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Talk about simple temperament

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1. Be gentle, but not compromise, we must be quiet and strong.
2. Don't think too much, your imagination will create a problem that does not exist.
3. We all have our initial dreams, but forget our original selves.
4. Trust is the easiest thing to lose in the world, and the hardest thing to recover.
5. Friends are still good, even if they don't contact, they still meet as usual.
6. A lot of things, if you stick to it, you will have results.
7. Time gradually took away the young and frivolous, and slowly learned the cold and warm self-knowledge.
8. Some love can only stop at the lips and teeth, hiding in the years.
9. Invisible scars hurt the most, and tears that can't flow are the most aggrieved.
10. The friendship between three people is to buy two cups of milk tea and get a cup and feel profitable.
11. The years are long and there is always plenty of time to redeem and forgive.
12. Love is a word, so that everyone has red cheeks and then red eyes.
13. People only like to hear successful people talk about their dreams.
14. The old man reappeared like an old song cover, the lyrics have not changed, but the meaning has been profound.
15. Time is really a good thing. Let's underestimate what should be seen clearly.
16. There are no two people who are born to fit, but only two hearts that are tolerant of each other.
17. If the mind is concerned, there will be complaints everywhere; if the mind is relaxed, it will always be spring.
18.Emotional things can be thought out, but they are reluctant to give up.
19. Lifting and lowering is called weightlifting, and lifting and lowering is called weight-bearing.
20. The people in the memories cannot see each other, but the memories are gone.
21. Sometimes, after insisting on what you don't want to do, you can get what you want most.
22. The words spoken when angry are thorny.
23. There is no need to regret the past. If it is beautiful, it is called wonderful.
24. If it is bad, it is called experience.
25. What I want is someone who knows all my shortcomings but still loves me to death.
26. At least for a short period of time, I was the reason for your smile.
27. It is said that a boy likes you and he will never call you by name.
28. When you feel bad for no reason, then you must be thinking about someone.
29. Sometimes, knowing that there is no way, but still moving forward, because I am used to it.
30. The fact is that you can hold back from seeing him, but you can't reply when he looks for you.
31. If love doesn't last, don't live too long in the past, you have to start again.
32. Make life easier. After some time, go back to the right direction and work hard.
33. Everything will pass, and this is how we live.
34. Sometimes, pretending not to know is actually very good, at least the heart will not hurt.
35. Obviously do nothing every day, but I feel less relaxed.
36. Being tired is because you have extra stuff in your heart.
37. A person has lived for a long time, and when he encounters a little warmth, his pretending to be arrogant will fail.
38. A lot of troubles come from not being hard enough or hard enough. You care about others, who cares about you.
39. Just let go of some things, just look at them. Don't worry too much. A wide heart is the best gift for yourself.
40. It is not enough for a person to have this life, this life, he should also have a poetic world.
41. All efforts are not to make others think you are great, but to make yourself worthy of yourself.
42. Difficulties are angles—only a grinding wheel, it can sharpen the sharp blades that can fight for the brave, and can also remove the edges and corners that are not cowardly.
43. Sometimes, it's not that others take you too lightly, but you take them too seriously.
44. Most of the loss in this world is because we have failed to become better ourselves, but we want others to be better.
45. A sensible person is considered to have no conscience if he does not cooperate. A wayward person will be bragged when he is a little bit smart.
46. I used to think that secrets cannot be said, but now I know that grievances cannot be said. It can be a joke if you don't get the understanding.
47. Treasure all unexpected encounters and belittle all without saying goodbye.
48. What is the use of heart if emotion can be controlled? The rest of my life is not long, let us find a comfortable person and slowly grow old!
49. The saddest thing is not to play the piano against cattle, but a group of cattle to play against you, you have to listen carefully.
50. Losing is more terrible than not getting it. Because it has one more process, called once.
51. If you dare not even dream, then you are not even qualified to lose.
52. Don't turn yourself into a person with heavy burdens and walking alone. Remember, you don't want to disappoint others, you must learn to cherish yourself first.
53. The ending that is different from your imagination is life, and the ending that is imaginary is a fairy tale.
54. Meeting will inevitably be separated, and meeting will not necessarily embrace each other.
55. Others can laugh at themselves, but you must not agree.
56. In the end, how hypocrisy to laugh can be integrated into this world.
57. If you didn't see it with your own eyes, you would never know that there are still places in the world that make people awesome.
58. If it weren't for the hands-on experience, you would never know that travel is such a wonderful experience.
59. Desperate is the right of a living person.
60. Many times, it is too unhappy to see too much, but it is better to be naive and heartless.
61. Be kind, be brave, be independent, and work hard like a little star to shine.
62. The most nonsense concern in the world is to say to someone who can't sleep well to go to bed early.
63. If they are really lost, pretend they never happened.
64. Must be excellent, blocking those long mouths.
65. When you really like something, but it hurts you, in fact, this is God testing whether you are persistent enough.
66. The heart full of poison is often defeated by a simple consolation.
67. I will pay you back for the ferry ticket. I will go by myself in the future.
68. People, when they reach a certain age, they all live with a smile and a little pain. There is no easy word in adult life.
69. The words "I love you" can be spoken in only three seconds and explained in three hours, but it will take a lifetime.
70. You understand the truth, but you should still blame, you should swear, you should cry, you should cry, after all, the uncomfortable heart is beyond reason.
71. Life is always full of choices and contradictions. Please look into your heart and fight for the most expensive thing.
72. While growing up and hurting, this is youth.
73. Not so many people in the world care about you, all efforts are for themselves, for the fun of doing what they like.
74. Some people say that time makes people forget the pain. I don't think time can only make people get used to it.
75. If you can insist on what others cannot, you can have what others cannot.
76. Love yourself when you are alone and love each other when you are two.
77. Say goodbye to the wrong talent and the right meeting.
78. Time will only grow old, but time will never deceive us.
79. Who says we have no story, we live in our own story every day.
80. I believe in luck. In fact, I find that the harder I work, the better my luck is.
81. It is a pity that it has never been felt, and it is a firm choice.
82. A boy waiting for a girl to take the initiative, are you a pig?
83. If it is necessary to meet, they will eventually be encountered.
84. Don't be afraid, you must believe that the person who loves you will always be waiting for you in parallel time and space.
85. To love someone who doesn't love you is like waiting for a boat at the airport.
86. Time doesn't necessarily prove a lot of things, but it can definitely see a lot of things.
87. The reason why you are not happy is that you can neither stand the current state nor have the ability to change all this.
88. The inclusiveness of a city is reflected in the fact that it not only accommodates counselors like you, but also accepts bullies who bully you.
89. No one will accompany you for a lifetime, so you have to adapt to loneliness, no one will help you for a lifetime, so you have to struggle for a lifetime.
90. Paper is short and long-lasting.
91. Look at my eyes, it seems like I'm telling grievances.
92. As long as a person can control himself and talk less, he will not be annoying.
93. Recognizing your weakness is more useful than pretending to be strong.
94. Love is a place of reason, not a place of reason.
95. Some precious fragments of life actually come from trivial matters.
96. Feelings are not cherished until you have time.
97. Sadness and joy are love, without regret is youth.
98. Choosing a lover doesn't need too many criteria, just three things: don't lie to you, don't hurt you, and be willing to stay with you.
99. When you feel tired, maybe you are going uphill.
100. Running around in the years is too easy to get tired.

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