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Proverbs about the weather

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1. The swallow swept the aisle low, and the ant moved to the mountain to wear a hat.
2. The sun halo is more rainy and the moon halo is noon wind.
3. Carp spots in the sky, different turning valleys in the sun tomorrow.
4. Get up early in the morning, when the storm is coming.
5. Open the door, close the door and rain.
6. The south wind blows to the end, and the north wind returns.
7. Dongfeng is anxious and rain hits the wall.
8. The east wind is raining. The east wind is sunny.
9. East winds and rains start from spring, east winds break off from summers; east winds are irrelevant from autumn, east winds and snow from winter.
10. The south wind is hard and the north wind is sharp.
11. The east wind is not rainy, and the west wind is not clear.
12. The south wind turned to the east wind, and it didn't fall through for three days.
13. Southwest wind after the rain, it will not fall through for three days.
14. The south wind was heavy in May, and the bottom of the south wind well was dry in June.
15. The clouds went down early in the morning, and it became fine after a meal.
16. The south wind is afraid of drowning, the north wind is afraid of the sun.
17. The wind is not good on a good day, and the wind is long on a rainy day.
18. The drizzle did not clear for a long time, and the heavy rain did not fall for a long time.
19. Loach jumps and wind and rain arrive.
20. East Hong Sun, West Hong Yu.
21. When it gets dark day by day, the rain keeps coming, and the heavy rain will see tomorrow.
22. The sky is dark and windless, and the water falls wide.
23. Southwest to northwest, it takes half a month.
24. The south wind is only three, and it will be cloudy after three without rain.
25. The swallow swept the aisle low, and the chicken did not return to the cage, howling, the heavy rain came soon.
26. Asaka doesn't go out, sunset goes thousands of miles.
27. Thunder Gongyan called, heavy rain hair is coming.
28. Gu Yu is not raining, return it to the owner.
29. Jiuqing and foggy, Jiuyin foggy and sunny.
30. The DPRK was afraid of Nanyun rising, but it was afraid of Beiyundui.
31. The dew flashes and it's sunny.
32. The thunder is fast and sunny, and the thunder is hard to clear.
33. The sky flashed northwest, not far from the rain.
34. The sound of thunder is like a mill, and the wind is hail.
35. Spring thunder is ten days overcast and spring thunder is ten days cold.
36. East flashes, west flashes rain,
37. Under the east wind in the four seasons, I am afraid that the east wind will not be strong.
38. Wet wind in the east, ten wind in the west, cold wind in the north, warm wind in the south.
39. When the wind rises, it rains.
40. Storms and storms.
41. There is no lightning in the water, and the house collapses.
42. Black clouds pass over the post and the hail falls when the wind is strong.
43. Once misty, three times snow.
44. Three layers of quilt in winter.
45. Zaoxia didn't go out.
46. Qingming is hot early, and early rice must be good.
47. I'm not afraid of the first day of Yin, I'm afraid of the second day of the second day.
48. On the fifteenth of August, the cloud covers the moon, and on the fifteenth of the first month, the snow lights.
49. Donghong sun and west rainbow rain.
50. People are bored when the wind is quiet and hot, there is no need to ask if there is wind or rain.
51. It is not rainy in the southeast for drought and sunny in the southeast for flooding.
52. Fish in the river play flowers, and it rains every day.
53. The chickens will stay clear early in the morning, and the chickens will rain late in the cage.
54. Long sunny fog will be overcast, long rain and fog will be clear.
55. Jiuqing makes noisy rain, Jiuyu makes noisy rain.
56. The echo of the empty mountain sounded fine and sunny.
57. Lei Gong sang first, not much rain.
58. The thunder went round and round, and there was rain soon.
59. Cold early and warm early.
60. It is going to rain in the ant base.
61. Cotton clouds, rain quickly.
62. Pagoda clouds early in the morning, rain pouring in the afternoon.
63. Walking in the sunset clouds, rain after midnight.
64. The sun halo is more rainy and the moon halo is noon wind.
65. Ten fogs and nine clear weather.
66. The water tank sweats toads, and there will be heavy rain soon.
67. The sun is here and there is no meeting for three days.
68. Hook clouds in the sky and rain on the ground.
69. Carp spots in the sky, no need to turn the valley tomorrow.
70. Tile clouds, kill people.
71. The mosquitoes gathered in the hall, and the rain came in the next day.
72. The first rain and then the rain will be small, the first rain and then the thunderstorm will be heavy.
73. It ’s not raining first, but it ’s not sunny after it ’s down.
74. The little heat is so hot, the big heat is cold.
75. The chimney doesn't smoke, it must be cloudy.
76. Night starry and sunny.
77. There is a rain mountain wearing a hat, and there is no rain cloud blocking the waist.
78. Fish scales, rain and wind.
79. Yunxing North, Hao Sun Valley; Yun Xingnan, the water floats from the boat.
80. The magpie yelled and went out to the sunny day.
81. Cover the fog in the morning, despite drying the rice.
82. Look southeast early and northwest late.
83. The fish scales in the sky, even when it rains.
84. Clouds of pods in the sky, and soon there will be rain.
85. Anvil clouds in the sky, and soon it rained heavily.
86. Lao Yun is driving, and he will go down if he is not overcast.
87. Clouds eat fog and rain. Fog eats clouds well.
88. Clouds eat fire and rain, fire eats clouds and sunny.
89. The dark clouds catch the sun, and the rain does not worry in the middle of the night.
90. The black feet of the dark clouds are bound to be heavy rain.
91. Low clouds disappeared, and rain fell soon.
92. The northwest is long and hail is behind.
93. The south wind blows to the end, and the north wind comes in return.
94. The south wind is afraid of sunset and the north wind is afraid of dawn.
95. The south wind is foggy and the north wind is frosty.
96. The wind is strong every night, rain and snow do not meet.
97. If the south wind passes three, it will be cloudy if it does not fall.
98. A sail is in the wind, and it becomes sunny after the rain.
99. Sooner or later, the smoke will blow to the ground, and the sky will rain.
100. Zao Xia does not go out, Wan Xia travels thousands of miles.
101. Early Yinyin, late Yinyin, and cloudy in the middle of the night.
102. The spiders' webs cleared up.
103. Day fog is overcast, night fog is sunny.
104. Hook clouds in the sky and rain on the ground.
105. There is a castle cloud in the sky, and a thunderstorm is coming on the ground.
106. The broom cloud in the sky, the rain fell in three days.
107. Cotton wool clouds in the morning will rain in the afternoon.
108. The gale is afraid of the sunset, and the long rain is sunny.
109. Dongfeng can't be beaten.
110. The east wind is strong after the rain, and it will rain in the next day.
111. The hail came to follow the wind, and the head wind turned his head.
112. It is windy in spring and rains in autumn.
113. The sky is gray and the rain will continue.
114. Heaven pulls Haixian, but it doesn't rain any more than three.
115. The sky is not bright all around and there must be storms.
116. It is bright when there is rain, but there is no light on the top.
117. Carmine at sunset, wind without rain.
118. Huang Chengcheng at sunset and strong wind tomorrow.
119. The sun is yellow at sunrise, and the wind will be crazy in the afternoon.
120. The stars are full of water, and there is hope in the rain.
121. The stars blinked and went out with an umbrella.
122. There is a wind circle in the sun and the moon, and it is windy without rain.
123. The old cow looked up and sniffed, and the rain was on the head;
124. The clouds go down the mountain, and the land is dry.
125. Heiyun picks up and goes down when it's not overcast.
126. Clouds are low and rain, clouds are high and sunny.
127. There is wind and rain shortly before the rain, and it never stops after the rain.
128. Don't blow east wind and rain, don't wind westerly and sunny.
129. The stars are dense and the rain drops.
130. The stars are thin and the weather is good.
131. The stars are bright and the sun is coming.
132. The stars blinked and there was no rain.
133. Direct flash rain is small, horizontal flash rain is heavy.
134. The thunderstorms are small and the thunderstorms are heavy.
135. Thunder thunder, although the rain is not fierce.
136. Thunder leaps into the sky, and the rain is heavy.
137. Xiaoshu thundered and turned into Huangmei.
138. The south flash fire opened the door, and the north flash fire was coming.
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140. Loach jumps and rain comes.
141. Mud is quiet and the weather is fine.
142. The frog called, heavy rain is coming.
143. Chickens enter cages late and rainy.
144. The bark called, and the crops were blistered.
145. The mosquito bites strangely, the weather is going to get worse.
146. The dragonfly goes round and round, and the rain comes.
147. The bees are busy picking flowers and there will be rain drops in the short term.
148. Dongyun is long in the morning, but there is no rain but rain.
149. Clouds blocked the dam in the morning and it rained for three days.
150. Clouds go in the morning, and the dog dies in the afternoon.
151. Early rain is sunny on the day, late rain till dawn.
152. Flowers will bloom tonight, and people will die tomorrow.
153. Black and yellow clouds roll over and will lay ice eggs.
154. The sky is full of water.
155. The weather is long and sunny, and the weather is long and sunny.
156. The westerly wind at sunset can't stop the tree.
157. The swallows fly low to rain.
158. The ants will move sooner or later.
159. The bees are late and the weather is good in the coming day.
160. Don't be afraid of rainy weather for a long time, as long as the northwest has opened its mouth.
161. The mosquito bites strangely, and the weather is getting worse.
162. It rains and clears, and it keeps on for days and nights.
163. Black clouds block the east, and there is wind without rain. The turbulent clouds are zenith, and the wind and rain are not small.
164. There are broken purple clouds in the DPRK, and thunderstorm is approaching in the afternoon.
165. Dongfeng is anxious, ready to fight.
166. The wind is silent and hot, and the thunderstorm is strong.
167. A sudden rain is easy to clear, a slow rain will not open.
168. Asaka does not go out, the evening sun travels thousands of miles.
169. There is no dew on the windy night and no frost on a cloudy day.
170. The fog is no more than three, and there are three rainy days.
171. The fog is exposed on the mountainside, and there is rain today and tomorrow.
172. Jiuqing is foggy and cloudy, Jiuyu is foggy and sunny.
173. The thunder continued into a torrent, and the river flooded under the rain.
174. Thunder before wind, rain is not fierce.
175. Lei Gong sang first, not much rain.
176. The sound of murmuring, hail must be born.
177. The rain and rain brighten, and there is still another foot.
178. The wind did not stop at noon, and the lights came on.
179. There is no wind and long waves, and the wind will be crazy soon.
180. There was no wind and waves, and the typhoon fell in three days.
181. Dark clouds are rising, and hail will fall to the ground.
182. Dark clouds lit up with hail in the day.
183. Black and yellow clouds rolled over, hail in front of them.
184. I was afraid of the dark in the southeast early, but I was afraid of the push of Beiyun in the late.
185. Clouds bloom in the morning, and people die in the afternoon.
186. Magpies nested high, and rain and waterlogged.
187. The long rain heard the birdsong, and it soon became fine.
188. The puffin flies upwards, with wind ranging from black.
189. The birds landed on the boat and the rainy days passed.
190. Magpies call out and go out to sunny day.
191. Northwest winds are often blowing and the weather has been fine in recent days.
192. The east wind will rise in the middle of the night and the weather will be fine tomorrow.
193. East winds after the rain, the rain will continue in the future.
194. Backaches are itchy and have rain in half a while.
195. Jujube flowers are mostly drought, while pear flowers are mostly flooding.
196. I do n’t see the mountains on a sunny day, and it rains for three or five days.
197. Moss floated in the river and heavy rain came.
198. The long aisle aisle, the sign of rain, the toad wow, the heavy rain is coming.
199. The hair is ringing and the wind is blowing.
200. After the rain, there is an east wind, and the rain will be more fierce in the future.
201. The northwest sky is unlocked and the sun is seen in the afternoon.
202. Starlight contains water and rain is coming.
203. Get up early to leave, leave the dog dead at noon.
204. I'm afraid of Nanyun Man early, but I'm afraid of Beiyun Fan later.
205. Look southeast early and northwest late.
206. The fish jumped out of the water, and the storm came.
207. The dragonfly flew low and went out with a cricket.
208. The black dragonfly is chaotic and the weather is dry.
209. Fluttering on the ground and raining all day.
210. The sky was bright and the river rose.
211. A red cloud becomes a dark cloud, and there must be heavy rain.
212. Dou Yingyun in the sky, dying on the ground.
213. The dark clouds rose at sunset and I heard the rain in the middle of the night.
214. The sunset is carmine, or the rain is the wind.
215. Walking in the sunset clouds, the rain is after midnight.
216. Dark clouds from the northwest will bring thunderstorms.
217. From the northeast, there will be wind and rain.
218. There is a cap in Yushan and no waist in Yushan.
219. Fish scales in the sky.
220. Clouds rise from the southeast, but there is no rain but rain.
221. Red clouds rise at sunrise, persuading Jun Mo to travel far; red clouds rise at sunset, and the next day is sunny.
222. Walking in the clouds at sunset, after the rain in the middle of the night.
223. Dark clouds catch the sun and there is rain in the Ming Dynasty; dark clouds catch the sun and there is rain in the night.
224. The cloud is in the east, and the rain is not fierce; the cloud is in the south, and the river is full.
225. There was heavy rain in the early thunder, but it did not rain.
226. Thunder and thunder are not fierce.
227. There is no heavy rain in the zenith of thunder, and heavy rain falls by the thunder in the clouds.
228. Long sunny rays and rain soon.
229. It rains for days, even days.
230. There were cotton wool clouds in the morning, and thunderstorms blew in the afternoon.
231. The wind is still and sultry, and thunderstorms must be strong.
232. The swallows fly low, and it will rain.
233. The swallow's nest has a lot of grass and rain.
234. Flock of geese flying south will be cold, and flock of geese flying north will be warm.
235. The salt will rain when the tide returns.
236. The ants move and it will rain.
237. The big banyan tree does not fall in winter, and it is cold in spring.
238. Pigweed, cold wave is coming.
239. Dogs soak in water, it will rain; chickens will wing, and it will rain.
240. The bees are late and the rain blows.
241. The westerly wind ceases with the sunset and not only blows down the trees.
242. The northwest wind opens the day lock.
243. Heavy moss will flood the river, and there will be heavy rain.
244. The sea foamed yellow, and the gale soon passed.
245. One autumn rain and one cold, ten autumn rain put on cotton.
246. It rains in the morning and is fine on the day, and it rains until dawn in the evening.
247. Five hits in the rain and sun puddles.
248. The south wind is warm, the north wind is cold, the east wind is humid, and the west wind is dry.
249. Long rain and cold wind sweep, Tianqing will be reliable.
250. Clouds are flying all over the sky, and the rain and snow are constantly falling.
251. The dark clouds covered the sky, and the heavy rain came fast.
252. It is bright when there is rain, but there is no light on the top.
253. Earthworms seal holes with heavy rain.
254. The day is warm and the night is cold, and the East China Sea is also dry.
255. It is raining at tide feet.
256. The grass ash is formed into a cake, and the weather is coming.
257. Moss flooded in the water, and the wind and rain came.
258. The southerly wind blows long and the weather will be fine.
259. It is raining towards Hongxia late at night, and Hongxia dies the fish in the late morning.
260. There is an anvil cloud in the sky, and the ground is raining.

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