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Social quotes

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1. Don't be too flamboyant, be careful to be knifed behind.
2. Bragging about B is as fierce as a tiger, asking a salary of 1,500.
3. I have a good temper because I pretend, and I get irritable and don't want your life.
4. Wipe your nose first and then raise your pants.
5. Women need to be petted, the more pets, the more kind, men can not get used to the more assholes.
6. The sword is not sharp, the horse is too thin, I don't want to fight with you yet!
7. Society makes you call the wind and the rain, because I can't match you.
8. Jiangnan Jiangbei Street, ask about who is the father.
9. Yesterday is history, today is the beginning, and no one will make it tomorrow.
10. The guy's temperament is fierce like a wolf.
11. When reality gives you a slap, you should give him a high-five.
12. Light red wine is green and intoxicating, elder brother leads you to mingle with society.
13. I can give you a step down with a smile, or I can give you a big mouth backhand.
14. Heaven is full and hell is snoring, so I stay in the world and be a scourge.
15. A bat is no longer a bird, no matter how good his new shoes are, he will not follow.
16. My wild horse doesn't know the way back, but I must eradicate you villain.
17. You will not accompany Xishan at sunset.
18. You hit hard on the Internet, in reality you just went to the first day.
19. Don't go too far as a person, don't make mistakes in your work, life will inevitably go up and down, but you still have to grasp it yourself, even if life is bitter, we have to walk by with a smile.
20. You can hit me in the face, or you can tell me to go away, but don't forget the sinisterity of my brother Congliang.
21. Sando Fox Wild is a social sister.
22. The east is not bright and the west is bright.
23. Everyone has a glorious moment. Don't take a moment forever.
24. The Huahua world is charming, and don't have the strength to face it.
25. It's hot and hot-tempered, I don't smile, don't make trouble.
26. Everything is fateful, and at least you can't help it. You look a little bit like before.
27. The contacts you do n’t own are called my sisters, and the men you ca n’t get are called my babies.
28. Don't make friends at the banquet, society is the best
29. I do n’t laugh, do n’t bother, I ’ll give you a face, you have to!
30. You are a good person. I don't deserve it, forget me next.
31. Don't use your identity to tell me the history of the underworld. Yesterday is history, today is the beginning, and no one will be good tomorrow.
32. I can give you face with a smile, but you don't take my face off to fool yourself. It's you too, but it's you too, I tell you the truth!
33. No one can think of a moment as a permanent moment of glory
34. The dragon does not yell, the tiger does not scream, the little spray is ridiculous
35. If you're not cruel enough, how can you deserve to fight in the battlefield and sit in the mountains?
36. I once killed a person in ten steps and jumped a social step in seven steps
37. The sky is slippery, the society is complicated, and the shallow water king is the eldest brother more than eight times.
38. I can give you a step down with a smile, or I can give you a big mouth without mercy. Lao Tie, don't be too flamboyant, beware of being stabbed in the back.
39. Most beautiful people are similar, but unfortunate feelings are always the same.
40. The only thing I am proud of is that I have always liked you, and the only thing I regret is that I have never owned you.
41. Although I am late for work every day, I have always been on time.
42. It is a rule that the lion does not play with the dog.
43. The casual wear, the safety of playing, the age of the devil, when is the Buddha?
44. The more you understand, the more you look like an orphan in this world. The further you go, the more you understand that the world is an orphanage.
45. I can easily forgive people, but I hold a grudge: forgiveness does not mean that I forget.
46. If you can't fly, run; if you can't run, walk; if you can't walk, crawl; but no matter what you do, keep going.
47. Destiny gives you a lower starting point, which is to let you fight for a lifetime of a Jedi counterattack story. This story is about independence, about dreams, about courage, and perseverance.
48. After meeting you, there are only three people left in my world: it is you, like you, not you.
49. Of course I will not try to pick the moon, I want the moon to come to me.
50. Sometimes it's not the poems and the distance that force you to move forward, but the vast abyss behind you.
51. The reason why I dare to ask you to roll is to believe that you will roll back.
52. You have your story, I have my background, and the background is still very hard.
53. There is no such thing as a general and a handsome in the society.
54. Tiezi, remember a word, the tall buildings rise flat, and rise and fall on their own.
55. He doesn't like you, he just likes to be liked by you. Occasionally he shows favor to you so as not to lose you, just like a dog walking away, the owner will scream.
56. You don't have to be responsible for every passer-by, nor do you have to preach to every passerby.
57. Three keywords about the future: with whom, where, and growing old.
58. The rich live in various ways, and the poor are about the same.
59. If you know me before, maybe you will forgive me now.
60. This life goes all the way to black, tasteless, useless and fearless.
61. If someone thinks you are stupid, you will continue to pretend to be stupid.
62. Only the ones that are in their hands can be trusted in the future.
63. The next time you start love again, just enjoy it, don't plan, don't make up your mind.
64. To live under the command of others, to die sooner or later is myself.
65. I can't satisfy everyone, and I'm not afraid that people from all over the world will shoot at me.
66. Children are right or wrong, and adults only look at the pros and cons.
67. I have to slap you realistically to know the hypocrisy of society, and I have to stab you behind a friend to know that the heart is awesome.
68. I used to ignore you and now I can't afford to climb high.
69. Someone is always good to you. If this doesn't work, replace the next one.
70. You are a passer-by who is remembered in my life, but I am just a passerby who you turn around and forget.
71. Everyone thinks you have countless ambiguous relationships. In fact, only you know that you are lonely like a dog!
72. About the past, about you, come to an end. Regarding the future and about me, stay tuned.
73. I'm afraid that I will encounter the decisive and decisive decisive decision-making, and I will meet different thoughts and feelings. In this world, most of the wins are still lover.
74. What I don't get is what I didn't want. I'm smiling at you for what you are.
75. Don't just dig into her when you meet someone. In your opinion, she is a friend. In her opinion, you are a fool.
76. Don't say everything you know, don't believe everything you hear. That way life will be peaceful.
77. The stories in fairy tales are deceptive, and the troubles in reality are not only free, but also free shipping.
78. You can't control even a few sleeps, and you still want to control your life; your problem is that you know everything, but you are lazy!
79. Without a beautiful appearance, no one will care about your beautiful heart at all. This is reality.
80. The four most useless things in the emotional world: remorse after breaking up, care after not loving, high self-esteem, and kindness with low emotional intelligence.
81. People who look beautiful can easily forgive others even if they make mistakes. People who look ugly can't forgive others, let alone make no mistakes.
82. Skinny is shouting to lose weight, Xueba is complaining that he has failed the exam again, local tyrant is frowning and crying poor, life is so hypocritical!
83. As soon as people leave, tea is cold, which is a natural law; if people don't leave, tea is cold.
84. The reason why you are tired is that you only have constant psychological blame and no immediate change in action.
85. IQ determines your lower limit, and EQ determines your upper limit. How comfortable you speak can determine the height you can reach.
86. A marriage certificate can only prove that it is illegal for two people to lie in bed, but it cannot prove that they are suitable.
87. Different people, doing the same thing for you, you will feel very different. Because what we care about is often not what people do, but just the people who do things.
88. Don't pessimistically think that you are unfortunate. In fact, there are many more unfortunate people than you; don't optimistically think that you are great, in fact you are just a drop in the ocean.
89. People who take life as a drama can be unprepared; people who take drama as a life are prone to depression and illness.
90. When you go out, don't go too far into your heart, no matter if your face is warm or cold. The outside world respects the background, not the person.
91. No matter where in the world, money is always the most effective and direct passport.
92. It seems like drunken walking away from the ropes these years.
93. False words are like lines, they are often memorized before they are spoken; truth is like a cough, and most of them are gushing out when they can't hold back.
94. Count how many people have said they love you, and count how many people really stay with you for a long time. True love should not be expressed with your mouth, time will tell you the truth.
95. The world is really messed up, the truth-speaker is like a villain, and the truth-speaker is serious like a gentleman.
96. The busiest day is "Change the Sky", everyone says "Change the sky and have time to gather", but "Change the Sky" will never be free.
97. How do I know if I am bad or the south wall without hitting the south wall.
98. How can others respond to you with the same attitude? It is the first time that anyone is born.
99. The head can be broken, the blood can stay, and I can't find it.
100. I'm so cool. Things like feelings really affect me.

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