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Philosophical words

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1. Live with your normal heart, treat people with shame, work with your heart, and use the bodhicitta to fulfill the Buddha's heart.
2. The so-called bone qi, "qi" is determined by "bone". Those with hard bones are arrogant; those with soft bones are suffocating; those without bones have no air.
3. The world is the big stage, the company is the small stage, the family is the backstage, and life is the serial, we are the protagonists.
4. In real life, every great cause begins with faith, and faith takes the first step.
5. If you don't set limits on yourself, there will be no barriers that limit your play in life.
6. The so-called maturity, in fact, is to live a better life after constantly watching a lot of things.
7. Have the best hope, make the worst plan for the best effort.
8. Without saliva and sweat, there are no successful tears.
9. Tenacity is a major element of success. As long as you knock on the door long enough and loud enough, you will eventually wake people up.
10. Even an immature attempt is better than a dead birth strategy.
11. Conscience is the most impartial judge for everyone. You can deceive others, but you can never deceive your own conscience.
12. Listen carefully to what others are saying, don't rush to express your own opinions.
13. Although the path of life is tortuous, it is beautiful. As long as you watch carefully, you can taste the beauty along the way.
14. Only a good mood can have a good landscape, a good vision can have a good discovery, a good thinking can have a good idea.
15. Life cannot be a game of life, otherwise nothing will be achieved; life cannot be without a game, otherwise it will be boring.
16. Young people see bright flowers on their way to life, and old people see the beautiful setting sun on their way to life.
17. No one in this world can really help you, even if it is temporary.
18. The person who walks the slowest, as long as he doesn't lose his goal, walks faster than the person wandering aimlessly.
19. If you stop before victory, you often only embrace failure; if you persist when you are difficult, you often get new success.
20. It is an eternal truth to pay for what you give. Few people have been able to break through it since ancient times. However, if someone can surpass its limits and pay without asking for anything, then he will definitely get more.
21. Life is too short. If you give up today, you may not get it tomorrow.
22. You can't ask everyone to understand you and understand you, then it will look like you are a bargain.
23. Good people always feel that they have done something wrong by rejecting others.
24. If you have enough skills, you can lead the trend instead of following the trend.
25. It is always right to leave someone who tortures your feelings.
26. Some people, you help her seven points, but she feels that you owe her three points.
27. You make a stab in my heart and leave, don't blame me for stabbing you to death after you heal.
28. Time, it verifies the lies, exposes the reality, and dilutes the promise. As long as you ask for a clear conscience, everything has its own fate.
29. Don't make any decisions at night. At night, the willpower is too weak. Yin and Yang are separated by a line, and dawn still feels right.
30. Leaving makes things easy, people become kind, and like children, we start again.
31. The person who laughed with you may forget him; but the person who cried with you, you will never forget.
32. There are two main sins of man, and the rest come from it: impatience and indolence. Because of impatience, they were expelled from heaven; because of laziness, they could never go back.
33. No matter how hard the road ahead is, as long as you go in the right direction, no matter how rough, it is closer to happiness than standing in place.
34. When a person has a dream to fly, there is no reason not to stand up even if he crawls.
35. Success is actually very simple, just stick to it when you can't hold it.
36. If no one is on their way, they will either be bumped into or bumped into by others.
37. You are not a poet, but you can live poetically. If you can live poetically, you are a poet.
38. In a moonless night, fireflies light up the starry sky.
39. The best is not necessarily the most suitable; the most suitable is the really best.
40. Missing, dripping in the left hand solidifies into loneliness, falling in the right hand turns into concern.
41. Although I disagree with you, I swear to defend your right to speak.
42. Those who adore moonlight don't take it as their own. It is enough to look far away.
43. If you have pain in your heart and don't go to see meteors as usual, maybe the pain will be relieved as the meteor moves across the sky.
44. Life is about change. It takes courage to change your own life. It takes courage to change your goals.
45. The most common mistake we make is that strangers make us angry. In the end, we carelessly spit on our closest relatives.
46. Give yourself a hope, try not to worry about tomorrow, not to sigh for yesterday, just to be better today.
47. At a certain age, with too many mindsets, people will become taciturn.
48. Life is an encounter, and life is an oblivion. In the end, we will all become the scenery in those years.
49. No matter what you do, remember to do it for yourself, then there is no complaint.
50. For a person, one's heart may be exchanged for a lifetime of confidants, or it may be exchanged for a lifetime of lessons.
51. When we defend our mistakes, we are stronger than when we defend them correctly.
52. The walking range of a person is his world.
53. I finally believe that every road that comes up has a reason for it to have to travel like that. Every road to go has its own direction that it has to choose.
54. There is only one person's efforts, and in any case, the relationship between two people cannot be achieved. Whether friendship or love, after all, it is a matter for two people.
55. Don't want to have too much emotion. Just accompany friends and smile. If you feel tired, take a good rest. Why bother yourself.
56. Life is like a cup of tea, it will not be a lifetime, but it will always be a while!
57. True love should go beyond the length of life, the width of the soul, and the depth of the soul.
58. Tomorrow is the fastest growing piece of land in the world, because it is full of hope.
59. One person wants mediocrity, but few stoppers; one person wants to excel, many stoppers. Many mediocre people have a good relationship with those around them, and many outstanding people have a tense relationship with those around them.
60. The so-called genius refers to people with perseverance, hard-working people, obsessed people and forgetful people.
61. Blessings of sorrowful blessings, Blessings of sorrowful blessings. If you are straight, if you are cursed, if you are clumsy, if you are arrogant.
62. Learning is something extremely precious, and it is not shameful to absorb from any source.
63. Choices can be difficult. Being able to stick to oneself requires self-sustainment.
64. Don't hold on to the past and reject new ideas and challenges.
65. Righteousness and non-defense are used as relief, troubles are based on wisdom and tolerance, and work is based on best effort.
66. You know, some birds are destined not to be held in cages, and each of their feathers shines with freedom.
67. A person's life is short, but it would be too long if he lived a mean life.
68. Don't shy away from distress and difficulties, stand up to challenge it, and then overcome it.
69. Many people break into your life just to teach you a lesson and then turn away.
70. Life is like a glass of plain water. But like boiled water with sugar, sweet, like boiled water with salt, salty.
71. If one day, I can cross your smile and forget all the warm embraces, so, will it be possible to be happy with each other?
72. In this hurried and real world, looking around and repeating, used to but tired, the same car, the same scenery.
73. What should I say in a conversation so that my face is not sad? How to write the story, the ending will not be lonely. What can we do to make love happy.
74. Competition is actually a kind of friendship. With the help of your opponents, you can improve your intelligence. Those who are afraid of competition have lost to their opponents.
75. There is a person who only does two things: you succeed, he is jealous of you; you fail, he laughs at you.
76. If it is a small grass, even in the best companies, you will not grow a big tree. If so, it is better to cultivate yourself into a precious flower after going through the storm.
77. Forget the troubles of flowers blooming, forget the sigh of fragile sunset, forget everything you don't want to remember.
78. No matter suffering or pleasure, the past dissatisfaction will not be mentioned again, and recalling the past will only increase sorrow.
79. At a time when Shen Ye was helpless and painful, it was a wise choice to let go.
80. Wherever you come from, where do you eventually return.
81. What is the meaning of life, it is struggle. What drives the struggle is success.
82. We must never give up. There is no failure in the world, only giving up.
83. It's not lucky not to cry and not to be a man.
84. To be youthful without regret, the guy must dare to think and do it.
85. When you can share a moment of silence without talking to one person, and not feel embarrassed, you will understand at that moment that you have met the right person.
86. Sometimes, for those who make sense to you, it is worth your time to lay down and recover.
87. Love without trust is like a car without gasoline. You can stay in it safely, but in the end it won't get anywhere.
88. Since there is nowhere to run, it is better to be happy. Since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate. Since it didn't happen, it's better to be relieved.
89. What we need is not optimistic formulas, but words of courage and wisdom. In the light, the world is always our first and last love.
90. Life is not won or lost, only worthless. Anything, any experience, including love, work, is either obtained or learned.
91. I have to say that you have to be bitter to eat in order for you to become smart; some tired you have to suffer in person for you to be open-minded.
92. The road of life is not a flat road, there are bumps when there is a smooth journey, and bitterness when there is sweetness.
93. What you spell out is very different from what others bring to your mouth.
94. The road of life is very difficult. It really needs the tenderness of the cheekbones after wind and rain, and the butterflies turned into butterflies after grinding!
95. Time didn't wait for me. You forgot to take me away. I left the fireflies in my left hand and the right hand was a long meditation for ten years.
96. How many smiles are on my face, and how many stories are behind them.
97. Young people, it is more important to see tomorrow, seize today, and forge ahead in peace, maybe you will have a miracle before the sunrise of tomorrow!
98. It is the role of competition to overcome difficulties and to work harder;
99. Life is like a sailboat traveling in the rapids, and there must be struggles. To overcome the rapids, "torrents" represent ideals.
100. You either try to climb upwards or rot in the lowest level of society.

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