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Chicken soup for soul classic inspirational quotes

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1. Constant hard work, constantly approaching dreams, getting frustrated and brave, eating up sweet and bitter, able to withstand the cold winter, but also able to embrace spring, this is called life.
2. No matter how indulgent you are in the environment, you must have requirements on yourself and maintain your self-discipline. Maybe it can't change your status quo for the time being, but over time, it will definitely surprise you. People who ask for themselves will never get too bad. People who complain about the bad environment while following the current wave are the weakest.
3. All efforts are not to make others feel that you are great, but to make yourself worthy of yourself. The running of life is not an instant burst. Depending on the persistence on the way, you have thousands of reasons to give up. Also find a reason to persist, which can inspire you, warm you, and move you, not the inspirational quotes, chicken soup for the soul, but the people around you who are better than you work harder than you! Encourage yourself!
4.Hope for the best, do your best, plan for the worst, keep the best mindset, remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten, change what can be changed, accept what is true, the sun is always new, every day It's a good day.
5. Think too much, the more trouble. In life, there is no pain that will always accompany you. There is no need to be trapped in the whirlpool of self. Pain is only a passer-by. It is to hone your will, to test your confidence. Under the feet.
6.Stupid people always regret yesterday and pray for tomorrow, but it is a pity that today's effort is less.
7. No matter when you start, it is important not to stop after the start; no matter when you end, it is important not to regret after the end! Do not cultivate, do not plant, fertile fertile soil will not grow Crops, no struggle, no creation, no beautiful youth can bear fruit.
8. Life is a journey that you can't turn back when you step on it. Remember: facing is not necessarily the saddest; being lonely is not necessarily unhappy; getting, may not last long. Cherish possession, live with heart, be calm and regretless, surpass yourself, and be wonderful with life!
9. Life is impermanent. The most important thing is not where you are, but what direction you are facing. You cannot determine the length of life, but you can control its width; you cannot control the weather, but you can change your mood; you cannot change your appearance, but you can show your smile; you cannot control others, but you can control yourself; you cannot Predict tomorrow, but you can take advantage of today; you cannot go all the way, but you can do your best.
10. There is never a savior in this world. You are weak, all difficulties are strong, you are strong, all obstacles are weak!
11. People live forever and cherish what they have in order to make themselves happy. Pursuing what suits them also makes them happier. Frustrations, misfortunes and tribulations are growth promoters and mature ripening agents. We do not want pain, but we must not fear it. Only those who conquer themselves are capable of conquering everything.
12. Don't waste your life, where you will regret it.
13. From now on, do n’t indulge in fantasy, do not disturb yourself, live well and be a person close to happiness.
14. Worshipping others blindly is better than admiring oneself proudly. Don't look up to others, you are a beautiful scenery.
15. Eating suffering that others can't eat, enduring anger that others can't bear, and paying more than others, will enjoy more than others.
16. Bravely adversity, even if the original dream can not be realized, it will open another door to dreams.
17. A person who can see things from the perspective of others and understand the mental activities of others, never have to worry about his future.
18. It's better to be confident than blindly pessimistic. Because self-confidence is a kind of power, even if your self-confidence is a bit blind, it has nothing to do with the overall situation. You can adjust your mindset in practice to find your proper place. If you humble yourself, you will lose everything.
19. A dream is a journey destined to be lonely. Questions and ridicule are unavoidable on the road, but how about that, even if it is covered with bruises, it must live beautifully.
20. The future is wonderful, but maybe it's just like today, not necessarily everything we want. Every today is the whole world we want. Don't put all hope and promises in tomorrow. If you live every day today, tomorrow will be more valuable.
21. There was no overnight wealthy in this world. There is no shortcut to success. Only when you are down to earth and step by step can you reach the other side of the ideal. Most of us are ordinary people, no dad can fight, only we can fight. When you have enough ability, you will become your own background.
22. If you choose ease and comfort, you don't have to envy the wonderfulness of others; if you choose stormy seas, you don't have to yearn for quiet. Different choices give you different paths to life. There is no right or wrong. As long as you identify what you really want and continue to work for it, everyone will be their own life winner!
23. The best is not the future, but today. The sun is so good, why bother looking for trouble. There is always a future in life, just like there is always spring in the changing seasons. People, the best state of mind is calm; the best state is simple; the best feeling is freedom; the best mood is childlike.
24. In many cases, complaining is useless, complaining that one day is far from gaining a lot of effort. So go for it! Turn all complaints and dissatisfaction into motivation, and show the world powerfully.
25. If you have to be enlightened by others even if you earn money from work, everyone must stare, watch, coax, encourage, and advise you to stop doing it, then you should be poor! This is not chicken soup, this is reality.
26. When you are not worthy of your ambitions, please calm down and work hard so as not to live up to the suffering you once suffered.
27. If you want to be good, let it be, it is impossible. You need to do a lot, spend a lot of time, be patient and persist.
28. As a kid, crying is our best way to solve problems; when we grow up, laughing is our weapon to face reality.
29. The future is beautiful, but maybe it is just like today, not necessarily everything we want. Every today is the whole world we want. Don't put all hope and promises in tomorrow. If you live every day today, tomorrow will be more valuable.
30. The meaning of life is not to observe how many flaws in destiny, but to strive to standardize, coordinate, and improve one's mentality and atmosphere, and to regard peace as a habit of his own life. As Master Shenxiu said, his heart is like a mirror stand, he always diligently, saves his loose mindset, simplifies the burden of life, how much contention becomes a smile, and his life is profound.
31. People with positive energy know how to be open-minded and tolerant. They will not give up easily and will not sigh. Let the positive energy accompany your soul and behavior more and more in the years, and in the subtle moisturizing, you will get closer and closer to happiness.
32. After experiencing something, you finally understand that impermanence is the normal state of life. Because it is not a loved one, there is no need for anyone to find out who is in their lives now; nor is it what you expect, it will really be achieved according to your script. Throughout my life, I practice repeatedly between laughter and tears, how to bet on losing and how to regret.
33. Without taking the time to create the life you want, you will eventually have to spend a lot of time dealing with the life you don't want.
34. It is not obedience, but willingness. We are all mortals, intertwined in the flow of people, and live ordinary lives. When being ignored, joked, criticized, and framed by others, learn to control your own rhythm. As long as your heart is not confused, it will be difficult for the outside world to change you. Don't envy others, everyone has pain; don't lose yourself, perk up above all else.
35. If you want to fly, you must first have a flying faith. Without this belief, you can never fly. But as long as you have the flying faith and your own efforts, you may be able to fly. Success is also the same. To succeed, you must first have a belief in success, and then you must continue to work for this belief. To achieve these two points, success is not far from us.
36. When others do not take you seriously, it is better to be angry than to be angry. Yes, you are not enough now, and one day you will have enough weight and wisdom, others' cold eyes and contempt, flattery, and compliments will have nothing to do with you, it will not have any influence on you, you will bring Facing the world with a transparent smile, I also learned to be grateful for all the warmth and trueness of life.
37. I always think of things too seriously, like the first time I gave a speech, the first test failed, and the first time I fell in love. Looking back, those who have traveled by ourselves, the people they met, the things on the stand, we can always come strong.
38. Not everyone can be what they want, but everyone can work hard to be what they want. Believe in yourself, you can be a cocoon to bind yourself, and you can break a cocoon into a butterfly.
39. Know how to shake hands with past self, use time for progress instead of complaining, learn to belittle others' evaluations, and slowly become strong inside, don't be too disappointed in life, be a commitment and share People.
40. Suffering is a devil training school. Only graduates from this school have the capital to fight against fate. In the face of destiny, strong people will turn pain into motivation, while weak people will be immersed in endless complaints and lose their courage to change their lives.
41. Opportunities never come to you automatically. We should be brave enough to use our actions to tell our own desires. Only by taking the initiative, others will understand their own demands, and we can also strive for more opportunities of our own.
42. To achieve the goal, there is nothing more than three steps, thinking, choosing and acting. Depends on others, many times, that is, lack of responsibility, life, most people always think about passing, and then find a lot of excuses to prove that this is not their own wish.
43. Luck is a gift of hard work. You can't catch it if you don't have the original accumulation of strength. God gives everyone the same, but everyone's preparation is different; don't envy those who can always hit the luck, you must work very hard to meet good luck.
44. Without action, laziness will take root! Without dreams, degeneration will take root! So, in order to stand well, don't stop your footsteps! The harder you work, the luckier you get! Don't make too many excuses for young people. What you can do now is nothing but hard work.
45. Be hard on yourself and force yourself to work hard. In another five years you will thank yourself for being fierce today and hate yourself for being lazy and inferior today. Now that you have identified a way, keep going, and your destiny will not let you down. A serious and hardworking person.
46. No one will pay for your future. You either try to climb up or rot in the lowest level of society. This is life.
47. Behind all the nirvana is the persistence of bitterness; all the bitterness is stupid not to give up. As long as you are willing and insist on it, one day, you will live, the look you like.
48. If you don't work hard, no one will help you, don't pretend to be hard, because the result will not accompany you to perform.
49. No matter what age, don't let down your best self! Change every sentence "I can't" to "I can learn" and every sentence "I dare not" to "I can do it". Trying is better than never dare to start!
50. If you choose ease, you don't need to envy others for being wonderful and fulfilling; if you choose stormy seas, you don't need to yearn for peace. Different choices give you different paths to life. As long as you identify what you really want, and work hard for it, everyone will be a winner in your life!
51. As long as you live wonderfully and happily, it is the best moment at all times. Working hard, living earnestly, dreaming, and truly meeting the years is the energetic heart.
52. Everyone has to decide how he or she will live through his own efforts. The world is fair. If you find it difficult, then you give up, but do n’t complain if you give up. Life is like this, you have to pay to get it, you have to learn to persist.
53. Success is conquering yourself. People are not afraid of being small, but afraid of being humble. Life is fair. To live a wonderful life, you need a progressive heart. Based on diligence, based on tenacity, do your best, seek the best results, act to achieve dreams, and strive to achieve life.
54. No one can predict the future, and many things may wait forever. Just do what you want to do, and go after it if you have a dream. Don't let people lose in a word of "wait".
55. Some troubles are fictional in our emptiness, but we bear it as real. Thinking too much will only ruin you, get you into a trance, and make things that aren't actually bad worse. The sun is so good, why bother looking for trouble.
56. Before you get up every day, you have two choices. Either continue to lie down and dream about what you haven't finished, or pull off the quilt to fulfill your dream that you haven't finished.
57. The uphill road is difficult to walk, and it will be tiring to go up, but if you do n’t go, you wo n’t see the scenery on the top of the mountain; do n’t forget the courage that you once had for your dreams. , Become the persistence at this moment, you will eventually meet a better yourself.
58. All of you are unwilling because you still have dreams. Before you give up, fight hard, only afraid of old age, not afraid of long road. Life is so short, you have to live for yourself once!
59. When the eagle grows up in the henhouse, it will lose its ability to fly, the wild wolf grows in the flock, and it will also fall in love with the sheep and lose its wolfness. With smart people, you will be more wise. With outstanding people, you will excel. So, what matters is who you are with.
60. We cannot control what others think; we cannot force others to do anything. The only thing you can do is do your best to do your own thing, take your own path, live your life according to your own principles. Even if someone treats you wrong, time will not treat you, and life will never treat you!
61. The saddest thing in life is to be ambitious, but to waste time. I feel that I am not smart enough, but the secretary always likes to procrastinate; I feel that I have a high degree but I have not used my spare time to continue charging; I am dissatisfied with myself, but I am comforting myself today and have fun tomorrow
62. In life, we must live beautifully and walk well. If you don't struggle, it's a display. No matter who you are, it is better to be a loser of hard work than to be an ordinary person who is at peace with the status quo!
63. Life cannot be satisfied everywhere, but we still have to live enthusiastically. There are many things worth living in life. Don't be discouraged because of one dissatisfaction.
64. Give yourself a hope every day, work hard to be yourself, not to worry about tomorrow, and not sigh for yesterday. When the dream is still there, tell yourself: If you work hard, you will always meet a better one!
65. The journey has been long, and many people have been met. I found that the most beautiful scenery in life is calmness and calmness in the heart, and wisdom and sobriety in the mind.
66. Don't be frustrated, don't have to panic, do snails that try hard to climb or stupid birds that insist on flying, we try to grow up, stumble all the way, and then bruise all over. Hold on, one day you will stand in the brightest place and live the look you once wanted.
67. Don't worry about people's vision. The less others see you, the harder you have to work. Many times, while we are not favored, we are trying to grow on the road to prove ourselves. If you have a dream, turn it into courage, perseverance at this moment, let time prove everything, and make you better in the future. Strive to do nothing, fight hard to move yourself!
68. Ask yourself more, you will be more independent, ask less of others, you will reduce disappointment; complaining is the most meaningless thing, if it is really difficult to bear the surrounding environment, then secretly work hard, and then jump out of this circle!
69. At the moment of life, you have to fight if you have a chance, whether you succeed or fail. What you want is results and enjoyment is the process. There is no fate, no fate, no life.
70. What is happiness? Happiness doesn't have to be entangled in the waist, high officials show off, and the wind and the rain. Ordinary people have their own happiness. As long as you know how to live, as long as you do not give up the pursuit of a better life, you will not be abandoned by happiness.
71. Sometimes we have to work hard. Because I'm not smart. The vacancy can only be filled with effort. Even if there is no return, we still have to work hard. At least this effort is beautiful.
72. There can be no poetry in life, but not poetic; there can be no way in the journey, but there must be no steps forward; no experience in the work, but no learning, no flash in life, but no stains.
73. There is no need to think about the meaning of life and the value of life, only to feel life with the true heart. No matter what your destiny has given you, don't lower your noble head, the only thing to do is to walk forward to the sun. Let dreams guide the pace of progress, let courage to surf the waves, let self-confidence win the favor of good luck, and work hard for the joy of success!
74. Stop complaining about your encounters or blame your misfortune on others. Whether you choose a world full of love and gratitude, or a world full of dissatisfaction and pain, all in your thoughts.
75. Those who have suffered many times in their lives are not all bad things, because they do not bow their heads in the face of difficulties, do not be discouraged in adversity, and go forward bravely. Although they encounter setbacks and ups and downs, they are noble characters who are brave and tough.
76. Free and easy people live the fastest. Learn to be at ease, maintain a healthy and uplifting heart, a contented contentment, a meaning of living true, a contented and lively content, and a sense of calmness! Calm down to the heart, calm down and do things in a down-to-earth manner, and be a happy life!
77. Life is like a cup of unsweetened coffee. It is bitter when you drink it, but aftertaste, it has a lingering fragrance that will not fade away for a long time. Therefore, people only grow old in appearance, time will make a soul more and more moving.
78. Life is only peaceful. We must face setbacks and frustrations with a peaceful heart, and we must face success and pride with a peaceful heart. If you can't forget it, keep your heart on it, don't let it be our sorrow for the past. You got trapped yesterday, and you're bound to pale tomorrow.
79. Life does not treat us from time to time. There are always setbacks and failures. We must learn to face up with Daguan's attitude of life, and greet with a peaceful and indifferent state of mind. When we regard these as a precious wealth of our lives, then the sky of our hearts will not always be hazy.
80. There are no people who will never make mistakes in the world. Don't regret doing something wrong. Regret is an emotional exhaustion. Regret is greater loss than loss, and greater error than mistake.
81. Every good person has a period of silence. During that time, I spent a lot of effort, endured loneliness and loneliness, did not complain and complained, and when I talked about it later, I was able to be touched by myself. Only when you are tired can you be idle. Only after suffering, knowing sweet.
82. The biggest attraction between people is not your face, your wealth, nor your talent, but the warmth and solidity you pass on to each other, and the positive energy you pass on to each other. .
83. Whoever is lucky comes out of thin air, and only when you work hard enough will you be lucky enough. The world will not live up to every effort and persistence. Time will not neglect everyone who is persistent and brave!
84. The loser in life is nothing more than doing two things: using his own mouth to interfere with others 'lives, and relying on others' brains to think about his own life.
85. From now on, spare no effort and the worst result is just a late bloomer.
86. Ask yourself more, you will be more independent, ask less others, and you will reduce disappointment. Rather spend time cultivating an imperfect self rather than wasting time expecting perfect others.
87. Seeing the front, living in the present. Life has never been easier, it is just that we have become stronger. People always say that time can change everything, but in fact we must change by ourselves. If you change yourself, everything else will change.
88. There is no overnight fame, rich overnight, only one work and one harvest. If one day your efforts are worthy of your dreams, then your dreams will definitely live up to your efforts! Remember one word: the harder you work, the luckier you are.
89. The road of life is forced to come out. Without forcing yourself, you never know how much you can do. After cutting off the retreat, you will naturally find a way out; if you cut off the illusion, you will work hard.
90. In order to be able to stand up to your future self, you cannot covet the ease of the present. Efforts are not for the boast of others now, but to live with dignity and confidence in the future.
91. Life is like a cup of tea. It is bitter when you are sad, but it is sweet when you are happy. The same person lives and treats it with a different mentality, and the results are naturally very different. So have a positive attitude in life.
92. There are many things that you can have in your heart. You don't have to say anything when you see it. You leave a back road and you are less hurt.
93. Coffee bitterness and sweetness do not lie in how to stir, but in whether you put sugar; a period of pain is not in how to forget, but in whether you have the courage to start again.
94. Life does not require us to be the best, it only requires us to do our best.
95. Years is an accurate calculator. It accurately records your efforts and efforts, measures your foundation and strength, and measures your weight and value. ——Work hard, years will not disappoint you.
96. People live with a mentality, your mentality is adjusted, no matter how difficult you are in front of you, it will not scare you; if your mentality is not good, temporary difficulties will be subjectively and infinitely subject to you Exaggeration has become an insurmountable divide.
97. Our destiny is determined by our actions, not by our origin. Opportunities will never be equal, but the results may be equal.
98. It is not an alarm clock that wakes up every day, it is a great dream. It is not others who are abandoned every day, but immature selves. Every day is not a long night, but a dawn.
99. We must make good money. There are too many moments in a person's life when they can defend their dignity with money.
100. Life is short. Don't let yourself live too tired and squeeze into the world. Don't push hard. It's hard to be cheap for others; Do n’t take things that you ca n’t get, even if you get them temporarily, you will lose them.

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