return infinitely to human beings.
23. Trash can: Can you shoot close range.
24. Build a green campus and enhance environmental awareness.
25. Fangcao Yiyi, everyone pity.
26. Please take care of green, green is the source of life.
27. For a beautiful home, start with small things.
28. It's a pity to break through the green felt.
29. One less footprint, one more life.
30. Pursue green fashion and embrace green life.
31. Set the wind of environmental protection and welcome a better tomorrow.
32. Create green fashion and embrace green life.
33. Give me a green, and return you a shade.
34. The road goes with you, don't step on my head.
35. You wave your sleeves without taking away a cloud. I did it without leaving any paper scraps.
36. Flowers and plants are my friends, please take extra care
37. The sympathy flowers are more beautiful, and the sympathy grass is more green.
38. You do n’t love the environment, and the scenery is not always there.
39. Create a green campus, starting with you and me.
40. The little flowers and grasses are fragrant, please take a walk around the road.
41. Green, timeless beauty; campus, home forever!
42. The school is green, and the students' hearts are springing.
43. We are seedlings and we all need care.
44. Love flowers and fragrance on your hands, and keep your feet under the grass.
45. Build a green campus together and share the scent of birds and flowers.
46. Make green visible and green audible.
47. The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the heart is pure.
48. Everyone loves it, and the world will be more beautiful.
49. Love the grass, it is the messenger of spring!
50. Protect the school environment and create a holy place for students!
51. Be affectionate in your heart and show mercy under your feet.
52. The grass is green, and the flowers are fluttering;
53. School is my home and everyone loves it.
54. Qingshan clears my eyes, and the flowing water calms my ears.
55. Xiao Cao smiled slightly, please go around.
56. Come and go around, I will smile.
57. Flowers burst, birdsong. The sound of Langlang's books is deep and deep.
58. People face, tree bark, please do not leave marks on the wall.
59. Qing Qing Xiao Cao has life, please be merciful at your feet.
60. Don't let the white veil cover my green smile.
61. Protect the environment, say less and do more, and make the campus a green hall.
62. Take a step to pay attention to the underground grass.
63. Please walk around, Cao Er smiled at you.
64. The grass is green and the steps are light.
65. Birds long for a clean sky, and humans long for a green home.
66. Drink clean water and breathe fresh air. This requires you to take care of the environment every moment!
67. Weaving love and protecting the environment.
68. With your sincere care, the school will be more beautiful
69. Don't regret when the green color disappears.
70. Your actions represent the future of flowers.
71. To protect the ecological environment is to take care of ourselves.
72. Life is good if the environment is good. ;
73. Xiao Cao smiled slightly at you, please make way.
74. I love flowers, I love grass, I love young saplings.
75. One less footprint and one more green.
76. One more green and one more healthy.
77. Relying on the green trees, beautification depends on everyone.
78. Flowers and trees have information Chunhui, classmates take care of joy.
79. Every flower and every grass is life, every branch and every leaf is always in love.
80. Protecting the environment and protecting nature is protecting human beings.
81. Give me a love and send you a green.
82. Ask the altar how green it is, for everyone to love!
83. How can the green, green leaves and red flowers trample freely?
84. Green symbolizes life, cherish life, environmental protection first
85. It's better to act than to be resentful than to be resentful.
86. Beautify your life and purify your soul.
87. Lift your little feet gently, I smile under your feet.
88. The grass gives me a green, I give the grass a love.
89. Take three or five steps and stay green.
90. I groan at your feet when you strode forward.
91. Flowers need green leaves, and the school needs classmates to protect them!
92. Love is infinite and green is boundless.
93. Nothing can be left but footprints; nothing should be taken away except memories.
94. Thank you one more time, one more friend, one more sorry, one more tolerance.
95. To have a clean and beautiful campus, keep a healthy and civilized mind.
96. Protect the environment, start with me.
97. Green brightens our eyes in order to let us see the life under green.
98. Let the campus sun shine, let the green sacred and wonderful.
99. Take a walk and take a look.
100. Cherish the soul, save resources, resist pollution, plant trees and protect the green.
101. Birds speak floral, love to share.
102. Take care of every piece of green with love.
103. Caoer green, flowers, beautiful environment, healthy people!
104. Everyone participates in environmental protection and strives to be a green angel.
105. Protecting the environment starts with me, and protecting the school starts with students.
106. The grass is green and sympathetic at the feet.
107. You cherish my life, I return you a green shade.
108. Just giving some love can bring you lush green shade.
109. Flowers and trees are treasures, I can't do without it.

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