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200 famous quotes about integrity

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1. Words must be honest and deeds must be faithful. --Confucius
2. Not precious, but faithful. -"Book of Rites"
3. Losing credit equals a broken mirror, which cannot be repaired. --Germany
4. The slightest concern for ethics, a trivial matter, and an inadvertent breach of trust may ruin our reputation. ——Lin Dasheng
5. The beauty of a word is more expensive than gold. ——Ge Hong
6. False confession is really a terrible thing. -Balzac
7. Husband's words are not easy. ——Zi Zhi Tong Jian
8. No one can believe without trust. --Confucius
9. Money earned from losing credit should be settled in losses. --Rome
10. If you want others to be honest, you must first be honest. ——Shakespeare
11. People who touch with sincerity should also be sincere. ——Cheng Yi
12. Keeping your promise is like defending your honor. -Balzac
13. The quality of great personality is important to a sincere character. ——Lu Xun
14. Believe in the land of the five elements, no positioning, no fame, and Shui Jinmu is always alive. ——Zhu Xi
15. Confession is a wonderful medicine that makes people feel at ease. -Cicero
16. People who help, believe also. -"The Book of Changes"
17. Honesty and diligence should be your permanent companion. ——Franklin
18. One or two weights of sincerity are worth one ton of intelligence. ——German proverb
19. There is no dignity without honesty. -Cicero
20. You don't have to make a single statement, you don't have to think about it, you are going to go with sincerity and sincerity. ——Lu Kun
21. Thousands of teachings, teachings and truth-seeking; thousands of learnings, learning and being a real person. -Tao Xingzhi
22. Confession is the product of honesty and courage. --Mark Twain
23. No world is more precious than a sincere person. -Cicero
24. No man can be established without faith. ——Cheng Yi
25. Be faithful to yourself and others, and you will have the highest quality of the greatest talent. -Goethe
26. Cleverness is worse than honesty. --Han Fei
27. A talented person is also a virtue; a moral person is also a handsome person. ——Sima Guang
28. Sincerity comes, the stone is open. ——Wang Chong
29. People are true, although they are sparse, they are dense; they are false, but they are sparse. ——Han Hanying's Hanshiwaizhuan
30. Insufficient letter, An Youxin. --"tube"
31. Taking the path of life of integrity and honesty, there must be a well-deserved destination. -Gorky
32. Credit is rare and fragile. Credit accumulated over ten years of work is often lost due to temporary words and deeds. -Ikeda Daisaku
33. Honesty is the lifeblood of life and the foundation of all values. ——Dry
34. A gentleman is not good at honesty. ——Bitch
35. The most immoral subscribers to human beings are dishonesty and cowardice. -Gorky
36. There is no constant letter, no constant chastity, but the advantage is where everything is. If it is, it can be described as a villain. ——Bitch
37. What a liar gains is only believed by no one. -Aesop
38. Do not believe or not. ——Say it
39. Credit is like a mirror. As long as there is a crack, it cannot be connected as before. ——Amir, Switzerland
40. Make friends with words. ——The Analects
41. One word is right, but it may be enemy, and one word, you can protect the country. ——Liu Xiang
42. Confession is a wonderfully relaxing medicine. -Cicero
43. Xiaoxincheng is a big believer. --Han Fei
44. Credit is a personal intangible asset that is indispensable in modern society. The restriction of integrity comes not only from the outside world, but also from our self-discipline mentality and our own moral power. ——He Zhiyong
45. Believe in words and deeds in deeds. --Confucius
46. Honesty can move people's hearts the most. ——Shakespeare
47. Those who are sincere and do not move, neither have they; nor are they who are not sincere—Meng Zi
48. Even God helps the honest and the brave. -Minander
49. Rather lose money than trust. --United Kingdom
50. Honesty is always the best character in life. -Gorky
51. If you lose your footing, you may stand up again immediately. If you lose faith, you may never recover. ——Franklin
52. There is a truth that people need. It burns the filth and mediocrity in the heart with the flame of shame-this is the long live the truth! -Gorky
53. Frankness is the most popular. -Balzac
54. When credit disappears, the flesh has no life. -Dumas
55. An honest man must be faithful to himself. His last resort is sincerity. -Emerson
56. What a liar gets is that even if he tells the truth, no one believes it. --"Aesop's Fables"
57. A weak-willed person must not be honest. -La Rochevli
58. Loyalty to oneself will not cheat others. ——Shakespeare
59. Loyalty, even deep loyalty, will never be white and flawless. -Sartre
60. Where can there be dignity without integrity? -Cicero
61. If you fail, you can immediately resume standing; if you fail, you may never recover. ——Franklin
62. Honesty is the greatest element of art. As long as we are always honest with ourselves and art is always there, it will never let us down. -Cornelia Otiskin
63. Credit is an intangible asset. --Japan
64. Confession is the product of honesty and courage. --Mark Twain
65. No legacy is as rich as honesty. ——Shakespeare
66. Sincerity, the way of heaven also; sincerity, so does the way of man. -"Mencius Lishou Lou"
67. Talk less, do more work, be solid and work hard. ——Deng Xiaoping
68. If we want to buy his honesty, this person sells his reputation. -Wolfg
69. When credit disappears, the flesh has no life. --France
70. Losing integrity is tantamount to the enemy destroying himself. ——Shakespeare
71. Credit is both an invisible force and an intangible wealth. ——Kanosuke Matsushita
72. Honesty is the lifeblood of life and the foundation of all values. -Dreiser
73. Honest people never hate hypocrisy, but hypocrisy often appears in honesty. -Spinoza
74. Loyalty requires complete truth. -Chardan
75. Integrity is an open mind. -La Rochefoucauld
76. All virtues are contained in self-trust. -Emerson
77. By loyalty, you can accompany a great soul like a spiritual family. ——Moloya
78. Language is like a leaf, and its behavior is real. --Honduras
79. It is difficult to chase a horse without a word. —— "The Analects of Confucius Yan Yuan"
80. Breaking faith is failure. ——Zola
81. The things that shine are not necessarily all gold. -Lenin
82. Reality is the lifeblood of life, the foundation of all values, and the secret of business success. Whoever can keep it can succeed. -Dreiser
83. Honesty is the noblest thing a person can maintain. -Qiao Yan
84. Falsehood can never become true by virtue of its growth in power. -Tagore
85. Lost the truth, but also lost the beauty. -Belinsky
86. Treat yourself, be present, be present, and be honest. ——Xue Jingxuan
87. Push people with sincerity, but trust without saying a word. ——Wang Tong's "Wenzhong Zi Zhou Gong"
88. As with the sole foundation of character, profound sincerity is also the sole foundation of talent. -Emerson
89. The heart is not good at honesty. ——Bitch
90. Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom. -Jefferson
91. Anyone who doesn't believe anyone knows that they have no credit. -Auerbach
92. If you are used to talking empty words, the most respectable people will lose their dignity. --motto
93. Speaking a person's true thoughts is a great comfort in life. -Voltaire
94. False sincerity is more terrible than the devil. -Tagore
95. Taking the path of life of integrity and honesty, there will be a well-deserved destination. -Gorky
96. To live an upright life, don't try to be wrong! You need to work honestly to have a great future. -Dostoevsky
97. Sincerity is the highest virtue in life. -Qiao Yan
98. You must treat others with sincerity, and others will report with sincerity. ——Li Jiacheng
99. The country of lightness and prosperity, but the faith of one word. --Confucius
100. People who lose their credit have nothing to lose. ——Urus
101. Honesty is the best policy. ——Franklin
102. I live to make others' lives better. ——Lei Feng
103. Of all the bad qualities of the world today, dishonesty is the most dangerous. --Algeria
104. Sincerity and simplicity are the precious qualities of genius. -Stanislavsky
105. The honest is neither afraid of light nor dark. -Gorky
106. We should act honestly. ——Mao Zedong
107. Integrity is the foundation of people. ——Lu Xun
108. Credit at work is the best wealth. Youth without credit accumulation must become losers. -Ikeda Daisaku
109. Be honest and upright, speak uprightly, act uprightly, and Sri Lanka is a gentleman. ——Tao Jue
110. Private credit is property and public honor is security. ——Juneus
111. Honesty is the main virtue of scientists. -Feuerbach
112. Thousands of teachings and thousands of teachings teach people to be truth-seeking, thousands of learnings and thousands of learning to be real. -Tao Xingzhi
113. Honesty is better than all ingenuity, and it is the basic condition for ingenuity. ——Kant's Lasting Peace
114. Those who are honest, the knot of the world is also. -"Mozi"
115. The truth is that half is often a big lie. ——Franklin
116. Credit is the largest capital. --United Kingdom
117. You must treat others with sincerity, and then others will return with sincerity. ——Li Jiacheng
118. If you are not honest, you will learn a lot, if you are not honest, you will fail. ——Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi, "The Second Cheng Ji Lun Xue Pian"
119. There must be faith in words, and in the end, the high deeds of the world. ——Huainanzi
120. Sincerity is an open mind. -La Rochefoucauld
121. Honesty is the wisest strategy. ——Franklin
122. Morality is indeed not a dogma that teaches people how to make themselves happy, but a doctrine that teaches people how to enjoy happiness. (Kant, German philosopher)
123. Honesty is better than all ingenuity, and it is the basic condition for ingenuity. -Kant
124. I hope that I will have enough firmness and virtue to maintain the title of all titles that I think is the most enviable: an honest person. -Washington
125. Words will be believed, and deeds will be fruitful. ——Confucius' Analects of Confucius • Zilu
126. If someone is in the sky, loyalty is clothing, and faith is clothing. ——Lu Zhaoling
127. Sincerity is also the way of heaven; sincerity is also the way of man. -"Mencius"
128. If you want others to be honest, you must first be honest. ——Shakespeare
129. Philaud tells the truth is a good thing, because telling the truth makes your heart easy and happy, and because telling the truth is rare. -Dumas
130. Obtaining Credit Comes with a High Price-Gerold
131. People who help, believe also. -"Zhou Yi"
132. Credit is rare and easy to lose. The credit accumulated over ten years of work is often lost due to temporary words and deeds. -Ikeda Daisaku
133. Do not bully inside or bully outside. ——Master Hongyi
134. If a person is not trustworthy, it is tantamount to let others fail to trust him. --United Kingdom
135. Sincerity is an open mind. -La Rochefoucauld
136. The truth may be sad, but better than lies. -Va Azayev
137. If you want others to be honest, you must first be honest. ——Shakespeare
138. When you betray others, you also betray yourself. ——Singh
139. To be honest, to be honest, to be honest, is to seek truth from facts. ——Deng Xiaoping
140. No legacy can be as rich as honesty. ——Shakespeare
141. The ugly truth is better than the pleasant lie. ——Surey Yudarev
142. Accepting people by letter, believers in the world; not accepting people by letter, his wife suspects it. -Yang Quan
143. Be true to yourself so you won't cheat on others. ——Shakespeare
144. My Three Provinces, My Body: Conspiracy and Disloyalty? Make friends with unbelieving? Passing by? --Confucius
145. I ask others to be honest, and I have to be honest myself. -Dostoevsky
146. There have been deaths since ancient times. --Confucius
147. Honesty to others, people do not bully me; integrity to everything, everything can be accomplished. ——Feng Yuxiang
148. The most immoral part of humanity is dishonesty and cowardice. -Gorky
149. Trustworthy people are the happiest, and honesty is the most naive. ——Lu Xun
150. Nothing is more important than interpersonal relationships. Sincerity is a sword in the society, and you should take it with you wherever you go. ——San Mao
151. Sincerity is the way of heaven; sincerity is the way of man. -"Mencius. From Lou Lou
152. My motto is: the first is honesty, the second is diligence, and the third is professional work. ——Carnegie
153. Frankly, it's the most popular. -Balzac
154. Be honest, do honest things and tell the truth. ——Mao Zedong
155. Do you hate being cheated by others? Then don't deceive others. -Crissostow
156. Those who have lost their credit are dead in this world. -Hubbert
157. Honesty is the richest inheritance. -Kerr
158. Those who want to correct their heart, sincerity first, then sincerity. --"the University"
159. What an honest man says is as reliable as his collateral. -Cervantes
160. No sin is more shameful than hypocrisy and injustice. ——Bacon
161. To preach everything about you, don't use your words, use your true colors. -Rousseau
162. There is no shortage of words. ——Chen Yi
163. Treat people with truth, not just for others, but for others. ——Yang tube
164. Honesty is a symbol of strength, it shows a person's high self-esteem and inner sense of security and dignity. -Erin Kaser
165. An upright person should know his weight everywhere. -Balzac
166. Credit is heavier than gold. --Germany
167. The name of a person who fails to trust is unrecognizable. ——Liu Xiang
168. A person's credit is directly proportional to the banknotes in his cash drawer. ——Jade Outer
169. Credit is a successful partner. --United Kingdom
170. Horses are tamed first and then benevolent, and people believe first and then seek energy. -"Junnanzi"
171. No one can believe without people. ——Confucius' Analects for the Government
172. Only when the world is sincere, can the world's great classics be established. -"The Golden Mean"
173. The truth is sincere. Impertinence and insincerity cannot be moved. ——Zhuangzi
174. There is no richer legacy than integrity. ——Shakespeare
175. Honesty and diligence should be your permanent partner. ——Franklin
176. Every mortal stands in the heavens and the earth, and in the event of an accident, it must be treated as "sincerity", and later generations must believe that they are human, and they must have human value. He is a fraudulent person, He Neng established his name. ——Lu Pengbo
177. Nothing is worse than no faith. -Fu Xuan
178. Aphids eat grass, rust eats iron, hypocrisy eats soul. -Chekhov
179. Bullying can only last for a while, and integrity is the long-term strategy. ——John Ray
180. Losing credit is one's greatest loss. -Jo Clark
181. Integrity is the best character of a person, and the best method of life, to communicate with others, and to uphold integrity. The word integrity is the foundation of credit. ——Tube Luyin
182. Don't lie, don't be afraid of the truth. -Lev. Tolstoy
183. It is more important for a person to keep his promise than to guard his property. -Molire
184. Not precious, but faithful. ——Sima Guang
185. Integrity is a harmony, just as health, kindness, and God. ——Pythagoras
186. Credit for gold, because gold is more accessible than credit-UK
187. Think of evil and turn to hell; think of good and turn to heaven. ——Hui Neng
188. Those who do not believe do nothing. ——Mozi
189. Life cannot make brilliant flowers out of lies. -Heine
190. But sincerity can break the hypocrisy of the world, but real can break the vanity of the world. ——Xue Yan
191. Light promises must be relied on. ——Lao Tzu
192. Sincerity is the best way to do business. ——White
193. Even at the beginning, a person with intentional intentions, as long as he has real and honest contact, will definitely get good intentions. -Ikeda Daisaku
194. People do not believe. --Confucius
195. People who think they are smart often don't end well. The smartest people in the world are honest people, because only honest people can stand the test of facts and history. ——Zhou Enlai
196. Trustworthiness is better than fame. -Roosevelt
197. If you are not sincere, you will bully and abandon yourself. If you are not sincere, you will lose your morals and increase your grievances. Song • Yang Shi, "Cheng's Clan Words and Essays" in Henan
198. Bullying can only last for a while, and integrity is the long-term strategy. ——John Ray
199. I would rather get the attack of a hundred enemies with sincerity than the praise of ten friends with hypocrisy. -Petofi
200. Sincerity, the way of heaven also; sincerity, so does the way of man. -Mencius

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