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Life is famous

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1. Giving money is the best policy, giving ability is the middle policy, giving concept is the best policy.
2. Instead of defeating the enemy ten thousand times, it is better to defeat yourself once.
3. Young is capital, but it is worthless without hard work.
4. The success or failure of life is often between one thought, but most of them are the difference between one thought.
5. Life is like drag racing, the faster the more exciting, the slower the more boring.
6. Most people make mistakes when they use their true emotions too much, and when they use their brains, they are too emotional.
7. Defamating others is like spitting blood, first polluting his mouth.
8. A person should be a lentil in the workplace, no matter how anyone steps on it, the result is still the same, flat.
9. It is better to forgive others than to let others forgive you.
10. When you meet, your heart is fluttering like white clouds; if you have it, your heart is like rain and rain; Looking back, the mood is like Lan Jing Ye Qing.
11. If you are tired, take a break. After you rest, forget everything and start again!
12. The dazzling rainbow will always be after the rain and sunny.
13. After the storm, you will definitely see a rainbow.
14.Every dissatisfied now has a time of hard work.
15. You are not as good as you today; you will be crazy; one day you will step on you!
16. Life is the same. It is unavoidable to encounter bumps. Sometimes suffering and misfortune are like the boundless night covering you. At this time, you have to light a lamp for yourself, not in your hand, but in your heart.
17. Be sharp-headed, be low-key, be humble, be positive, and be kind to others.
18. Harvest small progress every day, and accumulate it is great progress; harvest small happiness every day, and accumulate it to become great happiness.
19. Only the strong understand the struggle; the weak are not even qualified to fail, but are born conquered.
20. The road is footsteps, and history is written by people. Every step of man's actions is writing his own history.
21. People must set their will, not always. People who do not have big ambitions often have to pass and pass. They will never grasp the opportunity for success and will never make a difference.
22. Li Zhigui is insisting, Li Zhigui is setting a big goal! And there is nothing more ambitious than ambition to illuminate the future of the motherland.
23. Ambition is to lay the foundation for your life. What kind of ideals and careers do you become?
24. The celebrities who have turned history and achieved success in their careers all rely on the truth of "aspiration to be lofty" to guide people's thinking.
25. Aspiration is too far, not terrible; what is not achieved, not terrible is that there is no aspiration, and the direction of struggle is lost.
26. Cherish every minute and every second of the week. Only "zhi" without effort will never reach the ultimate goal. In an increasingly fierce modern society, you must learn to "determine and work hard" to achieve the goal of climbing.
27. Life is too short, giving up today may not be available tomorrow.
28. Hope for the best, and plan for the worst for your best efforts.
29. Hope is fire, disappointment is smoke, and life is smoking while igniting.
30. Death is not a loss of life, but a step out of time.
31. A woman's cuteness lies in her temperament. Imperfection depends on IQ, and perfection does not depend on beauty.
32. Anyone who can think for others from the perspective of others is compassion.
33. Above others, treat others as people; below others, treat yourself as people.
34. Let go of your hands first to catch the wonderful future.
35. You can love, you can hate, you can't be careless.
36. According to my calculations, there are still fifty steps to take, but there are only five steps in life.
37. I know much more than others, but I know my ignorance.
38. Forget failure, but keep in mind the lessons of failure.
39. If you don't want to do it, you will find one or countless excuses; if you want to do it, you will think of one or countless ways.
40. When the sun falls on the branches of spring, the day turns green.
41. The trick to learning a lot is not to learn a lot at once.
42. The deepest feelings are often expressed in the most indifferent way.
43. People who have no sublime faith are like the same stagnant water, and will never be able to make a grand wave.
44. Don't think of relying on others. There must be goals and pursuits. This has nothing to do with age.
45. Believe in Buddha, believe in cause and effect. In the face of true cause and effect, human power is insignificant.
46. Whoever has it has its own limits. Especially trust.
47. Whatever you do, think about it.
48. Try not to lie, because there will always be a day of disassembly.
49. Be careful, be independent, and learn to compromise, but also adhere to your most basic principles.
50. When one thing is considered an opportunity, it is no longer an opportunity.
51. We can lose our childhood, but we must not lose our innocence.
52. Most people make mistakes when they use their true emotions too much, and when they use their brains, they are too emotional.
53. Thanks for regret, that is, for the gift of life; thanks for regret, the road ahead will be more solid; thanks for regret, there will not be too many regrets in the future.
54. Evil is a ploughshare, and good is mud. Good people are often deceived by wicked people. Iron plowshares are bad every year.
55. The ordinary man is lost in the present, regrets the past, the sage realizes the present, and is liberated from the future.
56. The big belly is able to tolerate, but breaks away many troubles and obstacles, the smile is ridiculous, and the boundless happy fate is formed.
57. You don't have to ask for work when you are doing things. You don't have to be moral, you have no complaints.
58. Being a low-key person, you will be more robust every time; a high-key person, you will be better every time.
59. With equality and convenience, there is nothing in the world. With compassion, when you do compassion, you are at peace.
60. Accept the gift of life, whether it's good or bad.
61. It's very painful now. When I look back later, I find that it's nothing.
62. Jealousy of others and hatred of others is tantamount to giving life to others.
63. Conquering the world is not great. A person who can conquer himself is the greatest person in the world.
64. The power developed by a faithful person is greater than that of an interest-only person.
65. The reason why people can believe is that they can.
66. The establishment of the great cause of life is not in the knowing, but in the work.
67. Behind every hard work, there will be double rewards.
68. If you do n’t know goods, you will suffer for half a lifetime; if you do n’t know people, you will suffer for a lifetime.
69. Nothing is a kind of wealth, which gives the poor action to change their destiny.
70. Wise people create opportunities, strong people seize them, and weak people wait for them.
71. Everything in the world can be lost, hope cannot be lost, everything in the world can be lost, and confidence cannot be lost.
72. We poor people have to turn over, there is no reason to talk about hardships; we poor people have to turn over, there is no reason to talk about interest.
73. It is unfortunate for others to look down on you; it is even more unfortunate to look down on yourself.
74. A common cause and a common struggle can make people endure everything.
75. For a person, nothing else is expected, but only that he can go all out and devote himself to a good cause.
76. Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time is the material of life.
77. Few but easy to learn, such as the sun of a sunrise; Strong and easy to learn, such as the light of Japan and China;
78. Once the path of life is chosen, we must go bravely to the end and never turn back.
79. A great cause requires determination, ability, organization, and responsibility.
80. To master a book, not to be mastered by the book; to read for a living, not to read for a living.
81. Will and fate often run counter to each other, and determination will be overthrown in the end.
82. Seeing the departure of time, I woke up in a certain year and month, flying across a sea of time, and we were often hurt in love.
83. I pursue stubbornly, only I can see it myself, but I hope I'm right.
84. There are endings and processes, and then entanglement, even I feel greedy.
85. The most painful thing is that if it disappears, it will be gone forever and will never come back, but it will still leave a thin and pointed needle, which has been inserted in your heart and has been unable to be pulled , It wants to hurt you, you have to hurt
86. Lonely is also beautiful, you and I can appreciate it, because we are vulgar, and we will inevitably live alone.
87. No matter how long you can go, you can walk step by step, and even if you are short, you cannot reach it without opening your feet.
88. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer to success; what is success? It's all the way to failure, and there is only one road left, which is the road to success.
89. Love is endurance and kindness. Love is not jealous. Love is not bragging, not brazen, and not shy. Do not ask for your own good. Don't get angry easily. Do not count human evil. Dislike injustice. Just like truth. Tolerance in everything. Believe in everything. Hope for everything. Endure everything. Love is never ending.
90. There is no vow of immaturity, no unchanging promise, embark on the journey, there is no turning back!
91. Don't give up this second, there will be hope in the next second! Persistence can succeed!
92. The biggest failure in life is to give up.
93. There is always an excuse for escaping, and there is always a way to succeed!
94. The mountains and mountains will fall, the water will flow, and they will never fall on their own.
95. Friends are roads and homes are trees. Don't get lost, lean on the tree.
96. Some things will be inadvertently remembered; some memories cannot be forgotten by gray hair; some wounds can never be seen by others because they are hidden in your heart.
97. If you leave, don't comfort anymore, because every time you sew, there is pain in the heart.
98. I understand now. It turned out that a person can be sad, without emotions, without words, without expressions.
99. I don't want to think about it. It's always too far-fetched practice. Forgetting is always deliberate self-deception.
100. Life is like running. It doesn't care if you reach the finish line first, but whether you have run the whole distance.

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