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Positive energy quotation set sentence

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1. Courage is not that you can't feel fear, but that you can continue to feel it.
2. Remember: you are the captain of your life; if you go your own way, why care about others.
3. Don't chase, never have. Don't go forward, stay forever.
4. The first youth is given by God; the second youth is by your own efforts.
5. Everyone is dreaming in their own world that only they can interpret.
6. The mind is a commodity, not an ornament.
7. Above others, treat others as people; below others, treat yourself as people.
8. Life means being born and living.
9. There are two kinds of lonely people, one can understand everything and one can't understand anything.
10. Be good, don't get angry, let's have a general understanding with the earth people!
11. People can't stand a thousand words, trees can't stand a thousand axes.
12. Hope: I do n’t like people who like it; more hope: I do n’t like people who like it.
13. People can never stop dreaming. Dreams are the nourishment of the mind, just like the food is the nourishment of the body. In life, we often see that our dreams are broken and longing is lost, but we still need to dream.
14. Anyone who owes too much of their luck to their own ingenuity and ingenuity will most likely end unfortunately.
15. What we are most proud of is not never falling, but climbing up after each fall.
16. Persevering in doing simple things is not trivial, persevering in doing ordinary things is not trivial. The so-called success is to make extraordinary persistence in the ordinary.
17. The waterfall has no fear of cliffs, so it sings a magnificent song of life.
18. Don't be angry and fight, don't see through and break through, don't be jealous and appreciate, don't delay to be positive, don't mind to act.
19. The world is full of injustice. We can do more than just accept, we also try to resist.
20. Holding a dignity in joy, leaving a glimmer of hope in sorrow; being responsible for life, treating every day that belongs to you carefully.
21. Everything must have a deadline, otherwise most people will spend as much time as they have.
22. Whoever plays games for life will achieve nothing; whoever does not control himself will always be a slave.
23. When you feel tired, look at those who are still working hard.
24. What others have, you do n’t need to be envious. As long as you work hard, you will also have it.
25. Sometimes, after being aggrieved, I didn't want to cry, but as soon as someone asked you what was wrong, I couldn't help crying.
26. Remember that you are not living for others, you are living for yourself.
27. I feel that what I do and what I don't do is only one thought.
28. In this game, it is not up to you to decide whether to win or lose, to determine our fate.
29. What I do now is just not to regret it later. Just for a brighter life in the future.
30. Believe it, there will always be one for yourself.
31. When the opportunity comes, you are ready.
32. Hard-working people can live up to their expectations. Those who have the will to compete will succeed, and the ship will end in ruins. One hundred and two Qinchuan will eventually belong to Chu.
33. Don't underestimate anyone, the more inconspicuous people. Often they do unexpected things.
34. Children without umbrellas must work hard!
35. No education is as good as adversity.
36. Obstacles and failures are the most reliable stepping stones to success. Ken will use them to cultivate success from failure.
37. Let's change the anxiety in advance to the thought and planning in advance!
38. Struggle has no end, it is always a starting point.
39. The probability distribution of success, the key is whether you can persist until the moment when success begins to appear.
40. Sometimes the distance between success and unsuccess is short-as long as the latter is a few steps forward.
41. Imagination will come up with many brilliant ideas, but it can't do anything.
42. The biggest challenge in life is not too much to defeat yourself!
43. A stupid person always wants others to understand him. wise people try hard to understand themselve.
44. There are never shortcuts on the path of life, only down-to-earth.
45. As long as there is tomorrow, today will always be the starting line.
46. The torch fell, and the flame was still upward.
47. Serious can do things right, but can be perfect with heart.
48. It is better to forgive yourself than wait for others to forgive yourself.
49. If we keep admonishing ourselves to be happy every day, it means that we are not happy.
50. The weather affects the body, the body determines the mind, and the mind controls the mood.
51. No matter when you end, it is important not to remorse after the end.
52. You give the thinking to the TV, the connection to the mobile phone, the legs to the car, and the health to the pills.
53. It's not that someone annoys you, but that you annoy yourself with someone's words and deeds.
54. Life should use a simple state of mind and treat complex life. The most ruthless is not people, it is time; the most precious is not money, it is emotions; the most terrible is not love, mental and physical insufficiency; the most comfortable is not hotels, but home ; The most unpleasant is not swear words, it is speechless; the most beautiful is not the future, it is today.
55. Before everything gets better, we always have to go through some unhappy days. This may be a long time, or it may just wake up. Sometimes it takes courage to choose happiness.
56. Don't bring your own troubles because of the foolishness of beings. Don't hurt yourself because of the ignorance of sentient beings.
57. If your life is already at the bottom, go boldly, because you are going upwards in everything you do.
58. You can cry but you ca n’t lose, you can be sad but you ca n’t be down, how can you know how much applause you can win if you do n’t work hard? If you can yell “I do n’t need to worry about this little thing” every day, you will find You have an incredible power in your heart. Try it. It works.
59. I dare not rest because I have no deposit. I dare not say tired, because I have not achieved anything. I dare not be lazy because I still have to live. I can give up choice, but I can't choose to give up. Hard work is my only option.
60. Life is not for compromise. The more you retreat, the more space you can breathe. Days are not meant to be easy, the humbler you behave, the farther away some happy things are from you.
61. Let the past go. We missed the sunset of yesterday, we can no longer miss the sunrise of today, maintain a balanced attitude, treat each day with the best mood, and each day will be full of sunshine and overflowing. Hope.
62. A grain of dust condenses in the air, and finally produces a majestic wind and rain; a grain of sand, polished in the mussel body, and finally formed an expensive pearl. Sometimes, a small beginning can accomplish a magnificent and grand cause; sometimes, an ordinary beginning can lead a noble and great life.
63. Life is not happy, depending on the mood, but fortunately, happy. In the long life, nothing is seen at a glance. The glory of the spring breeze is nothing, and the failure of the moment is not counted.
64. Work hard, as if not demanding returns; love sincerely, as if you have never been hurt; and dance, as if no one is watching you. Such a life can definitely bring you happiness.
65. There is no fast lane for success, and no highway for happiness. All success comes from tireless effort and running; all happiness comes from ordinary struggle and persistence.
66. Everyone will miss it. Everyone has missed it. The one that truly belongs to you will never miss it.
67. When a person is truly conscious, he gives up the pursuit of the wealth of the external world and starts to pursue the true wealth of his inner world.
68. The man is as dead-hearted as he is, looking at the test hands, making up for the sky!
69. Life should be like Conan, there is a domineering where I go and let others die.
70. Where there is an ideal, hell is heaven. Where there is hope, pain becomes joy.
71. Everyone has potential energy, but it's easy: it's covered by habits, confused by time, and consumed by inertia.
72. Only by bearing the wind and rain of the journey can we finally endure the rainbow.
73. Sometimes people may not care about you, but you cannot care about yourself.
74. The road is on your own, even if it is bumpy, you have to go by yourself.
75. Failure doesn't mean you waste time and life. Failure shows that you have a reason to start again.
76. I feel that I can and cannot do it, only in one thought.
77. Fall, hit the wall, and lose ground, don't be afraid. Young people call you brave.
78. Be the best today, review the best yesterday, and welcome the best tomorrow.
79. No matter how unfortunate you feel, someone will always be more unfortunate than you.
80. I would rather run up and get knocked down countless times than walk a lifetime. smile proudly even if you failed.
81. There is no fate that can be conquered without contempt and endurance and struggle.
82. Have an ideal, have a goal, and have enough strength to rush forward; have courage, confidence, hard work and do not relax; have perseverance, perseverance, perseverance, and do not give up;
83. Hope is the only benefit that all people have in common; people who have nothing have hope.
84. Our lives are reborn in a posture of constant departure.
85. Life is not for compromise. The more you retreat, the more space you can breathe. Days are not meant to be easy, the humbler you behave, the farther away some happy things are from you.
86. Let the past go. We missed yesterday's sunset, we can no longer miss today's sunrise, maintain a balanced mentality, treat each day with the best mood, and each day will be full of sunshine and overflowing. Hope.
87. Life is unhappy, depending on the mood, but fortunately, it depends on the mentality. In the long life, nothing is seen at a glance. The glory of the spring breeze is nothing, and the failure of the moment is not counted.
88. Please be confident, you are a landscape, there is no need to look up in the landscape of others.
89. If anyone has aspirations, everything can be done.
90. It ’s not that gods can burn pottery. People who have ambition can always learn the fine arts.
91. Aspirants can make stones grow grass.
92. An eagle must fly higher than a bird, because its prey is a bird.
93. Nothing is what you get.
94. Those who are determined, also the pillars of fame. Mountaineering does not end with hardships, but it must reach steep mountains.
95. Be strong and have fun.
96. One person is determined, and there is no enemy.
97. Aspiring people fight against the sky, unmotivated people hate the sky.
98. Birthday is a stage, a test, a chance. Men are more likely to take advantage of this when they are in love; women are more likely to take advantage of this when they are married.
99. If a person cannot forgive others from the heart, he will never feel at ease.
100. Everyone has a scar in their heart. Time is the best cure.

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