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100 sentences a sentence classic quotes

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1. Love has never been a fixed form, and taking other people's models can't copy your own happiness.
2. Smile is the most beautiful sunshine.
3. The best love will allow you to constantly improve yourself, rather than lose yourself.
4. Instead of caring about others' betrayal and badness, it is better to manage your own dignity and beauty.
5. The starting point of your life is not so important, what is important is where you can reach in the end.
6. No matter how difficult it is today, we must firmly believe that there is only the past that cannot be returned, and there is no tomorrow that cannot be reached.
7. If there is a secret to beauty, it is: Pamper yourself fiercely.
8. People are much stronger than you think, especially when you look back, you will find that you have taken a path that you did not expect.
9. Don't worry about the sky. Worry will not reduce the burden of tomorrow, but it will lose the happiness of today.
10. When one door of happiness is closed, the other will open. We often stare at closed doors, but ignore them.
11. Every woman wants men to treat her as the only one, not one.
12. The relationship between people is like knitting a sweater. When you build it, you need a needle and a thread. Be careful and long. When you remove it, just pull it gently.
13. In fact, the happiest fairy tale in the world is just him who spent the years with you.
14. No matter how painful you experience, you will gradually forget it in the end. Because nothing can survive the time.
15. There is always such a person, no matter how he treats you before, you will always find a reason to forgive him.
16. Learn to keep silent, because too much is lost.
17. Some people say that there are two kinds of romances in this world, one is to talk about each other and the other is to forget each other.
18. There is always a time in life full of anxiety, but we have no choice but to face it bravely.
19. Free yourself from the past, and the only way to move forward is not to look backwards.
20. Everything will be okay, even if it will not be today, it will one day.
21. Sometimes, God does not give you what you want, not because you are not worthy, but because you deserve better.
22. Youth is like cutting onions. We all burst into tears, but we still enjoy it.
23. Whenever we feel unhappy, we always add a lot of fantasy and poetry to the feelings we have missed and the person who missed it.
24. There are no scars that will not fade, no wounds that will not heal, no despair that will not stop.
25. The best lover must be able to stand by in time, meet in hardship, and meet each other in old age.
26. Later, slowly know that everything that should happen is what will happen, and everything that will be missed will be missed.
27. Only when you are drunk will you know that the wine is strong, and if you have loved, you will know it well. You can't be my poem, just as I can't be your dream.
28. I am not greedy nor wait. I found the right person and decided.
29. Don't talk nonsense when you don't understand. Don't say more when you understand. When you are upset, speak slowly. When not talking, don't say it.
30. When I miss someone, I suddenly change from a strong giant to a cowardly child.
31. Maybe love is not nostalgia, not enthusiasm, but years, years and months have become a part of life for a long time.
32. Time will slowly settle, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness requires your own accomplishment.
33. Women in their twenties began to yearn for stability and marriage, but men in their twenties only hoped to get to know some good women.
34. Many times, it is better to be misunderstood than to explain.
35. Thank you for letting me see the appearance of heaven.
36. In any case, it is not forgivable for a person to fall by reason. The more nobody loves, the more they must love themselves.
37. Time is not long, and be gentle to the gentle.
38. Any book in the world cannot bring you good luck, but they can make you quietly yourself.
39. If you want something, go for it bravely, regardless of what other people think, because this is the way to achieve your dreams.
40. For life, acceptance is the best tenderness, whether it is accepting the appearance of a person, or accepting a person has never been seen.
41. In order not to overwhelm the path of truth, fate has disorientated most people.
42. The reason why people are sad is that we can't keep the years, but what we can't face is that one day, youth, will pass away.
43. Human life does not lie in its length, but in its happiness.
44. Don't look at the wound, it will scar one day, the scar will not fade, but it will not hurt anymore.
45. Smile and silence are two effective weapons: smile can solve many problems, and silence can avoid many problems.
46. A man is a small child. When he really falls in love with a woman, he will develop a sense of dependence from the bottom of his heart.
47. What others think of you has nothing to do with you. How you live will have nothing to do with others.
48. A girl with love in her heart can process all the "bad" in a man into "good".
49. We can never predict the future. We were too frank when we were young, but we were too frank when we grew up.
50. Woman, not afraid of the end of a relationship, only afraid of the end of love.
51. A little bit of turning around is a feeling of incomprehension.
52. The best preservation in the world is to keep improving and make yourself a better and more loveable person.
53. Never stop believing in yourself.
54. We all fall in love with beautiful misunderstandings, and we will fall in love with perseverance.
55. When I was young, I always felt that I was far away from home. Now, I feel that the farther I am, the more concerned I am.
56. There are certain things that we cannot understand when we are young, and we are no longer young when we understand them.
57. People who have lost their fate are not easy to meet even in the same city.
58. It turns out that life can be less serious. It turns out that friendship can be deeper than love.
59. Give up something bravely for the life you want to live.
60. When a person only looks at problems from his own perspective, everything is wrong; and when he looks at problems from the center, everything is right.
61. All relationships, starting from a young age, are the most beautiful. Later, sincerity was either lost to life or given to the years.
62. See yourself clearly, don't look down on yourself.
63. Don't try to figure out everything, because sometimes things are not used to understand, but to understand them.
64. Behind creating success, we must have a persevering heart.
65. One day your corners will be flattened by the world, you will pull off the thorns on your body, you will smile at the person you hate, and you will become a calm person.
66. Who wants to live a lonely life: If it is not for love to be in the depths, how can it be hot and cold?
67. Youth is a book that is too hasty. We tear it up and read it again and again.
68. Everyone's life has shadows, but without these shadows, how can we know that we are standing in the light.
69. One day, there will be someone who will walk into your life and let you understand why you and others have no results.
70. If the mind is concerned, there will be complaints everywhere; if the mind is relaxed, it will always be sunny.
71. The world is just there all the time, without any disturbance.
72. Your attitude towards time is your attitude towards only one life.
73. As we grow older, we do not get better or worse, but we become more like ourselves.
74. This is a long journey to the mountains and mountains.
75. When I left him, I knew that love is one thing, life is one thing, fascination is one thing, and time is another.
76. My most scared feeling is that time flies, and I have no use but to consume food.
77. Just because I am too young, all my sadness and happiness seem so profound.
78. Don't kill yourself now, kill you in the future, don't work hard now, don't help the future.
79. Things that aren't available are always rarer than those that are, but not necessarily better than those that are.
80. It is easier for people to live by relying on constant forgetting.
81. The difference in mind makes the pattern of the mind different. It can be as big as the universe or as fine as dust.
82. Don't hurt a slow-heated person easily, they tend to be more attached to feelings.
83. Living in this world, needed by people, is the ultimate happiness.
84. Growth is a period of pain in the heart of the heart. The period of recklessness is called youth.
85. Beauty does not appear in its own mirror, but in the eyes of others.
86. We expect each to be the prelude to a reunion, but we don't know to leave, we will never see each other again.
87. Whether time can come back and whether the story is just a dream.
88. When you say you want to forget a person, often you are destined to remember that person throughout your life.
89. In this world, there is no perfect choice once and for all.
90. Regardless of people or destiny, whoever wants you to be ugly, you have to give him a smile.
91. Life is so funny. Do not always suspect that spring is in others, the key is to adjust your own mentality. The most important thing is to live your life well.
92. Too tired to live will be painful and content.
93. The darker the sky, the more you can see the stars. As long as we are willing to choose good and stubborn, don't forget our original intention, be kind and loving.
94. Life never intentionally owes anyone, it gives you a shadow, and it will definitely shed sunlight not far away.
95. The sky is not always clear, and the sun is not always shining, so it occasionally hurts when the mood collapses occasionally.
96. People who appear at the right time cannot be the wrong person; people who appear at the wrong time cannot be the right person.
97. Believe in life, it teaches better than any book.
98. Sometimes, all you need to do is shut up, let go of the so-called self-esteem, and acknowledge your mistakes. This is not called giving up, but growing.
99. Ordinary and simple.
100. Please be confident. You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in the landscape of others.

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