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Inspirational sentence motto about struggle

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1. The real tenacity is to be thorough when crying, to be pregnant when laughing, to be vivid when talking, and not to hesitate when doing it. Life experience is like a pencil. It is very sharp at the beginning. If you experience more, it will become smooth. If you cannot bear it, it will break.
2. In this life, people will inevitably stumble, there will be ups and downs. In addition to our courage, we must learn to bow and concede. The so-called success requires not only the ability to hold and move, but also the wisdom to let down and look at it. You have a long way to go and taste carefully.
3. In fact, the road to success is not crowded; only, most people choose ease!
4. Work hard, not to impress anyone, or to show anyone, but to make yourself capable of jumping out of the circle you hate at any time, and have the right to choose, and live your life in the way you like.
5. There is nothing to complain about. Every step today is to pay for every previous choice. With all my heart in mind, I will do my best to achieve success.
6. Don't waste time on villains and trivial things: the general has a sword and does not cut off flies; in the waiting days, he reads hard, is humble, and has a deep root so that he can flourish in the future.
7. Reliable characteristics of life are probably six words: speechless, diligent, calm.
8. The greatest motivation for hard work is that you can choose the life you want instead of being chosen by life; work harder every day, for nothing else, just to be able to choose more in the future, choose Yunjuanyunshu Day, choose the life of your own choice, choose the person you like.
9. People go high and water flows low. What you choose, what you give, you get what you get. Why not give ourselves the best when we still have the opportunity and the ability to choose? Efforts are not to impress anyone, nor to show them to anyone, but to make myself capable of jumping out of the circle of disgust at any time and have the right to choose.
10. Whenever the dawn sun rises, a beautiful day begins again! Life is like subtraction. Every page is torn off and you ca n’t come back. So cherish every day. If your heart is there, your dream is there!
11. Know how to advance and retreat in order to achieve life; know how to make choices, to calm down; to know contentment, to be able to cultivate your mind; to know how to cut, to relax easily;
12. You don't have to be anxious, God has his own arrangements. You just have to work hard. Then God will see your efforts in the crowd. He will arrange some good things for you.
13. I should be in my twenties when I am in my twenties. Write your ambitions and desires on your face. Desire is the best motivation to keep up.
14. When you are very tired, you should close your eyes and take a deep breath, tell yourself that you should be able to hold on, don't deny yourself so easily, who said that you don't have a good future, and you know it tomorrow after the event.
15. Knowing people doesn't have to say everything, but saying nothing is friendless. Responsibility does not have to be harsh. Honor does not have to be humble, it is boneless.
16. Don't be frustrated, don't panic, do snails that try to climb or stupid birds that insist on flying. We try to grow up, stumble all the way, and then bruise all over our bodies. Hold on, one day you will stand in the brightest place and live the look you once wanted.
17. All efforts are not to make others feel that you are great, but to make yourself worthy of yourself. The running of life is not an instant burst, it depends on the persistence on the way.
18. We often envy the luck of others, but you don't know that it is the light that others have been brewing for a long time. There is no natural luck in this world, but it is the accumulation of past efforts. When you work hard to a certain degree, luck will meet you unexpectedly.
19. In adversity, the wise man advances when he finds it difficult, and the fool stagnates. Rather than trusting in others, it's better to trust in yourself. Those seemingly unreachable futures will become the blandishness you have experienced!
20. In life, we must live beautifully and walk well. If you don't struggle, it's a display. It is better to be a loser of struggle than an ordinary person who is at peace with the status quo.
21. If you want to meet a good person, you must first make yourself better, and make yourself better.
22. Most dreams are not intended to be realized, but only a wet moon hanging over a distant sky. It is only responsible for giving you faint light in the dark and telling you the way ahead.
23. Many times, it's not poverty that limits your imagination. Instead, ignorance and laziness destroy your upward ladder.
24. Don't sigh that we have nothing now, we who have dreams are the richest.
25. Life: Dare to Break, Only Have a Chance! Dare to fight, there is a future! One's life is not smooth! No matter how heavy the rain is, there are occasions when it stops! No matter how big a dark cloud can't cover the smiling sun! No bitterness, no fatigue, no taste in life! Life is alive without a fight! Persevere in your efforts and succeed.
26. A good day starts with hard work, and a hard life is the best. Tell yourself every hopeful morning: Striving always meets you better, and the harder you work, the luckier you are!
27. When you do not want to work or make money, look in the mirror first, and then check the balance. !! !!
28. The meaning of hard work is: in the days to come, when you look around, all are things you like. People, the biggest sense of security is: I have money! The harder you work and the more money you make, the fewer problems you have.
29. Work quietly, who has not experienced wind and rain, sun and rain, and it has grown into a towering tree!
30. Life is a choice and a persistence. Take the right path, not the right path.
31. Don't feel that it is a waste of your heart to do what seems trivial. Small things are done with ease, and big things naturally come to pass.
32. Go your own way and let others talk! Anyway, those who talk irresponsibly will never understand the scenery you see over the mountains.
33. Where is the waste of time? You are wasting yourself. Grasp the present, and live up to 10,000 uncertain futures!
34. Perseverance and strength are not for others, but to be able to stand up to their own obsession with dreams. We have nothing, the only capital is youth. Dream makes me different, and struggle makes me change my destiny.
35. No one cares how much effort you have put on, it ’s not exhausting, it does n’t hurt, they just look at where you stood last, then envy or scorn, so try hard and make yourself better !!
36. People have two ways to go, one is necessary and the other is to go. You must take the road you have to take to be beautiful before you can go the way you want to be; Do it, don't look back, don't look around, don't care what others say. I can talk about you if I can't compare with you. People who are stronger than you are busy rushing on the road and won't look at you more.
37. In an instant, we are no longer young, put away willfulness, throw away our temper, and no longer easily hurt or ignore the people around us. If you are right, you do not need to lose your temper; if you are wrong, you are not qualified to lose your temper.
38. One day, you are brilliant, you must have a good body in order to enjoy life, and one day, you are down, and you need to have a good body to get back on track!
39. No matter what industry you are engaged in, you only need to do two things well: one is your specialty and the other is your character. Professionalism determines your existence, and character determines your network; the rest is persistence, and win more trust with kindness, professionalism, and sincerity. Don't forget your original intention, and you will always be there!
40. Don't regret anything, because it used to be what you wanted. Regret is useless, either forget or work hard.
41. As you become more and more capable, someone will naturally look down on you; change yourself, you will have confidence, and your dream will slowly come true. The fountain is beautiful because she is under pressure; the waterfall is spectacular because she has no retreat; the reason water can wear stones is because she is always insisting.
42. Facing fear, wiping away tears, waking up stronger every day than yesterday. No matter what you are facing today, now that you have reached this point, stick to it and give yourself some affirmation that you are stronger than you think.
43. Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to maintain balance, you must continue on the right path. You can take a lot of detours by controlling your direction, grasping your strength, not risking your mind, or pursuing stability and progress.
44. When you are tired, just listen to a few songs to let it go; when you are annoyed, go downstairs to run; when you are anxious, go wash your face; if you do n’t love it, love yourself first Before the day comes, do what you like first; you are a book, why not go to be a bookmark for others; just have a hard time, and time is so precious that you can waste everything.
45. Life is not perfect. Only imperfection is the most beautiful. Life is not smooth, only smooth and smooth can be achieved. There is no eternal success in life. Only standing up in frustration is true success. There is no eternity in life, only the shining life is the eternity of life.
46. If you have missed yesterday, then please don't miss it again today. The past is left to the years to deal with; the future is left to prove.
47. Give yourself a hope every day, work hard to be yourself, not to worry about tomorrow, and not sigh for yesterday. When the dream is still there, tell yourself: If you work hard, you will always meet a better one!
48. If you want to do one thing, don't declare your thoughts everywhere, just do it quietly, it's worthless, time is the best proof, you have to take responsibility for your own life.
49. If you are affected by the rich, you will have a desire to make money; if you are affected by the poor, you will have stable satisfaction; if you are influenced by inspirational people, you will have the motivation to be motivated; if you are affected by lazy people, you will have decadence If you are affected by positive people, you will have the passion of life; if you are affected by negative people, you will be disappointed and sink! In the future, come on, go near the person who gives you positive energy!
50. No matter how distant the road is, it will be near when you walk; if the mountain is higher, you will go up when you climb; if you do the hardest thing, it will be smooth. The energy of each repetition is not added, but multiplied. Water droplets are not the power of water, but the power of repetition and persistence. The way to success is to persist!
51. Life always has losses and wins. When you are in good times, do n’t be complacent and indulge yourself; when in times of adversity, you must not be passive and give up; find the definition of life ’s success by yourself and do n’t get lost in others ’ In view.
52. Please be confident. You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in the landscape of others.
53. To be a person with self-control and a person who is taciturn but has a sea of hearts, the stronger the self-healing ability of a person, the more likely it is to approach happiness.
54. I may feel exhausted, but a strong desire to survive will still keep us moving; maybe I have felt exhausted, but the desire for Liu Anhuaming always allows us to find another village. Human potential is like a towel soaked in water. Only the cruel and realistic hands can let us output ourselves to the fullest. When we encounter the suffering of "there is no ancient man", please don't complain, because this is the only way to create a "no-comer".
55. Let go of your impetuousness, let go of your laziness, let go of your three-minute heat, let go of your tempted brain, let go of your eyes that are easily attracted by anything, and let go of your mouth that wants to talk about anything. Calm down and do what you do, if you feel you should work hard too.
56. Work hard, live a happy life, cherish family, love, friendship, bear everything you should bear, be happy and be happy. Life is originally a pursuit process, learn to take responsibility, learn to forgive, learn to take responsibility and obligations, hum a little song, and move forward leisurely.
57. Persist not because of hope, but hope because of persistence; not because you have the opportunity, but because you have the opportunity; not because you can, but because you can do it Yes; it is not because you have grown up to bear it, but because you have committed it to grow up; not because you have to pay, but because you have to pay.
58. No matter how great the pain, forget it as soon as you sleep, and chasing tomorrow tomorrow with your back, it will exhaust every moment. If you don't stay overnight, forgetfulness will make you happy. A single withering flower will not desolate the entire spring, and a setback will not desolate the entire life.
59. Sitting in place and waiting for opportunity is tantamount to hoping that the pie will fall from the sky. Without hesitation, taking action as soon as possible to create conditions for the realization of dreams is the only way that dreams can come true.
60. In life, do not look to the happiness of others, do not always feel unfortunate; there is nothing in the world, a person asks too much, there is no place for heart, life can be seen a little bit, the heart can be simpler, and happiness will be more a little.
61. Every effort is a lucky foreshadowing.
62. When you make money, don't be affectionate, when you spend money, don't grind. Life really won't be tender to you because you cry.
63. Life is like an echo. Whatever you send, it will return. What you plant is what you will reap, and what you give will be what you get.
64. People who have hands and feet, what decadence to play; people who have heart and lungs, who are drunk; people who have dreams and ideals, are too tired to say, starting from today, you have to get up and work hard, Be strong and optimistic, never give up, let your dreams bear fruit in your hands!
65. Don't tell others that you're upset today, don't tell others anything, because it's useless to say it; don't always blame yourself for accommodating others. Few people in this world deserve to bend over. Bending for a long time will only make people get used to your low profile.
66. The world is very simple. We have a complex heart and make this world complicated. No need to talk or worry, do what you should do, work hard in the process, and follow the fate as a result, and live a chic life without regrets.
67. People's biggest opponents are often not others but their own laziness. Don't count on luck, luck can't be on you forever, rely on your ability to eat at any time. You have to do your best to qualify for bad luck.
68. If there is no one to coax when you are crying, don't be afraid, just learn to be strong; if no one asks you when you are annoyed, don't worry, just learn to bear; A cocoon that breaks a cocoon can become a butterfly. If you want to be born again, you must transform, and if you want to grow, you must be disciplined.
69. Whether you can make money depends on your desires, and you want to make money, then you will come up with various methods yourself, even if no one teaches you, you can make money! !! If your desire to make money is not so strong, someone is teaching you every day. In this world, only you are the one who determines your fate.
70. Life is a road, no matter how long life is, there is a long road. As far as life goes, the road is wide. We often cannot choose the length of life, but we can choose the depth of life. We cannot predict the length of the road, but we can widen the width of the road.
71. Mixing one day with one day of hard work, you ca n’t see any difference in one day, you ca n’t see any change in three days, you ca n’t see any distance in seven days ... The field is different, the distance will be different after half a year, and the life path will be different after one year.
72. How far people can go does not depend on their limbs, but on their beliefs. Life is hard, but as long as you firmly believe in yourself, don't give in easily, and dare to face it, success will sooner or later meet you with a smile.
73. No matter how difficult, also tell yourself: Hold on! Don't let you fall short of your ambitions and live up to everything you have experienced.
74. Think of hard work as a habit, not a three-minute heat. Perseverance is king. Every harvest you envy is the hard work of others. You can complain or ignore it, but remember, if you don't work hard, you don't even have the qualification to admit defeat!
75. Better than others, not noble, the true noble should be better than the past self; life is to continue to grow, continue to take their own way, afford, let go, go well.
76. Try to be a warm person, smile at the world with your heart, remind yourself to do better with tears, welcome every day's sunshine with happiness, and declare to the world that you are doing well with confidence.
77. The detour is the path of self-growth that everyone will experience. No matter how many people have given you the experience and lessons, you will eventually have to walk through those lucky roads before you are willing to believe those that have always been The road in front of you is pretty good.
78. You can't decide when the sun will rise, but you can decide when you want to get up. You can't control the length of life, but you can increase the width of life.
79. Be patient and be strong. One day, the pain you have suffered will help you. Life will never owe anyone. It will give you a shadow, and it will shed sunlight not far away.
80. Live an easy life with a relaxed and indifferent attitude. Be strong without any hassle, grand in peace, and one day, you will have the time you want.

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