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Deep and tasteful sentences

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1. Everyone's personality has some unacceptable parts, no matter how beautiful they are. So don't demand others, don't blame yourself. A rose is thorny, it is a rose.
2. We always like to "let it go" to perfuse the thorns in our life. We rarely admit that letting it go is actually not trying to force things after doing our best, not doing things in one hand.
3. Tired of life, half from survival, half from comparison. Many times we do not live for ourselves, but for "face". Most of the people's troubles are not lack of dissatisfaction, but because of the imbalance of "others are better than themselves". Therefore, we must learn to face life with a contented mindset and understand that everyone's happiness is different.
4. More and more yesterday, less and less tomorrow. I have come a long way and met more people. I found that the most beautiful scenery in life is calmness and calmness in the heart, and wisdom and sobriety in the mind.
5. It is normal to be misunderstood, even if it is your closest person. Don't always expect others to think with you, after all, you have different hearts and different ideas. When there are contradictions, you might as well laugh and believe that time is the best running-in agent.
6. Perseverance is a burden, and giving up is a relief. People are not perfect, happiness is not a hundred points, they ca n’t have so much, so why ask so much.
7. If you don't do your best, you are not qualified to criticize others for being careless. Complaining is easy, but people who shut up and work hard deserve more respect.
8. People are born with bad habits. They always like to compare with others to see who is better than themselves and who is worse than themselves. In fact, the bottom of your troubles and sorrows is never the pain and suffering of others, but your own attitude.
9. Don't pretend that you don't like it, don't force it if you don't like it, life is already so difficult, why not work hard for yourself; don't just find someone just because of loneliness For companionship at this time, it may not only be lonely, but also painful in the future.
10. Wrong love is like a pair of shoes. I like it but it does n’t suit me. I have a pain in wearing my feet and I feel bad if I throw it. If you continue to wear it or throw it away; you will see who is worth cherishing with your life when there are more people. Some people are only suitable for detours. Row.
11. When I miss you, I force myself to drink a whole bottle of wine, put myself down, stop my thoughts, stop my thoughts, but after waking up, I think your dreams are still going on; if you are alone, that ’s it Life: You can be lonely, but not lonely. Can be lonely, but not empty. Can be depressed, but not allowed to fall. Can be disappointed but not allowed to give up. Remember, children without umbrellas must work hard.
12. To be truly happy, one must be neither clever nor stupid. People call this state between smart and silly the wisdom of life.
13. Everyone has a bottom line, but we must know how to grasp it. The important things are the principle. The small things are worthy. It is hard to get the support of others without being emotional. The excessive hypocrisy also makes people avoid it.
14. The right position in life is neither close to money nor power, but close to the soul; true happiness is neither wealth nor right, but clear conscience.
15. The stronger a person's ability to heal, the more likely it is to approach happiness. To be a widowed person, but with a sea of hearts, don't hurt others and harm yourself, and be indifferent and peaceful.
16. Life is always like this, and you cannot satisfy everyone everywhere. But we still have to live with enthusiasm. People live a life, there are many things worth loving, don't be discouraged because one is not satisfied.
17. When I grow up, I find that sometimes you tell the truth, you have to apologize to others because you pierced the facts. So if you want to live a smooth life, please keep your brain on.
18. Fate: You should go, you should stay, you will not be forced in the future! Life has to be: you should eat, you should drink, don't leave things in your heart! Life has to be: you should lose it, you should pick it up, there is nowhere to go! You have to live: you should play, you should be happy, how happy you are!
19. In fact, nothing can be let go. As time goes by, when you look back, you will find that you used to think that you could not let go of things, it was just a springboard in your life that made you grow.
20. The secret of happiness is not how much you need, but how much freedom you can get from unwanted things. The way to find happiness is in our hearts. If you need one, just take one. If you take two, you will lose even the first touch.
21. Some people seem to be smiling all day, not because they are going well, but they are more courageous than you to face problems, forget about misfortunes, and have the courage to embrace the future.
22. When you are not strong enough, there is no need to complain about your situation everywhere, silently do what you should do, and when you become good enough, there will naturally be people worthy of you, pulling you in better The circle, then you will stand at a new height and embrace the more beautiful scenery.
23. Don't try to talk to young people about experience. Telling 10,000 sentences is worse than wrestling by yourself. Tears teach you to be a man. Regret to help you grow up. Pain is the best teacher. The detour you should take in life is actually one meter Indispensable.
24. I later learned that speaking different things with different people and showing different attitudes is a very valuable ability, not hypocrisy.
25. When others compliment you, you can just be happy, but don't take it seriously, because they are likely to coax you; when others criticize you, you can be slightly unhappy, but you ca n’t be angry, because they Eight or nine is true.
26. When you live in the eyes of others, you are lost in your own heart. You can never satisfy everyone and don't have to twist yourself to please the world.
27. Don't always blame yourself for accommodating others. Few people in this world deserve to bend over. There are degrees in everything, too low-key will be considered low energy, good people will be considered slut.
28. Communicate with smart people, fall in love with reliable people, work with positive people, and go with humorous people. If this is the case in life, it is the greatest happiness.
29. More patience, less regrets. If you turn your face a few times, you have more steps. If you don't hear it a few times, you will disturb yourself a few times. There is more room for a few harsh words.
30. The older a person is, the more mature he may not be, but he will be more stubborn. Know others but don't judge others.
31. There is only one reason to go forward, but there are one hundred reasons to back. Many people find one hundred reasons all day to prove that he is not a coward, but never use one reason to prove that he is a warrior.
32. No matter how you are, do n’t be sad, do n’t tell everyone how pitiful you are, how well you live, always rely on yourself, no one will help you, other people just sympathize, even if it is difficult .
33. If there is no storm, there is no rainbow. With different mentality, the circumstances of life will be very different. Only by practicing an indifferent and peaceful heart, life will be clear and bright.
34. Buy it, do n’t compare prices; eat it, do n’t regret it; love it, love it, do n’t doubt it; when it ’s gone, let it go, do n’t denigrate.
35. The heaviest burden of life is not work, but boredom. Without taking the time to create the life you want, you will eventually have to spend a lot of time dealing with the life you don't want.
36. The more others do, the easier you can go. So many times, you should be grateful to those who do not care about you. There is no more sorrow than immortality, but no more than death.
37. Seeing others not pleasing to the eye is actually a lack of self-cultivation. Life is alive, it is not easy to live with one's life. Don't always have trouble with others, let alone with yourself. In a person's life, he always has the knowledge to learn, the truth he never understands, and maintains a peaceful state of mind, he will have the whole world.
38. If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new beginning. If you can't find a reason to stick with it, find a reason to start again. Life is so simple. With just a little courage, you can turn your life around and start again.
39. Life is always entangled in busyness and leisure, and it is a swing of giving up. There is no destiny at all, and it is also an exploration of loyalty to life. The beauty of life lies in the life itself. To be a person with a mindset of being born and to do things with a mindset of entering the world.
40. Enjoy achievements at high tide, enjoy life at low tide, do meaningful work when you are thinking, and do interesting things when you are not in the mood.
41. Be rich, do things well! No money, do people well! Snakes don't know they are poisonous, and people don't know that they are wrong. Hello, it ’s like a piece of sugar to others. And your bad, like a scar, will last forever. This is humanity!
42. Life is like a glass of boiled water. You drink it every day. Don't be envious of the different colors of other people's drinks. In fact, you may not have your boiled water to thirst. Adjust your mindset to see life, there is sunshine everywhere.
43. If you are right, you do not need to lose your temper; if you are wrong, you are not qualified to lose your temper.
44. Don't speak less if you don't understand others. The greatest accomplishment of a person is to know others, not to judge others, and to be ironic, and to respect the differences between people.
45. Don't mess with your heart, don't get stuck in love, don't fear the future, don't miss the past. So, okay.
46. Only when you are most disappointed will you know who is always a fool who is worried about you and who is a stranger; You put down your easily tempted eyes and listen to your heart.
47. Growth is pain every time, and these first times are like vaccination, which can make you more and more resistant to the world.
48. Some roads look close and go far. Life is not easy, life is not easy, life is not easy, nothing is more important than living well.
49. It is not yours, nor is it your life to chase a lifetime. For someone who doesn't care about you, there is not much difference between paying ten years of waiting and ten seconds.
50. Life is not how many days you have lived, but how many days you have memorized. Every day you want to make is worth remembering.
51. All efforts are not to make others feel that you are great, but to make yourself worthy of yourself.
52. Kindness must have a bottom line, and generosity must have principles. Indiscriminate, knowing that it is good to others, it will live up to its kindness.
53. Life can't be too complete, and it is not necessarily regret to ask for it; May we all have the ability to love ourselves and have the ability to love others.
54. It is the most important thing to live a better life without climbing up; when we know how to cherish ordinary happiness, we have already become winners in life.
55. There is no secret to the so-called old age. It ’s just that when you fall in love, you are a little touched, and in the cold war, you know some gratitude.
56. Growing up is a very interesting thing. Inadvertently, we are no longer the same.
57. If you really understand me, you should know that the more silent people are, the more turbulent they become.
58. A person must grow up at least once emotionally, fail once in his career, and once in his choices.
59. Some annoyances are made up by us in vain, but we bear it as real.
60. Time is a good thing, it verifies the human heart, witnesses human nature, understands the true, understands the false.
61. Whose life is not all the way forward? If you want to be a person that others cannot reach, don't be afraid of the thorns and bumps along the way, and make efforts that others cannot reach. Fight while you are young!
62. In many cases, success is to persevere for another minute. If you don't give up this minute, there will be hope in the next minute. But we don't know when this minute will appear. So, no matter how hard you are, you just keep walking, and the scenery that belongs to you will eventually appear.
63. People must not live only for themselves, nor for themselves. In order to be a good person and to be respected by others, we must continue to learn, cultivate ourselves, and do good deeds. We need unremitting efforts throughout our lives. We must do our best to create a better society.
64. I could n’t sleep before because I simply slept too much. Now I ca n’t sleep because of the environment, because of people, because of things, because of troubles.
65. What we really need is actually very simple. Maybe it is a breeze, a few white clouds, and several places. Only the light can find the true nature of our lives. The taste of life, condensed to the end, is a light word. Struggle is salt. Without it, no matter how good the food of life is, it is nothing but food.
66. Self-violence is a slave to destiny, self-improvement is an angel of life; don't use other people's sweat to pour out your soul, and don't use others' padded jackets to warm your body. Be upright and honest, do things brightly, do not forget what you should remember, and don't store what you should forget.
67. If you want to do one thing, don't show it off, don't preach it, just do it quietly. Because that's your own business, others don't know your situation and cannot help you realize your dreams. Never show off because of vanity, or give up your dreams because of a comment from others. In fact, the best state is to stick to your dreams, listen to the advice of seniors, and make few mistakes. Worth it, time is the best proof.
68. To overcome fear, not to flinch. The loser lets it fail, and the winner creates success. Victory belongs to the toughest people. I'm confident, so I succeed; I can do it, I can do it. One hundred heart beats is not as good as one action. As long as you don't give in, you have a chance. I believe that all the sweat and tears will turn into a beautiful flower. good night.
69. Some people quarrel with you every day, but never blame you. Some people don't even have quarrels, but they have disappeared into the crowd. It turns out that apathy is more terrible than quarrels. When we move away from the stumbling blocks of others, we may just be paving the way for ourselves.
70. Suffering is a wealth, it will temper the will of the people, so that people get the true meaning of life. There is an idiom in China that says, "It's hard work." Another sentence said, "You have to endure hardships and suffer hardships." These are all to encourage people to withstand the test of suffering, to be patient in the face of suffering, to have hope, and only to maintain such a mentality, can we move towards the glory of life.
71. The first step to changing our lives is to change our mindset. As long as the mentality is correct, our world will be bright.
72. You have to rely on yourself for everything, and even more for yourself to change your destiny. All things need to be upheld, everything needs to be patient, everything needs to be paid, and everything needs to be done. There is no natural strong man in the world. The strong man is tempered. If one wants to make a difference, he must compete with and surpass his opponent. The odds of competing with the weak are certainly high, but it is difficult to become a strong. Only by competing with the strong can we continuously expand the space for survival and become a true strong.
73. Why are people inexplicably unhappy? They care too much about the words of others, so it is the best life to live by obeying your heart. Tomorrow, no one can be sure of tomorrow.
74. I hope that my life with you is gentle, interesting, not too intense, three meals, four seasons, not too hastily, after all, I have to waste my life with you; when people are down, only know who has the warmest hand When the love quarreled, I realized who was the weakest. The one who only knows how to bleed but shed tears for you is a friend who has the same liver and gall; the one who only knows how to shed tears but bleeds for you is a lover in love ...
75. Those who look out of place just know what they want very early on; calm manners are more heart-breaking than aggressive attitudes.
76. If I have to leave you, I also want to use all my last strength to hold your tears. You taught me to own, but taught me to give up; when I was young, I thought sadness would last a lifetime, but slowly I found that the length of the sadness was in my own hands.
77. No matter how good, there is a day of loss. A memory that is etched in our mind will be forgotten one day. The person you love has a day to go. No matter how beautiful the dream is, there will be a day of awakening; everyone's character will have an unacceptable part, even the most beautiful person. So don't demand others, don't blame yourself. A rose is thorny, it is a rose.
78. Love is not the same as love. Love is a swing, which can be enjoyable without the response of others; love is a seesaw, which requires a person sitting opposite to interact with you, close to your inner feeling; some faults are Short regrets, and some misses are worth it. The person you like cannot make you better, but is even more dejected, then he must not deserve your like.
79. It is not the world that has chosen you, it is you that has chosen this world. Since there is nowhere to run, it is better to be happy. Since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate. Since it is not as expected, it is better to be relieved; when all the seeds emerge, they will not think about whether it is rain or sunlight. Do nothing to imagine the end, you will know what the next step is! The point is to take the first step.
80. Some people only do two things, they set goals and fight for them, so the better the better, the more successful they are. And some people only do two things, wait and regret, so it is even worse. People can't bear to think about themselves and see what kind of people they are. If you don't do well, the future will change when you make a painful decision to change yourself.
81. I am more and more aware that when you really spend a lot of time doing good work, life will naturally give you a corresponding return. If not, it means not enough effort and wrong time.
82. A competent person does not care about his emotions, but about his work. Incompetent people don't care about his work, but care about his emotions.
83. The more you think about it, the more you worry about it. The more you worry about it, the more difficulties you encounter. No matter how much money you make and how much fame you earn, you won't be satisfied if you don't have a calm heart. The endless scenery outside is all face. Most importantly, you are calm, open, quiet and distant, which is the highest realm of men.
84. Don't delay embarrassing things for too long. For a long time, you will feel tired, pain, epiglottis, tired, sad, and heartbroken. In fact, in the end, you cannot get along with things, but with yourself. No matter how embarrassing you are, you must learn to shrink back.
85. The things you give up will eventually come back as you wish; travel, go out for a walk, look at the mountains, look at the clouds, this world is much better than your life circle.
86. After going to the toilet in the middle of the night, I went back to the bed coldly with my hands and feet, and had a conscious consciousness to desperately pull you to his arms. The kind of warmth is really rich and powerful; if one day, you blame me for not loving you well I remember you didn't cherish me. Thank you for your relentlessness, which has exercised my despair.
87. When you are in a bad mood, always ask yourself what you have instead of nothing. The world is big, there are many opportunities, and life is short. Don't curl up in a small shadow.
88. Be simple, pragmatic, do not indulge in fantasies, and do not disturb yourself. Be happy, be cheerful, be tough, be warm, and be sincere. Be sincere, be calm, be generous, be tolerant, and be attentive. Always hopeful about life, smile and face difficulties and suffering. read more books, read good books. Eat less and eat better. Do more physical exercise. Have a dream, even if far away.
89. Allow others to be different, and allow yourself to be different. After understanding the first half of the sentence, you can be inclusive. After understanding the second sentence, I dare to live out myself.
90. If you lie in bed now, you may fulfill a dream. If you get up and do things now, you may fulfill a dream.
91. No one can lose his sincerity when he loses something; he can't lose his conscience when he has nothing. To stand up to oneself, to be worthy of oneself; to do things brightly, without regrets.
92. People who are good at discovering, thinking, and accepting failures are those who understand the true meaning of life. Only by knowing how to accept their failures can they better exert their advantages.
93. Don't let the future you, hate yourself now. I am trying to be whom I like myself to be. Rather than pray for a flat life, you might as well be stronger. Don't make your self-righteous kindness a burden on others.
94. Tolerance leads to tranquility. People's hearts are like rivers and rivers. The water splashes in the narrow places, and the waves are unhappy when wide. The world is too big to bear. If you want to take advantage of everything, you will lose at least happiness. Everyone's way, everyone walked, bumping into each other is inevitable. The highest state of life is that it is painless to speak, and the second is to laugh without saying a word. No matter how many grievances, smile with gratitude.
95. Good luck is not born, nor is luck formed two days a day. The so-called blockbuster is full of hard work and dedication to support. The unfortunate person may be different, but the good luck person has the same ambition and execution.
96. Keep your mouth shut when there are too many people. More words, more errors, more right and wrong. When people are young, ask for trouble, be careful. Delusion, delusion, pain, self-worry.
97. When you reach a certain age, you must learn to be quiet. Every sentence must be useful and weighty. Emotions and anger are invisible, big things are indifferent, and they have their own bottom line.
98. The true kindness is not weakness or concession, but it never hurts others actively, never tangles, and knows what to do. Treat people with sincerity, do not deceive or lie. Face all people with sincerity and kindness.
99. Life will not be too complete, we must set our minds to face the bitterness. Do n’t forget the things you once owned, and cherish the things you have. Do n’t give up your own things, and keep those lost things in memory.
100. The biggest benefit of maturity is that it was previously unavailable and is no longer needed. The sign of maturity is not the truth, but the little things that you start to understand.

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