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Classic positive energy inspirational quotes

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1. Don't blame any one person, one thing, your own today is countless superposition and accumulation of yesterday, so it is important to take every step of today!
2. There are two paths in life, one requires walking with heart, called dreams; the other requires walking with feet, called reality. Many times we always underestimate ourselves and are not cruel to ourselves, so we miss meeting a better one. Forcing yourself, many things do not require a high IQ, just your insistence, a serious attitude, and a determination to face difficulties.
3. Life is like a car, or long distance, or short distance. Life is a pursuit, an effort, an expectation. Eager to turn dreams into reality and to turn illusion into reality. Life is beautiful because of dreams; life is sad because of dreams. However, no matter how difficult the road is, there is an end; no matter how long the road is, there are exits, and there will be light if you persist!
4. If things go wrong, I believe that there must be another arrangement in heaven; all lost will return in another way. You have to believe that as long as you work hard, time will not betray you.
5. It is not too late to start, it is better to start today. One day, the little visible future will be clear in your heart and under your feet. Life never treats everyone who works hard.
6. We all stumble up and down in time and then leave the original look a little bit.
7. The tiredness of life is inevitable for most people. Rather than evading the load, it is better to take the initiative to fight, at least in this way, we can still take the initiative and have the spirit to fight against fate.
8. Regardless of how the world treats you, please always work hard, be brave, and be hopeful. All the unwillingness in life is because you still have dreams in your heart. Before you give up, make a good fight, only afraid of old age, not afraid of long road. You know that not everything is destined to succeed, but everything is worth a try.
9. Dreams come out step by step on your own. Dreams are not just about thinking, just wanting not to do it, after all, it is a dream.
10. Don't eat the fattest and the worst at the best age, live the cheapest, good morning, dear girl!
11. People do not rely on tears to win sympathy, but rely on sweat to win applause. The world is fair. If you want to be stronger than others, you must do what others do n’t want. If you want a better life, you must endure more difficulties. If you do n’t eat hard, you will eat hard life. The real strong man is not running without tears but running with tears. Don't let anyone steal your dreams, because no one will pay for your life. Good morning! !!
12. There is no state in life that can make us live better than unremitting struggle!
13. What kind of person will approach what kind of road. The greatest luck for people is not to pick up money or win prizes, but that someone can encourage you, guide you, and help you. In fact, what restricts your development is often not the IQ and academic qualifications, but the life and work circles in which you live. People around you are very important. The so-called noble people are not people who directly bring you benefits, but people who open up your horizons, correct your pattern, and give you positive energy.
14. Every blooming flower is experiencing the turbulent waves; every bright and dazzling one is experiencing wind and rain; every scenery is infinite, and it is experiencing sadness. All things, only those who have experienced it, understand the power behind it.
15. Instead of taking the time to cope with the unsatisfactory life in the future, take the time to make the life you want!
16. When you have the courage, let go of your fears and doubts, and go forward step by step, you will find that with each step, you can see the next step clearly. Go forward, don't stand and watch! You can find your direction. We have all imagined that if time could go backwards and all regrets would be made again, such a life would be more perfect.
17. If you don't work hard, you will be the same after one year, just one year old; if you don't change, you will still be the one you were a year ago, and your life will remain the same. Appreciate those who have the courage to try to be restless about the status quo, look far away, work hard for the present, and harvest the future!
18. It's time to let go of your impetuousness, let go of your laziness, let go of your three-point heat. Every day's effort and sweat will not be wasted. It's better to get up now than to regret staying. Work hard, do not hesitate, do not waste time, grasp every day now, be a better self! May the work of spring, the struggle of summer, the new September, all re-write! If you don't want nothing in autumn, bring your own sunshine and set sail for your dreams! Come on! A wonderful world is waiting for you to discover!
19. Every gorgeous turn has an unseen sadness behind it, the appearance is bright and beautiful, the sweat and hard work behind it, one point of cultivation, one point of harvest, envy others! Better to defeat yourself.
20. Woman, you can be a bird or a self-reliance! With you, I can sit on the world; without you, my world is still great! A woman has no princess life, so she must have a queen's heart, not who can give you tears, who can accompany you to the world! ――Work hard ... dear yourself!
21. The original tenaciousness of life is that it has been exposed to the wind and suffering, but still intact and enjoying the sun. But those imperfections in life often become a unique landscape in life!
22. You have to work hard, what you want can only be given by yourself; if others give it, you have to ask yourself if you can afford it.
23. Have a good attitude, and respond to the ups and downs of life with a positive attitude. You have experienced, worked hard, and worked for it, you are the winner.
24. Life is a disciplined process. Without these sweetness and bitterness, you will never mature! Therefore, we should be bright in the sun, running in the wind and rain, growing in tears, looking forward in hard work, and saying to ourselves: Yesterday was good, today is good, tomorrow will be better!
25. There are no miracles in this world, only your trajectory of hard work, no luck, only your courage to persevere, and each one is a cumulative accumulation of success. As long as you believe in yourself, you will always encounter surprises. The sincere return of others, sincerity, is both respect for others and responsibility for themselves.
26. No matter how confused life may be, we may remember, or forget, we ca n’t linger in our memories, there will surely be a gentle look at you in the future. Our motivation to move forward is actually not elsewhere but ourselves. Attitude is everything, strength defends dignity! smile proudly even if you failed.
27. The laziness you have stolen will become a slap on your face, fight hard, and be motivated, not to show it to others, but to live up to this life. Let it burn! Fight your spirits! Otherwise, when Baishou grows old, what will you take to face the youth that once shined brightly? Life is a long race. Some people laugh at the beginning, others win in the end. Fate doesn't favor anyone, it depends on how long you can persist.
28. A good lifestyle is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people! There is a story all the way back, with firm footsteps when looking down, and a clear distance when looking up.
29. Make a list of the things you are afraid, confused, troubled, and confused, and make plans for how to face them one by one. The anxiety and anxiety in my heart will be relieved, and things that cannot move forward will slowly turn around.
30. I think people's fragility and strength are beyond their imagination. Sometimes I could burst into tears when I was too fragile, and sometimes I found that I walked a long way with my teeth. Be brave, there will be a sun ahead.
31. Opportunities are reserved for those who work hard. Whoever is lucky comes out of thin air. Only when you work hard enough can you be lucky enough. The world will not live up to every effort and persistence. Time will not neglect everyone who is persistent and brave.
32. Everyone who succeeds often goes through a dark period with no support and no help, and this period of time is exactly the key stage of precipitation. It is like the darkness before dawn.
33. Failure and frustration are not terrible. What is terrible is the loss of self-confidence and the inherent motivation that motivates us to move forward. Let us regain our confidence and always firmly believe that the life boat is at the helm of ourselves. As long as we can confidently sail, we can overcome the storm and reach the beautiful shore.
34. Cherish your time and make good use of every minute and every second. Do not let go of every detail, be cautious, meticulous, and be able to do this, what else is impossible?
35. A slight smile when misunderstood is a kind of literacy; a frank smile when aggrieved is a kindness; a happy smile when in a loss is an open-minded; helpless A smile when you reach the point of view is a realm; a smile when you are in crisis is a kind of atmosphere; a smile when you are scorned is a kind of confidence; a smile when you are broken in love, this Is a free and easy.
36. You can't be crushed by the tongue of others, go your own way, take your own ideas, make your own decisions, and be ashamed of everything. Worry all day worrying about other people's views on themselves, can only be nothing in the world, mediocrity. Keep doing what you think until you succeed.
37. There are no stops in life, reality is always a starting point. No matter when and where, you can't give up. Only by maintaining a stance of struggle can you prove the existence of life.
38. There are no shortcuts for young people. Everyone is a practitioner. Behind all successes are unknown hardships. Your responsibility is your direction, your experience is your capital, and your character is your destiny.
39. Do complicated things simply, you are an expert; repeat simple things, you are an expert; repeat things with your heart, and you are the winner.
40. Every step we take is a new starting point, and these starting points are connected into the trajectory of our life. Don't be afraid to start, and experience the difficulties in the beginning before you can make a leap forward; don't be afraid to end, all endings are a new beginning. In the end we will find that life is like a circle, and the end point is the starting point. Do n’t expect too much, you will lose what you get; do n’t be too awed, who can dominate you is always you.
41. The fastest steps are not to cross, but to continue; the slowest steps are not slow, but hovering; the most dangerous path is not steep slopes, but traps; the greatest happiness is not to get, but to own; the best wealth is Money is health; the best blessing is not the future, but the present.
42. Life is a performance. It takes life as the stage, time as the scenery, emotions as the clues, the people and things we experience as the plot, and the excitement and success as the climax. You can cry, laugh, willing, passive, this is a performance you can't refuse. Sometimes we act as others, lose ourselves, and become supporting actors on our stage. Go and be your own protagonist, there is no substitute for your performance.
43. When you are young, wake up and fight. Don't abuse your best age and let yourself do nothing all day. I'm young and never lose. He raised his chest with confidence, and looked up proudly. Change your attitude and live out your pride. You deserve a better world!
44. Beauty belongs to the confident, opportunity belongs to the trailblazer, miracle belongs to the author! If you don't want to do it, you will always find an excuse; if you want to do it, you will always find a way.
45. Sometimes all you need to do is let go of your so-called self-esteem and admit your mistakes. This is not called giving up, but growing. No matter what you do, don't rush to return, because sowing and harvesting are not in the same season, and there is an interval between them. We call it: persist.
46. There is no state in life that can make us live better than unremitting struggle! When you are young, go to hardships, fight hard, and when you are old, your memories are full of pride, which others cannot give.
47. Years is an accurate calculator, which records your dedication and effort exactly, measures your foundation and strength, and measures your weight and value. ——Work hard, years will not disappoint you.
48. There is no so-called genius in this world, and there is no reward in return for nothing. Every glorious figure you see has made a shocking effort behind it. Please believe that your potential is far from exploding. Do not set limits on your own life. The limits you think you are are just the starting point for others.
49. The longest is no time, because it is always endless, and the shortest is no more than time, because all our plans are too late.
50. Some people are running, some are sleeping, some are grateful, some are complaining, those who have no goals cannot sleep, those who have no goals do not wake up, and hard work is the proper attitude in life. Opening your eyes is a new beginning.
51. Life has no if, fate does not believe in assumptions. Once you have it, just be grateful; if you miss the beauty, just remember it; if you have loved, just remember it, you do n’t need to worry about it, you do n’t need to worry about it all the time, you can have a relaxed and happy journey.
52. People who never win rarely fail, and people who never climb rarely fall. If you want to know the taste of success, you have to say less and do more.
53. Life is like buying watermelon. The unknown is wonderful. Boldly try, don't cower, if you taste really sweet, you will feel happy and satisfied. If it is not sweet, you are also brave. Don't buy it if you are not sweet. What you give up is not an opportunity to eat watermelon, but you lose confidence.
54. A truly successful life does not lie in the size of the achievement, but in whether you work hard to realize yourself, shout your voice, and go out of your own path.
55. Don't always complain that life is not lucky. You owe an effort to life. The beauty of the future depends on whether you can fight it now.
56. The fear of difficulties is more harmful than the difficulties themselves. The brave is fearless. The path of the brave extends with footsteps; the path of the weak ends in front. Hope is often not in my heart, but at my feet. Without taking the first step, there is no hope in the big things.
57. The so-called ability is both capable and patient. People without ability cannot do anything, people without patience cannot do it! Planting ability does not necessarily result; planting patience often has unexpected gains. Ability is exercised, and patience is exercised. Ability and patience complement each other. Patience without ability is a kind of cowardice, and lack of ability is a danger.
58. All the anger basically comes from having no money; don't keep telling your plight and reveal your vulnerability in front of others, don't think of relying on others and try to make money, it has nothing to do with age.
59. If you don't work hard, no one will help you, don't pretend to be hard, because the result will not accompany you to perform.
60. No matter what age, don't let down your best self! Change every sentence "I can't" to "I can learn" and every sentence "I dare not" to "I can do it". Trying is better than never dare to start!
61. If you choose ease, you don't need to be envious of the wonderfulness and enrichment of others; if you choose stormy seas, you don't need to yearn for peace. Different choices give you different paths to life. As long as you identify what you really want, and work hard for it, everyone will be a winner in your life!
62. As long as you live wonderfully and happily, it is the best moment at all times. Working hard, living earnestly, and dreaming, the one who can really resist the years is the energetic heart.
63. Everyone has to decide how he or she will live through his own efforts. The world is fair. If you find it difficult, then you give up, but do n’t complain if you give up. Life is like this, you have to pay to get it, you have to learn to persist.
64. Success is conquering yourself. People are not afraid of being small, but afraid of being humble. Life is fair. To live a wonderful life, you need a progressive heart. Based on diligence, based on tenacity, do your best, seek the best results, act to achieve dreams, and strive to achieve life.
65. No one can predict the future, and many things may wait forever. Just do what you want to do, and go after it if you have a dream. Don't let people lose in a word of "wait".
66. Some annoyances are made up by us in vain, but we bear it as real. Thinking too much will only ruin you, get you into a trance, and make things that aren't actually bad worse. The sun is so good, why bother looking for trouble.
67. Before you get up every day, you have two choices. Either continue to lie down and dream about what you haven't finished, or pull off the quilt to fulfill your dream that you haven't finished.
68. It is difficult to go uphill, and it will be tiring to go up, but if you do n’t go, you wo n’t see the scenery on the top of the mountain; do n’t forget the courage that you once had for dreams , Become the persistence at this moment, you will eventually meet a better yourself.
69. I have come a long way and met more people. I found that the most beautiful scenery in life is calmness and calmness in the heart, and wisdom and sobriety in the mind.
70. Don't be frustrated, don't have to panic, do snails that try hard to climb or stupid birds that insist on flying. We try to grow up, stumble all the way, and then bruise all over our bodies. Hold on, one day you will stand in the brightest place and live the look you once wanted.
71. Don't worry about people's vision. The less others see you, the harder you have to work. Many times, while we are not favored, we are trying to grow on the road to prove ourselves. If you have a dream, turn it into courage, perseverance at this moment, let time prove everything, and make you better in the future. Strive to do nothing, fight hard to move yourself!
72. Ask yourself more, you will be more independent, ask less of others, you will reduce disappointment; complaining is the most meaningless thing, if it is really difficult to endure the surrounding environment, then secretly work hard, and then jump out of this circle!
73. At the moment of life, you have to fight if you have a chance, whether you succeed or fail. What you want is results and enjoyment is the process. There is no fate without ruggedness, and no life without strong winds and waves.
74. What is happiness? Happiness doesn't have to be entangled in the waist, high officials show off, and the wind and the rain. Ordinary people have their own happiness. As long as you know how to live, as long as you do not give up the pursuit of a better life, you will not be abandoned by happiness.
75. It's not difficult to give up, but it must be cool to persevere. What is persistence? Just one day, and another day, you tell yourself and stick to it for another day.
76. Never put yourself in a position in others' lives that you are not sure of yourself; don't worry too much about the vague future, just strive for the clear present.
77. When life becomes difficult, and when everything is not going well, please remember that even a tortoise can climb to the end as long as it does not give up; life is like a marathon. The key to winning is not an instant burst, It's about persistence along the way. Even if you have hundreds of reasons to give up, you must find yourself a reason to keep going. Many times, success is just sticking to it for another minute, and there is hope if you don't give up.
78. The days of hard work are the clearest times in my life. It's not motivational quotes or motivational stories that motivate you to keep going, but yourself who is full of positive energy.
79. The greatest motivation of man is himself, and the biggest obstacle is himself. Crossing the boundaries of thinking and overcoming laziness in action will naturally become better and better.
80. Everyone has a brain, but not everyone has wisdom; everyone has eyes, but not everyone has vision; everyone has hands, but not everyone can seize opportunities; everyone has opportunities But not everyone has the courage to pursue their dreams; opportunities are always for those who have wisdom, vision, and courage.
81. Efforts should be a habit, not a temporary one, so that you can have the confidence to say in the future that you never get lucky.
82. Everyone's road to success may be different, but I believe that success requires everyone who wants to work hard and struggle, and every road to success is full of bumps, only those Only those who firmly believe in their goals and strive hard can achieve ultimate success. But I always believe that when you can touch yourself to cry, you succeed!
83. There are many such miracles in life, seemingly harder than going to heaven, sometimes it can be done easily, and the difference lies in extraordinary beliefs.
84. You can't control even a few sleeps, and talk about controlling your life. Things that can make you better may not be easy at first, but as long as you persist, you can grow. Don't stay in the comfort zone. The harder you work, the luckier you will be. The degree of self-discipline determines the height of your life.
85. The best state of life is: Waking up every day, facing the sun, and raising the corners of your mouth. Don't envy anyone, flatter anyone, work hard silently to live what you want.
86. Be hard on yourself and force yourself to work hard. In another five years you will thank yourself for being hard today and hate yourself for being lazy and inferior today. Now that you have identified a way, keep going, and your destiny will not let you down. A serious and hardworking person.
87. No one will pay for your future. You either try to climb up or rot in the lowest level of society. This is life.
88. Behind all Niubi is the persistence of bitterness; all the bitters are silly and do not give up. As long as you are willing and insist on it, one day, you will live, the look you like.
89. Sometimes we have to work hard. Because I'm not smart. The vacancy can only be filled with effort. Even if there is no return, we still have to work hard. At least this effort is beautiful.
90. There can be no poetry in life, but not poetic; there can be no way in the journey, but there must be no steps forward; no experience in the work, but no learning, no flash in life, but no stains.
91. It is not necessary to think about the meaning of life and the value of life, only to feel life with the true heart. No matter what your destiny has given you, don't lower your noble head, the only thing to do is to walk forward to the sun. Let dreams guide the pace of progress, let courage to surf the waves, let self-confidence win the favor of good luck, and work hard for the joy of success!
92. Stop complaining about your encounters, or blame your misfortune on others. Whether you choose a world full of love and gratitude, or a world full of dissatisfaction and pain, all in your thoughts.
93. Those who have suffered many times in their lives are not all bad things, because they do not bow their heads in the face of difficulties, do not be discouraged in adversity, and go forward bravely. Although they encounter setbacks and ups and downs, they are noble characters who are brave and tough.
94. Free and easy people live the fastest. Learn to be at ease, maintain a healthy and uplifting heart, a contented contentment, a meaning of living true, a contented and lively content, and a sense of calmness! Calm down to the heart, calm down and do things in a down-to-earth manner, and be a happy life!
95. Life is like a cup of unsweetened coffee, which is bitter when you drink it, but aftertaste, it has a lingering fragrance that will not fade away for a long time; it is not a camouflage, but a precipitation. Therefore, people only grow old in appearance, time will make a soul more and more moving.
96. Life is only peaceful. We must face setbacks and frustrations with a peaceful heart, and we must face success and pride with a peaceful heart. If you can't forget it, keep your heart on it, don't let it be our sorrow for the past. You got trapped yesterday, and you're bound to pale tomorrow.
97. Life does not treat us from time to time. There are always setbacks and failures. We must learn to face up with Daguan's attitude of life, and greet with a peaceful and indifferent state of mind. When we regard these as a precious wealth of our lives, then the sky of our hearts will not always be hazy.
98. There are no people who will never make mistakes in the world. Don't regret doing something wrong. Regret is an emotional exhaustion. Regret is greater loss than loss, and greater error than mistake.
99. Suffering is a devil training school. Only graduates from this school have the capital to fight against fate. In the face of destiny, strong people will turn pain into motivation, while weak people will be immersed in endless complaints and lose their courage to change their lives.
100. Opportunities never come to you automatically. We should be brave enough to use our actions to tell our own desires. Only by taking the initiative, others will understand their own demands, and we can also strive for more opportunities of our own.
101. To achieve the goal, there is nothing more than three steps, thinking, choosing and acting. Depends on others, many times, that is, lack of responsibility, life, most people always think about passing, and then find a lot of excuses to prove that this is not their own wish.
102. Luck is a gift of hard work. You can't catch it if you don't have the original accumulation of strength. God gives everyone the same, but everyone's preparation is different; don't envy those who can always hit the luck, you must work very hard to meet good luck.
103. Without action, laziness will take root! Without dreams, degeneration will take root! So, in order to stand well, don't stop your footsteps! The harder you work, the luckier you get! Don't make too many excuses for young people. What you can do now is nothing but hard work.
104. All of you are unwilling because you still have dreams. Before you give up, fight hard, only because you are old and not afraid of the road. Life is so short, you have to live for yourself once!
105. When the eagle grows up in the henhouse, it will lose its ability to fly, the wild wolf grows in the flock, and it will also fall in love with the sheep and lose its wolfness. With smart people, you will be more wise. With outstanding people, you will excel. So, what matters is who you are with.
106. We cannot control what others think; we cannot force others to do anything. The only thing you can do is do your best to do your own thing, take your own path, live your life according to your own principles. Even if someone treats you wrong, time will not treat you, and life will never treat you!
107. The saddest thing in life is to be ambitious, but to waste time. I feel that I am not smart enough, but the secretary always likes to procrastinate; I feel that I have a high degree but I have not used my spare time to continue charging; I am dissatisfied with myself, but I am comforting myself today and have fun tomorrow
108. The world is beautiful, and the world is flawed; life is beautiful, but life is also flawed. Because of beauty, it is worth us to come back to this world once again; because of regret, we need to make up for it. Since complaining is equally useless, try to complain less or not, and let happiness be closer to you, a little more!
109. People with goals are running, people without goals are wandering, because they do n’t know where to go! People with goals are grateful, people without goals are complaining, because they feel that the whole world owes him! People with goals Ca n’t sleep, people who do n’t have a target do n’t wake up because they do n’t know what to do!
110. Only when you believe in yourself and like yourself will you be appreciated by others. Seeing your strengths and arranging yourself in the right position can lead you to a brilliant life.
111. Today you are wasting is a tomorrow that many people expect; the present you are disgusted with is the future that you cannot return to. The saddest thing in life is ambition, but time is wasted. How many people are desperate when you are in the wilderness. Remind yourself that time is cruel but fair, cherish the moment, and be good at the moment!
112. Someone learns to summarize after failing, some people learn to complain after failing. What kind of person would you choose to be?
113. The farther the road is, the closer it is, the higher the mountain, the higher the mountain, the higher the mountain, the higher the mountain, the higher the mountain. The energy of each repetition is not added, but multiplied. Water droplets are not the power of water, but the power of repetition and persistence. The way to success is to persist!
114. Success depends on yourself. People stand in the world, and when they make their own decisions, they are not afraid of failure and give up. When you succeed, don't get excited and drunk; when you fail, don't complain. Dare to do great things, set your goals and set goals.
115. Life is not in age, expensive in mental youth; life is not in money, expensive in Yile mood; dressing is not in fashion, expensive in showy wisdom; meals are not in quantity, expensive in nutritional balance; rooms are not in size, expensive in broad minds; not many friends Gui is embracing in true love; exercise is not in the twilight, Gui is persistent.
116. There are no shortcuts to success! Whatever comes should always come. It's not good to go high, not to rush for quick success, and there will always be rewards for giving; no matter what stage you are in, you must take one step at a time and take every step.
117. In life, how many dreams are beyond our reach, and how many goals are beyond our reach. When we look up at these unachievable dreams and look at these unattainable goals, we should treat our failure with a normal heart. How can it be as satisfactory as possible, but be ashamed of my heart.
118. We must believe that there is nothing we can't do but we want to do it. I am my hero, and my biggest obstacle is myself. I can do what others can do. Self-confidence is more important than anything!
119. Don't be frustrated, don't have to panic, do snails that try hard to climb or stupid birds that insist on flying, we try to grow up, stumble all the way, and then bruise all over. Hold on, one day you will stand in the brightest place and live the look you once wanted!
120. There is not much difference between people. The real difference lies in the mentality. Either you control life, or life controls you. The mentality determines everything. With a positive attitude, you have the confidence to overcome all difficulties and succeed!
121. Rather than complain, change! The more muddy the road, the clearer the footprint left; the steeper the peaks, the more beautiful the scenery you see. There is no unsuccessful success in the world, all flowers are poured out with sweat. Once you have chosen the path you want to take, go bravely, stick to it no matter how hard, and never give up. One point of cultivation is not necessarily a gain, but nine points of cultivation will definitely have a gain.
122. If you don't do something when you are young, you really have no chance to do it again. Don't be afraid to fail and fall over and come back, just to keep some expectations buried in your heart, and finally it will become the pain of chanting.
123. When others deny you, you deny yourself; when others affirm you, you affirm yourself; only to show that you have no self. Paying too much attention to the opinions of others, there will be two kinds of endings in the end: Either you are exhausted by yourself or are killed by others!
124. If the heart is strong, life will have strength; if the heart has a destination, the day will be fragrant; if the heart follows the fate, no trouble will arise; if the heart is detached, it will be indifferent; if the heart is grateful, happiness will come; if the heart is With Zen, life is suddenly bright.
125. Complaining is a poison. It destroys your will and cuts your enthusiasm. Complaining about fate is worse than changing fate, complaining about life is worse than improving life. Find more ways and less excuses for everything. The strong are not running without tears, but running with tears!
126. There is no fast lane for success, no highway for happiness, a hard work and a harvest, all success comes from tireless hard work and running, all happiness comes from ordinary struggle and persistence!
127. Let go of the pressure, tired and not tired of determination; let go of the troubles, happiness is actually very simple; let go of inferiority, struggle to change your destiny; let go of complaining, instead of complaining, you should work harder; The world will widen!
128. When the heart is tired, look at the world from a different angle; when depressed, change the environment to take a deep breath; when confused, change the position to think; when in trouble, change the thinking to troubleshoot; when inferiority, change the idea to treat!
129. No matter how long the road is, there will be an end, and no matter how long the rain is, there will always be a stop.
130. Every sensible and calm present has a silly and naive past. Every warm and indifferent present has a sad and restless past!
131. Bamboo took only a year to grow, and it only grew cm. From the fifth year, it grew wildly at the speed of cm every day. It took only six weeks to grow to rice. In fact, in the first four years, bamboo has extended its roots in the soil by hundreds of square meters. The same is true for people and things. Don't worry that your efforts at this moment will not be rewarded, because these efforts are to take root. How many people have not survived those three centimeters!
132. No more sadness and anger for little things, no longer angry for some little people. Be sure to have a clean, refreshing, beautiful, and calm life.
133. Regardless of how difficult it is, to raise your head firmly, life is an awakening, not yesterday, not tomorrow, just today. Live in the present and look into the future. Life is an attitude, different you and me, different mentality, different life!
134. If you want to get the best thing in the world, you must first let the world see the best you!
135. Life is an invisible piggy bank, and every effort you put in will not be wasted!
136. At the foot of the road, no one will decide the direction for you, and no one will complete the dream for you. The wind blows the rain and knows life, and tries hard to understand life! In fact, life is a feeling, a kind of experience, and an understanding! Tell yourself that people must rely on themselves. There is no waiting for glory, only the splendor of coming!
137. In life, don't be controlled by ease. Striving is what determines success. In life, don't be controlled by others. It's yourself who decides your destiny. There are no hurdles to make, so that you can make your posture more beautiful!
138. Life is an excuse for the loser; luck is a humble word for the winner. The loser says that his life is bad, but he regrets that he did not do his best; the winner says that his life is good, but he knows the price paid. As you choose, fate happens. The harder you work, the more you will achieve!
139. In life, you must live beautifully and walk well. If you don't struggle, it's a display. No matter who you are, it is better to be a loser of hard work than to be an ordinary person who is at peace with the status quo!
140. People's biggest opponent is their own laziness; it is not difficult to do one thing, it is difficult to persevere; it is not difficult to persevere, it is difficult to persevere to the end; feeling tired, maybe because you are on the uphill road of life; Only by doing your best can you reach the pinnacle of life!
141. Everyone is a designer and architect of their own destiny. If you want to make a difference, you cannot wait for luck to come. Anything in the world can happen, that is, nothing will happen without effort!
142. No matter what you do, believe in yourself and don't let someone else knock you down. There is no right or wrong in life, only persistence after choosing, do not regret, go on, walk on and on, flowers bloom!
143. If you want to be good, you must accept the challenge; if you want to be good as soon as possible, you have to look for challenges. In the world, there are two kinds of people who are successful, one is a fool and one is a lunatic. A fool is a person who can suffer, a lunatic is a person who can act.
144. If dreams are the starting line for success, and determination is the sound of guns at the start, then diligence is like the Mercedes of the starter. Only those who persist until the last second can win the championship.
145. Letting go of stress, tired or not, depends on the mentality; letting go of troubles and happiness is actually very simple; letting go of laziness, struggling to change destiny; letting go of negative, despairing to the left, hoping to the right; Hesitate, act now, success is unlimited!
146. Regardless of how difficult it is, to raise your head firmly, life is an awakening, not yesterday, not tomorrow, just today. Live in the present and look into the future. Life is an attitude, and peace of mind is naturally broad. Different you and me, different mentality, different lives!
147. In life, it is fortunate for someone to help, and it is destiny for no one to help. We need to learn to be grateful when we are lucky to admire ourselves, and to be tough when our own destiny is hone!
148. I want to live a decent life, but I feel hard to work hard; I want to be healthy, but I can't exercise. No one can fail more than being irresponsible, and even failing to promise himself, why bother to complain that the world is against you?
149. People seem to live for a long time, but there are only three days-yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday, it passed, no longer annoying; today, it is passing, don't bother; tomorrow, it hasn't arrived yet, can't bother.
150. Success often arrives after many failures. Every time you fall, you can get up and make you more skilled, more powerful, and more confident. Never give up, persevere, and when setbacks accumulate at your feet, you will have the opportunity to progress.

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