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Good circle of friends

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1. The fastest step is not to cross, but to continue; the slowest step is not a small step, but to hover.
2. Smile and silence are two effective weapons: smile can solve many problems, and silence can avoid many problems.
3. Don't expect, don't imagine, don't force, let it be, if it is destined, it will happen. Peace of mind is the best state of being alive.
4. Don't forget what others say when they are angry, because that is often the truth; do n’t remember to hate the person who said it, because this is another way for you to see yourself clearly.
5. Life is like a glass of boiling water, bland and tasteless. But put a sugar in the boiling water, then it will have a slight sweet taste. A glass of water in life has countless flavoring agents. It only depends on what flavor you want to put, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. After a long taste, you find that pure boiled water is the most delicious.
6. What you do and what you say, you care too much about the feelings of others. It means you are living for others. Just do yourself a good job, do n’t be selfish, do n’t be arrogant. Do n’t take your own myth. Feeling, you just make yourself uncomfortable.
7.Every powerful person has gritted their teeth for a period of time without help, support, and warmth. After that, this is your adult ceremony.
8. If you want to have something you have never had, then you have to do something you have never done. Work hard, diligently, and encourage each other!
9. Don't be so sensitive, don't be so soft-hearted, too sensitive and too soft-hearted people must not live happily, you have to think casually all day long.
10. Time is really amazing, you never know how it will change you. In other words: previously unpalatable vegetables, bitter beer, boring books, and even haters, one day later, they all fell in love.
11. There are too many people who don't tear their faces around. They clearly see a lot of people but cannot easily turn their faces. Smiling at the people and things we hate is the nausea we must learn.
12. I can accept failure, but I cannot accept never to try. When you do n’t even have the courage to try, you do n’t deserve to have happiness, and you will never get happiness. You have only been hurt and hurt before you know how profound it is.
13. In fact, none of us later contacted me anymore. I don't know how you are doing. Even if I occasionally think of it, I just fill it with previous memories. What I can do is not to bother no matter how I miss it. Because you are just past, not the only one.
14. Over the years, I have seen many people missed, suffered many betrayals, and have been embarrassed. But it really doesn't matter. As long as I can't die, I can still stand up. Don't underestimate me. I'm not so vulnerable.
15. We always comfort others like wise men, but torture ourselves like fools. Many times, it is ourselves who can't get along with ourselves.
16. If someone is talking about you behind the scenes, it can only show that you live a lot more wonderfully than them. Cold sarcasm is an admiration for you, gossip is an applause for your wonderful. They are just singing a triumph of victory for you.
17. Some people, the more unfamiliar they are, the more they feel the more heartbroken.
18. If you don't work hard, how to get what you want.
19. Time will dilute a person's memory, but there will never be a way to kill a person's grief.
20. Sometimes, the inexplicable mood is not good, I don't want to talk to anyone, I just want to be alone in a daze. Sometimes, I want to be alone and fragile, and do not want others to see my wound. Sometimes, walking across a familiar street corner, seeing the familiar back, suddenly remembered a person's face. Sometimes, others misunderstand that they have no intentions, and they feel depressed and panicked. Sometimes I find myself growing up overnight.
21. It was later discovered that not all likes will have results. After all, you must understand that it is hard to meet. I will cherish that memory rather than cherish you even if I occasionally think of it.
22. There are thousands of words in my heart that I want to tell you, but I can't find a reason to disturb you. I have thousands of times to care about you, but I can't find a suitable identity.
23. Some words are suitable for hiding in the heart, some pains, suitable for silent forgetting, some memories, only suitable for occasional aftertaste.
24. Life is short, can withstand sorrow and joy, and live with connotation. Although coming to this world, although it is impermanent, it is even more rare. Life is still hard. Adding sorrow is actually an innocent life. Everyone has the obligation and enthusiasm to live, because it is fully responsible for the cause and effect, so don't be careless.
25. You can live in the bustling with loneliness. Don't choose ease for the age of struggle. The academic degree represents the past, and the learning ability can represent the future.
26. What you see is not necessarily true. What you think is true may be a misunderstanding. When looking at personnel, you need to look at your time and your heart, not just your eyes.
27. Sooner or later, we all will never understand the children of Mao Zeyi, become the old treasurer of the world.
28. Some people don't want to forget, but they can't forget; there are always feelings that they don't want to let go, but they can't let go.
29. If we are all children, we can stay in time and sit together while listening to those stories that never grow old.
30. How lucky I am, because I am not a meteorologist, I do n’t need to know how the clouds form or what is in the airflow, but I can use my eyes to collect the flowing clouds in the sky, and I can take the most abstract beauty in my heart. , The joy of the soul.
31. I like you for a long time. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Now, I am leaving, longer than a long time.
32. Sometimes they are unwilling to speak, not because they do not understand the other party, but because sharing is useless. When encountering frustration, instead of talking non-stop, it's better to do something you like to distract yourself, go out shopping, watch a good movie, or simply fall back to sleep. When you encounter a problem, you no longer panic and ask for help, but continue to live your life calmly, and you are really grown up. Regardless of your wind and rain, I have myself.
33. Sometimes, I just want to cry a lot, because my heart is aggrieved. Sometimes, I just want to go crazy because my mood is low. Sometimes I just want to swear, because I am upset. Sometimes I just want to be quiet because I'm really tired.
34. I don't show off because I don't humble myself. I don't care, because I don't want to say anything when I'm upset, but I especially want to take a good rest. Maybe there is still a lot of trouble to do tomorrow, and maybe there are still a lot of things to be solved tomorrow. But how can we do everything, and how can we always be an indestructible person? So when you are uncomfortable, take a good night's sleep. When you wake up, you should be strong, you should work hard, you should continue, and you ca n’t just live your life arrogantly.
35. Does anyone, like me, still cling to a fruitless result.
36. Persistently being yourself, not being modified by others.
37. If you can still work hard and pay, don't stop and give up lightly.
38. The true charm of people: It is not that you make a good first impression on the other person; it is that the other person still likes to be with you after knowing you for many years. After going through the vicissitudes of life, I can sincerely say that it is good to know you.
39. Be less lazy, change more, and do what you can before you become the kind of person you want.
40. Sometimes the tighter you hold, the faster you lose. Feelings are not controlled by anyone, but controlled by oneself. If you are in love all your life, how long do you have to wait for this life, and how hard you have to hold tight.
41. No matter how annoying, don't forget to smile; no matter how urgent, you should pay attention to your tone; no matter how hard, don't forget to persist; no matter how tired, you must love yourself.
42. Expect a flower blooming, and quietly appreciate a flower indifference.
43. Half a life has passed, stop and go, who can do it? See the truth in adversity! The snake was cold and the fish was fishy; the water was silent and the losers disappeared.
44. No matter what life is, don't forget to smile. May you be your own sun, without relying on whose light.
45. Everyone thinks, it ’s bitter, and someone hurts. Long time, some people remember. Far away, someone led. But reality tells us that life must be busy by ourselves. Tired, carry it yourself.
46. A person is not worth your poor life to like not to see how good he can be to you, but to see how bad he can be to you when he is in a bad mood.
47. One of the worst things in the world is that you don't deserve the person you like, just like standing on the rainy eaves of each other. You can't come forward and say "let's go together" because you don't even have an umbrella.
48. Don't be too kind to a person, because you will eventually find that, after such a long time, that person will get used to it, and then take everything you do as it should be. In fact, you know that the humblest is nothing but affection and the coolest is nothing but human heart.
49. No matter how many grievances you have suffered, only you are in your heart. Not that I do n’t want to say, I just do n’t know what to say, and who I can talk to.
50. The person who said he would never leave me has already left, the person who said he loved me was holding someone else's hand, the person who said he would wait for me, but went away with another person. What else can I believe?
51. Life is like a dream, not a dream, because it is too real; Life like water is not water, because there is bitterness. In life, many things lie in oneself, many feelings lie in the individual, the heart is broad, and the small things are difficult. Being a person requires dedication, and doing things requires immersion. The mind needs to be widened, the mindset needs to be relaxed!
52. Do something, someone love, expect something, keep enthusiasm and hope for life, full of upward force. This is the best state of life.
53. Give yourself a hope every day, work hard to be yourself, not to worry about tomorrow, and not sigh for yesterday. When the dream is still there, tell yourself: If you work hard, you will always meet a better one!
54. If you ca n’t get it, just let it be. Not all efforts will have results, and not all processes will be meaningless. You do n’t need to be sad for people who are not worth it, and you do n’t need to be wronged for those who do n’t love you. .
55. No one lives easier than anyone else. It's just that some people want to rush to the ground and feel anguish. Some people, however, silently gritted their teeth and forced themselves to learn to be strong.
56. If life does not spoil you, treat yourself better. In this life, both wind and rain, to meet the best of myself, that's all.
57. Feelings of love, who is lonely. That year you are in my heart. You at this time, in my dream. Time flies, season after season, indifferent.
58. Time is silent, but it is marked every year. We are always accustomed to taking memories, walking the way we are now, and then at an unintended moment, we remember the bits and pieces of the past and burst into tears. Perhaps some fate is really like the flower blossom that is the sadness that we can't help.
59. Kite, wired, can fly high; duckweed, no root, can only drift.
60. Life can be complicated or simple. Life is a show, and the characters are chosen by you. You can be black-faced or red-faced. Of course, you can also be black-faced and red-faced for a while. You can play several roles.
61. Love is an inequality. No one can foresee which side of the emotional balance will be heavier and which side will be lighter. But love is like this. If you don't have the courage to try, then you are destined to have only your lonely soul.
62. In life, some things, some people, too much attention, become a burden. In life, we always need to continue and move forward lightly. If the mind is relaxed, the sky is high and the light road is easy to go;
63. In this world, we come and go, we divide, we combine, we laugh, weep, we taste the sweetness and bitterness of the world. In fact, many times, we just live for others, but end up hurting the most. We can do three things well, and life will be more interesting and meaningful. That is: don't love too much, don't sleep too late, don't care too much.
64. Either tolerate or to be cruel, to be cruel, to stand firm in this dirty society.
65. Be kind to yourself, not to be controlled by others, not to control others, confident and elegant. If you make a dust, use the flying dance to interpret the connotation of life; if it is a drop of rain, pour out the earth gently and tenderly. Life is hard. Applause for yourself, don't let hesitation hinder your steps, don't let sadness pale your soul.
66. No matter how annoying, don't forget to smile; no matter how urgent, you should pay attention to your tone; no matter how hard, don't forget to persist; no matter how tired, you must love yourself.
67. In the world, the only thing that can't be fooled is your own heart, which always exposes your joy and sorrow when you are least aware of it.
68. I finally realized that there are some roads that can only be taken by one person. Those who have invited their counterparts will accompany the rainy season and walk through the years, but one day they will eventually be scattered at a certain ferry. On Hongchen Mo, walking alone, Lulu brushed her coat, Qingyun moistened her promise. The mountains and the water can be forgotten, and the sun and the moon can be ignored. At that time, there was only one ukiyo-e in the U.S.A.
69. A successful flower, people only admire its realistic beauty. At first, its buds infiltrated the tears of struggle and sprinkled the drizzle of sacrifice.
70. Time is only a square inch, but it plays a variety of bizarre stories. Life is like an hourglass. Crying or joyful, the past is not mentioned again. Reminiscing the past can only increase sorrow. When you hide your face and sigh, time has passed and happiness slips away quietly from your fingers.
71. The deepest love, the most painful hate, the sweetest hope, and the desolate disappointment are never to others, but to yourself. What we have dealt with throughout our lives is ourselves.
72. I have been thinking for countless moments, and you are just fine. It turned out that I survived all these moments by myself, and later, it doesn't matter if you are present.
73. Raise an injured heart, maintain a weight of about 100 pounds, take care of a picky stomach, make a friend who can talk nonsense all the way; find a gentle dream for your tired life, and then say goodbye to the sadness of the past. That's what you do next.
74. Some things, it may be better for you to hide it in your heart. When you wait for a long time, look back at it and it will become a story.
75. There are feelings that are gone, and they can no longer continue; some people are far away, in fact, they do not belong to themselves. In this world, no one is forever.
76. People, at a certain age, live with dim sums, with a little pain, and laugh every day.
77. One day you suddenly realize that your parents are the ones who take your time and spend the least time, but love you the most.
78. Don't be afraid to do something wrong. Even if you are wrong, don't worry. Life is right or wrong. Besides, there are many things. Looking back, right and wrong don't matter.
79. Everyone you meet in life, the order of appearance is really important. Many people will have different endings if they know each other at a different time.
80. When we are young, we always do n’t care at the beginning, and we grieve at the end. As we mature, we may have avoided naive harm, but we also missed the courage to start.
81. The most regrettable thing in life is to easily give up what should not be given up, and insist stubbornly on what should not be.
82. In fact, I mind a lot of things, just used to laugh and say it doesn't matter.
83. The normal state of life is that some things you try hardest may be imperfect, and some people you try your best to love, and will eventually part ways. When you begin to accept and adapt to these, you grow up.
84. Indifferent to the heart, calm at the table, living elegantly and freely. If you pursue, you will be disappointed; if you are alive, you will be troubled. Don't take everything so seriously and seriously. Life is the scariest thing to care about. In the end, both hands are empty.
85. Persist in being yourself, not being modified by others.
86. If you are happy, your life will be easy; if you are comfortable, your life will be worth it! Thinking too much is easy to worry; too much care is easy to trouble; too much pursuit is easy to get tired. Cherish the people around you, because there is no acquaintance in the next life! Feel the joy of life, because it is fleeting! Realize every day of life, because there is only this life and no afterlife.
87. Too late to sigh, has been scattered on the barren terrace of the old garden, mottled the long dream of spring, when the spring flowers bloom, disturbed the lonely shadow of another generation.
88. Without the enthusiasm to respond, we must know what is appropriate. Do not treat every enthusiasm, not flatter any indifference. When others don't need you, you have to learn to walk away, be more self-aware, and be less affectionate.
89. The older you are, the more you learn to let it go. You don't want to keep anything. Get the calm, lost in indifferent, to fight the inevitable, go with the flow.
90. Don't torture yourself for anyone or anything. Such as not eating, crying, autism, depression, these are all things that fools do. If you do n’t feel bad about yourself, who else will feel bad about you?
91. A word of inadvertence offends a person who has a heart; go all out once, but it is overwhelming. It's not that you think too much, it's that the experience has taught you to be silent; it's not that you have become too fake, that the world has taught you to protect yourself.
92. When a person can affect your mood, it means that you care. When a person can earn your tears, it means that you invested. When a person can control your emotions, it means that you have fallen.
93. Kindness and love are free, but not cheap. Your kindness needs to be a bit sharp. Your love needs to bring some sense and eyes to people. After all, not everyone deserves them.
94. Treasure the people who are good to you, don't wait for the broken heart, put together an apology, lose it, and you won't find it anywhere. Leaving, the Internet is also unreachable. Don't wait for someone to be gone before you know how good the other person is. There is an embarrassing word called "It's too late."
95. You may be worthless in front of one person, but invaluable in front of another. Keep in mind that this is where people live.
96. Actually, nothing can be let go. As time goes by, when you look back, you will find that you used to think that you could not let go of things, it was just a springboard in your life that made you grow.
97. It's not your wallet but your figure that determines what clothes you wear. What determines your temper is not your character, but your position. What determines your taste is not your education, but your experience.
98. Sometimes Hou understands that in a person's life, deep thoughts are the link between self and memory. It sustains all the past. Sadness and joy. It also guides us into a deep life. This is our destiny. But I am always willing to bear its heavy weight to balance the frivolous life.
99. Do yourself well and the world will be beautiful. Keep your heart quiet and kind, and don't distort your heart and nature by temptation and desire. Let the soul have a kind of freedom, not to gain or lose, not to be careful, and not to live in fear.
100. Not every effort will be rewarded. However, every harvest must work hard, this is an unfair and irreversible proposition.

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