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Happy birthday talk

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青春、阳光、欢笑...为这属于你的日子,舞出欢乐的节拍祝你生日快乐、青春常驻! 1. Youth, sunshine, laughter ... For this day that belongs to you, dance a happy beat and wish you a happy birthday and youth!
2. What is happiness? Happiness is labor and happiness in labor; happiness is creation and happiness in creation; happiness is giving, giving to others, being happy, giving a rose, and leaving a fragrance in your hands; happiness is dedication, which facilitates others and enriches themselves ... Happy birthday to you!
3. Walking on a familiar road, feeling your presence, turning back, I realized that it was only once.
4. Two green leaves, full of friendship with its roots; a congratulatory message, condensed my blessings to you. May you hug you happily. Happy birthday on this special day that belongs to you!
5. Regardless of whether you are far away or not, worry about your thoughts; whether you are connected or not, your thoughts are always countless; whether success is late or early, blessings are essential; friendship goes with the old, I hope you speak Smile often.
6. Aftertaste is a scene in our hearts, remembering those touching moments in our lives, so that we have the courage to move forward.
7. The wind blows away a flower-like stream, and your smile shakes, becoming the most beautiful embellishment on my way, looking at the sky. Look at the snow and the deep shadows of the season. I want to forget you more. Later, what I want to forget in my mind is so forgotten.
8. Happy birthday, Mom, I really hope that we can express our gratitude with words, thank you for your daily housework and help. May you always be happy and healthy in the years to come!
9. My birthday, I am very happy and wish my own tomorrow a brighter future.
生日快乐,又老了一岁,感谢给我过生日的朋友们! 10. Happy birthday and one year older, thank you friends for my birthday!
11. I want to ask you to party, I am afraid that you have no time; I want to visit you, I am afraid that it is not convenient for you; I want to call you, I am afraid to disturb you to work; Watched: Please take care of your body! Did not see: I invite you to dinner!
12. A good sister is like a flower that adds fragrance to your life; a good sister is like a cup of tea to help you quench your thirst and fatigue; a good sister is like an umbrella that shields you from the wind and rain. Today Sisters Day, good sisters, thank you. May you be happy every day and become more and more beautiful! happy Birthday!
13. A simple sentence, a blessing, sent to you far away. Although not often contacted, never forget. Happy birthday to you, and wish you a good mood every day!
14. A small greeting is my infinite concern for my friends; a gentle blessing is my sincere nostalgia for my friends; a long heart song is my expectation for my friends' birthday; I wish my friends a happy birthday day!
15. Birthday is like a holiday that belongs only to me. For several days, I have been quietly brewing emotions. The happiness is not the smile that is shown to others in the corner of my mouth, but the hope that can not be revealed in my heart. Regardless of whether the worries of the year have disappeared, I just want to have completeness for my own happiness on this day.
16. If you are alone, I wish you a happy birthday; if you are two, then happy birthday; if you are a group, please tell me where you are.
17. A person went to a place that he had never been to, and felt the cold and snow that had never been tasted.
18. For my birthday today, I listened to a happy birthday and searched the Internet for different texts saying happy birthday. Don't expect too much from others, they are all too busy, busy forgetting to love you.
19. Today, with you, the world is more exciting, today with you, the starry sky is brighter, today because you are warmer on earth, today because you and I feel happier! Happy birthday to you!
20.Only on the top of the mountain can we see the scenery over there. Today is my birthday, I wish you a happy!
21. The only thing in the world that you can get without effort is age, which happens unexpectedly when you grow up, and your birthday arrives on schedule. Happy birthday to you!
22. Happy birthday to you! Another year old! Time is passing, we are growing up! May everything be well!
23. I wish myself a happy birthday, not today, but every moment of "rebirth" in my life, every day I wake up every morning!
24. I wish you a happy birthday and hope that you can become more mature and confident, calmly and calmly face tomorrow, and be stronger and more courageous in the future ...
25. Gorgeous flowers have been opened for you; a beautiful day has come quietly. Wish me a happy birthday!
26. May you have the self-sustaining and restrained magnificence, the endless freshness, the more and more magical nature, the godliness of innocence forever.
27. There are no sensational quotes, no chicken soup in the soul, and there are no foreign words with deep spirits as birthday greetings. Simply say: Happy birthday to you.
28. Although I can't accompany you through this special day, I wish you a happy birthday on the far side!
29. Happy birthday to you. Thank you for your time.
30. Give you a bowl of longevity noodles, plus a few poached eggs. Eat it healthy and longevity, not enough happiness. Fortunately, every day, life is sweet to last. Happy birthday, my friend!
31. Blessings can never be said, happy things can never be happy, beautiful mood can never be beautiful, happy days can never end, I wish you a happy birthday and happiness every day.
32. A foreigner came home late. As a result, the door downstairs couldn't open. He had to shout upstairs: Mrs. Landlord, your steel door won't open! Happy birthday to you!
33. Give my love to you, I wish you a warm birthday, thank you for your care and care for me, and I wish my beautiful optimistic enthusiastic healthy and confident energetic sister happy birthday!
34. Youth, sunshine, laughter ... For this day that belongs to you, dance a happy beat and wish you a happy birthday!
35. Sunlight gives you maturity, Yuehua adds your charm, and on the occasion of your birthday, may the blessings of your friends be the source of your happiness! May the blessings haunt you, in your dream of always bordering on spring. I wish you: all wishes and happiness! happy Birthday!
36. I put happiness in a package, wrapped a note with happiness, inlaid with sweetness, good luck with fortune, persistently carved a white board, blessing to walk through the southeast and northwest, and wish you happiness in your life.
37. May I be full of green imaginations and golden dreams on my birthday.
38. When you have time to study Feng Shui, occupying a good tomb after death can make up for the regret that you can't afford a good house during your lifetime. Happy birthday to you
39. The tears of happiness are gushing, but I am suppressed. Do n’t let the salty tears wet the sweetness of my life. Since I have had a sorrow, I have almost forgotten all the pain and sorrow. I just want to be enveloped by happiness. Follow us!
40. Today's birthday, I will give you a big red envelope for the concubines of Shou Heshou. The harem is fortunate to have you.
41. Today is my birthday, I wish you a happy birthday and good health! May the family be healthy and harmonious! My birthday, my mother ’s misery day, my mother ’s suffering in your life, you have suffered too many sins. In the days to come, as a daughter, I will honor you!
42. There is no effort in this world, all you can get is your own age. Time flies! One year's birthday is coming soon, and wish you a happy birthday in advance.
43. Although I cannot accompany you through this extraordinary day, I wish you a happy birthday in a distant place!
44. I think, we all don't know what the future will be, but as long as we keep walking towards that voice in our hearts, watch the sun rise slowly, and then slowly set down, leaving a place of afterglow and gloom Layers of forest are exhausted.
45. When I met at the beginning of the year, I looked down in front of the classroom, followed by timidity and shyness. On Sisters Day, I miss my dear sisters and send the blue wind chimes thousand paper cranes away. I wish you happiness and peace, good luck and good fortune forever. happy Birthday!
46. May health and happiness surround you like moonlight, happiness and peace dripping around you like rain, and auspicious luck overflows around you like a breeze. I wish you a happy mood and a smooth life!
47. A happy birthday is a phone call from a son who is far away. The birthday is many days away. The son will call. Mom, I wish you a happy 20th birthday. After two days, call again. Mom, I wish you a happy fortieth birthday and say that it is ironic that you are 20 years old. In another two days, you call again.
48. Water gives fish life, fish gives aquatic life, water cannot be separated from fish, and fish cannot be without water, but water does not understand fish. I don't know the tears that the fish shed when they are sad, the water can also protect the fish. May my friends be happy forever
49. May all happiness, all happiness, all warmth, all good luck be around you. happy Birthday!
50. Today, like a bird showing its new wings; tomorrow, like an eagle, it will travel thousands of miles. I wish you a happy birthday!
51. In the years of growth, there are troubles and joys, thorns and flowers on the way forward, slow songs and joyous songs in the mark of my mind. On your birthday, I have my blessings and my greetings: I wish happiness forever like a long river.
52. Rather than remembering the past, it is better to live now than to miss the future.
53. Dear self, if you are unhappy, find a corner or cry in the quilt. You don't need other people's sympathy and pity. You can still live happily after crying.
54. On this special day, I want to say that I am so happy that time has not changed our friendship and wish my birthday a lot of fun.
55. Ye secretly opened the flowers, but let Day to receive thanks. Happy birthday to you!
56. Happy birthday to me, how rare life is like flowers.
57. Dear self, today is your birthday. Happy birthday, remember to always look up at the sky, remember to look at the feet when looking at the sky.
58. Tomorrow is my 20th birthday and I wish myself a happy birthday. Every lonely soul will someday be lonely. I believe.
59. May you take dreams as horses, but unfortunately everywhere, dreams are far away, the road is at the foot, three wishes in this life: family peace, good years, still innocence, I wish you happy birthday.
60. There will be wind in July and rain in August. Will my birthday have you?
61. I would like to think less in the future, go to bed early, like to laugh, and wish myself to grow up one year old.
62. I hope I can laugh, make trouble, and chase after all.
63. Dear self, today is your birthday, happy birthday, never embarrass yourself, such as not eating, crying, autism, depression, these are just things that fools do.
64. When I was a kid, I loved birthdays the most, and when I grew up, I was most afraid of birthdays. Time is relentless year after year!
65. Today is my birthday and I wish you a happy birthday here. Thank you to those brothers and sisters who care about me, and just want to say to you, "It's good that you have my world."
66. Envy your birthday is so romantic, full of poetic and artistic, I just hope that every day you are happy, healthy and beautiful, life needs struggle, creation, and grasp! happy Birthday.
67. I am one year older today. May I be more mature and more intelligent. I wish all my hopes can be fulfilled, all my dreams can be realized, all my waits can appear, and all my efforts can be fulfilled.
68. Youth, sunshine, laughter, dance for a joyful beat for this day that belongs to you. Wish me a happy birthday!
69. Thanks for the experience, the encounter, the companionship, and hope everything is well. Happy birthday to you.
70. The sun is in the eyes, and the smile is frank. In the beautiful future, I will live up to my expectations and wish you a happy birthday.
71. I wish you a happy birthday and hope that year by year you are getting closer and closer to your dreams!
72. Maybe you don't need my company anymore, or maybe you don't care about my existence, but I will always remember this day today: Happy birthday to me!
73. The flowers are similar every year, but every year is different. I have been afraid of my birthday ever since I was a year old. It ’s very different from looking forward to my birthday a year ago, because birthday means that I am one year older. No, I think it ’s one year old. I just want the old to be my heart. Not a face.
74. May you have warm winters and warm winters. May you have a light in the dark and an umbrella in the rain. May you have good companions along the way.
75. Dear self, today is your birthday. Happy birthday. There is only one you in the world. Even if no one knows how to appreciate it, you must love yourself and be your true self.
76. Happy birthday to you! happy always! I wish everyone who cares about me and loves me a wish and good health!
77. Today is my birthday. I wish myself a happy birthday, good health, good luck and happiness forever ... Haha, come to you and hurry up and send your blessings.
78. What is decadent is a burning burn, yellow fingers, and a silent heart. Happy birthday to you!
79. My dream is you and him, but I can't choose one of the two because you don't like me. Happy birthday to you!
80. To grow up, be good, or live up to expectations, happy birthday.
81. I hope that in the future, my eyes will be sunny, my laughter will be frank, and I wish you a happy birthday.
82. Obviously knowing that this is a no return, but desperately go forward!
83. May you spare nothing and spare yourself. In the rainy season of young people, the song is raining, and poetry and wine are in their youth.
84. Time is flowing, and it is time to celebrate the birthday of another year. It should be said that it is one year old or old.
85. May my blessing, like a ray of bright sunshine, flow in your eyes, happy birthday!
86. Every day today is the day I care about you most. May my blessings flow like a ray of bright sunshine in your eyes and a happy birthday!
87. Gorgeous flowers have been opened for you; a beautiful day has come quietly. Wish me a happy birthday!
88. It's another birthday, no chicken soup, no quotes, I just wish I was lucky in my future life.
89. Bright is comparable to you, gentle is expected to be you too. Happy birthday darling
90. May you be like the sun, bright and not sad, may you have a hermaphrodite soul, live arrogant and never hurt.
91. I hope you have warm winters, and that you won't get cold in spring. May you have a light in the dark and an umbrella in the rain. May you have good companions along the way.
92. May you have meat, wine, and girls, who can be poor, laugh, and fight! happy Birthday!
93. Wish our love forever and forever, with hands in one's life and heart to heart!
94. Happy birthday to you. No one deserves your tears. Those who deserve you will not make you cry.
95. May you work hard all your life, be loved all your life, have everything you want, let go of what you do n’t have, and wish me happy birthday.
96. The sun is in the eyes, the frankness is in the laughter, and in the beautiful future, we will live up to our expectations.
97. This is the day of tulips, and it is also my day. May this day be auspicious and sweet every year!
98. Happy birthday, always healthy and beautiful!
99. Because you received my blessing, I believe you will be happy today!
100. I have always wanted to say something to you, but I have suffered from no chance, and today I finally gathered my courage. ……happy Birthday!

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